TOP ASKS: 3rd Anniversary

i know it’s been quiet this week; SORRY! i’ve been busy hanging out & saying goodbye to friends cuz i’m moving back to school this weekend. PLUS i got caught up in the twilight reading. & now i’m reading Dan Brown’s new book. & i’m sure vicky’s in the same situation with school & stuff. plus i was half-hoping that TOP would give me another question, but ther’es only 2. fear not, the 1st one should take you a LONG TIME TO ANSWER lol.

TOP is freakin hilarious haha. it always cracks me up to see his humor on paper.

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– that’s not a fair question! lol. i like many things about you….

  • i like your imperfections, whatever they may be.
  • i like how sexy your voice is.
  • you have so much swag. it’s almost incriminating.
  • i like that i think of you as a bad boy & how easily i can fantasize you up against a wall (partial-insider & don’t think too hard about this lol)
  • i like that you’re shy but your appearance states otherwise.
  • you’re sexy
  • you have the craziest dress style, from crocs to multi-colored pants hahaha
  • i think i nicknamed you the sexy beast. doesn’t that explain it all?
  • people would kill to have your eyes & eyebrows – that whole package! you personify the saying: “if looks could kill…” haha
  • i like how you can be really silly at times.
  • i like older men & you fit that criteria ;] TOPhyunggg lol
  • you’re the tallest of big bang. x]
  • i wonder how your babies will turn out.
  • i’m just babbling on now, but just know, i like you a lot! and so does everyone else, & especially TEAM TOP!

– i want both! i’m anxious to see what your style is & what kinda material you’ll come out with, & how much variety you can pull off. i’m looking forward to a soft side? haha. i know it’ll be good. an album all TOP = sexy voice on all tracks.

BB’s new album better not fall flat like the japanese stuff. i can’t help but bag on it cuz it’s just something i don’t think you guys would do, but you do it anyways cuz you have to. i hope you’re more conscious of the quality of everything you put out instead of half-assing it.

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  1. aw he is so adorable!
    i cant wait for his sexy album!

  2. 1. top i dont like you….i LOVE you! hahah. you’re hilarious and such a sweetheart. and the fact that you’re self conscious is so cute. plus, you’re gorgeous
    2. i want YOUR album! im praying, hoping, begging and dying for you to maybe do some singing instead of rapping [please???] and im guessing you’ll be writing some of the songs, which is exciting, cant wait to see what you have to offer. but of course i would LOVE for some new big bang music. i became a fan right when you guys went on your ‘break’ to do your solo stuff so i havent been able to really see you come out with anything and its killing me! haha


  4. P.S. Here are 20 reasons why I LOVE T.O.P soo much!
    1.His style of music is my one of my favs.
    2.His fashion sense blows me away.
    3.HIS FRICKIN voice I just LOVE it
    4.He’s more mature since he’s the oldest
    5.HE’S soo funny and fun to be around with
    6.His hair! I love his hair XD
    7.his independence!I just love it
    8.his leadership πŸ™‚ love that even more
    9.His love for his fans and family
    10.His dreams to inspire the world with his music.
    11.He’s hecka mature but still FUN!!!
    12.his love for his fellow members
    13.His want to be perfection
    14.His passion for rapping anf beat boxing
    16.His smile just brightens my day.
    17.His laugh makes me wanna laugh my azz off
    18.His funny accents and facial expressions.
    20.U think I've listed almost all the possibilities but no i haven't!
    T.O.P when I see your smile I just wanna smile. πŸ™‚
    Love you from one fan to another.
    YEA IM CRAZY GOSH!<3333333

  5. 1. This is a hard question. There are tons of things that I love about you. I love your sense of humor (how you’re really just a kid at heart), you’re very shy but yet at the same time you’re not, you’ve got that bad boy look with those intense beautiful eyes!! Ohh I could go on forever..

