Preview of TOP in IRIS

Well then HOLY CRAP… some preview of Tabi’s scenes in IRIS… had me going “oh my god” for the past 4 minutes, hot sexy can this be? I always have this dirty little love for snipers… sexy ones of course, haha and I would like some more of this please!!


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huh, I just noticed that Tabi has a same scar-like mark on his brown bone just like Bong
I have it too, not sure where it comes from though, it’s just there as long as I can remember.


~ by Vicky on September 17, 2009.

100 Responses to “Preview of TOP in IRIS”

  1. this is way to exy for me to handle! why can’t we see the rest of them like this?!?!?

  2. …you know…im not even a fan of top at all. definately no where near my favorite. But even i have to say… the man looks SMOKIN HOT.

  3. This can all be resumed in one simple equation.8D

    T.O.P – Microfone + Gun = ULTIMATE SEXINESS.

    The person behind this seriously deserves an award.

  4. he looks so good with a gun haha

  5. OMG, smokinggggggggggg hot (: that gun is lucky, lol.

  6. These pictures are making me hot!

  7. AHHH!!! too sexi! i can’t wait! i hope there are subs!!! LOL!!! WAY TO GO TOP! LOVE YOU TO DEATH!!!


  9. WOAH!!!
    he’s too hot!
    man I just can’t wait
    hopefully the coat comes off at least once
    a girl can dream

  10. TOP is the hottest/most fashion-forward assassin ever. No competition.

  11. i’d be happy to die in his hands as long as he gives me his sexy stare before my life ends!!! he’s that hot!

  12. “TOP is the hottest/most fashion-forward assassin ever.”

    true dat.

  13. you so hot&cool u

  14. Oh my damn…that is purely hotness right there. No doubt about it! I can’t wait for IRIS to premiere and get subbed. Screw it, I just might watch it without the subs just to see that sexiness.

  15. T.O.P so damm hot with his guns!I LOVE YOU T.O.P I SOOO WANNWA WATCH IT BUT WHO GOT DIRECT TV AND KNOW WHEN THIS IS SHOWING?T.O.P looks soo dam sexay i needa watch this ughh!!!

  16. i cannot waitttttt!
    hes like a james bond [:
    wow i never noticed the scar. bong has one too?! O_o


    He needs no gun to kill. His sexy stare kills people.

    Can`t wait for IRIS at KBSW. Delayed tho -.-

  18. thats my BAD BOY!! striaght up hustling!! afterall.. *drools* 😛 he’s hot!

  19. love him .

  20. holy shit TOP looks SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. WAH LAO WEI!!
    Can’t wait for the series to be shown!!
    T-T! I’m worried that M’sia’s KBS won’t show~
    And wif subs ><
    TOP!!! I heart you 😀
    Exspecially wif a gun LOL
    You don't need a gun to shoot me with those eyes of yours 😛

  22. this has made my day…wooo…sexy sniper TOP…yum

  23. so freaking hot!!
    i need to watch iris!! =D

  24. sexy! >.<

  25. waaaah! his so hot! can’t wait for this movie to start.

  26. OMG!! this is soooo hot. i want more!! 😀

  27. Brown bone? Whaaa? Where?

    Lol, thx for answering my question if you did.. ^^

    btw, TOP looks so neat and handsome! 😀

  28. EEEEEEEPPPP!!!!!!!!!! DYING IM DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT

  29. I love the seriousness in his eyes! Sexy! If an assassin is going be as sexy as him.. whew..he can point a gun on me anytime.. 😛

  30. omg, looking at those pictures,
    make me feel like, I can touch Him
    & know how his skin feels like (;
    LMBO; & he looks so sexy dangerously.
    a turn-on (;

  31. watta hot hot hot assassin….the guns suit him so much.
    Do you need to be more sexier TOP??? tsk tsk tsk.

  32. TOP is sooo sexy…such a cold sexy assassin

  33. HOT HOT HOT PLEASE! All his sexy pictures made me got eyecancer :O

  34. sigh dreamily, will have a good night sleep tonight, hahaha

  35. Omg…….that’s the most sexiest boy i ever seen. His eye’s make’s me daydream…..*drools*

  36. yay…
    i just can’t wait…
    but then i have to wait
    for the subbed version.

  37. MMMM I have got to get my hands on this movie! I think I’m going to love TOP even MORE (;

  38. OMG!!! so hot!!!! I gotta watch this!
    They shouldn’t give him a gun! Now he’s way too freaking sexy for me to handle Dx!!

  39. Awww snap this is legit! You get it TOP! With your bad self! If you ever need a sidekick or something just holla! And hopefully he gets ample screen time throughout the show. Oooo I can’t wait *squeal*

  40. So Sexi!!!!!!!
    So Hawtt!!!!!!
    So Kawaiii!!!!!
    the sniper pics are just to cool!
    I can’t wait for this movie!!!! XD XD
    Choi Seung-hyun Fighting!!!!! ❤

  41. my damyumm
    seems good!


  43. oh my god !top !looks gorgeous + cool + so mean !huwaw . .

  44. oh my god !top !looks gorgeous + cool + so mean !huwaw . .BAD BOY !

