The Unofficial GaHo Fanclub

**EDIT// after many inquiries, i officially DEMAND that BOSS brings himself into public eye this instant so i can add his googly-eyed self to this doggie fanclub :] *AHEM* YB, step on it!

check out the positive responses from the kvipz here. see, we VIPZ are NICE pshh.

WE ASKED FOR IT, WE GOT IT! my baby updated on his me2 with the lovable BOSS AND GAHO! wahhhhahaha. it’s like an early christmas present, BOSS in RED, GAHO in GREEN (my favorite color – omg it is a sign! LOL)

gaho ate all of boss’s food according to jiyong. -_- “STOP GROWING!” – yea, i agree!
baby gaho, boss is older than you & you’re getting bigger than him! not good!!!
but aren’t they the cutest?! MATCHING SWEATERS! ahhh it’s GDYB all over again <333333
guess what pic is my new desktop bg?! ^^
check VIPtrans for the full me2day translation

this needed to be done. i’m just gonna put this out there & see what kinda response it gets haha. what should we do for this lovable pup?

for the dog lovers.
the cute ones.
the big teddy bears.
man’s companion & best friend.
who will love you no matter what.

the dog that keeps kwon leadah company when no one else can’t.
the only one allowed to french kiss jiyong without making us want to punch something
(but instead makes us envious of a 4-pawed furry thing)
this post is dedicated to you.

do share your thoughts, comments, or even your own works of art of baby gaho!
though i can’t call him a baby much longer… but he’ll always be a baby to me.
(yea, i totally tagged him under ‘YG BABY’ LOL)


~ by gdluvzmc on October 1, 2009.

69 Responses to “The Unofficial GaHo Fanclub”

  1. Big bang No 1

  2. I think it’s a great idea, I love Gaho ^^
    I also love your artwork, you’re really good πŸ™‚

    Maybe I’ll try drawing him…but I’m not good at drawing animals hehe ^^’

  3. LOL. count me in. I LOVE gaho. because of him, I planned to get a sharpei (if thats how you spell it?) breed dog. maybe next year, hopefully. I envy Gaho a LOT w/ all the LOVE hes getting from GD but I LOVE him too…haha..

    could you also add ‘Boss’??? Gaho and Boss <333 πŸ˜€

  4. XD your drawing is nice!! & the way the picture is taken! i dont mind there’s a gaho fan club. i believe everyone who loves jiyong will love it too! X)

  5. i would gladly join the club if anyone makes one! ^.^

  6. GAHO GAHO GAHO GAHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    he is now my new favorite Big Bang member^^
    he’s so wrinkly hahaha

  7. μš°μ™€ μ™„μ „ 잘 그리신!!

  8. awww GaHo is so adorable ^^

  9. i’d totally like to join πŸ˜€
    I LOVE YOUR DRAWING! so amazing. you captured his face perfecttttly.
    i’m also becoming a ga-ho addict. i want a dog just like him πŸ™‚

  10. it’s such a great idea
    it might be stupid to say this,
    but i actually really couldn’t thank gaho enough
    for being there for kwon jiyong when noone else could
    i actually have a major dog phobia
    but gaho is too ugly cute that i have to love him
    love you gaho ❀
    continue to take care of your daddy

    p/s nice drawing melly! ❀

  11. I know I melt whenever I see GD’s gorgeous face, but I swear I lose it even more when I see GaHo’s adorable wrinkled face!

  12. AH! I can’t wait for Ga-Ho’s own Fansite^^
    He will recieve lots of love πŸ˜€
    I wish I had a puppy xD
    And Ga-Ho actually started making me liking bulldogs πŸ˜›
    (I seriously wanna know what happened to Boss ><)
    And ur artwork is amazing!
    I LOVE IT! ❀
    Btw did you take art classes? O.O

  13. YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! I LOVE your drawing of Ga-Ho!! It looks exactly like him. SO cute!! Have you tried drawing Boss yet? Thanks for the lovely drawing. Like jiyanz said, I really can’t thank Ga-Ho enough, for being there for Jiyongie when we aren’t able to. I know he helps his daddy when he is stressing out, so he doesn’t have to go through everything by himself and feel so alone now ^^ We, as fans, don’t have to worry as much since Ga-Ho is there.

