YB ASKS: 3rd Anniversary

YB’s turn! isn’t he cute? he sounds shy even on paper haha.

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– do i like puppies?! that is an understatement. HELL YES I LOVE PUPPIES! lol. u can check out my blog post all on GAHO. โค i love that dog. & i love BOSS too.

– it varies. i like all kinds of weather & appreciate what each season brings, especially how the environment adapts to the weather. i’m very observant, so i love all beauty the world brings. i like rainy, cool days. i love the sunny breeze, i like cool evenings…

– eat. movies. hanging out & talking. i can’t really say more cuz … i don’t want to be a bad influence haha. i just like to have a good time. & when i need to think, i go outside & have one of my “breaks.” jiyong & top would understand i guess, they’d be perfect for that lol.


~ by gdluvzmc on September 10, 2009.

61 Responses to “YB ASKS: 3rd Anniversary”

  1. 1. Yesss I absolutley love puppies!! I have a shiba inu of my own. Her name is Ally &she’s the love of my life<333

    2.I love love lovvveee the cold. My favorite season is winter because of the cold. I love to be bundled up all the time(:

    3.When I'm with my friends we do a lot of stuff. We go out to lunch or dinner and catch up. Or just get some boba and talk talk talk! Cue pictures are always great &lots of fun. We also have blockbuster nights; those are the best!! Haha and every now and then there are the clubs and bars. Lol X:

  2. o1. I LOVE PUPPIES!
    Boss is adorable! But I’m a fan of Yorkies

    o2. I love it when it’s sunny with a slight breeze. That’s my favorite. But I love to dance in the rain!

    o3. Eat, talk, shop, just anything! We do the most inexplainable things. I can talk for hours with them.

  3. 1. YES! our dog just became an uncle a few weeks ago, and we went to see the puppies and they are ADORABUBBLE!! The lady put Farley in the cage with them and they all ran under him trying to find ‘milk’, if you know what I mean. it was HILARIOUS! and he was all stressed out trying not to step on them. <3<3<3 (enough puppy love) Scottish Terrier.
    2. SNOW. but I'm open. I don't really do heat well though; it gives me headaches. but I appreciate summer for the chances I get to see my family in the States, and its my birthday season, so even better ๐Ÿ˜€
    3. what friends? ๐Ÿ˜› we go into Brussels or Leuven, (Karaoke night outs = SUPER) and otherwise I force them to watch films they don't like (but ones that I love), or 'House'. ๐Ÿ˜€

    ps: waiting patiently for TOPs questions ^^

  4. 1. no sorry. ive been scared of dogs my whole life and puppies are so excited all the time, i just run away lol
    2. i like winter, i dont do well in hot weather
    3. sing and dance around acting stupid haha

  5. 1. I like puppies. They’re really cute XD
    2. I like it when it’s a bit breezy and sunny outside ๐Ÿ˜€
    3. When I hang out with my friends, we cook, eat, watch movies, shopping, & talk. =)

  6. 1: YES!!! puppies are so cute! and chubby! ahaha…Boss is so cute and little!
    2. I like all the seasons! very fun…i really like to hang out with my friends! ๐Ÿ˜›
    3. Me and my friends go shopping and listening to music esspecially BIG BANG!!!!! AHHH! can’t wait til your solo! and plz tell the big bang member that I LOVE THEM! and tell Ji Yong to read my 3rd anneversiry questions! thanks love u guys

  7. 1. Puppies are cute; especially GaHo & Boss, my two favorite puppies :]
    2. I like the rainy/cold weather combination. Warm spring is my favorite too (:
    3. Talk about BigBang’s awesomeness (:

  8. 1) I LOVE PUPPIES. =D

    2) Hoodie weather. Temperature in the high 60s or low 70s (Fahrenheit). Not too sunny. Not rainy either. Spring has nice weather.

    3) We play Iron Chef, lol. Since I can’t cook, I’m always the judge.

  9. 1) I LOVE PUPPIES!!!!!! I have shi tzu! lol
    2) I love warm springy weather and summer but not deathly hot, I was born in Puerto Rico so I love tropical weather.
    3) I listen and dance to big bang lol and hang out with friends and have fun.

  10. omfg he’s so cute, GD asks questions related more towards big bang and YB’s first question is ‘do you like puppies?’ XDD

    1. yes, i love puppies, but i love you more.
    2. i really love when it rains hard earlier in the day and makes it seem later than it is. i also like cloudy weather.
    3. talk, spend time outside, either taking walks or running around or biking or something.

