GD’s kiss while filming ‘Chocolate’

Bong filmed a new episode of SBS’s “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” on Sept. 3rd. He performed ‘HEARTBREAKER’ and ‘BREATHE’ and also had a little interview with Kim Jung Eun about the photos he updated via me2DAY. He wore his one of a kind dr.dre headphone that he loves so much, I saw the famous “Tom & Jerry” pic, Bong even brought a VERY VERY special guest on the show, and he kissed him…. yes. ON THE LIPS.

Who can it be???? Image and video hosting by TinyPic

LOL, don’t freak now, it’s only GaHo,
the adorable little Sharpei with tons of winkles
he’s getting bigger and cuter too.
AHHH! on the lips… envious eh? hahah



Thanks to KBites for the info.


~ by Vicky on September 2, 2009.

87 Responses to “GD’s kiss while filming ‘Chocolate’”

  1. Haha! Cute gaho! Gaho is reali lucky to hv GD! *Envies* hahaha! ❤ GD

  2. omgawd!! that is just TOOOOO CYUTE!! >.< I can't not "aww" over it..LOL. Don't you think so too?

  3. First! Hahaha

  4. I totally agree jen! Hahahaha! I wanna watch it! When it vl b broadcasted? Hahaha. Gonna watch it. Huhuhu

  5. is it on youtube? if so could I get the link please? Thanks

  6. hahahaah gaho is so cute!!
    and gd’s hair is..*Dies*

  7. I can’t wait to see this!

  8. Ga-Ho awww kawaiii!!!!
    N GD always cute too -envys GD- I want a kiss from Ga-Ho!!!!!!

  9. LOL
    gaho is huge now O_O
    dang that dog grows fast
    haha he has his own little name tag
    that is so cute<3

    i agreee..gaho GREW SO FAST!!! lol xD
    freakinmother GD is so cute and hot LOLL

  11. OMG!!!! cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!! omg GaHo >.< <33333 and GD looks wow~~ sexy

  12. lmao I had a hella weird dream that GD changed GaHo to something else (i forget). XD

  13. Oh, man. GD’s future wife/girlfriend has to share his lips with GaHo. Good luck to her. ❤

  14. ahhh! can’t wait to watch this! GaHo= cuteness overload!!!!

  15. …i cant believe im saying this…. I’m actually jealous of a dog. is that sad to say?

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  17. AWw I love GaHo too! And I love GD.
    I can’t wait to watch this, ahh!

  18. Awwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sooo damn CUTE ❤

  19. *o* awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~ GD♥♥♥! thats too kyoot! and GaHo! ♥♥ thats soooo totally adorableee~ ♥-♥

  20. awww! i wana kiss GaHo too! and his smoking hot owner!!!

  21. Aww it’s soo adoarble and GD’s looking cute.-sorry T.O.P still love u though-so where’s big bang?Ha i got worried when i didnt know who HE was cuz it said HE in the begining lol.

  22. wow.
    When i saw the word Kiss, i was getting my chainsaw. LOL 😀
    I wanna kiss GaHo too!
    And GD even more 🙂

  23. awww
    SO CUTE!!!

    umm…can someone tell me how GD becomes BONG??

  24. so cute!
    I really love that dogg!

  25. does anybody know where i can watch tis online??? i rly rly want to watch it!! PLZ tell me or e-mail me the link at

  26. I’m so jealous of Egaho :((

  27. i think Gaho has his own fans already.
    they both look so cute.

  28. LOL i find it so funny that the other dancers look kinda funny when pcitures were taken while dancing…
    and GD looks PERFECT in every shot

    ahhh GAHO<33 gd even dressed him up(:

  29. haha,yeah..the other male dancers have funny expressions.=D
    especially the 8th last picture..the one that they do the I’ll still still be there choreograph if i’m not mistaken^^

  30. lucky dog;) xD

  31. what time does this air?
    (korean time)

  32. hahaha i had the feeling it was Gaho.
    GaHo and Boss r the only short haired wrinkly dogs i think r ❤
    i luv GDs Dr Dre headphones. so cool.
    i lyk dat pic of GaHo sleeping on GDs gead totally awwww'ed =]

  33. gah~ I cant wait for this >.<

    I dont know if I should im jealous of Gaho or GD…they're both too dang CUTE!!! <333

  34. *I dont know if Im jealous of Gaho or GD…

  35. i’m absolutely jealous with GaHo!! LOL

  36. they both are so cute. of course!
    i really jealous with GaHo! LOL
    GD,you look more sexxier! ahaks!!

  37. omg so cute XD

  38. vi
    wkwkwkwk….. u freak me out for a lil bit gurl kekeke….

  39. saw this before. I love that kiss pic and when Gaho made him a pillow.

