from YG [2009.09.24]

Hi, It’s Yang Hyun-Seok.
For the past few months, there were way too many rumours and misunderstanding regarding YG Entertainment.

Frankly speaking, we kept our words, because we did not think it was right to defend against every single rumours.

I am feeling deeply sorry for burdening you with our silence, and decided to explain ourselves.
I will answer the questions as if we were in an interview setting.

There has been an issue of plarigiarism regarding G-Dragon’s solo album title song, Heartbreaker. How come YG has not released an official statement regarding this issue?

Apart from the part of this issue, as a person who loves music, and as a producer who is taking part in improving popular music industry, I apologize from deep below. The reason why YG and G-Dragon did not release a statement up till now, is because we heard that the publishing companies have sent the music file to the original composer, and we have been waiting for a reply.
We did not think it was right to release our opinion before the composers have.

It was broadcasted on “News magazine 2580 (시사매거진 2580)” that Sony ATV has sent a warning to YG entertainment. What is YG’s response?

First of all, we are very upset towards Sony ATV. Everything they do, they try to justify it in the media as an official statement. I do not know whether they sent the warning to YG or they sent it to broadcast it in the media in the first place.

To the makers of music, the word ‘plagiarism’ represents the worst honor. Even if the composers say ‘it isn’t plagiarized’, it remains as unhealed deep wounds to those involved. In case of “Heartbreaker”, the other publishing companies owning 90% of the rights have remained silent, whereas Sony, owning 10% of the rights, have released their “official statement” on the media.

A few days ago, a lawyer from Sony ATV was interviewed with “News magazine 2580″, and told that they have sent a warning to YG entertainment. The only thing YG is concerned about, is that the public is thinking as if YG has been sued from the composers and YG is in a deep trouble. Contrary to the public’s belief, the warning Sony ATV sent to YG is nothing but mere document they could send hundreds of copies per day. It contained no opinions of the composers themselves, it looked like it was quickly made to be broadcasted.

Apart from the lawyer of Sony ATV, there was the president of Sony ATV Korea, Heo Young-Ah. You need to remember that she appeared as a board member for Korean Music Publishing Association; she concealed her identity as the president of Sony ATV Korea.

Ever since this issue of plagiarism broke out, YG has never asked for anything from Sony ATV. We did not want to resolve this issue without the public knowing. If there needs to be any legal actions taken, YG will try its best, and is not afraid a bit. However, we have heard that Sony ATV has only two to three people working, and we have been concerned with that. “Are they able to contact the composers directly?” “Are the original composers interested in this matter at all?” For nearly a month, we have not heard a single word from the composers, and we are doubting for a bit.

In the warning Sony ATV sent to YG, there are not only G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” and “Butterfly”, but also 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” and Big Bang’s Japanese song, “With U”. We were surprised to see new songs being accused, but we will think it as Sony’s new strategies, thinking that accusing G-Dragon alone is not enough. For the cases of “I Don’t Care” and “With U”, they are the works of YG’s main producers, Teddy and Perry.

Teddy has been a producer for 10 years, and Perry has been for 15 years. There are hundreds of songs they composed and produced. Among them, there may be cases they might be accused, but for the past 10 years, there has been any accusations for their works. They remained in YG despite the countless scoutings from others. They have high pride of their music, and are hurt deeply from Sony ATV’s hush press releases.

Their hurt pride is not able to be healed fast, and YG has been accused full of “composers who plarigiarize” in the public. To be honest, I think because they are famous and both producers, Sony ATV is using them for their advantage.

Sony ATV has accused that G-Dragon’s “Butterfly” has copied OASIS’ “She’s Electric” for having similar parts.
The musician who appeared on “News magazine 2580″ stated that the parts the two songs are similar are 2 bars, panning approximately 5 seconds. But he also stated that because that is the main sequence melody, it may be a problem.

Then, I think I get to ask you a question as well.
A few days ago, Mariah Carey’s new song, “Standing O” teaser was released on youtube. Comparing this song to “I don’t care”, you get 8 bars of similar parts. It is 24 seconds, instead of 5 seconds, also has it as its major motive, and adding up the similar parts together, results in approximately 1 minute. What is Sony ATV’s opinion towards this song? I don’t know, but I am sure that you can’t easily say that Mariah Carey has plarigiarized 2NE1’s song that was released 3 months ago, although it contains longer and clearer motives from “I Don’t care”.

I have thought reversely as well. “What if this was G-Dragon’s music? What if it was the other way around?” It is quite scary.

Although embarassing to admit, the music Sony ATV presented for “I Don’t Care”, none of the composers nor
myself have heard the song, because it isn’t the type of music we listen to in the first place. Upon Sony ATV’s standards, if you were to put together pieces of any music together by force, I do not think any music could be innocent in your standards. If protecting the rights of publishers is Sony ATV’s job, you should also take a note that other publishers’ dignity and rights are just as important.

Because Sony ATV released such rash public statements, YG and G-Dragon had to receive more sarcastic remarks and offensive responses, but we decided not to release our statement towards Sony ATV through the media. It is because we respected your company, NOT because we did not have anything to say. The first and last proposal from YG to Sony ATV, is that please deliver us the opinions from the original composers to YG, and stop releasing unconfirmed statement to the media before anything finalizes. If the 4 songs you warned YG are proved to be innocent in the near-future, you should be prepared to see YG’s reaction.

more under the cut –>

Where does YG stand in this plarigiarism issue?

