Live Discussion: GDragon’s Solo Stage

The apple in the beginning was so sick!!!! Thought it was a real object, lighting effects,, whoooo~ Baby SEXY!!! That icy cold stare to go along with those platinum blocks and his pale face…. at first I thought he had a apple for mic hahahah

WHOOOOOOOA! I wasn’t expecting Bong to perform Breathe at ALL!! in bed??? CRAZY, i love his hood upper half and frat boy PJ for the rest hahahahah HOT!! that smile at the end… kills…

first comeback stage and already closing the show….. definiately Bong

Oh yes, Bong’s freaking SOLO DEBUT STAGE! will be on in 3 short hours, we’ve been waiting for so long, and how…. only 3 more hours… can you believe it?? Bong updated his me2DAY and showed us him and his crew before they went onstage, looks so weird it’s amazing, can’t wait for it, ahhhh! I’m going crazy.

I’ll be watching it live and so should you, turn in at 4:00 PM [KST] for SBS Inkigayo. You can:

SBS CJB, SBS KOREAN, or SBS KNN all works (But I prefer SBS CJB)

Watching it live and discussing it with fellow iVIPS, are you ready?? ahh! Image and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on August 29, 2009.

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  1. what time does it start? cause ima totally stay up and watch it.!

  2. omona
    i am so excited!!!!!

  3. OMG! I’ve been waiting!!! and OMG Vicky I ❤ U! YES! Im gonna watch LIVE!!! chat here. like always 😀

  4. How do I use the channel? I downloaded both the servers already, but i cant find the channels in the both live tvs. What should I do next? 🙂

  5. so it starts at 12am CALIFORNIA time? :O

  6. gdragon look really really skinny in the pic..

  7. omg i’ll try to watch T.T my internet is slow t.t Cries**

  8. Vicky is it coming on at 3:00 AM for us? cuz im in florida and u r too aren’t you?

  9. @ chrissy:

    yeah. it’s 3am for the east coast. I’m on the eastern time zone too. Korea time is 13 hours ahead of us. 2am for central. 1am for mountain. 12am for pacific.

  10. SBS CJB is unavailable to me. KNN works so im gonna watch there. is there a difference?

  11. thanx

  12. @ J-G-RILEEN:

    there’s no difference. some stations broadcast faster than others. like this one time i was watching Music Core and so was my friend. but hers was broadcasting about 5 mins faster.

  13. oh ok! thanks^^ lets all spazz later,..hehehe

  14. I have the blog post already prepped, just waiting for 인기가요 now 😀 Can’t wait!

  15. Could someone tell say what is currently on the station?
    So that I don’t stay on the wrong station.
    [it takes a while to buffer]
    I think what I’m watching right now is like a drama..

  16. @Pandii-Butt

    yes, its currently a drama.

  17. I am soo exitedd. staying up late to watch! fighting jingyo!!

  18. you can just choose regular SBS right?
    cause sbs cgb isn’t working^^: )
    and what’s on right now is a drama.
    okay thanks everyone!!

  19. Hey guys! I’m so ready for this live discussion! havent been on BBfansite 😦
    last time i did this was for seungri’s solo! lol

    cant wait!! 1 hour and 45 minutes more!!

  20. hey i just got that live station and what channel do i go on?
    PLLLSSSSS tell me i really want to watch that sexy beast lol ><

  21. can somebody help me on how to use tvants?
    i hv no idea how to add setver and bla bla bla… 😥

  22. OOO: I hope inkigayo works for me. i can’t miss this!

  23. Cassie // Search for those channels Vicky listed: SBS CJB, SBS KOREAN, or SBS KNN all works (But I prefer SBS CJB).

    So far, none are working for me. T___T

  24. @ szevenz:

    just keep the server they ahve there. go to the channels tab and search “sbs” there. there should be a few channels u can choose from. it takes a while to load, i know.

  25. whoever already set up SBS, is it showing like a drama in a fancy casino? are u seeing the same thing?

