DAESUNG ASKS: 3rd Anniversary

yes, yes. it is DAE’s turn. & he’s bringing out the poet in all of us. 2 lines is hard. time to be creative!

i’ll put up the best ones i read haha. daesungie only has 2, just like top. so don’t expect a 3rd one….

Translations by: jeska @VIPtranslators
Edited by: gdluvzmc @VIPtranslators
simply link back to this post. THANK YOU
source: ASKVIP 3rd Anniversary


*note: he means  2 line poems using the words, or 2 line poems about —-

– so how do we do this lol….


you’re a BIG part of my life
i wanna BANG 3/5 of you all night, every night
*to the other 2/5, please don’t be hurt, you’re like my little brothers. i couldn’t do that now, could i? lol

*edit: no, no, not all at once! x] that wouldn’t be fair at all.
lol! don’t take me seriously haha.

-ok a lil tougher…


big & strong.
yummy caramel.

haha! no seriously, don’t think too much of it. haha
it’s just for laughs x]


~ by gdluvzmc on September 30, 2009.

34 Responses to “DAESUNG ASKS: 3rd Anniversary”

  1. o my goodness daesung’s poems are so cute and so funny, especially that last one. as always he likes to make people smile. go daesungie!! :]

  2. 1. my heart toward Big Bang
    as Big as da Bang…
    2. daesung is da smilling angel
    make my heart smile n bright 🙂

    huhuuuu….is it can be accptble? dunno hw to write poems.
    but, Daesung smile make my dy.. x)

  3. LMAO!!! I TOTALLY SECOND YOUR FIRST POEM!!!!! Not for the same reasons but totally second it. my 3/5ths would be Jiyong(love of my life of course) Taeyang, and Seungri. Dae and Top just make me laugh too much. I wouldnt be able to keep a straight face.

  4. i like your first poem;
    let me give it a try.

    1.) one glance and i saw something BIG happen;
    BANG! it hit me like that. I was in love with BIGBANG;<3

    2.) Daesung. The smile that brightens everyone's day.
    Daesung the 'mood killer'. strong&handsome yet silly and sexy;<3

    HEEHEEHEE! sorry sunggie. i suck at peoms..


  5. 1.) A Big pplace in my heart is filled by the Bang of 5 special oppas; Big Bang will be the VIPs in my life forever
    2.)My smiling angel Daesung,
    lease don’t fly too far away sweet DaeSung
    LOVE YOU!!! DAE DAE!!!!

  6. lol please don’t fly away my sweet DaeSung!!! messed up!!!

  7. ROFL. don’t continue that train of thought please! >_< haha

    @vangmonie aww i really liked your first poem. really cute ^^

  8. look at me look at me daesung
    look at me look at me daesung
    look at me look at me look at me right now

    HAHA i couldnt help it, whenever i heard look at my gwisoon, i make up english lyrics using his name :]

  9. 1. The universe is expanded by an extremely dense and hot state,
    But my universe is expanded by loving Big Bang and I think it’s a fate.

    2. Dae sung is the first one that I knew from big bang,
    You are funny, silly, handsome and your voice is a dang,
    You’re my smiling angel and I’m falling in love with you when you sang.

    Aaaaaaargh it’s so difficult.. And I really don’t know how to write poems..
    Sorry dae sung if this poems is a suck..

  10. Btw, thank God that you’re doing great now.. Hehehe.. Wish you all the best.. GBU

  11. 1. In my world, if there is a BIG
    There will always be a BANG
    (LOL! Wat? Its the truth? xD)

    2. Daesung, you’re my smiling angel,
    Daesung, i love u 😀
    (Ok..tat was hard xD)

  12. 1.
    Big Bang are the fantastic five
    heroes of the Kpop world.
    lol phail attempt. this is why i never like poetry in class ><"

    Saranghaeyeo my angel
    My smiling oppa DaeDae
    like this one better but thats so unfair cause im Team DaeDae if any out of Big Bang and i can totally describe him in more than just 2 lines. making us think hard

  13. hopefully ill think of something better then add it. ><" geez this is making me think so much. damn 2 lines

  14. 1)you all are like a BIG gift from heaven to us,
    BANG it, it’s like a dream come true.

    2) your smile makes up my DAE!
    i hope that you can sing SUNGS for me everyday!
    LOVE BIG BANG always..

    2: Dae Sung! I hope you feel better! can’t wait til you sing agian!!! 😛 LOVE YOU! FIGHTING

  16. 1.My heart BANGS BIG for you.
    2.My wonderful angel
    The beautiful Dae Sung

  17. 1. BIG BANG (: My gift from heaven,
    VIP love foreverrr (:
    2. Smiling Angel,
    Daesung ! Oppa fighting!

  18. I’m down with your first poem 🙂 I’d be bang’n the WHOLE BIG BANG.

    2. Every DAE with a SUNG,
    Makes My Life COMPLETE with DAESUNG!

    sheesh its hard!

  19. 1. Always gonna be a VIP. It’s always gonna be BIG BANG for me.
    2. The smiling angel with the awesome sense of humor. Who’s also the “mood killer” Dae Sung 🙂
    I suck at poems. most of the time.

  20. 2-lined poems:
    1. You’re BIG cause your my heaven,
    the BANG lets me know you’ll be there 24/7.

    2. Just to let u know u made my DAE,
    cuz u you SUNG all the bad away.

    Extra cuz im funny like that:
    lol XD! oh gosh, i try, try; i suck at poetry so ill say goodbye bye; that was hard my mind died died; but Dae Sung my heart so I tried!

    Lol, ill stop now! ❤ So Lovin DaeSungie! ❤

  21. 1. If I said that I hated Big Bang
    then i would just be spitting out lies.

    2. Hey yo Daesung
    my iq is also 110 ^ ^

  22. I simply ADORE your first poem;D
    I third it!! :DDDD

  23. 1) I love
    Big Bang.

    2) Daesung
    You have nice arms.


  24. 1)Big(gest) stars in the sky with a
    Bang(in) style like no other.

    2)Dae after day you make me smile,
    Sung a song in a way that melts my heart.

  25. @gdluvzmc HeeHee; thanks.. it’s just so true though..
    when i first saw them my thought was ‘WOW; getto wannabes?’
    then i listen.. and they were amazing.. and for the
    next month all i could do was think about big bang
    and sing big bang.. so here i am, crazy about the boys…<3

  26. 1) Bangin’ BIG BANG
    has Bangin’ Big Bodies (kinda, we’ll look to the strong baby promo SR) ^_^
    2) DaeSung, your arms go for miles;
    Daesung, you light the room with your smiles!!

  27. LOL!Wow I missed hecka stuff.
    1.Big Bang be banging up my speakers!
    2.Dae Sung Day by Day

  28. is there such poem?lol.(‘ve no idea) neway.dae sung. hope u’ll recover soon..(=p)

  29. 1) BIG is the love I have;
    BANG! I figured BIG BANG was it!

    DAE makes me smile 110 times;
    SUNG keeps me happy even beyond 110!

  30. 1)BIG BANG:
    They are a BIG influence to many
    They bring the music world to a BANG

    DAE by Day I think of your smile
    I love all the songs you’ve SUNG

    I could do so much better than this but it’s managable.

  31. is he accually asking u guys?

  32. Daesung Come here!! Concert here!! please! x( Turks loves you!!! come here… xD ı love you… ❤ ❤ ❤ and seung ri and GD and T.O.P and taeyang xD I LOVE YOU!!! ❤

  33. Big bang.!!! Please come to turkey..!!!!

  34. big bang…come please to swiss.
    it’s great here and you haves a lot of fans here.
    we still waiting for you.

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