GD backstage of Inkigayo on 08.30.09

Oh this is too dang sexy and adorable. Bong backstage of his debut stage on Inkigayo, when he’s onstage, he look so deathly and emo, while backstage, when he smiles, wearing all white, makes him look like an angel, awww.. of course GaHo follow his Bong hyung wherever he goes, I love the pic of Bong and CL together, these two can so pass for siblings. And I must say, I love Bong’s outfits for Breathe more than anything, it’s time to bring the fun ol’ Bong back!! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

GD Backstage of Inkigayo on 08.30.09

Thanks to SBS and 댐걸


~ by Vicky on September 5, 2009.

54 Responses to “GD backstage of Inkigayo on 08.30.09”

  1. gyah yes! lol its soo true that Bongie and CL can pass as siblings. They are just so much alike that it is crazy. And bring back the fun Bongie!! I freaking loved this breathe performance, him running around with a huge smile on his face. Oh my god i love that second pic, the one with him smiling. His smile is just something that really makes me melt. It’s so cute/hot/adorable/sexy that i cant help but sigh looking at him. And im not going to start on Gaho. Dont get me wrong. I love Gaho. He’s adorable. But I am so freaking jealous of that dog that its just not healthy XD

  2. Oh, my gosh! Thanks for the pictures! He’s looking good on stage. ❤

  3. His smile always brightens up my day. ❤

  4. This just made me really happy. That pic where he’s looking in the mirror…LOVE. Never thought a man could be this beautiful and have swagger. <33333

  5. GaHo looks sad D:.. xD


  6. bong is just to sexy *_*
    I really begin to like his blonde hair :DDD

    He always looks good ❤

  7. Siblings only. 🙂
    Nothing more

  8. OMG!! SO HOT GD never disappoints me =] ❤ U FOREVER GAHO is so cute and CL is pretty =] i especially love the 2nd pic :]

  9. aw.. ~_~ i love his smile.. so heavenly

  10. aw.. ~_~ i love his smile.. so heavenly

    just like his song..

    “i can’t breathe!!”


  11. HEs so adorkable.
    i just LOVE him.

  12. CL looks fat in that photo.

  13. ha his pants are soo awsome.

  14. […] here to see a original:  GD backstage of Inkigayo upon 08.30.09 Share and […]

  15. i always love GD will always be,
    but i think now i’m fallin for GaHo!
    OMG,nver did i saw a puppy that hv
    cuteness level to da max!!
    CL,GaHo n GD~very cute TRIO!!love ’em!!!!(^o^)

  16. Awww all these pictures are so cute!
    Gotta love G-Dragon 😀

  17. OMG :] GD & CL LOOKS SO HOTT (:
    GaHo’s so cute, haha. He’s gotten BIGGER!
    & Cuter as always (:

  18. GD looked amazing! Especially with that Breath outfit! Gotta love those pants *-* ! Soo hot!!… lol. And GaHo is just soo freaking cutee!!!! He’s adorableee *0*!!
    It’s kinda cool watching GD and CL together, they look like good friends or something <3!

  19. Awwwwwwww HE LooK Soooooooo Damn HAWT !!! Ahhhhh

  20. Kawaiiiiiiiiii! GD is darn cute!!!!!! ❤

  21. GD !! you’re so cuteee . ❤

  22. Oh I hate CL ~=(

  23. ^ how could you hate CL? she is like one of the coolest leaders!

  24. he is soo hot!! XD

  25. does anyone know what the sleeves gd wears are called in korean? cos id really like to buy some on gmarket – even if i couldn’t pull it off like he does.

  26. I have a sleeve thing like that but black, HA I just now rea;ize it!
    I was kinda hoping for a GD<3CL. ;3

  27. my fav pics that second one cause he just looks so innocent and happy. its so nice to see him smile.
    im so jealous though. >.<" he's so pretty he culd seriously pass as a chick and a very pretty one too.
    that 1st pic is <3. they look so cute like that.

  28. he’s so damn hooooooot! haha :))
    i mean i really love his blonde hair. (:

  29. w/ CL?
    wat’sup? :((

  30. WOW thanks for the pics!! specially the pix from the live perf! theyre amazing quality =]]]]]]
    aw i love Breathe, its so cutee

  31. goodness. CL looks morphed (as always). Even the dog looks better than her.

  32. aww, GD looks like a cute kid, & CL looks like a mommy lol XD

  33. I love his huge white star ring! Why do Korean stars have all the cool rings!!! (Am so jealous of him & T.O.P – want their rings!!!)

  34. XD that photo with him smiling. so sweet!! but he looked very tired with those big eye bag! remember to REST WELL bong! you will break our heart if you were to fall sick!

  35. ggg baby baby…. his apple pants is really cool.. when i first saw his new hair i didn’t like it but now i’m lovin’ it… awesome style..

  36. awwwww G-dragon is too cute >.< love it ♥ GaHo too ♥

  37. i never liked Cl.. but i really love ji yong! saranghae! ♥

  38. SO HOT ❤

  39. damnnn. lols he’s totally surprising me. It;s one step at a time, and he seems to be doing everything so well. I’m happy for him, it’s his turn to shine. Can’t wait to see what he’ll do next!

  40. hey guys,
    are your guy’s blog looking for any writers? i cannot translate, but i’ll b happy to oblige to post a post every once in awhile.

  41. aye, thats too smexy (; Haha.
    & cl is adorable 🙂

  42. i love GD!

  43. i luv his pant..:D…i wonder to have his pant and wanna buy all the ablum but in US doesnt sell it..T.T

  44. so cute… but too much makeup ji. D:

  45. Im a BIG fan of GD!!! But, I miss his old hair style…… the short brown/black (which ver it was) Anyways! Go GD!!!! Big Bang fighting!!!! *^^*

  46. He’s Really rEally reAlly reaLly realLy reallY HANDSOME!!!!!!!
    BUT CL isn’t anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate her specially when she is beside MY GD.

  47. does anyone know the website of g dragon for me2day? I found out the website for dara is me2day/21dara.

  48. So hot,my heartbreaker..nothing else to say…^^

  49. CL is hot. period.

  50. The picture with GD on CL’s shoulder is totally cute..but doesn’t CL look alot like Lilo from the Lilo and stitch movie?
    I totally think so.

  51. oh my… gd!! looks so i don’t know lady gaga’s lil bro @@ i prefer his brown hair x_x bleach fckup everything, it could be worst if my baby could do that x_x and that girl? who’s she? she has a bad nose :/

  52. i love you gd

  53. Comments of people here are all retarded. Full of hateful comments towards CL and such. If you don’t like her then shut your mouth people and just praise GD with all the love that you can give to him! ><

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