    2. I’ve been waiting for your solo album forever! I’ve been anticipating yours and gd’s the most. Now I’m just waiting for yours and I know that it’ll be great!(: of course I want another album from big bang also! I cannot have one or the other, I must have both<333

  6. 1) When I first discovered Big Bang, I loved TOP’s humor the most. ❀ I liked that you were the biggest brother, but you acted like the youngest. It made me sad when I saw less and less of that happening, but I realized that you were maturing, and that was a good thing, too. I also like how shy you are, despite your good looks, and your reactions when you discover Young Bae on your bed. πŸ™‚

    2) To be honest, I'm looking forward to TOP's solo album more because I think you'll sing for us. ❀ Like G-Dragon sang more in 1 Year Station, I'm expecting to hear some of TOP's singing, so I really anticipate it!

  7. 1. There is something inexplicable and unexplainable that drew me to you from the minute I first heard you rap – the voice, the mood, the character, the (this word is overused a lot, but here it’s appropriate) charisma. There are so many different layers and facets to you that you become intriguing, mysterious. And underneath the power-rapping, underneath the swagger, you’re humor and sensitivity still shines through.
    2. I’m definitely anticipating both, but I’m more excited about your solo album. I’ve come to have expectations for the music that Big Bang will produce, and while I enjoy it, I prefer the thrill of the unknown. Your solo album has that unknown quality about it still. Your styles vary and it always manages to surprise me, considering the vast stylistic changes that you’ve made to your songs as you’ve gotten older. So I have high expectations for your solo debut – because I just know that I’ll adore every track on it.

  8. 1.) You have that awesome deep voice to add to the awesome sound of big bang! Plus your a goof at heart even though you’re the oldest.

    2.) I honestly would look forward to a BIG BANG album more cuz everyone together is magic!
    I am interested though to hear what T.O.P. has in store. I hope it’s some cool hard stuff cuz his deep voice would rock it.

    But really I do live for Big BAng as a whole! lol
    Dae’s soft honey voice/seungri’s enthusiasm/GD’s power cute flow ^_^/ TOP’s deep flow/TaeYang’s nice control voice, all= BIG BANG ❀ !

  9. 1. so many things to say…i’ll always like your sense of humor and your hardwork i feel very identified ^^ go Team TOP! ❀

    2. Looking forward the 2 albums πŸ˜€ ~~ i like to hear more of your singing ^^

  10. LOL! I was here reading it and almost wanting to reply but I was in the school library so it was kinda hard to focus on all the main points of lovin’ TOP xD
    (ARGH! I could of been the 1st to comment!)

    Question 1: Why do I like you?
    I don’t like you..I LOVE U!!
    Of everything?
    Your sexy looks~
    Your perfect height for me πŸ˜€ (Note: I’m taller then the rest of the members T-T)
    Your deep sexy fantastic mind blowing voice ❀
    Your cute and shy personality in front of new people~
    Your amazing acting skills that blows me away when you appear on screen
    Your funny gags and hand movements that I adore~
    (Still got WAY MORE just no time :P)
    You are the one and only baddest boy I've ever known in my life
    And..I like bad boys xD
    TOP ❀

    Question 2: Which album? TOP solo? or Big Bang?
    Come can't expect us to choose btw yourself and the WHOLE BAND
    OH! I know! You want all your VIPz to love you more then the rest right? LOL (a joke)
    I would love to hear you singin' own your own for sure πŸ˜€
    BUT! I also want to hear EVERYONE else~
    Cause it just wouldn't be perfect without..
    Your sexy rapping skills~
    G-Dragon's MIND BLOWING lyrics~
    TaeYang's crismatic screams in the songs xD~
    Daesung's sweet melody singin'~
    And Seungri's adorable/hot/tempting voice^^

  11. 1.) what do i like about you?!
    wait i’m talking to TOP?!

