GD ASKS: 3rd Anniversary

every year, each member will ask 3 questions released every other day or so on their specially-dedicated VIP anniversary site. i’ll put up GD’s questions first so you can take your time answering his haha.

Translations by: jeska @VIPtranslators
Edited by: gdluvzmc @VIPtranslators
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source: ASKVIP 3rd Anniversary


– no i was not okay *tears* rofl. i was 1/2 glad you were away b/c i got to take a lil break from fandom. but everyone misses BIGBANG. you got us addicted & that is your bad lol. hopefully you took a break as well!

– i was in school, working, & doing research. failed my class. now my summer’s all about you; trying to catch up w/ your stuff, & working on editing the sites here & there. & also updating your profiles! ahh, it is a work in progress. hope everyone will like it.

– shoot. “YOU & ME HARDCORE. TIL YOU SAY NO MORE.” we both know what you’re talking about. i’ll gladly oblige HAHA. anything for kwon jiyong ROFL. ok seriously now…. xD

~ by gdluvzmc on September 5, 2009.

67 Responses to “GD ASKS: 3rd Anniversary”

  1. #1 – No, I wasn’t okay. Because there wasn’t much on BB D:
    #2 – Yeah, I went to the beach. Does that count as a vacation?
    #3 – VIP, because we are VIP. o-o

    hahhas, now I can’t wait for the rest 😀

  2. #01 No. Get back here and start working on more Korean albums 😀
    #02 Teaching English and blogging. A lot.
    #03 You talking about 가호 on GDTV xD

  3. ahahaha I’ll answer!

    1) No I didn’t miss you guys…actually I as hoping you’d GTFO out of my country and go back to yours. I ❤ BB in Korea!

    2) Sadly no I did not. I worked and played but no vacation.

    3) actually the "YOU & ME HARDCORE. TIL YOU SAY NO MORE.” stayed in my head too because I LMAO when I heard that line.

    Can you post TOP's questions?? Thanks for your hard work!

  4. @AA-CHAN
    ROFL! i love 가호 ❤ ji really loves that dog haha.

    actually, YB is next.
    you'll have to wait about a week for TOP's to come up. he has 1 so far, & i'll be posting all 3 at one time. patience! ^_^

  5. wow! haha. amazing.

  6. 1.ehhh…NO!
    please don’t do it so often >.<
    (or ever again lol not kidding)

    2.unfortunately no,I had summer school and a sucky job but I'm free now ;P

    3.too many things come to mind but recently when he said that GaHo comes out on TV more than he does lol. GaHo TV would be a big hit.

  7. #1: missed you guys so much!
    #2: no but i wish i could have went to Japan to see you guys! too bad i live in the Texas, USA! come visit soon!!!but i did look at alot of big bang videos and pictures! hotnness
    #3: “I CAN”T BREATHE…I CAN”T BREATHE!” and “YOU & ME HARDCORE. TIL YOU SAY NO MORE.” > there is more but i don’t know how to speak korean! ahaha LOVE YOU JI YONG oppa!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! FIGHTING!

  8. 1. I was okay. The music that you guys produced in Japan was fun to listen to – but I still prefer Big Bang in Korea.
    2. Yes I did! I was actually in Korea and was able to watch 2NE1 perform the cover of “Last Farewell”. It was very exciting.
    3. “It’s all about you – my butterfly”. ❤

  9. 1) Yes, I was okay. I may not have been if I didn’t know what you guys were up to, but you guys were working hard, so I didn’t die. ^^

    2) I went to Arizona for about a month or so, saw some close friends. (:

    3) I agree with you saying that GDTV would soon become Ga Ho TV, and totally the “YOU AND ME HARDCORE. TIL YOU SAY NO MORE.” ;D Hahaha.

