BIGBANG filming new MV?

some recent fan pictures show the boys filming a music video… is that the case? because one important person is missing….

like nothing ever happened… but let’s not speculate here.
as long as everyone’s okay.

it’s possible that they’re shooting for YB’s new solo video.

btw, look forward to yb’s new solo activities. his next single “WHERE U AT” will be released as a digital single :]

more under the cut —————->

they bite their nails! they even blink! lol jk

there it is! the infamous finger pointing!

SR’s so stoic…

DAESUNGIE!!! he looks good on that kiddie ride lol
no cuts, bruises, scars… thank buddha lol

no-look wave

credit as tagged.

============= ON ANOTHER NOTE =============

CAUGHT SLEEPING AGAIN! <333 lol i had to. sorry x]

가호야~ mommy loves you ❤


~ by gdluvzmc on September 29, 2009.

72 Responses to “BIGBANG filming new MV?”

  1. ahhhh i’m so happy to see dae again
    he definitely looks better now!!
    what happened? hahahaa
    can’t wait to watch him being all happy again in FO~
    the boys look so damn hot!!
    especially tabi, i swear i died right away viewing those pics
    baby is cute..
    and bae…is still hotness overloaded!
    i love their outfits!
    now..where’s another fella? O___O
    i wanna see him in YB’s new MV please.
    ohh and baby gaho sleeing ^^

  2. So happy to see Daesung! I missed him XD
    Looking forward to that music video ^^
    Haha, “they bite their nails, they even blink” that made me laugh.
    Gaho!!!! ❤ sooo cute XD

  3. The pic of TOP biting his nail…Holy Mother that is hot!

  4. TOP just poses, invonlentarly. lol

  5. thank the lord! now all the members are working together now.. tho gd is sorta missing… but yay! every1 is okay now, esp. daesungieee! 😀

  6. oh my, TOP biting his nails looks too gorgeous to just be naturally posing!
    I’m so glad to see Daesung again 😀 I hope he feels as good as he looks.

  7. God I am soooo happy Daesung is okay and doing well. He still needs to relax and recover and so dont overdo it okay Daedae? and Top…I’ve already yelled at my bongie for biting his nails. Dont you do it too now. XD The reason Seungri is so stoic is because his Bongie isnt there to make it fun. lol. and Youngbae, you are still looking like a sex god. Cant wait for your solo stuff later this year. You already performed without a shirt. This time I want no pants either XD.
    WHERE IS MY BONGIE?!?!?!? Bae if this is for your mv then where the hell is my bongie?!?!?! His sexiness better be included or I’m going to be very upset lol

  8. Gaho. You know…I’m still jealous of this dog. XD I’m jealous of an animal. But seriously, hes constantly pampered by GD. Gets to sleep on his bed. Gets to KISS HIM! *flails about wildly* Is cuddled by him. Lives with him for long periods of time. Goes out with him……
    ugh whats a fangirl to do -.- XD

  9. woooooah!!!
    god finally some more activity
    hopefully it is for a new video

    TOP looking mighty fine!!!
    well not much surprise there but….
    sooooo glad to see Daesung’s back!
    he looks sexy in that shirt…..
    and what to say about Seungri…lord oh lord
    he seriously looks beyond hot!

    that dog man…that dog makes my day!
    Gaho is seriously the most pathetically cute dog

  10. GAHO!

  11. OMG, Dae Sung!!!!!
    YAY!!!! Smiling Angel iz back! ❤
    Hope u feels well hope he's not over doing it! X3
    Get rest and recover Dae Dae! Love u ❤
    Tabi is sexi! Baby looks good! Tae looks hawtt!
    But where Bong? Yay Dae!
    GAHO!!!! ❤

  12. T.O.P. totally has the smoldering, insanely sexy look down to an art. Do you think he practices in the mirror?

  13. OMFG T.OP<33 SOO SEXAY!Where the heck is GD?It's not really Big Bang without G Dragon!BUT T.O.P soo sexayy.I'm glad Dae Sung is okay

  14. i can’t w8 to c YB’s new MV!! =D Tae us soooo sexy! haha
    they all look gorgeous as normal lol
    where’s GD?? hmmm…. =P

  15. aaahhhh DAESUNGS BACK!!
    and yea cant wait for Youngbae eitther
    Taeyang wit it!