    and if i ever do get up again i’ll say:

    first i love you. second everything about you
    is just loveable. the ways your eyes give so much
    emotions in one look. the way your voice is
    WAY SO SEXY! and it brings me chills.
    how you can be so silly but look so cold.
    the way you dance even though it looks silly.
    how SOMETIMES you look like a gangster wannabe.
    how your voice sounds when you ‘sing’.
    how you don’t usually hide who you are;…
    and too much more to that i will probably
    make you fall let’s just say i LOVE

    2.) ummm… tough choice.
    can i pick both?! i wanna hear
    you SEXY VOICE&&style of music.
    but BIGBANG will ALWAYS be BIGBANG<3

  12. 1. TOP, I LOVE you because I see myself in you and yet you are so much more. You have big dream but can be a bit unambitious in pursuing it, you take your own sweet time to write your solos and album, you don’t like to draw attention to yourself, you prefer the other team members to talk so you could speak as little as possible, you only open up to people close to you, you are sometimes hilariously blunt. All this make you more endearing. I pray and hope all the best for you as I do the same for myself.

    2. Haha, why oh why you make people choose? I am more ANXIOUS for your album, since this will be your first major work on music. I didn’t hope it will be the BEST of the year or anything, although that would be really good too, but I hope you have the chance to do your own music and grow much much more from there.
    But I want to see BIGBANG promoting togehter as a whole too!

  13. 1. Your a dork and your one of the biggest kids i know out there. Your serious yet out of no where you can be such a goofball. Your voice is definately one of the most unique things about you because boy, they dont go that deep and us ladies love the deep husky voice.
    2. as for albums, hm im interested in what you would have to offer. I mean it would be quite different from the others based on the songs I’ve seen you do. But altogether I would have to say a big bang album. the atmosphere that all five of you guys have together is just something that cannot be copied anywhere. Plus i miss seeing all you guys together, laughing, smiling and goofing off.

  14. 1. I gotta agree with melly on how you are really shy but your appearance says otherwise. Damn. You’re like this walking contradiction that I will never be bore of just looking at, whether you be dorky, sexy, chill, or just do your thing and rap. Why do I like you? because you TOP really care for others. I can see that when you wanted to protect the privacy of others who got involved with you, and though you act as the youngest in Big Bang, I know you care about your dongsaengs. I love that. And aside from that…you’re, just, sexy. hehe. You can fit in any girls’ fantasy *ok i’ll stop now*
    2. I really am looking forward to TOP’s solo album. I love all your solos, and especially A Good Man, which you composed. I also wish that Big Bang settle on a better genre and stop overusing the autotune, because your raw voices are all great. =)

  15. #1: T.O.P!!!!! I don’t like you! I LOVE YOU!!! ahaha.. you are smoking HOT and you so cute! I love your voice! I can’t wait for you solo! I even DREAM about you! You MY SEXY BEAST! πŸ˜›
    #2: I WANT BOTH!!! I know your solo is gonna be AMAZING! and Big Bang is gonna be a hit…i can’t wait! πŸ˜€

  16. 1. I really don’t know! you’re irresistible! like, I can’t help but love you, or crush on you, or fancy you, or whatever I’m supposed to call it. I don’t mind though. They’re much nicer feelings than Hate.
    2. Both. But perhaps I’d lean towards your solo album more than the next generation of Big Bang. I just DL-ed your Buckwild song. Looking forward to seeing how much Tempo has changed after being T.O.P. for four years. HWAITING!

  17. 1} why I like you? I do like you but more to LOVE you. Why?
    -Because the first time I heard BB was “fools only tears” MV, and youre like the first one sang as in the lyrics…”YO I FEEL SO EMPTY…” that part…YES!! THATS WHEN I START LIKING YOU. I was never a K-POP fan since U were singing that part with so good english and attitude. love that mv very much.
    -because of ur sense of humor which cracks up all the time.
    -because of ur matureness on what u think of life.
    -of cos ur sexy deep voice.
    -ur coolness charismatic politeness of expression/performance/the way u sit(u cross legs)
    -ur snake eyes ^^
    -just how u rap & perform is love
    -ur smile that melts my heart cos u have that a bit dimples just a bit that just ahhhhh~

  18. 2) I will still buy BIGBANG albums no matter what. Im a fan since forever.

