YG Family’s Vacation

Oh yes, this is for that little perverted-ness in all of us fangirls, the YG Family boys hanging by the lake… half naked. hehehe I see SE7EN, WHOO! Bae and Bong… nipples. haha KUSH and Sexy Lee of course. I likey what I’m seeing… just where is my Baby then?????????? and dang it, when can I see Tabi topless??????? Do I need to start a petition to make it happen?? who wanna sign up?!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on September 9, 2009.

98 Responses to “YG Family’s Vacation”

  1. wow this just has SMEXYNESS written all over it!! & i wood definitely be the first 2 sign up!! lolz

  2. oh poo… that’s the only picture >___<


  3. Gaaaaah Bae (I’m tryna get myself used to calling him that lol) so sexaaaaay 😎 LOL

  4. OMG!!! They are all sexy!!! specially GD and TY. Good to see se7en here, that’s him right?, i wonder when his album will come out. Love GD’s smile, i wish to see him always happy like that.

  5. ouh lalaaaa tae yangg is wayy too sexyy..as usual. 🙂

  6. Man this is HOT! GD ish soo damn CUTE!! ^0^ WOOHOO

  7. Bae + Bong dang that’s heaven!!!
    the hell is Tabi?!!!grrrr…..
    I need to sign the petition for sure

  8. they are all so hot in that picture.

  9. hehehe they look so good ^^ just chillin’ with the boys

  10. Ahhhh -faints- Tae Yang too sexi! GD too, but still more cute! Se7en X3!
    Tabi and Baby and Dae Sung i’ll sign any petition that is needed to see all or any of Big Bang shirtless! More pics plz! <3.<3

  11. awww~ my boys~ …hahaha… omg so HOT! GDYB, se7en!!! kush oppa and sexy lee oppa, you’re both cute too^^ ..hehehe

    I’ll definitely sign up!!! 😀

  12. yeah…!!!let petition yg for that….!!! haha…!!! yup…! wanna see my baby also…! and daesung oppa….!! hope you get well soon…! well at least some of them can have a rest…thats good…!!

  13. awww gd looks like a little baby!! ♥
    I wanna hug him like a teddy bear!!!

  14. uhhh…
    mmm… lol

  15. hey im up for petition lol
    top fan for life

  16. yum.
    super duper yum.
    super yum.

    joining petition!

  17. I’ll sign the petition! 50 times~ Under different names and e-mails. ❤

  18. I’m goona be tripping myself ovr to sign that petition lol

  19. Ha I’m there on some TOP Topless-ness! YG boys are hot!


    mmm~! smexiness all over this picture :L

  21. awwwww YG FAMILY love is so cutee.
    and yes, i want TOP topless as well ;D

  22. me! me! me! i’ll definitely sign up for that! i wanna see Tabi topless!
    its good to see that Gd is havin some fun, he totally deserves it.
    Gd is uberhot!!! kekeke



    *gasps for air*

    *dies again*

    ok a. Se7en. YAH SE7EN OPPA WHERE THE HELL HAVE BEEN?!?!?!?! I FREAKING MISS YOU!!!!!! btw dayum he is looking good. Glad to see he still hangs out with GDYB even though there all superstars now lol. Damn i miss him something aweful.

    b. Youngbae. I still think that he should just walk around like that everyday. I dont care about performances or interviews. He should just walk around like that. I would be content with life.

    c. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!! BONGIE WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO DAMN SEXY?!?!?! I wanna like jump through my computer monitor right now and just molest him something aweful. His smile is just ❤ his body is just delicious and ❤ and his hair is just….gyah hes gorgeous. absolutely mind blowingly gorgeous. I dont give a damn if his chest isnt as "defined" as bae's.

  24. OMG Ahhhhahahahahahahahaahhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!
    G-Dragon ❤ ❤
    So HAWT !!!!!!!

  25. jiyong abs!!! GAHHH *droool*

    man oh man would i wanna be all over bae’s–nevermind lolollolol.

  26. OMG! GD looks so cute! I WANna SIGN UP! >_< I wanna see TOP
    topless lol!!!


    Taeyang is shining so bright in that picture xD (get it?)

