A Little Preview?

**EDIT BY MELLY// hey look~ moreee >=]

hmm… what could this be? lol

YB no longer needs to be spanked – he’s the one that’s gonna be doing the spanking.

& doesn’t that swag just shout “i need a tattoo”? lol jk. let’s not tarnish his innocent image….or whatever’s left of it! =X

it’s the same filter from the “pray” MV. nice nice. i like that dark filtering.

more pictures under the cut —————->

source: DCYB

dayummm…. i find it slightly ironic how religious he is & yet the sinful thoughts he inspires within us… >_<

source: newsen

source: DCYB

~ by gdluvzmc on October 3, 2009.

72 Responses to “A Little Preview?”

  1. LOVE his BAD BOY image ❤
    i hope the MV is flamin hot & sexy!! *drools*

  2. ❤ ❤ HIM! =] I can't hardly wait to see the MV! I miss him..:(

  3. ….he’s so h o t.

  4. ROFL!I Tae Yang<333 cutie Sorry T.O.P<3 🙂

  5. *Gasppppp :]

  6. i’m just so extremely happy. im not even sure why. haha

  7. oh dear *blushes* oh dear oh dear oh dear. Aint he looking fiiiiiinnnneeeee. Innocent my butt lol. He’s just flaunting his sexiness at all of us. He doesnt need a tattoo. Those arms and that godly body of his are badass enough. Hes gonna be doing the spanking? that A-OK with me lol

  8. o.m.f.g.

  9. great.
    just as i was going to sleep i saw this picture.

    so much for sleeping tonight. XD

  10. possible change of Bae working with Aimee again this time??
    new pic of them gettin’ some grub

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  11. **just died** Father, forgive for I have sinned lusting over the professional TY and not focusing more on the awesome man that is YB, and I WILL TAKE ALL THE SPANKINGS HE’S OFFERING PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!! Who’s with me in sending money to Korea for that tattoo mentioned? *runs to ATM*

  12. Omg… that one pic has got me more excited already~~~ Taeyang looks so good! Bad boy. ♥ But he still has his innocent side, lol.

    ARghhh his comeback needs to happen nowww. I miss him. ; 3; ♥

    I . CAN’T . EFFIN. WAIT .

  14. @jaydork24

    AMEN! Ill fly that money to him if hes giving out spankings! ❤

  15. YB!!!!!! O-M-G!

  16. DAMN! DAMN! This is effing hot. Now I’m going to have some seriously naughty thoughts about him lol.
    @jaydork: lol I’m with you. hmmm TaeYang with some tats *sigh* snap out of it cindy lol.

  17. Who’s the chick?LOL.Jk.I want a Tattoo!

  18. **sorry sorry for double-post** I hope for a song teaser like…Monday. YG, don’t play with my emotions, the pic’s already got me mindf**ked!!!WHERE U AT? **rite here YBaby!!! love from IL,USA**

  19. Young Bae!oh…my….gawd.

  20. YEE.
    I’m anticipating itxDDDDDDDDDD


  21. I need his album nooooow~

    *cries in the corner*

  22. lol innocent image? what? hahaha. and what did the spanking have to do w/ anything? is it in his mv or something…? or was it just ur randomnicity? but yeah cant wait!!!

  23. lil sis in law: I saw that pic too! Yeah I think we’ll see Aimee in his MV. =) He’s getting really close with her and Shaun and Lyle. ^^

    Can’t wait!!!…How come it’s so easy for him now to ooze with hotness???

  24. he looks soooo goddamn sexy
    and i just LOVE the look he has, so much swagger.
    i cant freakin wait for his solo

  25. gah! He is sooo SEXY! <33
    I love his style..sexy!
    all so freakin sexy!

  26. loco_roco: i feel your pain…**sobs together** lolz!
    jaydork24: i’m with yah!!! wer do i sign up!! ROFLMAO..
    kaychan: i agree with you sister!!
    sigh..my eternal sunshine..always shining so hott and sexy..so dayumm irresistible!! there’s no other man like him! ain’t no other MAN!!!!! now who’s with me in kidnapping this hunk bucket!!!