  26. szevenz // you just click on the search tab, type in Korea and see which sbs channel is active. Anything grayed out will not work. Double-click the channel and then it will pop up and buffer. Then hopefully it loads.

    Make sure to do this earlier than when the show stars for smooth streaming!! Like an hour before? :]

  27. thanks bbfan13… 🙂

  28. Using tvants, I SEE THE CASINO! ROFL. :] I think the channel is right. I saw an FO commerical earlier. ^^

  29. thanks Lumi

  30. @rosie


  31. ah…can’t wait!!!^^;

  32. hello hello!!

  33. hello jannah^^ welcome^^

  34. eehh jleen?

  35. wouldn’t having a live discussion be easier in the Big Bang chatroom? so we don’t have to refresh this page every few minutes?

  36. ya, jannah^^


    agree..i think it will be easier..

  37. fcdhgfdgfd.
    I’m so excited!! 😀
    Can’t talk riiiight hgdhgfdrrtgf
    Sexy pictureeee!! -drools-

  38. i just wanna make sure i’m on the same channel? it’s playing family outing right now, am i on the right channel?

  39. noo it’s playin a drama

  40. hmm…interesting, isn’t it SBS, no?

  41. yes

  42. 😦 , why is it dead here? where is our beloved IVIPS???

  43. hopefully im on the right channel!

  44. oops, i’m watching on tvants, and i searched for sbs instead of sbs cjs, now i got it now, thanks!!

  45. i’m here J-G-RILEEN! i’m relatively new here, haha!! i’m sure when it comes on, this board will get a little crazy, lol!!

  46. @J-G-RILEEN:

    yeah, it’s pretty slow. and Inki starts in a little over 30 mins.
    I remember the live discussion for the MKMF topped at over 700 comments.

  47. im downloading tv ants nw… is it too late?? i really hope to watch it live.. haha^^

  48. @bbfan13

    I know! I remember that^^ wah~ time come its GD’s solo^^

  49. @bbfan13
    well I dont know about you but for me the link for the BBFansite chatroom says it’s dead, so here’s good. ^_^

  50. i remember MKMF discussion! and all the stations gayo daejun last got crazy!!haha

  51. @ SC:
    no. it’s not too late. there’s still 30 mins before Inki’s on. and I’m pretty sure GD’s comeback is gonna be the last performance so u have a little bit more time.

    @ J-G-RILEEN:
    yep! and TaeYang’s coming with a second solo album later this year.

    @ Chrissy:
    really? I’m in there right now.

  52. ohhh.. thanks ^^ Woo~~ can’t wait for it!! ^^

  53. what the hell man. so u clicked the link where it says BB CHAT and it works for you? 😦

  54. yep. and 2 other people are in there too.

  55. allkpop report thats different human mask
    but i think its all GD’s face mask
    he is not going to perform with mask right?
    i mean thats his real face xD
    cant wait!

  56. im on SBS!!!! hahaha. but its slow…. i cant see ppl faces. yet.. haha. is it a drama now? of a man?? talking?? omg.. hhahaha

  57. i’m sure he’s gonna take off the mask. he can’t sing live wearing a mask like that.

  58. @SC

    yes! still drama.

  59. Cant wait!!! 😀

  60. yeah there’s a guy talking now.
    only 20 minutes!!!

  61. hahaha yeah i knew fansite would have a discussion again!!
    yup SBS CJB is on now!
    can’t wait
    so tired from work..but really excited!!

  62. is it true he’s performing something of “breathe” and “heartbreaker”?

  63. livestation and tvants don’t work in india :(:(

    someone tell me how it was, please.

  64. who among you use LIVESTATION? i don’t know how to use this. haha. does this really take long? it’s still ‘connecting’. T_T

  65. I’m sorry I must be retarded but is it on right now?

  66. idk. but that’s probably most likely what he’s performing.

  67. yes! im back! gah, my comp. is lagging…i hope it doesn’t do the same later…please please computer…be nice to me.


    that’s what YG said in the news so yah, maybe.