  28. I JOIN petition for seeing top topless.
    thats why your stage name is TOP-less you know..

  29. wahaaa!!!!
    sexy babiesss
    only if taeyang turned his full body towards the camera man~~~~~
    this is just awesomenesss XD

  30. I’m liking this! And I would so join that petition XDDD

  31. i wanna petition too on tabi’s half naked pic… lol

  32. I would definitely like to see more top and dae with no shirt on. hahah

  33. I want to join ur petition, hihi. Plz, TOP, let’s us see!

  34. G-d still looks good with that hair XD

    and look at my TAE ❤

    He's love.

  35. I’ll sign that petition for sure!:))
    I wanna see more of Top! Kekekeke!^^


    i was so focused on GD here.
    but taeyang.. haha.

  37. i want tabiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  38. AHAHAHA!! Bong is SO skinny, lol. But dayum his collar bones look good, lol. And Se7en with his Dolce & Gabana boxers??

  39. hiks… hiks…
    wjere is my hubby???
    wanna see him topless that bad.
    count me on that petition Vi >.<
    looks like we have to force him to go topless, or, should i say strip him???

  40. have fun ur all….saranghiyo big bang luve ur g.dragon oppa

  41. TOP, TOPless, LOL!!

  42. hahahah i TOTALLY agree!

  43. Seven and YB are sizzling hot!!

    I wanna bring GD home!!! My God!! He’s topless, it’s not like it’s the first time he did that. But I drool every single time I caught a glimpse of that sexy nipples. LOL (perv alert!!)

  44. Okay, I agree with that. We better make a petition letter for TOP to appear topless. I’m sure a lot of people will sign that. Petition letters seem to work well in Korea anyways, LOL ^^

  45. awww…if only everyone else was there too..and i agree TOP topless would be awesome XD

  46. YAY!!! jiyong answered me…
    HAHAHAHAHA! look at those yummy tummys
    &&where do i sign it?!

  47. hahah. i wanna be the first to sign up the petition !

  48. Bong ahhh *drools* He’s just toooo cute to be REAL ❤ LUV HIM
    'Bout the petition – YEAH I'LL Sign – JUST MAKE IT 🙂

  49. Whooooooooa weeee!
    *good damn, That’s jsut sexy,hot,
    freakin` sexy& freakin` hot! Shoo`
    I agree with you!

  50. wuuuaaahhh, bae’s body is bangin’ <3<3<3

    u hafta be a perv at this pic hahahahhah

    I will sign ur petition, too hahah :DD

  51. wow!!! GD and taeyang smart

  52. i wanna see topless tabi too!! <–super pervert mode

  53. hotties! woot!
    hehehe i saw this a second ago and i still think its hot.
    glad to see them having a break.
    id sign dat petition. any to get Big Bang or any hawt YG member topless. haha [perverted me]

  54. TaeYang….YUMMY!!!!
    Sign me up to see TOP topless (that sounded so wrong lol but who cares)

  55. Youngbae <3<3<3

  56. count me in for the petition! TOPLESS TOP!!! woooooo

  57. *signs petition*



  58. Bong though he’s skinny, he’s still hot! I love skinny toned boys like him…aaah~ TOP needs to go topless n Bae juz, juz keep wearing dat bday suit man. Owh, Seungri needs to go topless too, he’s bod is hot and Dae too. But Bong blew me away! >.<

  59. OMG! GD is HOT!!!!!! I’m in the shock o_O Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  60. One name says it all YOUNG BAE God gave us him so we can marvel at sexiii perfection ummmm Se7en YAY so miss him and Ji Yong’s hair is hot!!!!

  61. waahhh~talk about hotness over load lolz…Bae topless *drool* haha my eye went right to his hot body and as for Se7en haha his D&G boxer(?) totally caught my attention lolz….

  62. YB<3
    His smile makes my day:]
    After this Jay incident and them in Japan, I definitely need to see him.
    -cough- HALF NAKED -cough- :]

  63. Haaaaaaaa mine mine ❤ he's so sexyyyy lmfao

  64. i wanna see tabi topless! ❤
    start the petition! X)

  65. I do!
    G-Dragon really needs to eat more.. too skinny..><
    Se7en.. oh my…

  66. OMG i cant gfet my eyes of the picture xDD so sexxyyy and hot taeyang looks hot as usual and cute at the same times so does GD Se7en looks nice and GD’s collar bone is so addicting

    luvn my jiyongie half naked.

    i would def sign petition for tabi!