In my opinion, all the arguments and discussions could be seen different depending on the views and the viewers. So, I cannot explain my personal opinion of whether it was influenced by other songs or not.
However, in the centre of attention, there is “Heartbreaker”. This issue emerged above the surface because it had similar rap-flow as Flo Rida’s Right Round. Right Round is an extremely famous song even in Korea, and recently another Korean artist has sung it with translation, and appeared on the media. It is impossible that the composers at YG and G-Dragon tried to go around their way to plagiarize. It is impossible, because with the internet and all, everything gets revealed quickly.

Many expressed their concerns, “Why did G-Dragon do this? For the rappers who write and rap, it shouldn’t be hard to fix a few verses and re-recording”, and “How come did Yang Hyun-Seok, Teddy, Perry and Kush never mention that to G-Dragon?” It isn’t because we were trying to fool the public, but the other way around. I did not expect such a stir among the public, and I think I should be 100 folds more responsible than G-Dragon as the executive producer. I am truly sorry to G-Dragon and his fans who are burdened alone.

Any more wrongs from the media and misunderstandings?

YG never released a statement that “Heartbreaker is G-Dragon’s solo-composed piece. Would the public like this piece if this was a plarigiarized piece?”. This is absurd and truly psychotic. Due to high interest to Big Bang and 2NE1, there are many unsaid things being reported to the media, and rumours are creating more rumours. Because i do not socialize as much, there are haters and misunderstandings happening frequently.
Recently, KBS Radio boycotted all the YG music from being played on the air, and because 2NE1’s manager declined an interview request, one newspaper continuously pours out articles containing some crap about YG.
Even yesterday, he wrote that “Yang Hyun-seok is loving his artists in the wrong way”. For the past three months, there are over 30 articles he wrote against YG. I think the saying, ‘you never get tired’ suits him for sure. I think it is maybe because he has too much love and interest towards YG.

Mere entertainment companies can’t fight against media corporations. It is also hard to lobby them to put on
better articles. I try to think to groom myself first instead of talking badly of others these days.

There are opinions which claim that “the issue has elevated because YG has been covering G-Dragon as a genius composer”. What do you think about this?

The funny thing is, for the past 9 years G-Dragon has resided in YG, never I nor YG called him as a genius
composer. I am known to be cold and objective from my artists. The fans know that I am not that kind of person complementing the artists often. In opposite, the fans were upset because I talked about G-Dragon’s collaboration process with others.

There are around 60 songs which G-Dragon took part in compositing and writing lyrics. Usually he wrote the lyrics by himself, but when composing music, he collaborated with many people. The reason is because he has been really busy to take time arranging the songs. When G-Dragon was 16 years old, I have used my own personal money to get him some musical gear, and G-Dragon has made many hiphop tracks, but because Big Bang debuted and had rigorous schedule, it had been stopped. I heard that there are 10 people holding license for “Right Round”.

It is such an ordinary way of composing music with others.
A few months ago, it is important to be able to arrange songs you have composed, but it is also important to make the melodies and lyrics, and designing the structure of the song as a whole. They are important because they cannot be only learned. You need that sense of gift for that part.

The term ‘genius’ does not suit the 22-year-old composer, and nor does he want it. The reason why so many
people have their hopes for him, is not because he is a genius, but because he has his unique style and sense
towards music. Extraordinary 13-year-old boy has become the G-Dragon of today, and people see him in the long run and in his potential from today.

There are sayings that this issue is part of the marketing for YG.

First of all, YG is not that clever to come up with a marketing plan like this.
Especially for G-Dragon, he was receiving enough attention as the leader of famous idol group in Korea, and for releasing his ever-first solo album. He is even cutting off the appearance on the stage…

There are also rumours that you are having troubles with one broadcasting company, because your artists are not appearing on the stage.

Whenever I hear about these rumours, I feel bad towards the broadcasting company. I think this was derived
because of YG’s marketing scheme of appearing only 1 show per week. YG is only concerned about the best
program for its artists, we do not try to make better connection with the broadcasting companies. We are not
ignoring the broadcasting company, nor does the company boycotting the appearance of YG artists. In the eyes of broadcasting company, there are way too many artists wanting to appear the show. However, 2NE1 and G-Dragon has not requested to be on the show… It is only fair that they do not need to cast YG artists from their side.
Again, I apologize for any misunderstandings.

Now, the good news:

This weekend, we are filming Tae Yang’s music video “Where U At” with Seo Hyung-Seung PD. We know that his promotion period was extremely short. We are trying to come up with ideas for longer promotion period. It is being planned that the song will be released with a music video as digital media first. The estimated date for Tae Yang’s full volume cd is still to be announced. I will keep you posted about Tae Yang soon.

On the first weekend of December, there will be G-Dragon’s solo concert. It will be held in Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, and there will be two concerts. A detailed notice will be posted up soon, and the ticketing will be done after the Chinese new year.

That’s it for now. I will try to come back only with the happy news next time.
2009 09 24
From YG

translated by 코코마탑횽 @bbvipz (

there’s a few typos & stuff in here.  i’ll have a look-through & do a translation later w/ a synopsis.
don’t worry guys, just hang in there for YG’s sake.


~ by Vicky on September 24, 2009.