    (Thanks for posting these! :D)

  10. 1. No, I wasn’t okay when you guys were in Japan. I missed you guys soooo much =(
    2. Nope. Just stayed home on my laptop waiting to hear new, exciting news bout you guys LOL.
    3. “D-Day ____”

  11. ROFL!!!
    1)When you guys went to Japan it was hard for me to try to keep up with you guys.-sigh-But I hope you guys had fun!
    2)Summer I was just being OBESESSED over Big Bang.And trying to get more connected with this site really.And getting know each and everyone of you BIG BANG members better.<3
    3)It had to be when umm It's all about you my butterfly.LOVED THAT ONE.
    -Sorry to ask for to much but then T.O.P<3 next plzz.And I'll be patient.I dont really mind.XD

  12. #1 I don’t think I was ok. Miss watching you perform in Korea a lot
    #2 I had a vacation but I seriously can’t call it vacation because I have to take care of my 2 cousins, no freedom at all.
    #3 Uhm so hard, I can’t choose the most memorable because I remember a lot 😀

  13. 1) Japan, Korea… it’s all the same for me since I’m in AMERICA. The distance wasn’t any shorter. </3

    2) Vacation? Too poor. I stayed in my home city.

    3) "I'm a hard-working man, and I work for my fans." ❤

  14. 1) It was harder to keep track of you guys since you weren’t in Korea, you guys were srsly missed! Hope you guys had a blast in Japan! 😀
    2) I went to Detroit, Michigan! That was pretty fun since that was the first time I was out of state! Only cuz I was in this summer program which took us to various places. [:
    3) “D-Day ___”

  15. 1. no i missed you guys dearly on
    all the korean shows and everything.
    but glad that you guys got to explore
    the japan music and all that.(: i glued my butt to the computer
    so i wouldn’t miss anything about you guys.
    3. baby. everything you say is
    well i have bad memeory but
    i TRY to remember EVERYTHING;

    when do i/we get to ask you something jiyong?!
    (like jiyong oppa please show us some of that
    yummy tummy. lols. i can tell that you have been working
    out hard just looking at those biceps of yours.

    *sighs; me dreaming once again.<3

  16. 1.Noo! everyone is missing Big bang :]
    2.Yes went to Vermont ! But Big Bang Kept going on through my headd!
    3.”Is this What you been waiting for? Brand New GD” :]

  17. 1. I think I was okay cuz I still got some BIG BANG music and just followed them in Japan through other websites.
    2. I didn’t go anywhere for vacation…just preparing for my 1st year of college.
    3. EVERYTHING! lol but I think I agree w/ melly cuz I say it all the time even in his accent cuz it’s cute, lmao! XD

  18. #1. i was okay cause i was busy doing my own hw and cause there were still bits of updates on here. i was alright. also the fact i know that they were promoting themselves was good.
    #2. its not summer here so roflmao. no vacation here.
    #3. various bits from their songs. i hav short term memory and i watch way too many videos to remembr exact lines ><"

  19. @BIGBANGfreak

    YES!!!! i totally agree that Ji needs to show his tummy. I dont care if its not as defined as the others. It’s still yummy dammit and i want it (that along with other things on him XD)

    1. did i miss you? Thats like asking do you like air? I cannot breathe without big bang in my life in one way or another. Be it music, waking up to one of your posters, seeing the board game in the corner, a dvd of you guys. I missed your performances cause they just arent the same in japan. I missed all of you acting like idiots together. I missed the smiles, the interviews, the playfulness, the interaction. so yeah i can say that i freaking missed you guys.
    2. I went to baltimore for a week in late july/early august. anime convention. Actually saw and talked to a couple big bang fans that happened to have the big bang scarf on them.
    3. what do i like the most????