  14. λ„ˆλ¬΄κ·€μ—½κ²Œμž˜κ·Έλ¦¬μ‹ κ²ƒκ°™λ„€μš”!γ… γ… 
    λΉ•μΈ μ—μ„œλ³΄κ³ λ°”λ‘œμ™”λ‹΅λ‹ˆλ‹€!
    μ§€μš©κ΅°μ—κ²Œμ„ λ¬Όν•΄λ„μ°Έμ’‹μ„κΊΌλΌκ³ μƒκ°λ˜λ„€μš”^^

  15. i’m not a fan of dogs, but i can’t help but melt when i see gaho’s face…i’m totally in!

  16. omg gaho is so cute ! btw vote for big bang here ! gogogogo ^^

  17. AWWW I love it! What a great idea. I agree we need some recent pics of Boss to add to the fan club! Your drawing is awesome! Cant wait to see you do a drawing of Boss also!! Gaho & Boss are some lucky dogs!!

  18. “the only one allowed to french kiss jiyong without making us want to punch something
    (but instead makes us envious of a 4-pawed furry thing)”


  19. Aww GaHo is so cute. Did you draw that?
    Damnn that’s good. Lols yes the kissing part is soo true.
    But yeah, i think it’s a good idea. GaHo’s adorable

  20. go gaho we love u, bong’s baby!!!!!!!!!!

  21. DAMN you’re good – Totally ❀ GaHo he's soooooooooooooooooo cute :* Yeah YB don't hide Boss only to yourself – I bet he'd loff to be in every dog lover's heart (fangirl i mean :*) – I haven't seen him in a while now … Soo GaHo iss so :*:*! Love him andd Kwon lidah too :*

  22. Young Bae needs more air time in BB tv for us to see more of Boss. but YB rarely comes out on the camera…

  23. yes, i did draw that.
    no, i took art classes in school as independent studies.
    never had formal training or whatever.

    & i don’t have any nice pix of boss to draw. he’s a strange dog haha.
    anyone have a nice one to share?

  24. OMG nice drawing! AHhh! You’re so cool :]
    I love your reasons, haha, especially the french-kiss one, hehe.

  25. YB better bring out Boss when he does his solo activities .
    need to see that googly eyed mofka on TV!! ❀

  26. AMAZING IDEA!!!!
    DO IT!!!
    GAHO=Love lol

  27. your drawing is really nice!
    he’s such a cute puppy. x)

  28. You drew that? It’s amazing.

  29. Gaho’s adorable!
    I really like your drawing of him! It’s so realistic and detailed!
    I wish I had a puppy too… T.T

  30. Your drawing is awesome, you totally captured Gaho’s cuteness, i always wanted a golden retriever or a labrador or a husky, cause i like big dogs, but Gaho is just so adorable, he’s changing my mind. I love his sad looking eyes, makes him even more adorable. By any chance does Gaho really means “guardian angel” or something like that??? i read it in someone’s comment and if someone could tell if it’s true or not i would be so thankful

  31. ^ gaho does translate to something along the lines of “guardian angel”

    i think more literally, “divine protector” or something like that.

    either one, it is a cute name for that stupid thing. gahh i love him lol <333

  32. Your Gaho drawing is awesome! I’m a design student myself but every Gaho drawing I make is an EPIC FAIL 😦

    I love Gaho so much that I even created a poll for him nyahahahah

    Gaho rocks!RAWRRR!