  68. damnn taeyang lookin fine~

  69. Dannnnnnnnnngggggggggg….I love this. yeah. Thanks Bong for posting such pictures…can I ask for more?

    Baebae…god…he’s so….>.<

    I'm with ya for the petition!! And more topless pictures please! ^^

  70. i saw this and was like O___O
    can’t take my eyes off bong’s nipples hahahahaa
    gosh i’m pervert like that LOLOL
    bae…i need to see more of your hot bod
    not enough not enough
    and yes sign petition for tabi to take off his shirt! haha =D

  71. i’ll sign the petition for TOP~~less.. haha.. xD
    oh my~~ haha.. xD~~

  72. omfg.
    IVE BEEN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i went there last week!!!

  73. AH AH AH! So hot! Hehehe, my Young Bae!!! So Cuuuute. I totally need to make an account soon…hehe

  74. the shortest one is the hottest there!
    bae ma shorty lol

  75. omg TOP only man who look unhumanly gorgeus w/ long hair omg double that w/ him being topless have epitome of sexiness,but TOP has no tone

  76. i wanna sign that too.
    everyone would like to see Tabi topless.
    really precious one!
    love the smile on their faces!!

    love them~esp GD n Bae!

  77. OMG!! GD’s so skinny and ofcourse sexii!!!
    I really do wanna see TOP topless too!!! we never get to see that..even in La La La..he only lifts up his shirt a bit..not like Jiyongie who lifts it all the way up to his neck (I’m exaggerating..but still..)


  78. -nosebleed-
    ahah just joking (:
    oh man…….this made my day 😀

  79. Lols oh damnnnn. hot!
    YG Family! Aww they look so cute.
    Heck yeah. i can imagine the rest of the BB boys half naked (:
    uhmm yeahhh… HAhaha

  80. Aww Gd looks cute in this pic.I still love his hair blonde.Hehe.Where’s T.O.P!?

  81. Where is TOP?!? I was so disappointed… *sigh* but GD and Tae are looking mighty fine~~

  82. YB topless….*drools* lol

    I’ll sign that petition with ya! haha I wanna c T.O.P. topless too! =D

  83. YB’s hot
    GD’s smile makes me smile but i think he needs to eat more carbs

  84. We need to get that petition going.

    They’re all so hot!!! I can imagine all the girls in the vicinity fainting. LOL

  85. i like the color of gd’s hair sexy!!!

  86. OMG,Bae i lost my breath,u cant be more sexy than that.But i wouldnt mins seeing the other members of bigbang topless……

  87. I’m so gonna sign the petition of you do it . HAHA
    Topless TOP . HAHAA

  88. i’m so gonna sign the petition if you do it .

  89. omg tae yang is so CUTE i love tae yang’s body kute!!! their all cute

  90. TOP topless, that’s a need. heh (: *signs petition*

  91. why in the heck did you put this up? i actuallt got a nose bleed. Oh G-Dragon, why.. WHY did you take your shirt off?

  92. LOL!I’ll sign!I LOVE YOU T.O.P<3 but where is the rest of Big Bang?I can only see GD and Tae Yang.Poor Dae Sung I hope he's doing aright.WHERE'S MY T.O.P?he must be working lol.Love ya!

  93. I sign up to see Tabi and Baby t-shirtless^^

  94. G-Dragon has a nice body flat with no muscles, but oh well lol. Tae Yang I feel like you are teasing us. Want more! Damn Se7en where have been doing?!?! We fans are/were worried?

  95. They look SOOO GOOD!

  96. if u guys wanna see TOP topless..then find someone in korea to follow him secretly with a camera then when Top’s not expecting it…up goes the shirt then *snap*, then email….internet leak…..then u guys will be content……….i personally am not interested in seeing him topless…imma guy…..but dude…he really needs to have more confidence with himself…my friend is flat too but hes not shy….im not flat i do have them 🙂 but STILL TOP…JUST GET IT OVER WITH AND LET THE GIRLS SEE YOUR INNER MAN!!!! seriously…from personal experience…its not that embarassing..pretty fun actually……..

    taeyang…stop rubbing it in 😦 ye..i still need work

  97. how come i cant see the picture ? 😦
    it says its unavailable 😦 LOL
    i really wanna see ittttt lol 😛

  98. repost pls! hihi

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