    “gonna take you on a joyride today
    me and you stay true never hesitate
    to make love sho nuff
    you’re the only one I’m ever thinkin’ of
    just to hold you baby I can hardly wait
    as we go through the motions damn it’s great
    to make love sho ’nuff we’re gonna take it to the end and that’s what’s up”

    you can take me anytime bongie XD

    you and me hardcore indeed o.-

  20. #1 Yes obviously!! i missed u guys, a lot!!
    #2 Yea, we went to Australia.. ^^
    #3 hmm, i think your “we love you, vip” and “YOU & ME HARDCORE. TILL YOU SAY NO MORE”

    find your own line 😛

  22. hahhaas, people are stealing your line because “you & me hardcore” is too awesome ❤

  23. 1) Was I ok? Definitely NOT! I’ve miss you guys so much. It was a lot harder to follow you when you guys were in japan. When you’re in korea its a lot easier(:

    2) Nope no vacation at all. I was super busy with summer school and working. And with my free time I was trying to track you guys down. Lol but ill be in korea in december so I’m hoping that ill be able to see you!!!(X

    3) The words that I will always remember is “we will try hard to become undying stars”

  24. 1. I was not okay.. 😦 I miss BIG BANG so much. but I hope you guys had fun in Japan.

    2. I was @ work during summer. but if I have breaks I tuned in right away to any BB news^^. also I was supporting your kids or siblings (2ne1).

    3. omg cindy! that’s what I always remember too. “we will try hard to become undying stars”.


  25. @J-G-RILEEN: that’s my favorite line from them<333

  26. 1: I missed u guys, but i was happy for u too… yup
    2: Yes and i went home 2day.. hoho.. it was really special vacation.. and it went better on 18.08 ^-^

  27. 1) i missed big bang all the time! i wanted to know if you were okay:(
    2) i went to california and canada. but following big bang this summer was a better vacation.
    3) “GD guarantees” from “Follow Me” really echoes in my head. i know it’ll be all right then<3

  28. 1. I totally missed you guys when you were in Japan.
    Eventhough you were all the way there..
    I can still feel your love towards us, VIPz!
    Cause as long as you guys are happy there~

    2. Hmm..summer? M’sia is always summer xD!
    But my holidays here is great!
    Cause I got your Japan Album and Heartbreaker^^

    3. The most memoriable sentence is..
    I got to say I agree with J-G-RILEEN and Cindy!
    “We will try hard to become undying stars”
    Until Whenever ❤


  29. 1: I’m a bit ok… but, I always waiting for you guys to comeback in KOrea…. oh I missed you so much because you were in JApan…. T___T I hope you were again in KOrea so that the KOrean stage will not be so sleepy… (hehehe lol!) Hope your all okay! take care always!

    2:nope! I stay at home and go to school and search in the net… reading some article about Big Bang! ^_^

    3:I’m thinking about what you said in the lyrics of “Breathe” “you and me hardcore lets do it some more” gaahhhh!!!!! XD

  30. #1 – Since I don’t live in Korea, it didn’t make much of a difference. But I loved the fact that a Japanese album was released.

    #2 – Yes! I went to Brazil, and Alberta (Canada).

    #3 – That line from Crazy Dog: “something something something oh my god, I’m so hot” wahaha

  31. 1) No I was not okay, cos u’ve make me addicted to you & I need to online everyday to check out any updates & I miss u!
    2) Yeah I did, and still is. Driving lessons, going for a trip, moving out & moving in, playing facebook, youtube-ing if thats also counts..
    3) on what we said or U said GD? as for u, lately ur lyrics from ur heartbreaker, “I cant deny…” just keeps on bothering me and also of course “YOU & ME hardcore” with that smile on ^^

  32. 1. I missssed you so freakin much. Thank goodness for BIG BANG TV/ GDTV. Or I would’ve gone more insane. HAHA. Come to the US already :\

    2. Nope, stayed at home, listed to BIG BANG all day. And ATTEMPTED to drive. HAHA. It’s going alright.

    3. “You’re my heart heart heart breaker.”
    and “D-Day mother f———–.” HAHA <3.