  33. such a CUTE drawing!
    melly, you really can draw :)))
    well maybe you could share with us your drawing? of BB or anything.
    hmmm…. XD

  34. WOW Melly you’re hecka good at drawing.That looks AMAZING!I ❀ GAHO such a cutie XD Wow I wonder how hard and how long you worked on that.Ha

  35. thank you, thank you^^

    uhhh, it probably took like an hour. i’m really OCD with details so i spend a lot of time on my drawings, more than i should lol.

    looking at it, i want to fix a lot of things, but i’d rather not mess it up, which is why i haven’t looked at the drawing since i took the picture lol.

    it’s hard to draw perfection LOL (referring to bb)
    i like wrinkles & old people.

  36. Lol.Melly soo awsome at this stuff.I can only Act.That sucks huh?a.

  37. owh !i love gaho .gaho fanclub ?haha .i’d love to join !

  38. Gahoo<3333


  40. So Gaho does really means something like “guardian angel”, i’m so glad that he’s always there for gd. The pic with boss and gaho is sooo cute, now if in the picture they include the owners then it would be awesome.

  41. I like Ga-Ho since GD introduced her on 2NE1 TV~! I’m soooooooo love him cuz shar-pei is one of my fav breed and he got him! ❀
    can't wait for GaHo official fansclub =D

  42. next dog I get, I’m going to name it, ‘The Boss Gaho’, if it’s boy and if it’s a girl, I’ll name it, ‘The Leader CL’ haha.

  43. OMG YEY! YEY! YEY! … BOSS GAHO <333 πŸ˜€

  44. AHHHH ! So cute ! Gaho & Boss!

    thanks GD!

  46. I don’t like dogs at all.
    But I can’t deny how cute these two can be at times. Especially when Gaho pooped on Jiyong, and all the love and french kisses Boss gives Youngbae ;D
    and your drawing is amazinnnnng~

  47. Awww I ❀ Boss and Gaho.I member I first swa Boss in the Variou parody.He was soo cute.And he got to work cloesly with T.O.P<3 tht lucky dog <33

  48. did big bang breake up im just curious because there have been some roumers?

  49. Gaho isn’t a bulldog he is a Sharpei. He grew so fast, I can’t wait to see when he grows to his full size.

  50. NO big bang didn’t break up.

  51. oh my!!!! Gaho is growing so fast as in very fast!!! but still cute as ever.

    for GAHO fans club, count me in!

  52. gds dog is ugly hahahah

  53. my frend put that . bian ^

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  55. they’re so lovely dogs

  56. who does Boss belong to?…

  57. Boss is Tae Yang’s dog ^^ ❀ so cute

  58. BOSS IS TAE YANG’S DOG RIGHT?XD then Gaho should be either TAE Yang’s or GD’s I think GD’s/Hmmm.Gotta get my facts straighter πŸ™‚

  59. Boss!!!!! ❀
    Gaho!!!!! ❀
    I LOVE THEM!!!!! LOL everyone should get a dog lol that will have the puppy Big Bang! ❀ X3 I love them! Thoguh even when they become dogs they'll still be puppies in my eyes! ❀ GDYB X3
    lol G-Boss! X3

  60. SO CUTE!!! I would join. What type of dog is Ga Ho?

  61. OMGOSH! i have a chinese sharpei too! the same as gaho!!! so cute!

    i like GD but I LOVE TOP!!!

  62. i knew Gaho belonged to GD, Boss is cute, i so want a Shar Pei like Gaho haha

  63. GAHO MY BABY~I wish i had a dog just like you~!Such a cutie.

  64. gaho and boss…so u guys know where i can view more of their pics?specially gaho baby!

  65. […] P.S. i also invite you all to check out a special site dedicated to the BABIES OF YG: we love what we do, so come share your love with us =] it’s a happy place, for happy people only. reference: the unofficial gaho fanclub […]

  66. Now we need to get a picture of Gaho, Boss, and Charlie together! πŸ˜€

  67. Gaho is so wrinkly!
    I Luv it!

  68. Gaho is too cute for words!
    Now I cant wait to see how Charlie looks like, seeing Boss and Gaho with their owners really make me wanna have a dog sooo much! ><
    …and my heart really melt everytime i see GD cuddling Gaho, aww i dont mind being Gaho for one day lol

  69. what is gahos breed pls?i want one too

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