  68. @ dramandlove:
    no. it’s not on right now. there’s 15 mins left until Inki starts.

  69. Yay I finally got the tvants to work I can’t wait to see GD performance live thanks Vicky!!!

  70. @jazz

    did you sign up already?

    if you did, then click the search button and @ the bottom type SBS.

    then click play SBS KNN or SBS CJB. and just wait to buffer.

  71. @bbfan13
    thanks I was starting to go crazy here lol

  72. weee! it’s on already!! <33

  73. @ J-G-RILEEN:
    yeah, it’s pretty hard to keep the chat and tvants up. since they both take up alot of ram on the computer.

  74. @J-G-RILEEN.. i’m in now. thanks!!! <33 excited here.

  75. finally…its over

  76. ooh pizza

  77. @bbfan13
    yah, i figured that. I really hope it keeps this way…very clear^^

  78. hey guys.. im using SBS only.. u guys are using SBS CJB? am i on the right channel?? is it CF nw?

  79. waaahhh.. i missed this!!

  80. wah? it’s says “knn news is next”? am i on the wrong channel?!

  81. yeah mine says that too…

  82. @jazz

    news is on.

    after this is inki.

  83. Hi everyone. I’m really sick today but I still try to get out of bed to watch Inkigayo. My mom will kill me if she sees me use the computer :p

  84. cant wait ^.^
    GD fighting !

  85. livestation doesnt work for me.i keep trying and it says “stream unavailable”.

  86. @ J-G-RILEEN lol. i’m getting paranoid. O.o thanks . hahaha. excited for the perf. <33

  87. is it playing news rite now?

  88. oh my go i’m so excited!! ~

  89. i saw sports?! am i on the right track? OMG

  90. vipz, r u ready? lol.

  91. 3 more minutes!!! excited!!

  92. omg. omg omg. omo! 3 more mins?! hahaha. GOGOGO!!!

  93. news is DONE!


  94. we’re almost there. let’s get ready. hahahahaha. <33

  95. where is VIcky???

  96. when is this news gonna be done…

  97. i saw NEWS!!!!! YEAH!!!! FINALLY!!!!

  98. news isnt done yet for me

  99. dang! commercials!..

  100. omg bout time.! ahhh commercials…

  101. sigh i have no luck at all..
    it’s not buffering 😦
    hope some one will upload it to youtube T.T

  102. commercial now? hahaha

  103. OMG! its ON! but GD might be last so you guys have time!

  104. it has been a long time since we have our LIVE session with ALL vips (:


    GD FTW! BIGBANG FTW! muahahaha

    still commercial!


  106. apparently the lineup has GD last.
    and ooh i saw goo hye sun’s commercial. ^_^

  107. the show has started!!! I’m so excited

  108. VIcky where r U?

    iVIPs where r U?

  109. my dad comes home from work around 3 something, he’s gonna pissed when he see’s me just sitting downstairs on my laptop! lol
    “dad this is important!” ^_^

  110. yeahh i just wanna see bong.. lol

  111. omg. mine stuck here and its not moving!!! GAH!!!! OMG

  112. @ babygangster

    yeah i know right!!
    it has been a long time
    the last time was gayo daejun i think
    goshhh freaking 9 months ago!
    i’m so excited!
    and who is this? the 1st performer?
    trot singer?

  113. OMG they talking about GD XD *going crazy!*

  114. SBS CJB doesn’t work for me either…but SBS KNN is working fine..watching it right now…can;t wait to finally Jiyong debut stage =D

  115. mann whens GD coming ouTTTT????!!!

  116. Thanks to you guys I’ll be able to watch this.
    I’m so grateful, you have no idea.
    Thanks soooooo much. I officially love this site. lol

    I was going to have to wait until it was posted to YT.
    But now I can see it! YAYAYAYAY!