  33. 1. No. hell no. I missed you and Big Bang too much *lol as if you went to another planet but I prefer you in Korea than in Japan*… But I am happy with the success you had in Japan. Plus I really love Gara Gara Go and its MV. =)
    2.It’s not summer here, in fact I’ve been studying much more rigorously than before. But that doesn’t erase the fact that I miss Big Bang.
    3. My fave GD line? a line from his me2day “Gently come to my bed…But I am not a pillow”. That is too adorable, especially it’s one of my most favorite pictures of Bong. ^^ Gaho gets so much love now too. ^^

  34. @SH00T1NGST4RS
    ROFL. that line was what made me fall for kwon jiyong. NO JOKE! haha.
    & also the sexy “HEY”s in the background.

  35. 1. omg i really miss u…thank god there was big bang tv…
    2. lol yeap i did go on vacation…finally after 3 long years of work and college…but it was ruin because i miss you guyz too much…rolf…jk
    3. humm….well i don’t know if u want to read the same line from everyone over and over again cuz everyone already took all the lines that i like…lol…but i always be sing the line “MY NAME IS G G G G BABY BABY GD GD BABY BABY” inside my house…

  36. 1. No:(, i missed u a lot….but there was BigBangTV and GDTV to watch u all that u r doing fine.^^ do i say this…i can’t describe what weather is here it’s like winter in one day and summer in other day…i was just at home doing my school stuffs (boring) and nth much special
    3.I love G-Ri line “G – I’m playing the role of Tom and
    Ri – I’m playing the role of Jerry!!!^^

  37. 1. I was fine! I’m glad you guys are doing so well! and I got the chance to spazz about you to my Japanese pen friend 😀
    2. I took 5 weeks of French conversation classes, then I spent 2 weeks in the States. because I’m that cool. 😀
    3. “I’m all by myself” – Heartbreaker Intro.

  38. @kaychan
    i know huh. i mean the man
    is just OH SO SEXY no matter what.
    &&i missed all the stupidness of them
    together too.:D LOLs.

  39. 1. I felt excited and sad at the same time. We missed you but I was happy that you are getting fans from everywhere and that Big Bang is expanding.
    2. No I did not, I just hung out with friends and family.
    3. “You’re my heartbreaker!” lol

  40. 1. I was excited for your new releases, which by the way, was awesomeee! Love you guys.
    2. Unfortunatly, no, but I did alot of new things ;]
    3. To stay VIP forever 😉 and to not cheat on you guys while you guys were off to Japan, lol. (:

  41. 1. Yes’ its OKay.. but in japan there’s only few news bout u guys, made me craving for more.. So when GD already relesed his solo, its drive me nuts.. im so miss u guys T___T

    2. im traveling to singapore.. not traveling exactly, im on south east asia cosplay competition.. its drive me crazy, prepared 6 months before and hoping to be the winner.. and my wish came true.. I got the first spot.. so happy (^.^)v
    and ur songs, became my lullaby back then til now =)

    3. first frase on heartbreaker : “I do not kneel anywhere, still useful and haven’t died yet”. I use that as my words now.. and becaming so alive! Thx for that GD =)

  42. 1.)Nooooooooo! It wasnt okay. There wasnt that much news about you guys. But i hope you guys had fun in Japan. (:
    2.)Noooooo! I didnt get to travel at all! But i did wasnted to go to Seoul, with my cousin and her and her friends. Just wanted to vist Korea ONCE!! >.<
    3.)"Your my heart heart heart heart breaker." (:

  43. gotta alter my answer to #1.
    YES! i miss hearing lots of updates bout all of Big Bang =[
    i want daesung to get well so they can hav a comeback stage soon

  44. 1. No. I wasn’t okay.. i’m so missed watching Big Bang Perform in Korea.. T.T
    2.ANIYO!!! I just stay at and online *lol*.. searching news all about YOU! BIG BANG!
    3. EVERYTHING!!! basically: Big Bang is VIP hahaha!

  45. @gdluv ok lol thanks for the hard work!

  46. #1. That’s fine by me since you go to Japan to make promotion there so you can be more popular than before. That’s make me happy too. And since i’m not in Korea..
    #2. I didn’t have summer holiday ’cause I have internship in Bali.. Even now I live in Bali for a while, that’s doesn’t mean I can play like tourist in there. ‘Cause the job make me feel really tired sometimes.
    #3. Mmmh.. Maybe everything you say about VIP. Something like “I work for my fans”. LOL

    Miss you guys a lot. Big Bang hwaiting. GBU all.