    TOP, u just have to surprise me first, im anticipating ur solo album big boy ❀

  19. #1 it’ll take a lifetime to answer it!! πŸ˜€ mainly EVERYTHING!! wakaka. mostly your eyes!! they’re like.. scary.. yet really attractive!! XD

    #2 music.. anything you’ll come up with.. with your brain there!! i mostly want something that expresses your soft side.. if you have one, well, i’m sure you do. πŸ™‚ love ya forever and ever.. hehe

  20. 1. y wuldnt i like yu? there isnt anything i dnt like. though the popcorn hair took some getting used to i admit. everything but yu is loveable. from your bad boyness to your silliness. the fact that you can ask that Q in itself is adorable.
    2. well this is harder cause i honestly love Big Bang music with all my heart. i would love to see your own unique style as ive already fallen for Taeyang and GD’s styles even DaeDae.
    ill just hav to wait and see 1st. i wuld like to hear TOP sing though. that is something i wuld want to hear in da album.

  21. i actually prefer the japanese album to the remember album. though the japanese album has a huge amount of overused autotune, they have some really nice songs that beat up at least more than half of the remember album. like ‘stay’, cuz that song is beautiful…

  22. Totally AGREE with you all !!!!!!!

  23. #1. Haaha!
    I like this question
    I like aloot about you liiikee… Your voice Looks and your always Charismatic! :] ❀ ❀ ❀
    #2.I say both :] !
    Can't wait for eem!

  24. 1) What an impossible question. I like everything.

    2) While I am excited for both, I’m an really curious and anxious to hear TOP’s solo album.

  25. 1. There’s a million reasons why I love you, mostly because of your funniness, you’re the best big-brother (: I love your voice, your rapping, beatbox, sounds, and everything more (: Mostly, I love you because of your dedication to the group ;]
    2. I want both, please don’t make me decide! =) TOP<3

  26. 1. i like how you act so cool but still get shy, also your face and ur voice and everything else
    2. i want both im greedy like that

    2. BOTH. I wanna see what you can do yenno? I want BB’s album so I can hear their real legit shit again XD

    i keep coming back and seeing no updates.
    lol ^ ^
    i cant wait for TOP’s solo album.

  29. LOL tabi is so funny!!
    i like…how HOT U ARE my dear.
    and…how your hotness made me go stalking BB, and fell for BB!
    how sexy is your voice..
    how childish you are..
    how tall you are..
    and your talents..
    gosh it necessary to even ask?!!
    i like to see people praising you hahaha XD
    i’m looking forward to his solo album more
    but..i wanna see big bang as a group ASAP.

  30. TOP, as good of a person you are how can we not like u? HOW?
    LOL Love ya TOP! N i want ur album, the Japanese one is good but i WANT UR ALBUM, i like hearing ur voice! Can’t wait to go buy ur album, n treasure it 4evr! LOLz ❀

  31. 1. Better question: why you so goddamn sexy and untouchable? Do you know how many black girls wanna just have kids with you?! *runs to seoulbeats to find article**curses, can’t find in archives** Anywho…* We’d make some pretty awesome high-browed chubby AfroKorAmerican babies (eh eh eh eh). Okay, now that that’s out there, why else? Um…we’d be awesome drinking buddies. And pretty much…I’m you in terms being too much into my head. But my heart’s pretty much spoken for. *love you YB*

    2. You or Big Bang? Together or apart, you’re BIG BANGIN’ in my heart ALWAYS πŸ˜› So, I’m waiting and looking forward to see what you will bring apart from BB, but come on, you always gonna ride for BB.Never let go of that.

  32. finally TOP’s turn!!!