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  1. YES first!

    first.. i am extremely happy that YG have decided to do something about the ridiculous rumors that has been surrounding the media today!! I am happy that YG has not just lashed out at the companies and other parties involved but rather have taken the time and analysis the situation before releasing a statement! kudoes to him for that! Second.. he really does care about hsi artist alot.. i mean the way he was supporting GD and 2ne1 and Teddy and Perry was really admirable!! i have more respect for him now than ever before!

    I really am happy because it’s like a slap on all those rumors that are being said about YG without making a sound about it.. all the questions that the fans has been wondering have been replied too!!

    Really impressed!~ GO YG!~

  2. THANK THE LORD!!! hahahaah never thought that YG can do something for GD!! hahaha great job YG! hahahha keep it up!

  3. Damn Freaking right YG! Wow i didnt know sony was low enough to try to go after 2ne1, teddy, and perry. With those being said all of a sudden, you know something is up. I think sony just wants to try to get some money out of this. They didnt expect heartbreaker to do that well and now that it has, they want a piece of the pie that they have no right in having. I am very glad YG finally came out and said something on this issue. Its pretty bad when you have articles being written about you like that and to challenge his dedication to his artists. LIKE REALLY?!!?! Stupid papers. YOU PEOPLE WILL WRITE ANYTHING THESE DAYS TO BRING DOWN HONEST HARDWORKING PEOPLE!!! I like the fact that he came out and said that he never called GDragon a genius composer. I know in the past Bongie has always played around with that but has admitted it was stressful being thought of in that way. KBS dont even get me started on them. Ever since the whole Seungri thing earlier this year I have practically ignored their shows and radio station. they can kiss my butt for all i care. Now that I got all that out…

    KYAAAAHHHH I WANNA GO TO THAT CONCERT!!!!! I was so happy to read this news that he is going to have a solo concert. I still think that he should follow after Taeyang and do it completely shirtless but *sigh* it wont happen. A girl can dream right? XD and Taeyang is already filming his mv?!?!?!? OOOOOOOOHHH i cant wait to see what he comes out with this time around. I loved his album Hot.

    Bongie keep kicking ass and taking names. Dont let the haters get you down.And keep it sexy for the concert XD. I wanna drool when i see clips of it. As if i dont drool over you already. YG you keep plowing ahead and thank you for letting us know whats going on in more detail. Thank you for believing and stepping up for your artists. And Bae cant wait for your solo stuff later this year.

  4. yeah keep it uP!

  5. Saw this earlier
    YG is the man!! ❤
    such a long ass yet good article
    he pointed out how unfair Sony was in dealing with this issue
    whether it is plagiarism or not,
    the original composers should step up and clarify it
    and the fact is, YG is not afraid at all.
    according to some who have musical ears
    hearing some similarities in 2 songs doesn't mean that it's plagiarism
    accusing bong, and the YG composers for plagiarism is HARSH
    thanks to YG, i feel so much better now
    way to go YG! heck, i really love YG to death!
    for backing up his artists so much! ❤

  6. =D (Y)

  7. what song are they accusing with u of plagarizing? first time I heard of that.

  8. If Gdragon just said he plagarized this would not have happened. its his fault for not writing anything original. We already know that YG is blinded with the illusion GD is some sort of genius but he’s not. First of all he cant sing. His voice doesnt go very far. He probably couldnt even hold a whole note especially with vibration cause he cant do it. His rapping is the same. its never versatile and he cant write different types of music. He cant write ballads especially for himself cause he cant sing it, haru haru, lies, heaven, other shit that he has written pretty much sound the same. He tries to act all black through his rap especially the rap that he writes, but obviously he fails. He wrote Oh my friend but bb does the normal parts not the rock parts thats why he has No brain help them out cause they suck. They are turning slowly into dbsk especially their fanclub. they are slowly turning into all of SM’s group, and that my foes is an insult.

  9. YG family is the best. I always admired YG for his dedication and support of his artist and this article proves how much he cares about each one of them. It’s true what he said, GD and YG never called GD a genius, it was the media that labeled him, he never said he was a fashion icon, it was the media that also labeled him. As always, the media just do whatever they want and write whatever. It’s good that YG didn’t let all those rumors get into his head, instead he wrote this article and clarified lots of stuff. I was surprised when i read about the mariah carey song, he’s not accusing, he’s just kinda pointing hahah. smart. And supposedly when this plagiarism thing started, the company that owns 50% of right round said that they could not find similarities. So how come sony that owns only 10% comes up with this statement. I want to see YG reactions when the results come out, sure it won’t be pretty for all the people involved cause he won’t let this go so easily. Basically they have accused the whole company of being plagiarizers. He has to hit them hard.