  47. #1: No, i was not okay. i mean i missed Big Bang so much! But yeah i did get a break this
    summer, hopefully you guys did too. & i was sad/un-happy. b/c you know Big Bang makes
    me happy and they weren’t in SKorea.
    #2: Uhh yeah i guess. I mean i went down to Georgia to stay with my cousins for like a week.
    It was fun. Oh! and i did go to Winsconsin Dells with my cousins but it was only for like a day and a half.
    #3: Hahaha hell yeah. I remember “you & me hardcore till you say no more” Whoo G-Dragon (:
    Lols; WELL i rememberd that you guys will become undying stars & i still believe in that.
    can’t wait for you comeback! i mean like Big Bang’s.

  48. 1. nopes! :[ missed you guyss soo much. with no updates on bigbang i felt liek there was a hole in my heart. D: can you believe it a hole A BIG GAPING VOID! but then i got ur cd and watched some perfs and i got better. :]
    2.actually. i did… for liek a weekend, but it was mostly work for me. and sitting up all night on the comp fangirling. i actually was having an argument with some ppl about the plagiarizing situation. they pissed me off cuz they couldnt back up their argumetn OHH! && i worked at a summmer camp so i work with lil kids. and there’s this one boy taht reminded me of you. :] almost as adorable too.
    3. mot memorable is “Hey Gorgeous Sweet Amazing Baby; i know you want it baby”
    i SQUEEE whenever i hear that line. its like ur talking directly to me ^^ teehee. and idk it just makes me happy.

    me hopes to see BIGBANG in bright lights in the US. BIGBANG HWAITING! JIYONG OPPA HWAITING! x33

  49. First question: No, I wasn’t okay. I missed you guys too much, I know you were doing great in Japan, but its still different when you are in Korea, we missed you too much. But all of my sadness faded, when you released your album 😀

    Second question: It’s not summer here, school is killing me. I didn’t expect college life to be this busy. .____. But I love being with my college friends. HAHA.

    Third question: “Big Bang is more important.” — Kwon Jiyong. YOU SAID THAT JIYONG AND I WAS DEEPLY TOUCHED BY THOSE WORDS ❤

  50. 1. I missed you everyday T.T always watching old videos and trainee days~~T.T but now i feel more happy because of GDragon solo activities ^^ but i still miss Big Bang ♥

    2. I went a few days out of the city and then keep on studying on my home ^^

    3. Big BANG!~~lol and also when you talk about VIP ♥

  51. 1. I missed Big Bang lots. But, you did great in Japan. And the Heartbreaker activities were cool ^^ But I miss Big Bang lots 🙂 XD
    2. Kind of, Studies Jap, and school work.
    3. Uh, too many but um I guess when you talk about VIP and some line in crazy dog where the part goes “Oh my God” XD

  52. 1. No i was not okay..i almost died because there were no updates on you guys and lets just say that while you were away time went by VERY VERY slow. really..i wished i did
    3. The words that i will remember forever is “We Will Try Hard To Become Undying Stars”

  53. o1. I was sooo sad! I felt lost cause I couldn’t find any happenings when yall were gone. But then a YGTV episode when you were in Japan ❤

    o2. I went to California & France for a month!

    o3. "I recall someone saying that being a musician means being at the top, with all the glamour and flashiness. But it also means that by being at the top, we are at the loneliest places in the world." – Taeyang/Young Bae, Big Bang. Couldn't help it, had to have his quote.

  54. 1. I was not okay, *tears. But, yeah. I was happy because you did well while in Japan!

    2. There is no summer here. Was very busy with school and exam is coming like 43 days! GAHH!

    3. Uhh, to many. But these days, YOU AND ME HARDCORE TIL YOU SAY NO MORE. Im a naughty naughty fangirl. XD

    Can’t wait for the others!