  45. Ha. I love how he has the big ass pistol.

  46. WOW!!!!

    TOP smart AND Good-looking varymuch

  47. OMG!!! I am sooooo gonna see it!!!he is soooo HOT!XD

  48. Hwaiting, TOP. ❤


  50. Hey guys,

    visit for infos on Big Bang’s fashion!!!
    they also feature Big Bang’s YG Family sisters, 2NE1’s fashion!!!

    new posts are specially for the boys!!!~

  51. my baby tabi!!!!!
    i love you! ❤
    top hwaiting!
    big bang hwaiting!!

  52. jeezz!!!
    OMG! he is effin’ sizzlin’ hot!

  53. wow!!!top is fckin hot.wuh!!

  54. ohboyyyy. so so so so so SEXXY ❤ ;D

  55. *Nom Nom*
    I could just eat him!
    He better not die!! ><
    The Viewers don't wanna see that!

  56. just one word–hot
    lol do you think the movie wil have eng subs?

  57. He so totally was born to hold a sniper..
    ANd those eyes…
    I think my heart got burnt when i was lookin at the pic..
    It was that HOTT!!

  58. hotttt.
    toppa u smexxayy ;D

  59. sooo SEXY and HOTT!!!! i’m droolin here…..hehehe

  60. Yes you are killing me with these photos!

  61. that is one hot damn sezy sniper. lol.
    he’s a lil too sexy to be a sniper. haha he’d be bombarded with chicks wherever he goes.
    cant get over how HAWT it is =]

  62. so handsome.
    and sexy.
    a handsome, sexy beast.
    that’s right.
    my oppa’s AWESOMEr than yoo!

  63. and when I say :my: oppa, i mean TOP oppa.
    rofl. I don’t have many oppas. xD

  64. very handsome

  65. hi everyone … can i ask you one question? how can i join to VIP? i am not from korea so it is possible for me to join into it?

  66. Can not wait to see this! ❤

  67. His def DAMN HOTTTTT

  68. O_O Screw Agent 47, TOP’ll kill you just by seeing him in that suit!

  69. what’s a brown bone? did you mean brow bone? where exactly is the scare? can’t see it. lol^^

  70. can i ask; for the gara gara go album,
    that one~
    is there anything else inside? like 3D paper or anything?

  71. oh i have that scar too.. when i was like 7 i was run over by a bike.. ohh TOP hes so hot…love obsessed with TOP!

  72. LOL! wow. this made my day. I was suppose to look up some stuff for school.. but i got side tracked and ended up here. and I’m glad i did. lol. xD so excited. he is so hot. hahhahha. muahhahahaa. *chokes and dies* keke. Back to searching for french indochina… lelel xP

  73. wow.. no words!! SO HOOOOT^^

  74. rofl im so glad my name is iris ^^

  75. i wouldn’t mind if he shot me with that gun.
    damn…. I really wouldn’t mind
    I would be like….
    “It’s my pleasure Top, thanks for shooting me!!”
    hahahaha!! =)
    Gawd I can feel the hottness and smell the smoookkkeee from my computer screen

  76. omgomg TOP look so freaking HOT! 8DD

    October needs to come now!

  77. wow…thats awesome

  78. Being darn hot and sexy is just t.o.p’s thang.>.<.Love u T.O.P Hyung!

  79. nic pic. iam turin 11 i wanted to see them in person *sigh*
    but sadly not all dreams come true o well I LUV THE PIC. although the other members of big bang are awesome as well i luv big bang here is a little tip, live life to the fullest, and plz dont be a heartbreaker by breaking up the band people (no offence). By the way ROX ON BIG BANG =)

  80. iris……i want to buy it….but where????????

  81. oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    my heart is beating faster and faster and faster and …
    I’m going to die…


    pls sign….
    this is for the filipino fans of big bang and 2ne1!!!!
    this may bring the possibility of 2ne1 and big bang performing here in the philippines…


    pls sign….
    this is for the filipino fans of big bang and 2ne1!!!!
    this may bring the possibility of 2ne1 and big bang performing here in the philippines…!!!!!!

  84. AHH!!!
    OMG, i think my hearts beating
    no more!!
    HE IS HOT(:

  85. hopefuly thers subs xP

  86. TOP is sexy and hot!!!!!

  87. top is very handsome

  88. I’m still waiting for this drama to be aired!! OMO, I CAN’T WAIT!! T.O.P. oppa is soo handsome, AISHHHH!!! >.< & don't forget Byung-hun Lee! Great actor. SO EXCITED FOR THIS!! T.O.P hwaiting!

  89. SO EFFING HOT!!!
    Can anyone be more effing beautiful?

  90. He can aim that gun at me anytime!!!
    ROFL or I’ll just die right now cuz of his stare!!!
    Does he know how gorgeous he is?
    He kills me….

  91. Hate to be repetitive, but… the word ‘sexy’ just does not cover it!

  92. top you can kill me anytime, hell you killed me already so hot i LOOOOOOOOOVEE YOU
    i sorta wish you were gay

  93. Thank you for this comment! ,

  94. Secondly, in any other discussion, you guys talk about government healthcare as being a nightmare. ,

  95. TOP so cool !!
    i love him..

  96. If I have to choose an assassin to kill me…
    It would DEFINITELY be T.O.P!

  97. My goooooossshhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my husband TOP!!!!!!!! he is really really hoootttt!!! i love him so so sos so much! kahit nung nag sisimula pa lang sila!!! untill now i love him pa rin! grabe!!!!!!!! he is the only 1 in my heart!! saranghe TOP!

  98. I hope to see u my TOP.. 😦

  99. TOP reveals a very unique attitude. ILOVEIT!

  100. hey im yuor fan

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