GDragon on SBS Idol Big Show

//EDIT BY MELLY: forget the pecs, JIYONG HAS GUNS! not the bang bang ones, but the “omfg keep lifting those weights baby” guns. i sheepishly admit, it’s from carrying my weight ROFL. anyway, enjoy.
there’s also a cap of the boys (minus dae) doing the ‘baby baby’ dance from Last Farewell. & jiyong being the center of attention in a room w/ KARA. i’m not too worried about them, so you shouldn’t be either HAHA.
teaching them how to dance… silly boy. stop being so hot. =]

updated pix under the cut πŸ™‚

It’s been a while since we get to see special performances eh? I’ve been handling HQBB and HQ21 and I must admit there hasn’t been anything that makes me wanna chunk down a bucket of coffee to stay up late and watch it live. But it’s coming, ChuSeok is coming in Korea, it’s their version of “Thanksgiving” and the idols will be putting on a great show for us all, which includes our wonderful Bong, and his beloved sisters, 2NE1, later on the show, BIG BANG SHOWED UP as a surprise. On this show, Bong performed ‘Breathe’ and also never before seen performance on ‘Hello’ with 2NE1’s Dara (getting something scandalicious going on). Big Bang made a surprise appearance on the show at the end and performed “Last Farewell” and “How Gee”. It is all happening on:

October 3rd, at 11 PM [KST] on SBS

I will be doing a live discussion, be here for that πŸ™‚

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GDragon on SBS Idol Big Show

Thanks to SBS and S

thanks to Oz@bbvipz


~ by Vicky on October 1, 2009.

47 Responses to “GDragon on SBS Idol Big Show”

  1. thanks for the updates! & bong is just too cute for words! ❀

  2. Ouu. That’s hot. πŸ˜€

  3. that’s cool!

  4. GD’s jacket. xD Few grown men can pull that off. He’s cute. ❀

  5. kute. GD he is adorable i love him sooo mucho! i cant wait to see the actual performance. hehe ^-^ love them all!

  6. amooooo a Gdragon
    salee supeeerr cueroo
    Big Bang es lo mejooor

    heyyy me gusto las fotooos que tieneesss arribaaa al inicio
    de tu paginaa
    no se como c le llama
    perooo sta fregoonaaa

  7. is there a way to watch it online?

  8. OMG the chanel charm on the chain is made from LEGOS OMG that is the epitome of DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. omg i have that elmo hat!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  10. omg dara is so lucky, i feel late but i just got my big show live cd in omg lovin it!

  11. LOL!Ohhh GD better watch out my cuzins are gonna get you.T.O.P<333

  12. Lol GD so yummy! ❀
    That pic is funny GD is taller that Dara so
    it doesnt look like hes leaning over, so just a teaser, or a kiss on the nose, or they r talking lol who knows? I say teaser!
    (Sowwy, Daragon fan, im just not into them together, lol)

    CL's hat so kewl,lol!
    Just wondering was DaeSung there (if not hope hes at home resting)
    ❀ Dae Sung ❀

  13. GD’S and CL’s hats are so random and madly cute!!!!! I’m not a Daragon fan, i prefer GD with CL or Boom, but if he’s happy then i’m happy too, as long as he keeps smiling he can do whatever he wants (even wear weirdly cute jackets that only he can pull off). I want to see the BB vs 2ne1 dance battle so badly, minzy vs TY vs Seungri vs CL vs GD (no offense to any of the other members but i think these are the best dancers from both groups).

  14. the pics are cute cant wait to watch gd is so cute and so is dara bb is ❀

  15. ahh EXCITED!!~~

  16. *torned between doing a good deed and watching BB live*

    It’s been a while and I am so excited to see them perform on stage again! Especially Dae…after the accident I really wanna see him dance and do his thing too. ^^
    Plus that picture of Bong and Dara just added up to the hotness of their perfs. dannnnnnggg….
    huhu…but I really am excited!

  17. I hope someone’ll sub? x]
    I so wanna watch!

  18. OMG I have same elmo hat and the cookie monster oh the oscar on too lol the shoe to match!!! LOL I miss YB but GD holding it down lovin the Black Jack gurls Park Boms sooooo cute so is Dara, CL just tooo cool alot like GD!!!

  19. i’m loving Breathe style >.< omg can't wait to see this finally some stage πŸ˜€

  20. i wanna waiting for top solo album

  21. He has such amazing style! There are a lot of haters out there but ya know i always say…”let you haters be your motivators” There is nothing better than GD & Big Bang! I am so glad that Daesung is back on his feet again. My heart belongs to Daesung!!