    ***squealing and spazzing all over the place***

  27. i just can’t wait!
    he’s getting hotter tht makes me worry a bit. lol
    love ya young bae!

  28. whats all this spankin talk about.. yall gettin too xrated.. sheesh.. yeah this nigga has it all and a bag of chips.. and even though im a dude like effin obssesed over this nigga.. yall gotta pay respect to the gentlemen he is.. and calm down with those comments…

    i gotta admit.. even though i dont have any tattos.. nor do i like em.. im actually feelin the idea of him having one.. but only for this pic.. on stage and in other styles he sports.. tattos would look degrading..

  29. meh let our minds wander Gilberto. Its all outta fun. Were just being fangirls. We all know hes a gentleman but we all want to think hes a bad boy XD.

  30. @ myonlytaeyang: already ready with the goods

    @ PBnJenny: it’s a fangasm in progress, no worries

    @ gilberto: it’s a fangasm in progress…we’re all fans of BB…but you understand dude is fucking sexy when he’s handling business (TY) and he is one of the most humble God-fearing peeps in the world that many look up to (YB), and he carries that spirit well. we at times just like to get TOO into it *pulls pants up and sits normally in chair* so again, no worries.
    with the exception of could you please refrain from using “nigga” on a public’s board? i assume you know the history behind it; i know some feel its a “privilege” to use it in the now (i.e. im black, but prefer not to use it). but for realz, if you use it as a means to compliment your personality with your peeps, it’s cool. but some places, be a little more careful. you never know who might be watching and waiting for someone to screw up…remember what happened to Jaebum Park of 2PM?

  31. @jaydork24: ur awesome. props for you. u tell him whats up! and fangasm… ive never heard of that… interesting word, hahaha xD

  32. @jaydork24

    i think your my hero XD fangasm? ROFL! I think that is going to be my new favorite word.

  33. i second that @kaychan LOL

  34. lol @ jaydork24.

    fangasm…that needs to be in a dictionary somewhere XD

  35. @ loco_roco: we have a variant in the “GDictionary” already…i bet you can’t guess what it is tho mwah ha ha

  36. lol but i kinda like fangasm. its like keeping those feelings pg XD


    XD the last two just dont sound right. But there we go lol I think the ones for GD and Baebae are the best XD

  37. @ kaychan: i agree, hence i present *dun da da dummmm* CHOIgasm and SUNGgasm

  38. @ jaydork24: a variant, huh? interesting. and lmao, oh god, CHOIgasm??? it still sounds explicit to me. maybe because it’s TOP’s surname and all XD

  39. @ loco: and TOP himself isn’t explicit as is?! XD ***OMGD-GD-BABY-BABY, IRIS starts next week!!!***

  40. why,hello sex god.


  42. OMG I totally miss Bae whatever he does just do soon YB!!! I need sexxxiiii oppa smile soo inocent ab so sinister gosh im perfect I glitter like Edward in the sun!!!!!

  43. YB is the perfect man. He looks like a bad boy, like someone who would totally break your heart that at least every girl has had a major thing for at one point in their lives. But he’s incredibly sweet and such a NICE guy. He looks bad, but isn’t. PERFECT MAN.

    YB, release your single already!! WE CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER!!

  44. man this year is going to be awesome, can’t wait to see it!!!!!!!!!

  45. hothothothot LOVE

  46. I want a tatoo too!Hmm maybe I should go get one.Hmm.

  47. cant hardly wait for Taeyang’s new solo album. Love his “badboy” image.

  48. @jaydork24
    HAHAHAHAHA! i agree. if youngbae is giving spanks;
    YOU WILL ONLY LOOK AT ME. because i want a long spanky!;
    lols. we all sound kinda perverted.. but i guess that’s
    what big bang does to you.. turns you into a big bang porn freak!;

    anyways.. i like CANNOT wait for the audio preview.
    no wait.. i can’t wait for the WHOLE ALBUM&&

  49. @BB2PMfreak: hahahahahaha
    I love the plead, except you left a couple out

    *clears throat*
    YB, BABY I’M so SORRY for being such a SINNER and straying away from countless times we could MAKE LOVE. I’ve since become so conflicted and HOT and bothered; obsessed even with your alter-ego TaeYang. It’s my PRAYER that you will forgive me and continue to ONLY LOOK AT ME with those crescent moon eyes. All I wanna be is WHERE U AT. I put this on EVERYTHING. I love you ALWAYS UNTIL WHENEVER this FOOLISH LOVE shall end