  10. WAH! everyone is like leaving such a long comment~
    Why don’t I do that too??? 😀
    YG is totally right! Its only the 1st part of the song!
    Its not even half of the song!!!!
    I don’t care sounds so diff from the other song!
    They are nothing alike except for the fact that I don’t care is better!
    President Yang you are the best!!!
    You take care of your little babies, Big Bang and 2NE1 well!
    And all the other YG family members^^
    And..WTF la “ihateyg” don’t come here and bash up on HUGE BIG BANG LOVER’S FANSITE!
    We all love YG and only u who is the odd one doesn’t
    SO go back to where u come from==
    Back to the topic..
    YG HWAITING!!!!!!!
    2NE1 HWAITING!!!!!!
    VIPz HWAITNG!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh so its only the beginning so anyone can plagiarize as longs as its less than ten seconds its okay? What an idiot? Why are the mad at Sony. Just because they own only 10% of the song they still partially own it. If a company owns 1% of a song and thinks its been plagiarized then they have a right to say it.
    YG is blinded by Big Bang. He will defend them because they bring him millions.
    What happened to the hip hop group big bang, the REAL big bang. This is what happens when they try to hard to conform. IF they stayed as the hip hop group big bang, they would not have made so much money but at least they would have kept their word and have original. But no they choose to conform like all the boy bands and because of that, they keep plagiarizing. YG should shut up anyway, its not like he raised them in a way that brought them to fame. Anyone could have picked these five boys and put them into a group. YG is not talented at all. His music sucks thats why he doesnt write music. He depended on GD’s unoriginal music and used big bang to put 2ne1 into fame. Plus who says yg doesnt look at appearance. Sandra Park does squat but she just happens to be the most popular. No wonder philiphinos like her.

  12. hey ihateyg why u still here? lol
    YG fighting! this is why I like the guy and his company!

  13. Yeah YG! Long article, thanks to the translator at bbvipz for translating it!
    First off, GD for sure didn’t actively plagerize – i mean everyone who produces music works from the same beats and then just comes up with their own creations – really in the history of music there aren’t going to be songs that sound like each other? Come on! The other song doesn’t sound like She’s Electric! I should know, I love that Oasis album.
    YG keeping silent because he doesn’t want to feed into the media frenzy – it’s well in his rights to do so. if he talked people would just find more idiotic reasons to criticize him or GD. I can’t believe people are going after Teddy and Kush- extremely talented original producers who wouldn’t plagerize. YG’s point about a Mariah song sounding like 2NE1’s song is valid – songs sound alike sometimes, doesn’t mean people are plagerizing!! If Sony only owns 10% of the copyright, why are they doing 100% of the criticsm?
    Also, I support YG artists only being on the shows once a week. This way, they can put on a unique performance every week, as opposed to other artists who do the exact same thing 3 times a week! The music shows are something I don’t really get about Korean music promotions – why are some groups always doing the same things soo often?
    And if you hate YG so much, why are you on a Big Bang fansite? There are plenty of other sites for you to look at online.

  14. TO “ihateyg” if you know anything about YG family, you would know that YG defends his artists because he loves them, not because they bring in the big bucks. And Big Bang is not a conformist group, thats they broke away from their hip-hop image…they are still mainly hip-hop but with their own added style, GD an TOP are mainly hip hop, Taeyang is more RnB, Daesung is more ballad, and Seungri is more pop. So when they work on their music, you gat a mash of all these styles.

    And don’t try to pass your opinoin as fact, you’re not a music expert and you don’t have a degree in music so whatever you say is just your opinion, so don’t try to state it as a fact.

    Plus, do you understand that this site is a FANSITE! Don’t come around here talking your crap and spreading your hatred, why don’t you get a life and learn to love rather than lash out on others.

  15. “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” – Pablo Picasso.

  16. Go YG!! Stupid Sony, going after everyone, sheesh >:|
    I like the news about Taeyang 😀

  17. lol @ emmamarie2: my brain is too fried to try & de-condense that quote.

  18. @ihateyg – You shouldn’t even be on here if you’re going to talk nonsense about YG. You obviously don’t know anything so don’t say anything. How old are you anyways? Like 14? Sounds like it.
    Everyone is talented in YG you just don’t know what talent it.

  19. to ihateyg you’re obviously biased cause you freaken hate yg, hence your username.
    i think you should get the fcuk out. i can’t seem to say it any nicer. cause for one. this is a big bang FANSITE. emphasis on fans, if this was allkpop or something , you can write your damn opinion there. if you got nothing nice to say about bigbang or ygentertainment, don’t say it here, go say it somewhere else.
    i mean critiques are welcome, but no bashing. which is what you’re doing.

    once again, please go do something useful with your freetime, instead of writing your unwanted statements on this site.

    thanks kid :]

  20. wow!
    that sure was a looooong article
    I’m glad YG finally spoke up
    I have to I was starting to feel a little disappointed about this whole plagiarizing thing not because of GD but because I just can’t see why people put such an effort to ruin his career.
    Whether or not GD or YG have done wrong they’re still humans and I’m sure this issue affects them a lot.

    Happy to hear about Taeyang’s new video
    hopefully he doesn’t have to go through all of this

  21. Good article, I’m glad YG has finally came up with a statement

    @ihateyg: I bet you wouldn’t talk all that crap if you were in front of all us fan girls, yeah stay behind your computer and talk crap you coward because thats all you can do, anyway BIG BANG’s music is fresh and there all smexy! I hope they’ll come to the US someday :O

  22. YAY TAE YANG!! I Can’t wait till his new MV comes out!!!

  23. @ihateyg

    um dude or girl…last time i checked your free to state your opinion and all…but this site is purely dedicated to big bang. we are all fans on here. i dont get your reasoning for wanting people to attack you by saying nasty things. maybe your a masochist. i dont know. but it clearly states no bashing other groups or artists with commenting. so either learn the rules and take the stick out of your ass, dont come here again, or keep acting like a two year old wanting attention cause they dont get it enough from home. either way im ignoring you starting now.

  24. as long as you have a good boss, you will ovecome all the hardships.