  117. there is two sbs cjb on tvant, not even going to use the one with 1200+ audience, just that one first, it won’t show up at all…
    now using the one with 150 audience, it work so much better….just a little bit…

  118. man! cant wait until 2NE1 and BONG! (:

  119. LOL mighty mouth^^

  120. “tell me baby baby…” lol cute song on.

    I feel like im watchin TV w/ friends, aw!

  121. GD better not come out at the end…the wait it killin me

  122. BEG won the mobile ranking^^

  123. COOL~~~ im on again!! YEA!!

  124. just wondering why isn’t GD on take 7?

  125. any one know how to video capture off the screen?

  126. So excited to see his comeback! Gooo iVIP’s!!

  127. @shay

    because it his comeback stage. maybe next week.

  128. omg, currently watching right now
    anticipating !!!

  129. i am thinking BEG will win today cause they were 2nd when 2ne1 was wining be4, i want GD to be on take 7

  130. i got work tomaro and im stayin up to watch amazin bong..! and im tired but i needa stay up cause this is my first time watchin something live in korea.. lol

  131. haha same^^

  132. @ J-G-RILEEN
    thank you…hahhaa get it, hopefully he will be on take 7 nxt week

  133. anyone knw when GD eill perform, cause i need to go out and i will be back in 30 min, will INKI finish by then???/

  134. Nicole looks cute.

  135. waaaah. cant watch it!!

  136. whats playing now?
    i izz like it xD

  137. Aha Nicole looks adorable with that GIGANTIC bow on her head.
    Would anyone else wear that in public?

  138. gosh im shaking w excitement alr..i hope GD’s coming out to perf soooon~~~cnt waaaait~~~

  139. @shay

    im not sure but it might or it might be just starting.

  140. GDplz // You mean a screencap during the STREAMING show? …You can use the ‘prt sc’ button on your keyboard. I just don’t know how good quality the image will be and how fast you are. XD

  141. uwah~ I haven’t watched anything BB related in awhile since I’ve been stuck babysitting drunk people and whatnot every time I free time. (I’m up watching 24hrTV with jpop band NEWS, so I’m up watching this too -_-)

    I can’t wait ’til GD comes up! So excited!:D

  142. @Pandii-Butt: maybe some people would. aha, i know a few that would love the idea of doing that xD

    sometimes i think the performance outfits are really cute! but i think it would only work since the are performing?? ahaha..dont know

    and YAY! GD when are you coming out?! too anxious xD LOL can’t wait! its gonna be so good (:

  143. @Lumi i meant capturing video not just a picture haha i wonder how youtube ppl do it

  144. i just dl livestation, yeayy! really hope can watch it live. but is it take a long time to connect?

  145. downloaded tvants just to watch his preformance…. so excited!!

  146. I see that edit about the chat room but I cant freakin get on it, it says dead link or broken!
    PLz I hope someone people stay here so i can chat with them.

  147. wow at hwangbo’s outfit xD how do you put that on??! haha

  148. gah~ I cant wait~

  149. if he doesn’t perform soon.. ima have to go to sleep.. because… i have work and i can’t be tired..

  150. GDplz // Ohh. ^^;;


    Like some, I also DLed livestation. But it didn’t connect to SBS for me. D:

    thankfully tvants is working. :3

  151. @Luciely I think you need baby oil to shimmy into that silver outfit xD

  152. livestation’s knn sbs seems to work pretty well

  153. Hwangbo’s outfit is reminiscent of Shakira’s costume in her new video. weird. hahaha

  154. OMG it’s Teacyeon he’s getting cozy xD
    and we all know he likes it ;P

  155. AHAHA! Pandii-Butt, i was thinking the exact thing about Taec!

  156. LIES with Tiara! HAHA

  157. whoot! MC Mong! love him ❤

    along with Big Bang of course ♥♥♥♥♥

  158. i get uncomfortable watching “indian boy”. guess i cant get over it.