    Why I like TOP…..
    1.your intense eyes
    2.your sexy face
    3.your silly smiles
    4.oh so hot body
    5.long legs(gotta love that!)
    6.your HOT voice
    7.your fashion style
    8.your personality
    9.the fact that thinking about you makes me smile’re a tease(I LOOOOOVE THAT!!!)
    11.your love for icecream/icecream cake
    12.your face expressions when you mess up in performances
    13.the way you laugh
    14.your introspective mind
    15.the fact that you are MINE!!!

    what I want your album to be….
    I’d be happy to hear you sing even if it’s just a little,maybe if you mix different genres and you show some skin on the performances it will be more than fine with me ;P

  33. he has this hidden magnatism no one else has b/c when his hairs long even guys turn gay at one glance at him ni jk ,hes that gorgeous,guys literaaly want a picec of him hes that pretty,and so unhuman b/c hes a saint and could nvr hate someone even w/ how much pain the person put him through,and he feels no anger

  34. yeah, im adding to my thingy kinda late but i don’t care. YOU THE MUTHAFREAKIN’ SEUNG HYUN CHOI!!! and shout out for being a fellow November-ian!!!

  35. agreed. with EVERYTHING.

    and TOP: I wanna hear him sing. :]]]

    thanks for posting.

  36. so is this whole TOP asks thing real, like he actually asked you these questions??

  37. I love TOP becoz of his hotness,humor,rap?! not just becoz of these but also he is the most charismatic person who I’ve never seen before!!!u will know more and more about him when u go into BB’s world gradually!! his performance is always driving me crazy!! his expression in eyes is always killing people!! haha!!

  38. I`ve been waiting for this!

    1) I don`t like you, I LOVE you.
    β™₯ your sexy eyes
    β™₯ your smoking hot voice
    β™₯ your fashion sense
    β™₯ your smile
    β™₯ your sexy stare
    β™₯ your sexy eyebrows
    β™₯ the way you rap
    β™₯ the way you talk
    β™₯ the way you laugh
    β™₯ your long legs
    β™₯ your expressions, every expression.
    β™₯ your love for ice-cream
    β™₯ your bad boy image
    β™₯ your silliness
    β™₯ your goofy self
    β™₯ the fact that you can make me love you more than anyone (:

    2) hmmm, I want both. I wanna hear you singing, even a little. But, with your sexy voice, I`d die to hear it! Looking forward to it.

  39. HAhahhahahahaha, well you said it all…. up against the wall…hahahhahaha LOL!!!!

  40. I love everything about him! and you said it all!
    I’m so looking forward the 2 albums! I beth that TOP’s album is gonna be hot!
    and I agree with ‘dreamandloveshow’ : show some skin on the performances!!.lol

  41. may i please re-post and only get T.O.P. what he asks ? + i think your site is pretty awesome .

  42. #1 – first of i like how mature you look but you are actually quite silly.
    #2 – BOTH OF COURSE! although im quite curious about your album, but i still want both!!

  43. 1. what do i like about u mr choi. Everything. from ur smokey eyes to ur funny personality. the fact that when im down one look at u and i forget everything. the fact that u pull off the hardcore look and ur just so sexy. ur hair yep love ur hair oh and ur eyes. love the fact the ur 23 but u act like ur 5. i also like how u are so shy but once u get used to it u become urself. i love the hardcoreness that u have and last but not least i love the fact that ur u and u dont even have to try hard.

    2. i think i want TOP’s album. i want to hear the hardcore top that we havent heard in a while. also i want to hear songs that u produced and the type of songs u listen to and besides wjo doesnt love to have a WHOLE album of just listening to tops voice. but i would also want big bangs album too. i miss seeing big bang on stage together. this question is hard. Both Please. πŸ™‚

  44. I love the humor you bring.
    The way you dance lol
    Those eyebrows you got there.
    Your voice man it’s very hot!
    Dude your height

    TOP (Solo) Album because that is you up and personal. What you rap/sing will be what you can somewhat relate or into. Which us fans want to know more about.