  55. 1. totally not okay. i kinda switched to 2pm but i still miss BB too damn much. not okay not okay. i hate u

    2. it just turned spring in australia FML T___T

    3. seriously..too much. especially those touching ones. but if i were to pick, ok same with u melly LOL

  56. 1. ahmm .. actually, i don’t know that you went in japan .. (hehehe, sorry sorry) .. but i miss watching bigbang in a mv dance and singing, even acting in a music video .. you make crazy always you know?? .. xP

    2. i’m a filipina, my mother country, philippines, has two seansons, summer and rainy season, in this month we were having a raining season (also, its because of global warming).. hmm .. i’m at school haru haru .. haha!! doing school works and preparing for my college xD .. our summer always starts on april and ends up during may ..

    3. favorite lines BB said?? actually, i really can’t forget SeungRi-sama’s sayings .. ;] .. he said “GIRL’S THIS DAYS DONT LIKE THAT KIND OF MUSCULARITY BODIES,THEY LIKE SLIM BODIES LIKE THIS” .. he is comparing YoungBae-sama to YOU – JiYong-sama ,, xD

    xD = :] ..

  57. 1. Yea, I mean either way you were still in Asia…so y’know if you ever want to come to the U.S. I’d be ecstatic^_^
    2. Summer is unfortunately over for me, I’m in school now. It was kind of boring, no vacations here, I did however discover Big Bang, so it’s all good.
    3. um…I can’t pick

  58. hi gdluvzmc, thanks for all your news. I really like your news. can i transalate it and post in our fansite in vietnam for all vietnam fans can read it? I will post it with full creadit i promise

  59. 1 I missed Big Bang so much I crawed under my Big Bang blanket and listened to your cds…I missed you guys!!!! LOL
    2 I went to Maryland some amusement parks, and hung out with friends…but now college is here…
    3 “Wanna see your face my girl” sexiii love it…
    “Only look at me” I love that even though its kind wrong but if its YB its so true!!!

  60. 1 i’m from uk so japan & korea is about the same distance except not many ppl translate from japanese so i didn’t hear much news, so yeah i missed u^^
    2 no vacations for now, trying 2 save 4 a big one. it was nice here so just hung out with friends, eating, drinking, shopping & watching movies…
    3 gdtv when u were talking about sleeping with tom & laura…”it shows how lonely i am” u needn’t b lonely u have me & many more ppl out there 2 keep u company^^

  61. 1. I live in california so, you were still far from me but, i was still sad you left. ;'(
    make some new korean songs.? 😀
    @. not really, i stayed home, praticed leraning korean,hung out with friends, etc
    i went to some amusement parks with friends =D
    3. one thing come to mind ‘It’s all about you – my butterfly’.<3

  62. When you were in Japan it didn’t feel different than when you’re in Korea since I live so far away from you anyways. But I miss you all the time, so when you’re away from me, I’ll always miss you ^^

    No I didn’t go on vacation for Summer. I did some fun things though.

    “Everytime I come close to you
    Feel like I’m gonna dream everytime”

    “My name is G G G G Baby Baby GD GD Baby Baby”

    “You should check your girl’s phone cuz my face on the frame”

  63. “‘YOU & ME HARDCORE. TIL YOU SAY NO MORE.’ we both know what you’re talking about. i’ll gladly oblige HAHA.”

    OMG! YES YES YES! GD is a little freak 🙂

  64. GD Come here!! Concert here!! please! x( Turks loves you!!! come here… xD ı love you… ❤ ❤ ❤ and seung ri and daesung and T.O.P and taeyang xD I LOVE YOU!!! ❤

  65. Please Bİg bang!!! Come to Turkey..!!!

  66. i’m not okay when you are allways in Japan? why don’t you visit VietNam! we are waiting 4 you, bigbang!

  67. #2: no i stay here in swiss and save my money.
    so i can come to korea and visit a concert of you.
    that’s my greatest wish.

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