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Well this MV is freaking awesome, since Breathe is like my fave track off his album, I’ve been listening to this song 24/7 it’s crazy, I might have to check into rehab for that haha

Many many scenes and sets for this MV, it’s awesome, the whole  Bong choosing which door to walk through is just freaking adorable, and the piano set is pretty effin sick, the bed looks so comfortable….. wanna lay in it with Bong hahaha forreal though, that bed is sexy, when they did the couple dance move at the end, HOT!!!

The lead female is also very pretty, she has a very unique facial structure, like you wouldn’t think of her as pretty or hot at the first glance, but when you look at her closely for a while, you just grew jealous hahaha Bong knows how to pick them huh??? If you look closely, you’ll noticed,

THERE’S 2 FEMALE LEADS. haha I like the one in white better

Bong in colorful flowers... oh how nice hahaha GaHo in the end is just freaking LOVE!! Image and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on September 21, 2009.

54 Responses to “(HD) GDragon: Breathe MV”

  1. lovely song! the mv is cute! gaho!!!
    cannot wait for boy!!!


    I AM LIKE TOTALLY TOTALLY FANGIRLING RIGHT NOW SOMETHING AWEFUL!!!! Gyah i didnt even know it came out today and i was like bwoh? while reading a fic when they mentioned it. So i like ran to youtube and there it was and i just couldnt help but spazz and do all sorts of wonderful things because seriously i freaking love this man!!!! BONGIE I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!! YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!?

    I love his confuzzled face when hes looking around. (confuzzled= confused and puzzled ladies and gentlemen) that made me squee. I was like Wtf? o.o when i saw like the stringy/feathery thingy on his arms. But his facial expression just made me completely oblivious to anything. He’s just so freaking cute/hot/adorable/sexy/A FREAKING TEASE!!!! YOU ARE ONE BIG TEASE ROLLING ON THAT BED ALL BY YOURSELF IN ALL YOUR HOTNESS!!!!!! And Gaho in the end?! first off a sleeping or pretending to be sleeping bongie is just squeetastic. BUT GAHO IM STILL FREAKING JEALOUS OF YOU!!! yes i am jealous of a dog. hes on the bed with him. is kissing him. that dog is like “mwuahahaha hes mine not yours XP” makes me cry XD but gyah. >.<

    this vid. AMAZING. Bongie? HOT!!!!!!!

    …yes there are two female leads but i tend to ignore them for the strategic purposes of drooling over my Bongie. so XP to them.

  3. YAY! I LOVE YOU JI YONG! u look hot and sexi! OMG!!!!!!!!! ❤

    for plagerism!!!!

  5. lol…you can get arrested for plagerism? lol.
    fuck them haters. all music is influenced….half the songs in america consist of somewhat the same beat.
    kpop is influenced by western music…why cant ppl realize that.
    shitt. netizens and all them haters can goo.
    ygfamily fighting!

  6. [hyunjitOP]


    Sony only sent a warning to YG about the similarities

  7. wow.. this is just like.. overflow of GD-cuteness huh xD

  8. love the mv!

  9. I cant breathe! Hahaha! I LUV LUV LUV the MV! He is jux so adorable! Cute Gaho at da end! Haha. I can breathe no more, i can sleep no more! I luv GD

  10. I LOVE the MV. I really missed his smiles and all.

    *Sigh I just wish he’d not smoke…



    Anyway, I can’t wait for the third video in the triology, “Boy” :3


  12. blahh its kind of boring
    heartbreaker was better
    i expect more from him:/

  13. ahh~ i luv this video
    luv his smile and i cant wait for the next video!!!
    i love how one video leads to the next!
    first pic..he looks so clueless LOL so cute~

    pic#3-whats in his mouth?
    someone please reply- glistening_glitter@yahoo.com
    pic#5-his head looks so small here -_-

    i hope he will be able to breathe more.
    i want him to quit smoking!

  14. I looooved this video 😀
    I love how much GD smiles in it, he’s so cuuute XD
    Gaho is just adorable too!

  15. He’s so amazingly adorable in this music video! i love his little smiles! it’s so cutttee!

  16. I always love to see Bong smile. Coz when he smiles, I melt. hehehe.
    I love the girl in white too, she looks so pretty, and sexy with Bong when they were moving underneath the sheets. makes me think, errr, some thoughts. hahaha
    And Gaho at the end….awwww….
    I love the vid. I think I like it better than Heartbreaker just because he looks better here while moving underneath the sheets, and because of his irresistible smiles. ^^

  17. i was kinda upset about the smoking thing but this mv just makes me fall for him back again!! XD
    & yes vicky! the female lead is making me jealous! haha. somehow find her looking familiar too. hmph..

  18. Damn.. seeing him so cute makes me fangirl like no other.

  19. seriously the two female leads looked extremely alike that i thought there’s only one of them!!!I didn’t notice they were two different girls until u point it out.Dang!HE’s one lucky man!