  45. 1. simple .. because a GUY like you is IMPOSSIBLE to find, yeah you’re IMPOSSIBLE to find .. πŸ™‚ i loved you since the day i’ve watched you in the documentary of bigbang … at first, i thought you’re just another boy next door there .. but .. “mahal na ata kita” .. haha!!

    2. i can’t choose … hahaha!! .. i really like both i’m sorry .. but don’t worry, you’re still the number one for me .. xD

  46. UHM. theres absolutely nothing I can describe you as because your greater than all of the best adjectives in the world.
    saranghae oppa!

  47. 1. TOP i DON’T LIKE YOU….CUZ I LOVE YOU…lol…and if you ask me why do i love you then i’ll till you dat there is a million thing that i love about you…so i guess your gonna have to sit and listen me list all of it…which i’m sure you’ll get bored cuz everyone else have already said it but most of all i love you because your CHOI SEUNG HYUN!!! i love you for who you are…i love you the way you are exactly…and you being urself is was make you so special to me…I LOVE YOU TOP CHOI SEUNG HYUN!!!
    2. this is a hard question…but i honestly want TOP because a lot of TOP music have a really strong point in it…idk if anyone notice but “FRIENDS” “PRETEND NOTHING HAPPEN” and “A GOOD MEN” have a really deep meaning and it really brings out the feelings…another thing is the music TOP writes are kinda more of a personal experience…which expresses his feelings and it also touches the heart of others out there that have the same issues and understanding…but anyways i also want big bang new album too..!! lol

  48. lol TOP r u seriously asking this question?? I don’t only like I so freakingly love u!!!

    1. ur my MVP!
    2. ur so freakin hot!!
    3. I love ur sense of fashion!
    4. u have a really great personality, ur the big bro of Big Bang n I act like it too. wen ur at work ur responsible buy wen work is done u just want to have a lot of fun n that ur really a kid at heart!!
    5. u have the coolest hairstyles ever!! it all fits u very well!
    6. I love all ur singles best rapper in the world!! all ur songs r the best in many of them touches the hearts of many ppl!!
    7. great actor n loved ur drama I am Sam.
    8. I want ur album so bad!!
    9. ur very down to earth n that’s what I like in a guy! I hope I can find someone like u someday…<33
    10. I love ur face! ur eyebrows ur eyes everything about u!!
    11. ur voice is very HOT!!!
    12. dayum ur mad tall! how tall r u??? I love massivle tall ppl lol ur height!!
    13. ur mad funny!!! u make me laugh n thats why I love to watch u!!!

    I'm gonna stop now cuz I ha so many reasons why I LOVE U!!! so many words can describe y j love u so much!!! keep up the gud work n I can't wait for ur album!!! SARANGHE OPP!!! <3333!!

  49. Haha it’s okay
    LOLS Oh no you didn’t TOP!
    Damn, that’s a hard question.
    -i love your deep voice & your rapping.
    -i love how flippen amazing your eyes are!
    -i love how even though you’re the ‘Big Brother’
    you act more like a kid then Seungri
    -i love how your so funny when you mess around
    -i love you pulling a prank on Kwon Leedah. [Haha
    uhh, that was classic]
    -i love how you just wear blazers all the time now.
    – i love how you’re shy to show your stomach. it’s cute.
    – i love all your sunglasses. they are cool!
    – i love how you look very bad boy-eyy but you’re a softy really.
    – i just love how you look bad boy all the time. HAHA
    – i love how you’re hot. ahahahaha
    okay yeah i’m babbling too now.
    Question 2:
    WHAT?! what kind of a question is that too? well i want both.
    Yes i want to hear TOP’s sexy voice sing & rap.
    & For Big Bang, i wanna hear him rapping b/c that’s your swag.
    But i’m more excited for the Korean CDs. Japanese CD’s aren’t that

  50. 1. your voice is nice, i like your compositions, and i like the fact that you weren’t always attractive.
    2. i want to hear more of slower, mellow songs for your album. because i loved good man. and i want some slow singing too; i don’t think your style is upbeat? i may be wrong. as for the group, anything different is fine. so attempt more things that you haven’t tried!

    good luck boys!