  11. aaww. he’s so cute! his first question would be about puppies ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. yes, i love love lovee puppies! i’ve always wanted a dog!
    2. i like the type of weather when it’s sunny with a few clouds in the sky. i like that it’s a nice warm temperature, but not too hot.
    3. we talk, eat, shop, and just go anywhere together!

    2.When its raining and i’m sleeping haha… or when it hot and i’m in the sea ^~^
    3.We laugh alot! ;D We listen to music, go to the park or to some garage (haha), take photos of ourselves .>, we eat japanese food hehe… and again we always LAUGH ALOT!!
    hehe <33

  13. 1. LOVEEEEEE PUPPIES. so damn cute. but dogs.. kind of scared of them… one friggin’ bit me >.>
    2. depends. i hate thunderstorms, those are scary O.O
    3. talk , laugh, eat, dance .. we laugh ALOT to the most unusual things.. hehe xDD

  14. 1. To an extent. Small ones like Gaho that stay small are okay with me. We got my golden retriever as a puppy and he was adorable. I could hold him and snuggle him. But now he thinks hes a 90LB lap dog. it just isnt the same. But yes i love puppies.

    2. I like the rain, and I like cool fall days. I’m one of those people that loves to just snuggle under blankets or wrap myself in one of my many hoodies. Bright sunlight hurts my eyes so i like cloudy days.

    3. Gosh, talk, eat, watch movies, once in a while drink(im not talking about soda here kitties lol. I am 21) But mainly i like to play games and laugh. I want to have good times with my friends. As soon as college is over were planning to travel together too.

  15. 1.) i LOVE puppies; how is boss?!
    2.) i like it when the sun is out…
    3.) me?! i don’t know… but my cousins
    we just sit around and talk about how
    amazing you guys are. lols.<3


  16. 1.) hells yeah, I have 4! come on GaHo & Boss reality series! lmao XD
    2.) I love cold weather! I really wanna see snow someday (I live in FLorida)
    3.) Be really random and Im usually the awkward one. We just kinda go with the flow.

  17. 1. I LOVE PUPPIES. They’re so cute, but also kinda afraid of em’
    2. When the sky is clear, and especially at night when you can see the stars.
    3. Do weird stuff, talk, I’m usually random or the awkward one…and shy one at that. Talk about my music, hang around, listen to music, write stories, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚ we do alot of stuff

  18. aha, what do you mean by breaks jeska?

  19. 1) As much as I love kittens. :]
    2) I like cloudy days~ I generally prefer cooler to hot days. But anything’s really good. โค
    3) My best friend goes to a different high school, and I have a lot of friends, but we're not very close. </3 So I don't go out that much anymore. When I do hang out though, I guess we just… eat, talk, play around. Depending on the friends, camera whore. =)

  20. he is such a cutie lol
    1.I loooove to see them but I don’t think I could take good care of one >.<
    2.I like rainy days.I'm just don't enjoy hot weather.Especially like the one here in cali.
    3.we normally talk about our lives or just gossip lol. We are regulars at starbucks. Coffee and gossip seems to be a good combo. ;P

  21. #1. I LOVEEEE puppies.. My sister has labrador retriever, and I love him so much.. He’s cute and the handsome labs I ever see. LOL.
    #2. It’s difficult.. Mmh, maybe I like combination of sunny and cloudy. And maybe a lil bit breeze. LOL.
    #3. Eat, watching movies, taking picture. But sometimes we go to karaoke too. And we go to some clubs recently, but now I can’t drink because I just know that I’m allergic with alcohol. T_T. So if I go there I just enjoy the music and dance with my friends. That’s fun too you know.. Hahaha..

  22. 1. ehhh… puppies are okay not really an animal person..
    2.a nice breeze on a gloomy day
    3. we go to the mall hang out at the park or just at each others houses

  23. 1. Puppies are adorable. But I have a weakness for babies in general, not just dogs… :]

    2. My favorite weather is when it’s sunny out, with a light breeze. It’s nice to feel the sun on your face, but it’s not so hot that it scorches your skin.

    3. Usually, sit and talk. We’ll play a few boardgames and eat a little bit, but when I’m with my friends, I have a lot of fun just talking to them.