  25. I’m so scared I have GD’s, Big bAng , and 2NE1 cds I don’t seewhat they’re talking about. I remember something this happening in America to so group it was really mess I really hope this blows over.I just want boys to keep making amazing music because Young Bae oppa second album comes out soon and T.O.Ps sooo yeah hyped much!!!! BIG BANG FIGHTING like the VIPs are behind you all the way!!!!

  26. so.. rapping in the same tempo is actually considered plagiarism? wow i didnt know that.

  27. thanks for the trans.
    it’s good to see the company’s got their (GD, teddy, perry) back.
    i lol’d @ ‘YG’s not smart enough to come up with these kinda marketing schemes’ xD

    yay tae yang!! =D

  28. @ihateyg

    If you hate yg that much. Why do you even here? Yes you can freely state your opinion and stuff. But cant you see or read? Or you’re just plain stupid? Because last time I check this site is for Big Bang/Vipz. Why are you bashing here? I’m ashamed of myself if I were you, bashing in their fansite. Ugh, I think you should go away from us (: (translation; FUCK OFF!) We here are to love, not to hate. We here are to make friends, not enemies. So yeah, and look at your self first before commenting on other people.

  29. i knew it wasn’t Ji Yong’s fault! I LOVE U JI YONG!!!!!


  31. Weet, YG Ent. Hwaiting
    THats why i love Yg entertainment, Yg and their artists aloot. :3
    XDD Hwaiting guys. ❤

  32. I love YG. hehe.

    Glad he released a statement now. And it’s a thorough statement, detailed yet concise, open yet with a stand.

    Damn the people bashing YG. And I hope less people will classify a song as plagiarized, as like YG said, it would be up to the original composers of the song to say that he plagiarized.
    And of course, in Preesident Yang’s eyes, Bong is not a genius. He still is a kid, but with a talent and unique style.

    Can’t wait for Taeyang’s new single!!! Damn October is just around the corner. =)

  33. FIGHTING Ji Yongie oppppa ❤ 🙂

    VIPS are always by your side.

  34. LOL! My last comment here was in btw that ignorant user “ihateyg” ><
    So I feel its better to comment another one xP
    I once heard a quote by a famous artist..
    "Good artists think alike" 😀
    YG Hwaitng!
    We all know u can stand strong!
    Cause we VIPz will be there supporting^^
    YG Entertainment ❤

  35. 대성이 오빠가 자는모습 멋지고,예쁘고,귀엽다.
    ^_^ ^_^ *_* *_* %_% &_& &_& %_%

  36. 빅뱅 짱
    >_< @_@

  37. I dont care what other people say about GDragon’s album, for me, its the best. it makes me wanna dance. my support to GDragon and YG.

    Aja Aja Fighting!!!!

  38. Omfg noo way!Ididnt even read the whole thing and im like OMFG no way.Dang it whoever started these rumors are just messed up.Yg is a great entertainment company if it werent’s for them we wouldn’thave a lot of our favorite Korean Actors and Artists.I LOVE YOU BIG BANG YG WILL NEVER FALL!STANDING STRONG LIKE BB!

  39. @ihateyg
    You said “Anyone could have picked these five boys and put them into a group.” I found that funny because if I remember correctly in the Big Bang Documentary, Dae Sung knew he couldn’t get into any other entertainment company because he knew he didn’t have good looks. Dae Sung personally went to auditioned at YG Ent because he knew YG didn’t base a person on appearance. And if anything, YG has always considered the company as family from what I seen and carries himself with a lot of professionalism (IMO).

    YG Family forever.

  40. Go YG!! All these haters need to stop!! I remember reading a blog on SNSD and SNSD fans were angry because GD took the Gee Gee part and added it to his song “The Leaders.” Quite frankly I thought it was clever of GD. So all i got to say is, “GD and YG Family, FIGHTING!!!!”

  41. Thank you so much, translator 코코마탑횽.
    Thank you, Melly, for posting it.
    And thank you, YG, for the clarification.

    I think YG Entertainment will be fine. ❤

  42. @ihateyg:
    reading the comments here that other people have left for you i’d like to say … YOU JUST GOT OWNED! 😉

  43. yah thanks 4 the translation melly….wow now i see the things more clear, but yeah i suspected this whole issue…anyway let’s focus only on the good news ^^

    Tae Yang solo album its coming!!!! <333 can't wait =)

  44. all i have to say is…
    they always make rumors and believe anything they read.
    every song they accused gdragon of plagiarizing always ended up saying that gdragon didnt plagiarize. and all that is left is gdragon being hurt. even after YG has left this letter, the netizens are leaving bad comments about it.
    even if in the end YG is said to be innocent, they would still be talking bad about them.
    and i can not believe that they are making a fuss about gdragon smoking. although the pictures seem very much fake, it is kind of a fact that he is smoking. ALOT of people smoke, but they are making it seem as if its a crime. he is probably smoking becuase of all these harsh rumors anyways.
    i just hate the way korean netizens think.

  45. i agree to brokenfruit; netizens are the problem!!!
    you have fullfilled our wishes^^ 🙂

  46. Woots people, defending YG and all. Especially from that “ihateyg” person, lol. I think that person’s a joke. Agree with brokenfruit, x; It was the same sad case with 2PM? ): Then now look at what happened…

    Even if I’m not a fan of theirs, I still it’s really quite sad in a way. Everyone wants to perform, cos they love music.
    & I belive after so many years of hardwork in YG, GDragon wouldn’t just waste it all and ruin his career by plagarizing -.-

    Lame. & Abt sony… Think we as netizens, can’t comment much on that? Since we don’t really know the full story, & Yang CEO’s comments might be slightly biased toos, since he’s angry with Sony.