    Wish Bong ang Baebae had a picture with their dogs together. that would be adorable. ^^

  40. i wish i was gaho

  41. AWW! i miss it when my doggie was that small. i have a scottie dog, so hes pretty small normally, but he was ADORABLE as a puppy!!! and Gaho is JUST as cute!! gaho LUV!

    I hope Farley and GaHo would be BEST friends. ❤

  42. The dog so cute =3
    and also g dragon. ❤

  43. @christy

    if i remember correctly bong means stick in korean. and seeing as how he is thinner than paper, the name sticks lol.

  44. i envy gaHo!
    bong just love him too mush!
    i want to smoochie too(^*^)



  46. Daddy is so cute with

  47. aw, how cute! Ga Ho is certainly getting love. It;s so nice that he brought out his dog with him.
    AH wish I could’ve been there to see it live. lol

  48. kinda yucky! gd is getting hotter somehow!

  49. Ohhhhhh….. you’re so lucky GAHO!!!!!!!!!

  50. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    i love GD

  51. the performance looks HOT! can’t wait for this to air?

    when is it airing!! AHH! even after that i have to wait for it to be eng sub!!
    aawwww… Gaho looks soo cute kissing Gd.. he really likes him ALO! LOL!

  52. awww gaho’s getting big! Aha gd is sooo cute~

  53. wooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  54. awwww…

    so damn lucky to born as GaHo
    GD lurves him loads ^^ kawaii


  55. cuteeeeeeeeeee

  56. Awee, so adorable ❤

    I thought it was a real guy and was like "nooooo!!! It should be Seung Ri!!!" haha

    I am VERY jealous of GaHo -dies-

  57. haha when i saw this on allkpop, i was going crazy.
    but dang, i’d love to be in gaho’s position.
    that liplock was madness XD

  58. i have been spazzing over this picture since yesterday
    this doggie effing wins man
    now that pic that bong updated on me2day is my phone wallpaper hahaa
    i’m like dara..very scare of dog
    but i’d learn to love dogs just for gaho.
    now i feel bad for boss
    where is him?
    bae should take some picture of him!

  59. LOL!! I’m thinking who would that me, oh well.
    Its impossible for him to kiss a girl and stuff… you know fangirls would really get mad to that girl, I pressume.

  60. I totally freaked out .
    HAHA ! Ga Ho is so cute !!!

  61. eeee….disgusting ….kiss with a dog..!!

  62. Lawl glad to know that he kissed a dog rather than a human guy =___= I don’t want the Heechul incident affects him as well…ugh

    He loves his dog very much, awww. =D

  63. LOL Gaho and GD lol reming me of YB and Boss!!! So cute gosh!!!

  64. they’re so cute. when you look how he takes care and loves that dog, how much more if its a girl!!?!!

    lucky girl 🙂

  65. ga-ho is SO lucky to have such a caring owner.
    i am SO jealous. i want to kiss gd!!

  66. Aww GD&&GaHo Together Looking Good GaHo&&GD..

  67. that would b cool if he kissed the me…jk jk

  68. aww sooo adorable!!

  69. oh sheet! haha :)) gaho is really lucky!
    i mean to be kissed by jingyo? haha.
    ilove the pic of the famous tom && jerry! :))
    haha a.k.a jingyo and maknae~ri

  70. i wonder if gaho knows how famous gd is! lol. gahhh both of them are too cute! ❤

  71. Héhé so cute (both of them) but I would rather liked a kiss with seungn ri lol XD
    I have a sharpei ,I can tell you that soon he won’t be able to carry him on his knees lol

  72. OMG-dragon!!! so Kawaiii!!! I really like Gahu….i can’t wait to see the whole thing….love the show…

  73. is there a video of thsi on youtube yet?

  74. is there a video of thsi on youtube yet?

  75. yes is there video ?

  76. I was scared “Kiss in the lips” lol xDD
    GaHo so cute 🙂
    If onle me have noticed that GD’s back up dancers are quite old? ;DD

  77. Is it first kiss???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. sooo cute<<<333
    GaHo is really lucky…

  79. i got the ball he gave GAHO 😀

  80. i’m so jealous…gaho you are one lucky pup…but i guess you don’t understand or know how lucky you are yet…?

  81. Aww, how adorable!
    Ehehe, I like GD’s new hair color.
    It looks good on him 🙂

  82. Very cute… hahahaha JI yong Oppa saranghae..

  83. lucky dog but …… yucky

  84. it’s better if GD kiss dara than gaho…anyway,cute…a happy family

  85. KAWAIIII!!! BigBang is the reason why I am coming out to Seoul. They are the reason I am going to go to Full Sail University to study music and get degrees in music entertainment and show production. 🙂 Wish me good luck guys. See ya soon

    Check out my Music Page- Big Bang is on there.

  86. Awww sooo cute ❤ Gaho & GD!!!

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