  24. 1. They are pretty cute but I won’t be touching it! Since my religion says no.
    2. Too hot to go out! When it rains it’s so cold I have to wear my big hoodie and socks. Sometimes gloves to keep me warm. Lolz, my mom called me Michael Jackson, R.I.P.
    3. Imagining how my life would as a 2NE1 member with all of you guys there. Lolz, I was the leader&the maknae. Getting bullied by always being last. Also, I’m a permamnent Family Outing member! Weird much? XD

  25. 1. HELL YEAH I LOVE PUPPIES! But, unfortunately I can’t touch it. Cause my religion says no. *sobs. Gaho and Boss are LOVE.

    2. Well, depends on my mood. Muahaha. I prefer cold sometimes. And sometimes I prefer hot. Depends.

    3. Sit and talk, sometimes studies. Watching movies and just relaxing. Most of the time I just listen to their stories and laugh or cry with them.

    I cant wait for TOP’s questions!

  26. 1. Yes! In fact I have a dog, a shitzu, and when I was a kid I used to smother puppies way too much. hehe.
    2. Not too sunny, not too cloudy. But I prefer the sun in the beach and clouds when I’m out else where. I don’t mind rain though. And I wanna experience snow. Damn to be living in a 2-season country.
    3. Well, I bond with them, go out, movies, night outs, and all.
    and I can relate with melly on “breaks”. hahahaha. If I’m with my bestfriend there would not be a time when we won’t bring out the subject of Baebae, GD, Seungri, TOP, Daesung, and some of our faves in the Kpop world. hehe.

  27. 1. yes i like puppies. they are adorable. i especially like fluffy dogs. though if i owned one i dnt noe how id look after it. lol
    2.not sure. depends on mood, time, situation etc. i like it wen its cool at night cause its easier to sleep. while if i’m wanting to lay in the sun it shuld b warm. walks in the rain is nice too. weathers a tricky one. actually more constant weather wouldnt b so bad. atm aus has some wacky weather.
    3. um to be honest we act like idiots. lol. be silly together. considering we dnt go out all that much cause time flies especially in senior school we dnt do much outside of school. if we do we go to da city and just hang out while i drag them around everywhere. kekeke. power of being hte youngest.

  28. 1. I LOVE PUPPIES!!! they’re so cute and adorable…my puppy is getting bigger now so i’m gonna get another puppy…lol…
    2. um…weather it really depends on what mood i’m in…but mostly sunny but cool…lol…i hate the hot air…and i like it when it’s kool at night….oh and i also like it when it rain really hard…cuz it washes my car and i don’t have to wash it…lol
    3. um…we do a lot of things…we go out and eat, movies, shopping, take pictures, talk, idk there is too much to list…i’m sure you don’t want to read all my listing and juss skip mine…lol..jk

  29. 1)I love puppies, they’re adorable we’ve had maybe 10 puppies either rescue or adopted, but at different times, since we move a lot we’ve had to give away all the puppies, now we only have 2, and we have to give them away once again, but at least we get to spread happiness to other people.

    2) My favorite weather would have to be cloudy, or rainy days, I love the cold weather, sunny days I love, except when it’s to hot, because then I get sleepy ๐Ÿ™‚

    3)When we all hang out together we are very random and do wierd things go to eachothers houses and play board games or random games we make up, have water balloon fights,go swimming or kareoke or watch movies a few times, go to the bookstore or go to the mall or simply watch videos online/TV > dramas or old tv shows, it might sound wierd but it’s really funny

  30. 1. i love puppies >.< they're so cute :3

    2. my fav weather is cold weather is kinda romantic and is perfect for me ^^ i like those days

    3. i just go out and talk laugh of everything~~lol

  31. #1) Yessir, I love puppies. (:
    #2) My favorite weather is Summer. Gotta love summer.
    #3) I go out. Or sometimes i just talk on the phone. (:

  32. 1. I love puppies to death! ๐Ÿ™‚
    2. Fall
    3. Whatever we feel liking doing…eating, catching a movie, bowling, etc.

  33. 1. hmm .. actually, i don’t like pets .. sorry for the negative answer ..

    2. summer .. because during summer we don’t have classes .. xD

    3. just chit chatting .. also window shopping, we don’t have money to buy those expensive things we want to buy .. haha!! .. ๐Ÿ™‚ and also .. we’re just 15 years old .. ‘too young to live alone’ .. xD

  34. 1) I love pets but I dont want anymore, tragic story ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    2} We dont have 4 seasons here, but I like what I look at, during fall…or windy/cloudy day ๐Ÿ™‚
    3) Oooh, gossip talks with the girls, just chilling ๐Ÿ™‚
    with guys friends, tend to argue more on anything, or just hanging out at starbucks and talks about gadgets and stuff :). YB whatchu do?