    But anyws! BB, VIPz, F I G H T I N G ! 😀

  47. wohu!hahahaha.

  48. watta ..
    long article .. 🙂
    but ..
    1 vs. all fans of bigbang ..
    cool!! ..

    anyway ..
    i’m glad that YG spoke out already ..
    i wish this issue will be finished quickly .. xD
    for the world of entertainment will be peace again .. :))

  49. Lol Such a long and well written article I have to spend more time reading it later when im not busy I LOVE YOU GUYS BUG BANG FTW ALWAYS THERE!

  50. No matter what happen i’m still yopu fan

  51. YG is d best boss a father… protecting…the family..
    all that rumors..are crap! made up by stupid haterz! who wants 2 bring YG down!!!! y are those haters pointing 2 YG?? JELOUSZ!! derz a lot kpop music (i wont mention,coz i respect them) …sounds a like…because haters base it w/ just a 5 seconds sound a like..danggit!! now, some video in cyworld is also questioning bigbang songs!!! stupid person who made that video!!!! such a garbage!!! looser….. i love YG…since then..and im loving them more..NOW!!!! (^^) haterz!!! go 2 hell!!!! ……… YG fighting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~haters!!! jst jelouz!!! cause ur dominating d kpop chart….hahahah……

  52. ey ihateyg…it’s Filipinos not “philiphinos”…and y are u reading this site anyway if u hate YG so much…

    though, this statement does not fully clarify whether they’re officially sued for plagiarism…i think Yang Hyun-Seok has covered much of the controversial areas…and i’m VERY IMPRESSED on how the company is taking a very matured and professional approach to it…

  53. YG is best boss forever…not like other componing how such are jerk..only thing money for their self….anyway…YG AND BIGBANG Fighting………………..cause ur ar the best…

  54. The same rumor keeps attacking the boys since they debuted,
    —— Plarigiarism ——
    You might think I’m bias as a fan of the boys and the YG family.

    Honestly, I doubt the plaintiff really cares about they plagiarise,
    or is it just about BUSINESS and MONEY behind the scene?
    Take few seconds and think it over,
    if the originals are popular and make a lot of money for the company,
    do you think they still care that much?
    And now the problem is……
    if the originals might not be able to make big bucks
    like the boys, it could be a DIFFERENT case.
    You know it’s the reality, big company always care about MONEY
    I’m not backing the boys up for no reason.
    The thing is I’m curious, and doubt it’s all about MONEY?
    IF the boys’ songs are not popular and blast,
    are they gonna pay attention to them?
    I bet NO!

    No matter how the issue is going on…I still stay positve and support the boys and the family.

  55. No matter how this excatly turns out
    YG is always VIP!
    GD is always VIP!
    I also cant believe GD would ever Plarigiarize, he really just to unique for it! I love all the song he has composed and produced!
    Again also I don’t see at all how those song sound the same, Heartbreaker and Right Round have completely diffrent feels to them, the beginning may seem close but no matter what they do itz GD, itz always diffrent!
    I’m still a little confused on this matter, but from what I do understand it iz a waste of time, a big waste of time for Sony, this has been blown way way out of portion.
    Also how’d did 2NE1 not get accused until Heartbreaker came out, or im i late, cause that just messed up?
    All I have to say iz leave YG,GD, 2NE1 and Teddy alone! YG Entertainment iz orignal they r a company! I love Yang Hyun-Seok too,he is a great boss!
    I shall support them anyway I can! YG, GD and the rest of the YG Family FIGHTING! Also YAY, Tae Yang album news -happily dances-!!!! ❤

  56. Teddy already issued a statement saying he did not plagiarize, and I believe him. with music, its much more difficult to judge, but take an essay as an example, any kind of essay, if you research hard enough, you will find that there is also someone out there who has wriiten about it also.

    If it was really plagiarize, the original composers should be the first one to point it out. What makes me mad is that the original composers don’t even care, yet its the netizens that insisted it was plagiarized and blew it out of proportion. The original composers should be the ones making a fuss, yet its the netizens and anti’s whom I’m sure most, if not all, are not even music experts, and yet they try to talk as if they know all about music when its just purely their opinion.

    YG has been accused of plagiarism in the past, but they were never convicted…because they didn’t plagiarize, that’s why the original composers didn’t sue them, its only the stupid netizens and antis that keeps insisting that they “plagiarized” when obviously they didn’t because they haven’t gotten sued for a single song!

    “Oh it sounds similar to so-and-so…” ppl complain, yet the original composers themselves don’t even carry out any action against it, so therefore they must know that its not plagiarize.

    Netizens and anti’s should just let the original composers worry about if its plagiarize or not. If they think its plagiarize, they’ll deal with it, they don’t need the help of netizens and antis. Gosh ppl just want to start problem, because one song is thought to be plagiarize, they try to compare all the songs to another one and try to think of similarities, just looking for trouble for YG.

    YG did an excellent job with this statement, answered all questions and so antis can just shut the F-up.

  57. Vicky, i think the 2NE1’s song that mariah’s song has some similar parts is “In the club” not ” I don’t care”. I’m not sure.

