GD wins Mutizen Song on Inkigayo

GDragon won Mutizen Song!!

[DOWNLOAD] GDragon on SBS Inkigayo (09.06.09)

It’s only his second week performing on this show, last week was his comeback stage, and he already grabbed the big trophy, WHOOO! He’ll triple crowned in no time, trust me hahah happen too many times with Big Bang, I got use to it. Just when you think “nah~ it’s too early, maybe next week” these boys will win immediately that day just to throw you off and maybe choke you while you’re drinking water (true story!) hahaha

CONGRATS BONG!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!! I’m lovin’ the YG Family love onstage.

The jacket finally appeared haha something about this 2 red lines jacket intrigue me….LOL… at the beginning, when all the guys where “touched” him… kaka Bong got a taste of his own medicine, groping Baby too much kaka

I feel like I just can’t see Bong’s face that clearly, his platinum blonde hair is too damn distracting and at the moment of time the camera has a close up on Bong, I can’t find his eyes that fast, which sucks man, cuz eye contact with everything hahah

The grasshopper dance… ahahaha hopefully there’s fellow variety show lovers out there who got that joke. EHHEHE. He makes it look so good, the original grasshopper will be proud haha
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~ by Vicky on September 6, 2009.

21 Responses to “GD wins Mutizen Song on Inkigayo”

  1. Aaaaah. It’s crazy. Ji Yongie opppa is dominating. Not surprising though. In the interview, he looked super super tired. Like just his body language and everything. *sigh* :(. He needs to get some rest man :\. Aja aja FIGHTING oppppa<3.

    My one and ONLY, Kwon Ji LEADAAAAHHHHH ❤ 😀

  2. Grasshopper Dance!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. omg! I LOVE it…hahaha, grasshopper dance.. I agree w/ lalalabigbang, he seems tired. but his perf. was really awesome^^

    and the encore..gah~ YGFAMILY<333

    😀 CONGRATS GD!!!

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  5. GD , rock on ! love ya . 🙂

  6. omo! I loved when he asked 2ne1 to come out with him! He is rocking it!!!! GO GD!!!!! GD HWAITING! =)

  7. AWSOME!GO GD AND 2NE1~This is soo awsome.

  8. go Bongie go! and you were so worried. Team GD’s got your back!
    There is no way that he cant possibly not get the triple crown. I mean for crying out loud the lengths to which he has been winning, the points that seperate him and second place? its not just two or three thousand point differential. its like 10,000 point differential. Hes got the triple crown in the bag and he freaking deserves it for all the hell he was put through. Bongie have a rest day cause, my dear, you are looking tired. awesome job and performance.

  9. so im not the only one hu thinks he needs a rest then.
    i luv his stage performances cause heartbreakers addictive as hell and his costumes are always good but he looks tired.
    he shouldnt overwork himself.
    GD fighting!

  10. So DAMN HAWT ❤

  11. congrats to GD! love the YG family stage (: hehe.

  12. LOLS YG Family! =]
    haha 2NE1 danced with him.
    Yeah i know, it’s hard just to look at him with
    his blonde hair now. but i love G-Dragon.

  13. congrats to him! I totally love YG Family!!!
    hehehe…. the grasshopper dance looks cool not lol!
    hahahahas! anyways congrats again to BOng! ♥

  14. yay ~~Heartbreaker performance ♥ and YG love

  15. heyyy

    i want do afiliation,you can?!?!?!


    Name:The Wonder Girls

  16. LOLOL, I always seem to crack up whenever I see the grasshopper dance.

    GD fighting !

  17. JAYBEOM! D:

  18. awesome! i’m happy for gdragon! heartbreaker! wooo!
    dang…jaebeom of 2PM is gone ): i like a lot of korean groups like big bang, 2PM, super junior, dbsk, etc….and i hate to see an artist leave a group! antis are crazy!!!!!

  19. I so got wat ur saying!!Grasshopper dance!!hehe.Wen I frst watched heartbreaker I remember thinking “Isn’t dat MC Yoo’s Grasshopper Dance?”Hehe!But GD really made it luk cool.I wonder if MC Yoo is thinking the same thing.


  21. ok.. so i’ve only been on this fansite a couple of times so this question might be dumb, but are these actually questions from bing bang themselves?

    and your answer to gd’s last question would’ve been my answer. that line.. YOU AND ME HARDCORE.. first time i heard it, i was like.. DAMN!! it got me all worked up. LOL.

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