  159. Such bright colors for the song “Indian Boy” … ?
    omg how old is that boy? xD

  160. just discovered the two cousins in the room are also fans of Big Bang so we’re gonna watch the show together after all, awhooo!!

  161. Man when I saw Comeback Special I was so excited
    then i saw pictures of jewelry…

  162. GENIE?!

  163. whoo!

  164. Vicky!!! ❤

  165. MY COUSIN AND I are like waiting ! OMG!

    im imagining having a sleepover with all VIPs to watch Big Bang comeback :] hahaha im just too exciteed right now!

  166. oops.. my bad. JEWERLY now. sorry guys.. ^^

  167. omg this is wat ive missed out on because of church!
    o pray to god that my slow net will let me watch it properly.
    wen is it on exactly? ive never used any of those sites listed above.

  168. pretty cool song. SIY’s wearing Shinee’s hair clothing. lol u know those promo pics.

  169. ya jewelry is on. almost done.

  170. @VIP4life: me too…i was momentarily confused xD i was like GD!…no? 2NE1!….oh jewelery! xD ahaha

    @Vicky: thats so cool. i want to find some of my cousins who like Big Bang…haha!

  171. Kara ON!

  172. actually 2NE1 might be LAST since its their goodbye stage for IDC.

  173. 2NE1 is ON !!!!

  174. oh. aha, that sucks! but its okay since they are promoting their other songs….(am i right? not sure if i got the right info) (:

  175. omg 2NE1 nw?????

  176. OMG! 2NE1!!!

  177. I think the more I watch the show, the more I’m sucked into K-pop. Never really been into female groups, but these female groups are so talented. wow.

    Anyways, is anyone’s internet acting strange while streaming SBS?

  178. sometimes refreshing these pages is like spoilers since I dont see 2ne1 yet…oh wait!

  179. argh..its still KARA on mine xD SLOOOOW!

  180. Oh yea.. are they promoting Pretty Boy after this??

  181. 2NE1<3

  182. WOW! i love this version of I dont care:D

    GO 2NE1!!!!!!

  183. they look so pretty ^_^
    and sound awesome.

  184. @Luciely mines a bit slow too :[
    those spoiler comments made me confused

  185. OMG! 2NE1 did a great JOB! ❤

  186. this version of I dont care sounds so island-y 😀
    i like it xD

  187. whoa…I love this remix to “I Don’t Care.” WANT.

  188. wrong 2ne1 just finished singing

  189. i love bommie’s hair here!!

  190. I LOVE that version of IDC too^^

  191. this remix sounds different! like hawaii, summer kind! xD i dont know

    i like the r&b remix better! but love 2NE1 :]

  192. BEG is ON!!! GD NEXT!!! OMG!!! KKYAYYYAAAAAA~ I cant even concentrate on beg…

  193. OMG GD NEXT!!!!!

  194. Aha I can’t watch Abracadabra without thinking about 2PM/Am’s parody PFT. GO “Dirty Eyed Girls!!” 😛

  195. OMG GD is oooooooon NOW !

  196. OMG!

  197. 2ne1’s I Don’t Care unplugged was amazing!

  198. @Pandii-Butt: same here! aha~~

    eek, i should stop refreshing now! GD isn’t on YET. haha

  199. DOOD a worm went through that apple xD
    Everything is too bright D:

  200. YESSYESS!!!!!!!!!


  202. AHH!! so cool GD! hot!

  203. Hmmmm GD on a bed. ❤ DROOL.


  205. AH! I love GD’s shirt!

  206. so hot when he actually dresses boyish! and his dances r cool!

  207. the ending performance was LOVE ♥♥

  208. Apple pants! Kekekeke

    Omg he looks so cute in the cap! ^^

  209. Is it weird to want to one of the “faces” in the background? xD aha

  210. OMG! GD GD GD!

  211. And now I love his jacket! 😀

    OH NO! the stream is getting choppy T-T, it was running so well too. -__-

  212. I want his “G” jacket! =D

  213. I LOVE IT!!!

  214. hahaha, the sheet is ripping xD

  215. Omgah he did a sexy move but it happened too fast!

  216. OMFG he is so cute hot hahaha

  217. @Lumi: I want it too!!