  58. ihateyg has a serious problem. If you hate GD, why still go read the whole LONG post and post a comment? I think you’re just jealous. And SONY ATV doesn’t even have any proof that they plagiarize. The original composers have yet to say anything lor.

  59. are there singaporeans here?? pls help to vote at

    let big bang come to singpapore.. big bang votes’ little!

  60. Voted! 😀 I’m singporean, (: Hope BB can come to Singapore real soon!

  61. YG FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~^ ^ .

  62. @ihateyg

    you’re funny. since you hated YG so much, what are you doing here anyway? go to somewhere else if you wanna bash. what a hater gosh, i don’t even bother to defend GD for the sake of you. coz everything you stated is ridiculous. especially those about YG.

  63. OMG,mariah’s new song definately has similarities with 2NE1’S ‘in the club’. common sony youre being a total BS,get a life!
    YGLOVE ❤

  64. -yawn- you guys are so slow on the news. there have been A LOT of news going on with G-Dragon, TaeYang, Seungri, Daesung, and T.O.P and this is all you’ve got? It’s a shame that this is called a FANSITE.

  65. phewwww…i was panicking when i heard about this plagerizing thing…thnk god it’s calming down now….wow YG took it really good..usually people will start like a “war” over it and fight like 2 year olds..but YG was so professional! 5 STARS! But yea…i really think that GD is not stupid enough to plagerize something when he knows it will leak out…and SONY WTF IS WRONG WITH U….ARE U ON CRACK???? yeesh


  66. 75 out of 100 people said that gdragon is way too overrated. He cant sing and his music is just ehh. People call him a genius but hes not. A musical genius would be jyp. oh and dont bash jyp because even your beloved gd and yg knows that.

  67. @ALLKPop

    …notice were not forcing you to check here for your news. our mods have lives away from the internet and we all know that there are other sites that update constantly. to say that it is a shame to call it a fansite is like me saying your not a fan of any group whatsoever. If it has people that visit it and has information that is true, and people gather on it to give their opinions, then it is a fansite. Dont bash it just because it isnt up to your standards.

    …yeah….sure…you keep thinking that….I and many others on here have no reason to bash JYP. Just because this is a fansite for big bang doesnt mean we dont like other labels. I myself adore 2PM and Wondergirls even though they have had their controversies too. Its the entertainment business and not everyone is going to like the same artist. Thats why its entertainment. We, unlike you, appreciate all different artists and their works. We wouldnt go so low as to attack someone unlike you who has persisted in trying to evoke harmful actions among the members of this site. As a fan of YG and JYP i am utterly disappointed in you and how you handle your hatred towards other musicians. Its quite sad and its netizens like you who cause harm to these musicians when all they are doing is what they love.

  68. Yong oppa FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!

  69. Because I’m sick of all the plagiarism accusations, for your viewing pleasure are some simplified sheets of “Heartbreaker” and “Right Round”. Go ahead and play them out, correct my notations if you believe something is wrong, but here before your eyes is why GD the song is NOT plagiarized. About the only thing that is the same is the use of triplets, and those aren’t even the same note.

    The differences are in notes, phrasing, intervals, lyrics(of course).

    maybe tomorrow i’ll write sheets for the rest of these goddamn accusations.

  70. LOL, thanks to melly i found out about this ihateyg person.

    i love how you ACTUALLY know about this site.
    so its either
    a. you wiki-ed big bang and found out
    b. you have SUPER cool friends/family that is blessed with these guys

    & if you think that GD / BB can’t sing and or rap then i would like to see you produce an album and sell a million albums, cause baby, i FRICKEN doubt it. and i would personally buy your album.

  71. voted at the sistic =)

    Jiyong looks extremely tired, his dark rings are getting worse..Hope things get better soon for him, sigh.

    To the hater of YG at this page, please be nice, everyone’s just trying to make a living in their own industry..the hard work everyone puts in is pretty obvious..our eyes are for us to see.
    Are you yourself an ace student in class who does everything well at work or school? No one’s perfect, neither are you and your thoughts. Please think twice before you said harsh things that will hurt the pride & feelings of others. Thanks.

  72. yg<3

    & don't be a hypocrite. if you lost faith in gd because of lame bs that is going on then you were never a fan from the heart. so go play on the freeway with your lame shit because it's definitely not wanted here. thanks(x

  73. ihateyg said something about big bang becoming a typical boyband?
    in what way???

    the reason why i remain loyal to bb is because they are nothing like a typical boyband!

    right fromt\ the way they dressed to what’s most important like their music , they are a far cry from being typical.

    this plagiarizing issue has been around for decades in the music industry , not only in kpop but every music indusry in every existing country in this world. only now , in kpop world , plagiarism is blown out of porpotion because the fact that gd , big bang and 2ne1 are among the hottest things in kpop right now!

  74. Sigh this is like a perfectly AWSOME boy group with guys i LOVE.If they were to ever break up id cry myself to sleep~!

  75. @ ihate yg
    1. “75 out of 100 people” Where did you get this source? from your imagination? please, don’t try to trick people with your fake numbers, thats so low of you too lie to others and yourself.
    2. How can you compare GD to JYP? JYP is old and got lots of experience, whereas GD is only consider a rookie. People call him a genius beacause as a rookie, he’s doing so well. Do you know of any rookie that sells thousands? didn’t think so.
    3. Your Beloved JYP must know that YG and GD is talented, because BB and WonderGirls have done many collaboration and they are even good friends. 2pm boys are fanboys of 2ne1 and one member, idk who, is also good friends with GD and Taeyang, and Nickhun and Daesung are friends after going on star king. So JYP and YG are actually cool with eachother.