  35. i just noticed that some of us do have something in common in our answers! haha

  36. 1. I love puppies, Im more of reptile person haha, but dogs are my second favorite
    2. I love all weather, but I can deal with summertime more than winter time
    3. We do lots of stuff! We go out to the movies, go out to dinner, dance in public, we just enjoy life ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. 1) I love puppies! I wished I was allowed to get puppy… :’c
    2) Warm sunny weather is my favorite! I love winter as well because of the snow but where I live it gets below -10 at times so I don’t like it that much, haha lol
    3) Wooooow! My group of friends are so random and outgoing that I’m never sure what we are gonna do ever! We’ve danced in public, karaoke, go to movies, played in a playground, had a bonfire, and even went searching inside a house that was supposedly haunted! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  38. 1. i love puppies they’re so cute, but i don’t have one.
    2.i like warm weather close to being hot, and i like rainy stormy weather.
    3. me and my friends are just crazy when were together we never stop laughing and we do whatever we come up with at the moment.

  39. ROFL.Do you like puppies.Like waht the fudge much?LOL.

  40. 1. I love puppies, I’ve always wanted one and had one for a year until I moved.
    2. Cold and windy. I love it because my birthday is in January, so it’s like really cold and I love my birthday.
    3. We watch movies and listen to music or go out and just walk around.

  41. BAB(YB)!!! I love and miss you dearly. I hope you’re well where you are. The album is gonna be HOT (understatement of the year, I know; bad pun of the century, fo sho; but I digress). Can’t wait to have it in my phone, my heart, and my thoughts as I rewrite the whole album in my native tongue again. LOLZ. Now to your questions:

    1. Boy, you know i love puppies. I hope to get one when I get my apartment (fingers crossed for next year!). Maybe Boss’s breed, don’t know yet…name her (yes, a … you know the word) “Maestro” (again with the bad puns. fufufufufufu)

    2. I love every season that don’t involve snow. I love Spring really for just watching the Cherry Blossums bloom and the confusion of weather. Favorite type of weather, when it rains and the smell of the air. I’d love to watch it with somebody one of these days.

    3. Hanging out? Not sure if that’s even an option anymore since all I do is work. Um, movies mostly. But I’m by myself most of the time; with youtube. But the better question is: what would you want to do if we were to kick it?

    One more question: the album will be released on NOVEMBER 24th, right? I mean, not saying it’s a special day for a special girl from the US of A or nothing, I mean…just…you know

  42. hahaha gotta agree on “he sounds shy even on paper” ;D

    1. i like puppies. tho i cn never have or hold one but i wish i cud.

    2.hahaha. yb always asks the weather question.
    my fav wud be spring if my country has one. unfortunately we don ;p i wanna have a hanguk spring with you oppa xp

    3. movies , eating out , havea great laugh if not talking about u and the rest of big bang xp listening to ur songs

  43. awwwwwwww~ >.< Bae is just too cuuuuute~
    1. i love puppies…they're so cuuute~ just like Big Bang i want to cuddle them!!
    2. hmm…i like all kinds of weather, usually depends on my nood :]
    3. movies, eating, hanging out, walking, mall going, listening to BBโ™ฅ lol…spazzing over Big Bang oppas โ™ฅโ™ฅ, be crazy~ x]

  44. 1. Yes!! I have a pug~ He is so cuuute!!
    2. I like the weather then it’s not too hot and cool enough to wear a jacket.
    3. EVERYTHING! We love to go to dinner. Sushi is a must!!

  45. 1. Lols yeah i love puppies. i mean Boss & Gaho the most!
    but i don’t own any.
    2. i like all kinds of weather. i like change
    3. OH, we do anything!