    *okay, got carried away hahahahaha*

  50. did anybody notice that as soon as we learn that Taeyang is coming back with a second album, the months/days immediately starts to go by slower?…….it’s killing me. 😦

  51. @D-MON
    so true. :/

    AHH!! OMG. XD
    single to be release on Oct. 15th!!!
    cannot wait any longer!!!
    oh and another song call Wedding Dress.
    i’m interested in hearing that one too XD
    oh and the rest of his album of course =)

  52. Wow okay I just raped my screen. Shhh.

  53. Sucks that he isn’t shirtless again. >.>
    Anyway, I really can’t wait. =D

  54. WOOOW!
    that guy sure is an angel wrapped in a sinful packet!
    I am soooooo waiting to
    hear the songs
    see him dance
    see him SHIRTLESS!

    girl is already dreaming

  55. YB:”where U at?”…
    ME:…”im right here baby!!”

    i know. its lame.

  56. @jaydork24
    hahahahaha.. okay i will try this one more time just for you and the new taeyang photos.:D

    taeyang as we sit and watch THE SUNSET GLOW you’ll tell me ‘MY GIRL, i’ll FOREVER BE WITH YOU’ and when i look into chose charming eyes i’ll know that WE BELONG TOGETHER. i know that if you leave i’ll be just another FOOL WITH TEARS. and i know that what everyone else says are just LIES. though i have been a SINNER before i hope you will still ONLY LOOK AT ME. and i hope this is not our LAST FAREWELL. so don’t ever say ‘GOODBYE BABY’ you don’t GAGA GO. ’cause here in my heart is your home. we can MAKE LOVE and SHAKE IT all day and night (i have turn perverted for the moment. lol.) so STAY. because you and my NUMBER 1, you’ll ALWAYS be a VIP to my heart,soul and mind.

    lols. gosh.. that was a little long.. but not long enough..
    i ran out of songs for the moment.. and i have to
    have to get ready for school already five minutes late. 😦
    but it was all worth it for taeyang<3

  57. sigh ever since i saw that 1st pic posted before i cant wait for his new album now. his concept and image is nothing new but wat they hey? i luv him for that style alone. no need to change it. im 100% sure im not the only one who <3s him as is.
    the angel with the sexy exterior.
    omg cant wait till this comes out! no idea wen it is but i cant wait. we havnt had enough news bout these boys in way too long.
    *squeal* gotta stop and breath. its a shame he isnt gonna b promoting it but he's releasing 2 singles and all us vips are gonna support him anyways. yay!

  58. he’s hot!!

  59. this news is freaking makes me happy!!!~
    finally BB is back, looking forward to TaeYang’s single

  60. when is this mv coming out???
    i’m gonna freak out till that!!
    he’s so irresistable!

  61. why the hell isnt he gonna perform this??!!?!?!?!?! I dont care if there is a second song coming out. That means there is less of a chance to see his sexiness strut itself around the stage. >.<

  62. ohhy tae-yang babe. ♥ :]

  63. oh gawwd. can this boy get any hotter!?!
    i cant freakin wait! marking my calendar for this one.

  64. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  65. @ BB2PMfreak…lol, awesomeness. so much so, i can’t at the moment come back with a comeback

    @ kaychan, i thought (read it as) that there’s no physical promos for “wedding dress” once it comes out November 11th…now im confuzzled

  66. Gotta say, I love how he works a t-shirt.

  67. i stand corrected, so no promos for “where u at”…dammit…

  68. -faints-
    Tae Yang is just to hawtt for words!!!! ❤
    -sinful yet angelic thinking- lol X3

  69. Ha.New pics of him.What are the pics for anyways?

  70. there’s no promotions for “where u at.”
    it’s strictly a digital single.
    promos for that go only as far as releasing an MV.

    since “wedding dress” will be released shortly after, promotions will be done for that song.

    hope that makes sense.

  71. @jaydork24 hahahaha.. i know huh?; lols.(;


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