  51. 1.`cause your freakin` hot! I love it when you spit put random raps. LOL ANd i love it how you have the little kid inside, but have the big boy look on the outside.
    2. Uhm… it dont really matter. But i would love to hear more rapping. (:

  52. ooo finally! ahaha

    1. I don’t like you, cause I don’t know you, BUT I do love the deepness in your eyes.

    2. Your’s, if you keep it original and keep to your roots. Anything out of that I don’t think so.

    Big Bang will always have their style of music so eh ahaha

  53. I like you for many reasons, I can’t name them all ^^
    I love your voice, Big Bang needs one deeper voice and yours is perfect. You’re also verrrrrry cute ^//^

    I definitely want both albums! I couldn’t choose one >_<
    I'm excited to hear what your solo album sounds like πŸ˜€

  54. 1. I love everythimgs that u r,that’s all.

    2. Anything, form u goys.

  55. -sigh- I wanna see the 3rd question already.Oh Im soo sorry no need to rush i’ll b patient like everyone else Sorry XD

  56. top has no 3rd question. sadly.
    daesung is next.

  57. Lol Aww T.O.P doenst have a 3rd question?Aww hi Melly it’s me shaylene XD

  58. TOP is a kind and gental person and you are very talented your musiC is nice ^^

  59. Why do I like T.O.P??

    Simply because he is a LEGEND.. Everything about him (his music, his songs, his dance, his voice, his acting, his humor, his passion, his face, his smile, his eyes, his shyness, his style, his protectiveness towards his family and loved ones, his maturity, his amazing professionalism in work, his LOVE..) will definitely be remembered even if he’s no longer a singer in future.. No doubt about it.. Most definitely be remembered!!

    T.O.P is a LEGEND!! Legendary T.O.P…

    I like him… I like T.O.P… I like Choi Seung Hyun…

  60. T.O.P Come here!! Concert here!! please! x( Turks loves you!!! come here… xD Δ± love you… ❀ ❀ ❀ and seung ri and GD and daesung and taeyang xD I LOVE YOU!!! ❀

  61. Big bang..!! please come to turkeyy…!!!!

  62. i love you just bcz i love you! i think you are nice person! πŸ˜€ ! oppa when will you visit Viet Nam??? i want to see you!

  63. I like you ’cause you’re really funny and you’re smiling all the time! that make me really happy. You’re voice is really beautiful and i like it very much. When I want to sleep i hear your songs and i’ve got a beautiful dream.

  64. And I like everything about you. How could someone hate something about you. You have everything, you have good looks and a wonderful & sexy voice. You’r very talented. You have beautiful brown eyes, and great hair. And a sexy smile to, and many many more good qualitys about you….and I love to get to know you and see you in person.!<33 Hope the best for you and the rest of the group of BigBang and hopefully I'll meet the guy's to. That would be great.!! <33

    I would say both albums.
    Please come to New York State.

  65. I want TOP solo album now! Lol. Where is it? Also how did you get TOP to ask you a question..?

  66. 1.) (>_<) i don't know why i like you so much! hahaha if i knew you better, i can say more! but a camera can't show everything but you just carry yourself in a cool way! ❀ your voice = me melting XD Style = too cool+too weird= JUST T.O.P! When i first saw you on "Haru Haru" i couldn't quite get what i was doing but when i saw you i sceamed! XD!
    2.) I dont know which one i would like to get! Listening to all of the songs you and the big bang crew make are soo good πŸ™‚ having to pick is an unanswerable question! XD
    Doungbagai -a.k.a Lucky Star-

  67. 1.I like you to oppa xD 2.both of them when i hear top and big bang voice feel like wanna die their voice are so beutiful in big bang i like top and g dragon the most beutifull voice is g dragon sarangheyo oppa xD big bang pls come malaysia again

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