  76. It’s too long and I’m to lazy to read it.But I still love you guys!

  77. @ihateyg: u are probably the most musically under-educated person ive ever seen on this page. Being a classical music person, my knowledge in music is most likely WAYYY above u, since expecations in classical music are alot stricter. GD may not be a genius but hes not some piece of shit that u think he is. Musically speaking, in terms of modern music standards, he is very gifted and talented..especially with his compositions. To tell u the truth, BigBang was the only band of modern music that really caught my attention. Before, i would refuse to listen to any hip hop, rock, rap etc. True, if i was to rate every single singer ive heard, only a 2 or 3 would reach my standards. And if im going to be TRULY honest with today’s singers, i would NEVER call any of them a musical genius..not even close. That’s why my expectations with, for e.g. Michelangeli, a concert pianist, and Taeyang would be COMPLETELY different. And i must say, im really pleased with wat BigBang does…i cannot get enough of them…they are truly one of top 3 people/bands that i admire soo much. 🙂

  78. @D-Mon

    i couldn’t agree more
    if it wasn’t because of BB,
    i wouldn’t appreciate hip hop as much as i do now
    i used to hate hip hop and rap so so much
    now i accept every kind of music 🙂
    and because of BB, i listen to even greater music
    BB was really good as a hip hop group last time
    but they wouldn’t be able to make it if they were to stay stagnant forever

    genius? i’ve never called GD a genius
    they’re all gifted and different ways
    and YG is smart to have gathered 5 boys with different personalities and talents into a group
    other groups are cool and good
    but only BB caught me so so much so far
    and it feels like i’m not gonna stop liking them anytime soon ❤

  79. wht the hell sony talk about????sorry sorry so same wit eng song…but they don’t take any reaction bout that…sme like it’s u…by the way…i don’t know wat the hell his name but he copy last farewell song…yg did take any reaction…n tio i hate yg…who ur motherfuckers teach u to say yg bout that…u jez donno them…so…all i want to say is jez shut up ur mouth…jez go hell……ur place is not right here…

  80. 1st, I really support GD ang YG… Beside, it was really GOOD SONG… I love it~ >_<… For sony, well get out there and try to take a listen hundred of song… if u guys listen VERY CAREFULLY, u will notice dat there are song does sounded alike.. I cant make example coz I already listened to tons of songs… For GD case, I already listen to it and found dat in the beginning it does sonded like Flo Rida-Right Round a bit but IT WAS A DIFFERENT SONG U IDIOT!!! I not a song expert but as a fan, I have to STAND UP for MY IDOL!! STAY STRONG BIG BANG & YG!!

  81. To THE ihateYG, well listen here u idiot!! Don’t comment if u r not BIG BANG family!! I REALLY HATE ANTI FANS!!!!!

  82. woah, well said YG. can’t wait for TY’s album!!

  83. @ kaychan well said! Bravo lol

    Also jiyanz & D-Mon I can relate to what you both said, I live in the BX and this is actually the place where Hip-Hop was created, living here I was also surrounded by Rap, R&B and Hip Hop, I use to dislike it so much because I always compared it to being ghetto or overrated, so I eventually drifted towards underground, screamo & J-rock which I still love till this day, anyway one day while watching an episode of ‘We Got Married’ I saw these two cute guys with Crown J and Seo In Young and I thought they were freaking hot (watch Top and Tae Yang in this Epi I had no idea that they were in a hip-hop group, so when I listened to one of their songs I was a bit surprised because it wasn’t like all the other hip-hop songs that I’ve heard before. These guys are not only handsome but they are also talented. Since listening to Big Bang I’ve grown quite found of hip-hop and other genres of music, I’ve learned not to be so close minded and try out new tunes.

  84. @ Denny

    hey, well..i live in totally another side of the world
    but i used to be annoyed while i heard rap music on radio
    it just annoyed the hell outta me
    i don’t know why!
    yup and until i got to know Big Bang
    and i love their hip hop songs so effing much
    and realized that it’s not that bad afterall 🙂
    i was really close minded that time
    and now i grew so fond of hip hop and am a big fan of epik high.^^

    many people around me still stick to the same old genre
    and refuse to try out new tunes
    which i don’t understand why
    sometimes it’s not that you don’t like it..
    it’s just that you refuse to like it
    but it’s just my opinion on some people around me
    everyone has their own preference

    anyway we’re really out of this plagiarism topic hahahaa
    but i’m glad that we all love music
    and it’s the reason why we are here, isn’t it? 🙂

  85. so everyone can relate here…..we should all thnk BigBang for bringing us out of our own little shells and come out and try something new 😀 BIGBANG HWAITING!!!!!!!!!!

  86. damn them haters !
    who cares about them ! just go do your own thing YG all of us BIG BANG fans are always here to back you guys up ! woooooo
    gosh how i wish i live in korea 😦
    i really wanna meet them in person specially taeyang and seungri ! i love em soo muchhh !
    guyssss ! give me money for my air fare so i can visit korea LOL 😛

    much LOVE

  87. lần đầu cm
    hẻm bik vik cái j` dey:|

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