  22. gd’s ok.. but WTF is that jacket?! his fashion style is getting out of control! Is he planning to be the next Andre Kim or what?

  23. how cute his jacket!!!! are those pins or what? so cute!!!! cant hardly wait to see this video. hope someone with a kind heart upload it in youtube.

  24. i like CL and gd couple more then dara…hmm i donno, they both just seems cool and got same kind of talent hihi…

  25. shit
    shes kissing my man 😦
    or… play kissing πŸ™‚

  26. I like the pic that looks like GD’s looking at CL (but I think CL’s actually looking out somewhere else). πŸ˜‰

  27. im jealous of kara

  28. at zee, well, it was a concept style for Breathe,
    i personally tink he looks cute, i dunt want him to grow up, huhuu, keke
    wow, is Kara showin him their butt dance?!

  29. i like his yellow smiley shirt btw!

  30. So are we going to see Bong do the “butt dance”??? Damn I’m gonna love Kara for making him do that!! =)

  31. HIS ARMS!!!! *drools* WHO…WHAT…..WHERE…..WHEN……WHY…..HOW….. *dies*

  32. GD’s smile is just wonderful, too bad daesung wasn’t there, i wanted to see BB with five members, but i also want him to rest and recover. So that means that BB and 2ne1 were even, i wonder how they paired them.

  33. GD looks so good in that white shirt and tie, he is so stylish, whatever he wears looks good (well, most of the time, because i’m still scratching my head when i think about some of the outfits for gara gara go)But anyways, i don’t thing they kissed, their heads are not even that close, if you look closely at the pic, they might be just laughing behind the cap. I’m more of a GD + CL couple fan anyways hahhaha…the dance battle will be awesome, CL VS GD, TY VS MINZY VS SEUNGRI and then TOP VS DARA VS BOOM…then the final showdown MINZY VS TY, that would be awesome…i like seungri’s dancing also, but TY’s i feel his movements are more smooth, OHH i’m going crazy, what about a popping battle, that would be great too!!! i wish i could stay and watch this show live, but i got to work tomorrow so i’m going to bed now….have fun all of you!!!!!

  34. cdaaamn man, I hellla want the yellow happy face shirt πŸ™‚ GD opppa is wearing <3. Gahd, so sexy.

  35. What does his yellow T-shirt say at the bottom back?

  36. wooooooooooow
    i love you G_D
    beast wish from me
    love you
    youer stile is so cute

  37. well.. im happy to g dragon…
    but… one thing play in my mind…

    if what TOP oppa feel when he saw it…

    maybe, he can sing ‘heartbreaker’

    aigoo.. i wish top and dara will be the couple not gd…

    im stick to TOPDARA couple…
    im looking 4ward to TOPDARA projectsssss….

    i will suppport that couple fron d bottom of my heart eve

  38. well im happy to gd…

    but… one thing plat in my mind..

    if, what TOP oppa feel after he saw gd and dara little sacandal..
    is he jealous?!

    i was wondering.. hope that i can watch it as soon as possible…aist..

    maybe TOP should sing the ‘heartbreaker’

    im TOPDARA couple fan…
    im stick to TOPDARA…

    im looking 4ward for their collaboration projectssss..(many)
    esp. koreandramasss and commercialssss…

    aigoo.. i hope that data and TOP will be the best couple even in reality…

  39. i’m new here..hehe i just wanna spazz!!! can’t wait for tonight!yeee *baby baby bey-beh!* i miss daesung 😦

  40. yea~signnnnn….my TVants slow like….zzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  41. damn tvants…..nothing happen……

  42. i like the Daragon coupling.. i’d like to see Taeyang with CL more.

  43. hahah im happy x] i have the cookie monster version of the hat CL and GD are wearing here. i got it in may :]

  44. i cant wait to see daesung back on stage
    but i want him fully recovered, so im willing to wait

  45. OMFG DARA?!?!?!? ISN’T SHE LIKE 25?!?!?!?!??! WTF AHHH I WANNA GO THROW SOMETHING OUT THE WINDOW DXXXXX AIIIIYAA (chinese term for aigoo if one does not know) XXXXXX|

  46. aahhhhhhhhhhhh they are so cute with sandara park or dara park….keep going on daragon

  47. i think GD needs for new hair. blonde makes him wierd!seriously!~

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