  218. OMG!!! That was SOOO AWESOME!! I was just watching in AWE!!!

  219. AW GD’s cute end smile! he just couldnt hide it!

    he worked that stage and the crowd!

  220. AWW His bright SMILE at the end was ♥!!!

  221. Omg really? they won? Yay!!! ❤ Is this their second song?? I'm not sure about their history. DONT CRY D:

  222. that ‘G’ jacket…I want~

  223. RIGHT before his performance Livestation decides to die on me. LOL. WTFFFF.

  224. OMFG!

    His swagger was killing me when he performed “I Can’t Breathe.”

    The smile at the end..

  225. his every smile<333

  226. the best…ohabsolutely adore his perf….Dae Bak

  227. OMG, THEY WON?! Aww, congrats to them. ^___^ TOTAL SHOCKER!

  228. HOLYYYYY SHIT!!!! just finish watching it….and man it was totally awesome <333 so hot…

  229. BREATHE performance was just AHH!HOOTT!! I was as surprised as the audience when the beginning stopped lol

    And when GD came out in that HAT, JACKET, and PANTS

  230. I would really want to be one of the people behind the sheets xD AHA. And did anyone else think the Heartbreaker stage was a TAD too bright?

  231. that was SOOOO HOTTT OMG. TWO SONGS!!!
    too bad he didnt win ):

  232. omg! the bed~ please make me that bed!!! gah~

  233. and that little move on the floor with that girl..! i was like omg!

  234. it was so unreal
    I cried when I heard ‘Breathe’
    I loooove that song so much!!
    he was xtremely hot

  235. i still cant believe i watched GD perf!! waaa

  236. Awesome live! 😀 Worth staying up for.

  237. ugh, it’s back now but the perfomance is over. 😦

  238. may i know who won?
    i can’t watch it live…
    thanks to the college line… 😦

  239. @shuu

    he’s not competing yet since this is his comeback stage. maybe next week.

  240. Who else thinks that he is a sure win on his next stage? or is it the one after that?

  241. KARA won (:

  242. OMG! HES BACK (:

    HIS SMILE, HIS RAP, HIS MOVES, and that sexy hand thing with his lips (:

    HOT MAN! >:]

  243. @szevenz

    Kara won!

  244. ic.. thanks Luciely…
    now i gotta wait for somebody to upload it @ youtube…

  245. @babygangster

    I KNOW!!! OMG! how am i suppose to sleep now?

  246. I can’t sleep now. LOL. DAMN.

  247. I love it!!!

  248. so HOT.
    can’t stand that smile in the end!!
    so amazing..
    and he was so high in breathe..jumping here and there lol
    heartbreaker was really hot
    and his vocals sound so good in both songs
    i can tell that he has been practicing like heck!

  249. can’t wait for someone to upload it on youtube! we can watch it over and over and over again!

  250. Ahhhh…..G-Dragon’s performance was hott!!! thanx vicky! it’s my first time watching it live…i was actually running out out breath watching G-Dragon…..i really have to go to sleep now Z_Z

  251. omg~ Im totally spazzing~ gahhhh~ GD why r u so dang FINE???

  252. he seemed really excited to finally debute.

  253. i wanna watch it again… TOTAL HOTTIEEEE lol

  254. Someone NEEDS to get a freeze frame of that damn sexy smile!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEE!!! ❤

  255. just finished watching and it was amazing! realy loved the 2nd stage the most

  256. ohmygosh.
    im still like in a GD trans from the performance.

  257. OMG I know the smile

  258. I want my damn CD already YesAsia! XD

  259. I could freakin spazz here all day of how awesome and hot that was, but Im gonna be in big trouble if i dont get some sleep!

  260. Ahhhh I really loved his performance! It was really good, happy I was able to watch it live =] Lol and just saw a 2ne1 commercial and SNSD after that.

