Big Bang’s NII Fall 09 Pictorial

Hello everyone!! Haven’t been on in a while, I’m in the beautiful California state, far away from home, and I must say I love the awesome California breeze, I’ll miss it a lot when I return to humid Florida, but I still can’t wait to get home, cuz when I’m here, I miss you guys, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to pick up Bong’s solo album the other day when I was at AR MARKET, I heard ‘She’s Gone’ on the speaker, and literally pushed the Korea BBQ away and  ran into the record store panting and asking for GD’s solo, got the last one on the shelf, so lucky me. I had a chance to take a nap today, but I miss the boys too much, went on and saw these NII pics, there were taken during the famous “Tom & Jerry” moment (wink*wink Melly) and Bong fooled us with his fake brunette bangs (I told you so!) cuz he already scored the platinum locks at the time.

Check it out.

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~ by Vicky on August 26, 2009.

54 Responses to “Big Bang’s NII Fall 09 Pictorial”

  1. wooo! they look so awesome. X)

  2. GD looks sooo awesome!! ♥♥
    and my Dae looks totally great 😀
    miss him so much ;-;
    glad hes getting better 😀

  3. I actually like gd’s blonde hair~ 😛

  4. WINK WINK! haha. where u at in cali btw? maybe we can hang out keke x]

  5. SO HOT!!!!!!
    I’m definitely in love with Bong’s hair
    seriously had me considering gettin hair bleached ;P
    ok maybe not but I still loooove it

    I cant believe you’re in cali
    and that u already got the album
    yesasia has failed and I’m still waiting for mines

  6. super hot
    and TOP u are as sexy as EVER

  7. LOL, Big Bang so hawttt ❤
    Dae Sungie is so cute! Lovin GD blondeness! ❤

  8. ohmymy
    jiyongie is looking so fine.~

  9. so cute the guys,
    I love GD’s hair..i’m kinda glad that he kept it blonde, he fooled me in the video…anyways, i can’t wait for his first solo performance this sunday, it will be explosive and awesome..

  10. T.O.P<3 always and forever.

  11. heheheee :3
    i LOVE the picture of them wearing the HEART hoodies :DD
    i didnt even notice GD’s hair was brown in that pic also.
    but its still super cuteeeeeeee.

  12. G-dragon HAWT!!!!!
    LOVE him forever =)

  13. dae looks thinner

    You went to the Korean District in Garden Grove, OC?
    I went to look for the album, but alas, no more copies D:

  15. I want the heart hoodies. they looks so cute.

    It’s nice to see Bong again in his brunette hair… not that I don’t like him being blonde at all. He just looks…like a human being again. hehe.

    Lil sis in law you should post the interview video too of this photoshoot. hehe. ^^

  16. H-O-T

    omgggg! Bong blonde xD

  17. love it! Dae looks like he’s gotten skinner.

  18. suppppperrr hoootttt! love TOP, Dae and YB much! seung-ri’s great and GD’s Blonde hair really looks good!

  19. I cracked up to the 1st & 2nd Photos 🙂 If you look closely you’ll understand why.

  20. 2nd ones pretty obvious.

  21. roflmao. look at where Tae’s starrin wen he’s sittin in da chair. ><" sorry couldnt help it.

    the more i see GDs blonde hair the more i want to bleach my own hair. ive always wanted to but he makes me want to more.

    they look so hawt wen they pose with such serious faces. i luv their carefree smiles more but this is totally worth it.

    omg those r such cute heart hoodies. why cant they b available on hand here. i still want those other heart hoodies too

  22. che belliiiii! I LOVE BIGBANG __bacio

  23. YAY!

  24. Aww good to hear from you again! we miss you too!
    Heck yeah i miss Big Bang too. Lmfao i would of done
    the same, JUST to get the last CD.
    G-Dragon, his brunette bangs are cute though.
    Aww i love the Tom & Jerry moment. i love them all.
    can’t wait for more!

  25. omg did Daesung get a nose job while it was broken? it looks different….. may be makeup. <3<3 BIG BANG HWAITING

  26. When and where will the Heart shirts be available??? I want one so bad!!!

  27. LOVELOVELOVE the group pic with the green background.

  28. [emmamarie2]

    this was way before Dae’s accident, so i’m sure ur just being paranoid about the nose

  29. omona~ i love GD style in his heartbreaker, but not in here ~.~
    somehow… feel like odd?? or just me?
    Tabi still keep his beauty eyes, but i don’t really like his hair.
    how come i don’t like it? i’m confused myself

  30. in Music Back I just watched today Hearbreaker is in no. 2! 😀

    Let’s all hope it will be no. 1 next week!;DD He lost to The Brown Eyed Girl for the Abracadabra song. Great song!!

  31. @syaz96: Are you talking about KBS Music Bank? Because he didn’t lost to BEG. He won. even without performing there. hehehe.

    Now that’s our Bong. ^^

  32. Wow !! They’re so nice .. luv these pics

  33. ohmyfuck. i’ve been away from the computer for a week and i come back and get this??????????????????????????
    life is ohhhso fair sometimes<3

  34. 😮 If you bought the GD CD in California then I hate youuu (JKJKJK) I went to get it and the person at the desk told me that they “JUST sold the last one” dang it..

    loveee the pics ^^

  35. omg i love this photoshoot ^^ its awesome
    i can’t wait for sunday’s inkigayo~~

  36. Yeah, dae looks thinner! D: Hope he eats more or something (?) 😡

    Haas, (Heart) Seung Ri! 😀

  37. i never noticed how skinny they are . LMAO .
    but in case you didnt know , they are skinny as hell . O.o
    ahah , TOP , GD , SR !<3

  38. i love him as a blonde!!!!!!! i have no idea why it didn’t happen sooner!!!! he looks soooo sexy, and im really glad that he cut it back down. when he had it long, it looked le he didn’t know what to do with it. hmmmmmmm i wonder if he could have pulled off the braids, like taeyang?!?!?!?!?!? lol

  39. Whatever other people say..I’m still in love with GD’s looks.
    It really suits him so well.
    I especially like the pic eith the telephone. Super Gorgeous!

  40. >;[ Jiyongie’s hair looked better beforee. Blonde doesn’t really fit his style.
    Daesungiee.!! (: He’s OKAYY!! YAY! ❤

  41. gah!
    im not asian, korean or anything. i can speak japanese and english not korean, but i got GDs new album and i cant get enogh of it! they are so cute!!!! i would pay 10 000 to meet them

    does anyone know if they are coming to australia?

  42. oh…how cute they are…esp my top….u know…my friend who was tvxq fan talk sumthing bad bout gd…i was very very very sad n anger to her

  43. she ask me wther gd qualify 2 enter that magazine as tvxq always in the book every week

  44. wow!!!!!!COOL..hotnesss again!!weeeww

  45. ^ ^
    SeungRiiii Hehe
    So awesome. XD

  46. Awww. . . . . ADORING! XD
    BIG BANG is my MVP 4Evs! <33

  47. >< teeheheh Top soo cool
    ah cool u from florida too?

  48. yay…

  49. where’s TABI!

  50. haha, their haircuts are soo adorable 🙂

  51. are there more pics of this shooting???i want to see more!!!^^

  52. big bang is the best I like you

  53. l.o.v.e gd

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