  16. if it’s for tae yang’s single, then that means top is featured?
    or it’s a cf
    wtvr.. i’m just happy daesungie is back. top and tae yang are super hot as usual. and seungri’s getting more handsome.
    hahah gaho.. ❤

  17. also: daesungie ah.. that’s a sweet ride xD

  18. glad to see daesung is back!

  19. Omg big bang is back well not comeback or album 😦
    they are going to peform though
    this weeks Chuseok special on SBS
    Hope you guys watch to support big bang
    they will comeback next year…
    too busy with all the solo activites
    It’s going to be the biggest and best COMEBACK IN THE WORLD!!!!~

  20. lol the first pic of taeyang i thought he was peeing bahahahaha

  21. ahhh tabi! **& faints**

  22. wheres Jiyongie? D;

  23. aww Dae is good 😀

    they look great T.T i’m missing BB so much lately…

    can’t wait TY new song

  24. Damn! Tae looks fucking hot as usual.

  25. i would bang TOP and GDragon! omgzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, so sexy!

    love them ❤

  26. where on earth is GD ?!
    big bang isnt complete without him 😦
    lol but aniwaiz i must say the 4 of em’s looking fineeeeeee 😀
    to be honest i dont find dae dae that appealing BUT NOW ! gahhhhh i suddenly got the hots for him hahahah 😛

  27. haha good way to show how deprived we are of BIGBANG lately. Comeback soon, guys!

  28. […] a strange post here:  BIGBANG filming brand brand new MV? Share and […]

  29. DAAAEESUUUUUUUUUNGGGGGGGGGGG. I so missed him. ;_; He looks like he’s doing well! WHAT A RELIEF. Hope he’s not hiding his pain behind a smile, or something like that.
    GaHo’s adorable. ❤

  30. omo! Daesung looks sooooooooo adorable

  31. noooes where is jiyong?? 😦 the other 4 are looking FINE, TOP especially, mmh. seungri looks kinda lost without jiyong!! COME BACK G DRAGON -CRY-

  32. daesung seriously looks like nothing happened, which is a HUGE relief, i was so worried for him and im sooo happy he’s back with his hyungs and maknae

    and top looks so good biting his nails

  33. DAe Sung nga…Bogoshipda.

  34. tnk god, dae is doing great now..
    we miss him..
    we were really shock tht he got an accident..
    since he’s doing great now. maybe he could do some more songs…lol
    ..btw im looking forwars to YB’s MV….Hope they will update it sooner or later,,,

    go BIG BANG

  35. they are damn looking good.theyre really hot to me..
    ..not to mention Tae..

    tOP OPPA

  36. ARGH! daedae is back. lookin very healthy too.
    i must say he did slim down a lil but he was sick so w/e.
    im all smiles cause he’s back.
    i must admit though TOP is also looking mighty fine here.
    slash dat they all look mighty fine. xD
    cant wait to see this. looks fun. wat with the kid ride. =]
    i wuld hav liked to c wat GD wulda done seeing dat ride.
    cant wait for Taeyang’s song
    last thing. *squeal* DAE’s BACK and he looks so well.

  37. *happy tears* thank god daesung is well again T-T
    and i’m missing BB so much!!! to see them altogether makes me happy ^_^ they all look fabulous and if this is a mv i hope we’ll get to see it soon!
    too bad gd is not with them, but the pic of gaho is super cute ❤

  38. top is definitely looking sexy with that hair do. i love it and i definitely loveee him!! daesung looks incredibly sexy in that picture where he is sittign down. ahhh i cant take it! they all look good! and i cant wait to see a new mv if its by big bang or if they are going to be for with taeyang’s video!h hheheh

  39. WHERE IS GD??????????!!!!! OMG, TOP IS SOOOOOOO DAMN COOL AND HANDSOME!!!!!!!Love him!!!!>_<

  40. God I miss Big Bang. so. damn. much.

    It’s sad not to see Bong here. Maybe he’s still busy with his activities? I dunno. But knowing Bong he will put Big Bang first.