  261. he’s too great,rite..
    unluckily i can’t watch the perfomance..
    but, i’m sure he’s doing the best…
    waiting 4 some1 upload the performance~

  262. Damn!! That performance was hot XD I love Breath!! His smile at the end was killer ❤

  263. OMG xDD ahaha just saw a Kim Sooro and Kim JongKook chicken CF

  264. i saw the jewerly, kara perfs at YT already… GD’s perf i think is coming very soon. hahaha. im gonna wait for it. huhuhu!! ^^

  265. haha, just saw the sooro&kookjoong CF too! so funny (:

  266. heree where you can watch it 🙂

  267. chrissy // I KNOW RITE. Dangit… I didn’t know his album was delayed. I was wondering why YESASIA didn’t deliver yet! Argh.

  268. GD amazed me once again with his great performance and I love 2ne1 unplugged performance too!!! YG family fighting!!!

  269. GD GD GD!!! <333 that's all i can say!

  270. BIG… APLEE

    he was so nervous (amateur singer??? lol)
    anyway he rocks!!!!!!!!

  271. @pinkyume

    ya, despite his awesomeness, i sensed he was nervous.

    but still he did a good job hiding it, by jumping around, smiling…hahaha GD<3

  272. i saw it in youtube!!! its out!! Yea!!!



  275. […] on SBS Inkigayo on Youtube. But, luckily there are angels among us. Thanks to the lovely folks at BigBangKorean I got to see the performance […]

  276. just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    G-dragon is an artist, innovator, and dynamite all at once!!!

  277. yAy!!!
    i love it @_@
    speeechless me..
    xceli im kinda sad cos i went bck home late..
    n can’t watch it live..
    but thnks 2 babyb0ngholic vi~ hehe
    vips love gd alwys~ ;p

  278. omggg i keep watching it over&over causing myself to spazz and have a heart attack! >.<" i loooooove it. worth the wait definitely(:

  279. lol… im kinda distracted by the new(?) male dancers…
    overall, I ❤ GD's performances… too much hotness need to be handle..

  280. AWSOME
    He’s No.1

  281. Ahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!! sooooooo DAMN HAWT !!!!!!
    I LOVE HIM ❤

  282. Ahh I went crazy (same as the audience) to ALL of his Smiles (luv them) :* Happy that BONG’s on stage 🙂

  283. I was shocked when he didn’t win 😦
    Anyways, the performance was great!
    I love how Inkigayo stages are always the coolest.
    His smile at the end.. *dies*

  284. i thought GD was in dat apple but didnt realise it wasnt solid o.o
    *squeal* that 1st shot of GD was so hawt.
    im totally jealous at how feminine and pretty yet hawt he can be.
    odd but interesting style.
    i ❤ da chorus of Breathe. his spotty pants r a must hav now!
    def a memorable solo debut stage.

  285. For some reason I kinda loved his breathe perf more xD
    Maybe its because his smile was so… damnn. *melts* ❤

    -needs a full HQ vid now- 8D

  286. gaaahhhhhh, i’m like super-super excited. gd~~~
    hot.. cool… *melts n froze at the same time (?)*
    but he looks out of breath for heartbreaker…
    but ofcourse, he’s rapping n dancing.. that’s major hard.
    i luv gd~
    damn, his dance moves are soo cool.
    oh, hottie.
    *i can’t seem to stop babbling bout gd*
    waaahh, so happy for him!!

  287. Aw Vi~~~~~~~~~
    I can’t agree no more!!! That apple sure is so sick!!! I was like WTF is that???o-0”

    Btw do u feel this happiness too? Seeing our boys in the stage again, especially Bong happy face at breathe perf! So Bong-alike. Hahaha… ^ his cute smile to close his perf. Kya~~ melting his fan’s heart. Fangirling crazy time! So much I’d like to spazz with u ^^

    But only 1 thing that Bong lack, FAT. He’s too skinny!
    Watching his heartbreaker perf, all I could see is his bones all over!
    But I like his wearing & the back dancer too, except girl dancer cloth, I don’t think that suit them.