  46. 1. no i dont.. sorry~ i just dont hav good realtionship w/ dogs
    *sigh =.=’a

    2. well since i lived in tropical country that only had 2 seasons, summer & rain. I liked both, its nice to feel the warm sun on ur skin and smell rain’s scenes when it pourin down =D

    3. eat, chat, laughing, karaoke, etc that make us fun =)

  47. 1. Yesir i do. They’re so cute.
    2.my favortie weather is, uhm….
    i like all of them, but i perfer when its raining!(:
    3.we do alotta stuff.BUt when we’re together like super dorky! LOL

  48. 1. ohhh yes i doo,, they are soo cute!
    2. hmm,, i would normally go for sunny, but a bit of clouds and not too warm. i think the rain is romantic too.. its nice to just walk in it with an umbrelle :DD
    3. i just hang out at their house,, shop,, talk and stuff. you know, the usual (:

  49. #1. OF COURSE! okay, not of course, but yes i do!
    #2. honestly i like all kinds of weather! a little rain once in a while, or a really hot day.
    #3. we talk about big bang! and eat, dance, sing, play video games, gossip…yeah

  50. 1.) I love dogs I can’t resist them I have three!!! LOL I have a 1yr old Husky his name’s Young Bae.
    2.) I love summer time because swimming, shorts, and NO SCHOOL it just fun plus in the winter I tend to get sick.
    3.) When I hang out with frinds we talk/watch Big Bang, go to the mall, play video games, dance Only look at me we’re amazing at it only took a year LOL, and just be goofy we’re just have fun our way!!!!

  51. @pinkeyluvsyoungbae

    love the dog’s name! ^_^
    Id feel too weird to say “JiYong! stop pooping on the carpet!” lmao! XD

  52. awww YB’s so cute^^ ..

    1. do I like puppies??? I LOVE puppies.
    2. I actually like all the weather, but my favorite would be sunny breeze.
    3. oh! we do a lot of crazy things…hahaha… hhmmm..we just usually go to places like mall, parks and just random place to talk and eat. hehe..

  53. 1 yes when they’re small but when they become dogs i kinda get scared, i used 2 b ok bt then i got attacked by an alsation(german shepherd)…
    2 i like it when the skys r blue & the clouds r fluffy. i like it when it snows & i’m snuggled all warm in bed. any weather is good when the air is fresh^^
    3 eat, drink, shop, talk, hug, laugh, cry, hold hands, support, love & hate…i’ve been through a lot with my true friends.

  54. LOL.Love you T.O.P<3

  55. Yes I love puppies :3 they’re so adorable XD

    My favorite weather is cold. If it’s hot you can’t always go swimming, but if you’re cold you can always put warm clothes on or a blanket. Being hot is really uncomfortable.

    I do different kinds of stuff when I hang out with friends. A lot of times we make movies. We love playing games, playing video games too. Hang out at the mall, see movies. Go thrift store shopping haha.

  56. 1.I’m afraid of puppies because when i was little, i used to have a puppy named, Pepsi. he kept biting me T.T

    2. i like all season because each season have a different meaning and time for it. like summer is for outside activities and children is growing. spring is when the flowers bloom and every thing is starting over. fall is a time to get ready for school and adulthood and winter is cold but new years is approaching which mean we’re getting older XD

    3.at school, i always go to Pizza Pizza to eat and spend the whole time sharing good memories and moments with my friends and when its 5 minutes before the bell, we head back to school (together) ๐Ÿ˜€
    weekend, we normally takes break but if we hang out, we go buy bubble tea in chinatown..LOl!

    **with the love and support, all for you taeyang oppa!** Hwaiting XD!!

  57. lmfaooooo nice question YB: what’s your favorite weather? hahahaha i was laughing at that….YB, did u run out of questions to ask hahaha…such awkward yet thoughtful questions
    u r awesome taeyang ๐Ÿ˜€
    wish i had a brother like u….or even better…have u as my bro ๐Ÿ˜€

  58. oops..forgot to answer the questions:
    1. YES I LOVE PUPPIES….specially if they are siberian huskies ๐Ÿ˜€
    2. um…a kind of autumn ish weather
    3. i have friends but i dunt hang out with them lol..cuz i dunt like company hehe

  59. 1. yeah i dO.. i love yorkies ^^ i’m actually planning to have 4~ haha ^^

    2. i think i’m your total opposite .. coz i really like cold weather ^^ it makes me lazy all day ^^

    3. i don’t usually hang out a lot with my friends .. but when i do, we usually just catch up on each other and eat~ (pizza & ice cream) haha^^

  60. Bฤฑg bang Come here!! Concert here!! please! x( Turks loves you!!! come hereโ€ฆ xD ฤฑ love youโ€ฆ โค โค โค

  61. Big bang!!! Please come To Turkey..!!!

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