    If it is Baebae’s new mv…damn….so many eye candy! hihi. Hope they release it real soon!

    And so glad to see Dae looking good! No cuts whatsoever! Thank god. =) I hope he healed well without hurrying it up. ^^

  41. omg TOP is looking SO good.
    *dreams of bigger pictures*
    when they look amazing just candid like that… hottness in its purest form.

    and GaHo!! so kyute! ❤ ❤

    ps: wheres GD?!

  42. i miss u daesung.. 😦

  43. thank god they all look really good and healthy..

  44. oh my god i’ve been missing them so f much!
    past week have been.. rather.. hurting? wth plagiarism thng.
    finally i got to see them doing what they do best xp

    i love young bae still forever and always!! can’t hate tht guy!
    tht faux fur collar is..haha..funny on him? xp

    top seung ri look as fine as ever and dae! omg dae.. wanna cry seeing him so good like tht.. hwaiting dae!

    i heart u bb

  45. luv TOP’s pic ! 😀

  46. where is GD?

  47. God Young Bae I missed you so much how do live without your sexii voice, innocent smile, and wonderful personality. I on pins and neddles waiting for you!!!!

  48. I hope big bang will start performing again soon… gosh there have been so much bashing I am getting worried….><

  49. EEK!!!! I’m so excited for this to come out!!!!!!!!
    but wait… WHERE’S GD?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

    P.S. I LOVE YOU SEUNGRI!!!!! ^_^
    hehe, i hope he gets more screen time XD

  50. Yay Daesung! ❤ He looks amazing. ^_^ FIGHTING!

  51. Where is my honey GD?

  52. wheres gd?

  53. who else thinks top looks even more amazing than usual lol!!! aww daesung oppa we missed u!

  54. WHERE IS MY JIYONGIE!!!! lol. yay dae!

  55. ohlala they all look super duper hot! in the pictures….awwwie im glad that Dae is looking good and having that smile on his face =] TOP infamous finger pointing haha ohhh memories i say…Bae looking good =D hubby is melting my heart hehe…OMG~seriously all GaHo does is sleep huh?

  56. Cant wait to see the mv if there is one that will come out and i’m so glad daesung oppa is alright !!!! luv seungri top and youngbar oppa and btw where is jiyong oppa?

  57. Awwww (: Can’t wait !!

  58. Oh thank buddha Daesung looks the same!!! I thought he would look all destroyed!!!! YAYZ!!! TOP is soooo sexy with that tousled messy hair XDDD

  59. ROFL look at taeyang in the second picture!!!! LOLS

  60. damn! y TOP alwyz look sexy no matter wat he’s doing??
    Daesung is back!!! thanx God.. may he in good cndition..
    Big Bang FIGHTING!!!

  61. AWWW!!
    i like so CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!!;

  62. Bigbang is wonderful

  63. eff me top looks good

  64. Tabi!! *squeals* hot!!
    And Bae~ your voice is going to melt us all..
    Dae!! I missed you! Nice to see you back :3

  65. im so happy *tears of joy* i really miss DAE SUNG ..but wers GD? btw tae yang is fckn hot.wew

  66. damn that puppy is C-U-T-E!

  67. Dae, i missed you so much! it’s great to see him looking all better 😀
    TOP and Seungri are looking goooood…same goes for Taeyang

  68. this is going to sound selfish..but i hope this isnt YB mv bcus the whole point of doing a SOLO album is being a SOLO.i love big bang…but YB is should do a mv by himself….

  69. love the pic wat is the mv called


  71. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    TOP & YB is


  72. no more speculation….now we know its for japanese mv!!!!! sooooo awsome

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