    Also the hand-wall-thingy, look so creepy if the zoom up close at it. Haha LOL.
    Love breathe perf! Look at Bong happy smiling face!
    Also the dance choreo, make all the fans squeeling!!
    Just love his comeback perf! This made my day!

  288. OMFG.He looks hot.LOL.Sorry T.O.P :O I cant believe I said that.BUt then I love his voice too.LOL>I soo wanna watch it but then idk which channel for me to tune into Imma just google it or youtube it later.Hopefully someone recorded it or saved it.LOL>Love Big Bang!

  289. HAHA. oh my gosh. he looked like some boy suddenly woke up & realize he became a man & start dancing & singaing happily! HAHA.
    thanks to that cap.

    so much better without autotunes.
    i want to know how he feels after performing!! GDTV!!!

  290. wa.. he so cool!! i really like his performance ~_~ we love GD!! ❤

  291. oh oh oh oh oh~ i wanna watch this!!!! xD super excited!!!!
    YAYYY GD~~

  292. what time is it on for Canadian time?

  293. it doesnt work for mee D’:

  294. OMGEE. there was a live discussion & i didnt know D:
    i just ended up ranting to my friend online XD

    it was HOTTTT.
    heartbreaker was super good ❤

  295. hei..somebody know at what time is Inkigayo?and also Music Core and Music Bank?and what day?u knows?pzz tell me..

  296. Mnet M!Countdown, every Thursday at 7:30pm (KST)
    KBS Music Bank 뮤직뱅크, every Friday at 6:3opm (KST)
    MBC Music Core, every Saturday at 4:20pm (KST)
    SBS Inkigayo 인기가요, every Sunday at 4pm (KST)

  297. DELICIUOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  298. holy frick.
    i miss big bang o_o

  299. chrissy thank you!!

  300. and Kim Jung Eun’s what time is it? and what chanel?.. GD will be there on 2th sept..and i wana watch it^^

  301. Umm, this was like the sexiest performance ever.
    He was awesome during Heartbreaker.
    He’s a really good live performer, even though his singing voice isn’t the best.
    And he was beyond cute in Breathe.
    Plus, that GORGEOUS smile he gave at the end just killed me.

  302. what u all talking about??? watch live but cant understand somebody explain to me…please..


  304. amazinggg…SO worth the wait!
    btw whats the diff in times between korea and new york? for example if its 4pm on august 30th in korea what day and time is it in mew york?

  305. The apple thing was amazing!!!
    And he did such a great job! you can tell by the look on his face that he was happy and enjoying it ^_^! And he looked so effin hot and cute at the same time! awesome performance!


  307. Cant believe I missed i.Ugh.Way to busy,LOL.LOVE YOU GUYS!

  308. the cool!!
    i love watching Bong on bed!
    freakin HOT!!
    and he looks a like L on DEATH NOTE. 100% sure
    it’s so awsome!! I LOVE IT!!

  309. love G-Dragon!!! ^____^

    his special fabulous stage is awesome!!!
    i’ve watched it 10+ times already!

  310. ok the apple was mad cool. I thought it was a real stage prop. not just a light effect. But i love love LOVE the breathe performance! he looked so freaking happy and so adorable. Gyah >.< I love his solo stuff. I'm so used to trying to pick him out from the 5 and keep my eye on him that way. Now its like BAM! hes right there in the front and i dont have to put any effort into oogling him XD

  311. Yeah, it was so sweet, I watched this inkigayo like 100 times! >.<
    Btw, he has uploaded a new pic on his me2day, so cute!

  312. Thank you so much for this update. That glowing apple in the video was so cool! I love G-Dragon and I can’t wait to buy the new album. I ❤ bong!!!

    Zoe Famous Girlfriends

  313. g-dragon number one. i love you

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