  20. thanks Vi! love the MV and this song is one of my favs ^^

  21. ive watched it las night.mygosh!he is really fuckn sexy hot!!cute gaho..

  22. Greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
    So hot so cool
    Too handsome he is
    An angel he is
    Too wonderful his smiles are
    He make me can’t breathe cozs my shaking heart.
    Oh my big dream, I now hope that I would be your Gaho
    I want to kiss you

  23. OMFGOSH I love it!but im still a T.O.P lover!LOL.Love the music video it’s AWSOME!

  24. hi !! Do you know the address of YG ’s office in Seoul ? I know you wrote it but it’s for mailing bigbang or any other artist but I would like the main address of YG !!!

  25. wow..GD so cue in this MV.i’m like it.

  26. Freakiiiing awesome MV.
    Gosh, love him sooo much (:
    He’s so cute in the MV :]

  27. He looks really cute! but I didn’t like it very much, is not as good as the heartbraker video.I agree with >tinapham< i expect more from him.

  28. omg i watched this yesterday on youtube!
    *fangirly squeal* i also luv this song and the MV just makes it a whole lot better. [if possible]
    he’s so hyper and cheerful its adorable!
    GaHo at the end was totally cute too. random and cute.
    the heartbreaker MV has a different feel to this one. ❤ em!

  29. love this MV. I was waiting for this MV since after GDragon’s live performance of his songs Heartbreaker and Breathe in Inkigayo. so inlove with this album specially Heartbreaker and Breathe.

    Gaho is so cute!!! what to have one like that too.

  30. why are ppl talking about plagiarism on this page? No matter what, I support GD. And I love the MV for Breathe, GD’s looks so happy and boyish 🙂

  31. I enjoyed the MV. It was like a continous of the next video, only better.
    And G-Dragon looked like he was having a lot of fun, wish I joined him. Then there was a sneak preview of 소년이여 (Boy) next, clever. And I loved the part with Ga Ho licking his face at the end.

    If I had control of G-Dragon’s schedule MV filming, I’d do Heartbreaker, 소년이여 then either Korean Dream/The Leaders.


  32. Ok.

  33. -__________-” GD needs to stop breaking hearts with his cuteness. You end up loving him so much its retarded because you will never really get to know him personally. ARG! Its like stop it. But please don’t stop.

    Gonna go watch the MV again ^^. I love especially all the Anime looking influences in his style and MV’s. Does anyone know if he has an interest in Japanese Anime BTW? Anyways, Can’t wait til Boy MV comes out.

  34. i just watched the MV and its awesome! by the way, i saw this article on allkpop that showed pictures of GD Smoking! are they for real? though they seem quite disproportionate!!!

  35. I love the music video.IN LOVE with the song.it’s like tootally like awsome.LOL.

  36. i keep wtching this video over and over, it’s amazing ^_^
    i luv itt
    Gaho is soo cute at the end
    {he has a huge fanbase like his dad lol}

  37. I love this song te video just amazing I can’t breathe when I see GD now LOL…but Gaho is soooo freaking guys and dogs are a turn on!!!! LOL

  38. dis one got eng translation n lyrics…

    gd’s s0 damn cool..
    can’t wait 4 next mv!

  39. Kristel Chua wrote
    at 6:16pm


    pls sign….
    this is for the filipino fans of big bang and 2ne1!!!!
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  40. http://www.petitiononline.com/BB2NE1/petition.html

    pls sign….
    this is for the filipino fans of big bang and 2ne1!!!!
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  41. xD i love this video~~~~
    its soooo cuuuuuute~
    and GaHo is soooo adorable!!! x]
    i love the way GD looks! the flower jacket kills me~~
    just soooo damn cuuuuuuute~ ♥

  42. I LOVE THIS VIDEO he looks soo cute in this XD
    SOrry T.O.P i still LOVE you. 😉

  43. OMG* I absolutly love him in this mv
    I think tey did great job and gbaby is daaNg Fly =)

  44. i wanna thank the parents for making him soo hot! ;D
    Hey dosen’t one of the lead girls, the girl in white
    look-a- like like Soo Young from SNSD ;D
    Could he be any cutet.
    Omgsh i hated when he smirf, cause it’s soo cutee
    Just wanna pinch his cheeks
    He’s such a freaken tease, so seductive and tempting *drools


  46. This video made me fall completely in love with him <3333

  47. sizzling~~~~ hothothothot, DIZZY^^!!!
    come to my bed 2nite….i’ll be ur Vinus, baby JiYong<3333

  48. god i love g dragon

  49. I love G-Dragon

  50. I loooooooooveeee >YOOU! G Dragon and G-DRAGON – BREATHE I love this song

  51. and mi cousen Love you and say : You are HOT!

  52. May I know what’s the name of the lead female? Please… it would really mean a lot! Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!

  53. Thank you^^

  54. Lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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