Heartbreaker Parodies

ayo finally! is this what you’ve been waiting for? haha can’t go wrong with some funny laughs.

first one is from the one & only poopiness. & this is just a perfect parody for the song, & it goes along with the video somewhat. i mean, it usually does, but if you kinda take it as a whole, it’s really hilarious.
the lyrics are freakin awesome!

& i honestly wouldn’t have mind if jiyong talked about a girl jocking his apples instead of some chick breaking his heart.
ANYWHO, enjoy^^

credits: poopiness

from poopiness:
So the basic storyline is that GD’s girl left him. However, he’s not as upset that she left him and broke his heart as he is about the fact that she ate all his precious canned apples before she left. She did it just to spite him too because she doesn’t even like eating canned apples, which is what he’s referring to when he says “I thought you hate it”. She even ate it after he specifically marked the cans with the letter “G” to signify that it belonged to him. GD however quickly gets over the canned apple because he knows he has some better apples saved up. He taunts the girl with how great his imported apples are, and how she will never be able to taste its sweetness. GD is serious about these apples, as he guards them day and night, no matter what. Unfortunately, she managed to sneak in and take a bite out of all his apples he had saved up. Just to spite him, she only eats them half way. GD is baffled when he walked in to check on his babies, only to find that they’re all half eaten. He is left bewildered as to how she could have guessed his sophisticated password of “G”. In the end, she is a true heart breaker, making him suffer until the very end.

Chica is spanish for “girl”
Butt leaks, well that’s pretty much diarrhea


this is thanks to twitter peep daniS2JunHo for a nice find.

baseball is the american past time, but it’s also very much loved in korea.
so you can’t go wrong w/ a nice break in between & gd’s heartbreaker starts playing, & those goofy people in the costumes start busting the moves & the masks…. well you watch the rest haha.

this was what made me decide to learn the dance moves.
if baseball mascots are doing it, then SO MUST I! lol


~ by gdluvzmc on October 2, 2009.

18 Responses to “Heartbreaker Parodies”

    Seriously, I love their dance videos.


  3. both parodies were awesome, the first one with the lyrics had me laughing from the beginning to the end, and the lyrics fit the song so well and the mascots were so cute, wow they learned the whole choreography, Heartbreaker’s choreography is just plain awesome, even when i’m listening to it on my ipod, in my head i just keep replaying the choreography, thanks for sharing.

  4. lmao, funny shit man, awesum mascots, and the guy was wearin a dress?
    luv poopiness, too bad sum vids got deleted

  5. omg funny! hahaha 😛 the mascott is soo cute! even the hair is the same as gd! hihi cuteeeeeee

  6. the parody by the mascots are so cute!!!!

    and the video of Heartbreaker with funny lyrics are so awesome, I was laughing so much that my tummy aches. good one.

  7. Hahahs, mascot love! Laughoutlouds! 😀 He even posed @ the end, LOL.
    & “how did you know the password was ‘G’? ”
    Hahahs! 😀
    Thanks for the post 🙂

  8. the whole apples thing is even funnier b/c i coulda kinda imagine jiyong saying/doing stuff like that haha


    ‘i even marked it with a “g”‘
    bad idea to watch this while marking students’ attendance in the register.

    instead of A’s (for absent), there are now 18 red G’s. i’m so doomed. XD

  10. hahaha i watched the poppiness one earlier
    he just can’t stop doing parodies ^^
    and the mascots..damn i wish i could dance like them
    seriously, i looking stupid doing heartbreaker dance moves while listening to it in the bus
    people would surely be looking at me as if i’m crazy
    and..i don’t want to do it in front of my roomie too
    but the choreography is just too awesome
    the dance moves are stuck in my mind everytime i listen to this song

  11. both videos were so cute!!!

  12. ROFL!Can’t stop laughing almost fell of my chair.HA!It’s ok G Dragon you know they just playing and love you.LOL.

  13. LMAO the parody xD! chica chica chica ♪

    i love the heartbreaker choreo 😀

  14. saw the heartbreaker paraody awhile ago, but it never gets old :]

  15. HAHAHAHA Lmfao gotta love GD & his apples (:
    Hahaha “How did you know that the password was ‘G'”
    Uhmm because. Aw that is sad though she stole all
    his apples even the good ones! Lols i love the parody
    & yes the ending is a (:
    I love it when mascott’s dance to songs. it’s funny.

  16. man, the first parody was hilarious! it really fit the song well..
    and the mascots.. hecka awesome. their soo cute!!! hehe.

  17. Hey the back up people are actually pretty good.Ha.Excuse my ADD too dstracted XD LOL.

  18. LOL poopiness!
    I saw these a while ago, but so there funny! X3

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