[Live Discussion] SBS Idol Big Show: 11:05 PM [KST]

SBS’s ‘Idol Big Show’, part of their Chuseok special, is on today. For the Korean reader of this site, ‘HAPPY CHUSEOK!’ πŸ™‚ I just woke up like 2 minutes ago to the sound of my annoying alarm clock, thank Ghandi it’s Saturday, I get to watch this live with you all. So let’s get ready for this! I already have the SBS on live using LiveStation, I suggest you turn it on NOW, so when the show start, there won’t be any problem.

Big Bang: Last Farewell & How Gee with 2NE1

GDragon: 1 Year Station Performance

GDragon: BREATHE Performance

GDragon ft. Dara [HELLO] Performance

GDragon recording ‘I Don’t Care’ (Unplugged) with 2NE1

If you’re interested in watching 2NE1’s Performances, they’re under the cut πŸ™‚

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2NE1: ‘FIRE’ (REMIX.) and ‘Let’s Go Party’ Performance

2NE1: HOW GEE Performance with Big Bang

2NE1: Last Farewell Performance


~ by Vicky on October 3, 2009.

208 Responses to “[Live Discussion] SBS Idol Big Show: 11:05 PM [KST]”

  1. so i’ve been trying to use tvants and it’s been buffering for the past 1092870938403 minutes (well, more like 15)
    and for some reason i can’t seem to access the download page for livestation

    could any of this have to do with the fact that my connection is so slow that i have to physically hold on to my wireless card and actually become a human antenna in order to view any videos?

  2. i wanted to watch so so much
    but i’m too tired
    be sure to upload it to youtube gurl ^^
    imma watch it tomorrow morning ❀

  3. i want to watch it so badly, it is 11:45 here but i forgot korean time is one hour late haha i freaked out for a second there
    livestation doesnt seem to load for me, but the other typical channels work…so im just gonna use tv ant.

  4. i’ve installed tvAnts but there seems to be a problem, everytime i search a channel, my visual studio opens and shows a debug problem (can’t figure it out though), do you know how to fix this?

  5. [machapock]

    Which SBS channel are you using on TVAnts? CJB tends to be easier to buffer than the rest

    Both of these applications are very tricky, it will work when it wants to, and sometimes it just shut you off. It’s really difficult and sometimes depends on luck almost.

    Why can’t you access livestation?
    try this link, and chose what computer ur using, PC or MAC


    and this site is the same sometimes, but try this


    click on TV where it says GTB ONAIR

  6. [brokenfruit]

    oooh gurl, haven’t talk to you in a white
    how are you’ve been?

    tell me if TVAnt works for you or not ‘kay πŸ™‚

  7. [elodez]

    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘debug’
    can you maybe describe to me what’s on the screen?

    you can’t search for SBS and choose it?

  8. wow. I’m just dl-ing livestation at the moment. huhu. Hope I catch up before BB perform.

  9. and I hope my net doesn’t get cut off…or else I have to run to my uncle’s office which is a few buildings away…waaaa

  10. the channel written here is KOREAN >SBS, but i switched it to SBS CJB now, but it’s still buffering.. i just installed livestation, and the CJB channel shows ‘stream unavailable’… 😦

  11. ahrggg~~~~~~~~~~~~
    this stupid connectivity!!!!
    it’s lag!!! it’s raining too hard in here!!!
    no~~~~~ my Tabi…. >,<

  12. haha heyy
    tvant works finnee
    im just waiting the minutes till BIGBANG comes out xDDDD

  13. hey Vicky, Tv Ants is being a pain. but i tried the livestation link u provided. it works, but now its taking some time to connect with cjb sbs. is that normal? how long do u think i’ll have to wait untill i get a connection?

  14. [sis in law]

    HAHAHAHAHA anything for the boys eh? kaka

  15. [elodez]

    you should try SBS on LiveStation

  16. everytime i open a channel, it opens a software of mine called microsoft visual studio (programming software) and opens the file which contains the code for the program, it even highlights a part of it, then if i close the said program, the TVAnts closes too, i think it’s just a bug though.. i’m gonna try it again…

  17. [Samira]

    it’s really hard to say with LiveStation, like I said before these programs are tricky and sometimes depends on luck.
    It could be 5 to 10 minutes, if they won’t connect, it’ll tell you that the stream is unavailable

    I chose ‘SBS’ on my LiveStation and it works, so I think it just depends on your internet connection

  18. [elodez]

    I’ve never experienced that before so I don’t really know how to help you there, sorry. Hope it’ll work for you soon

  19. currently connecting to KNN SBS….arrrg….

    lil sis in law, what’s happening now?

  20. @vicky

    i tried CJB on tvants but it’s got the same problem…
    and i managed to dl livestation but it’s not letting me connect to any SBS channel (i’m getting al-jazeera instead O.o)

    aw, it already started too 😦

    i’m trying the last link now, though. thanks ^^;;;




  22. thanks for trying to help.. i’m working on both programs now, livestation always says stream unavailable, both sbs and cjb channel. it’s buffering on my tvants, i hope it works later…

  23. [sis in law]

    the drama just ended, CFs now


    trust me gurl, it’s a miracle

  24. [machapocky


    is the best solution

  25. [elodez]

    open this page


  26. it hasnt started yet. it starts at 11:20 korean time

  27. @vicky

    ooh that link works! thanks so much!

  28. aw my gosh!!!! it’s connecting now~~~~~
    is it a perf by 3 girls group now?

  29. Vicky, You so rock. and so does Solinren. ^_^

  30. i think there is something wrong with the link…it was working fine…then snsd started performing on chocolate all of a sudden.

  31. i am connected with Livestation to SBS… i am from switzerland..
    it actually works in somehoow… it SBS also right? i mean not sbs cjb, just SBS is also goood???

  32. has it started yet guys? why does it say 6:15 on your comments? i’m new at this guys, is it over now? i’m sad. is it 11:20 korean time yet?? why is the news on??

  33. ladies,it’s on!!!


  35. SOmebody find it please! for the love of god! somebody help me!!

  36. introductions. yeaaay

  37. G-dragon speaking aotm

  38. lil sis in law

    I think I connected with TvAnts. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m seeing a lot of commercials for the last few mins. hehe.
    The stream is good with no lags at the moment too.
    But if I encounter problems with this I’m gonna try the link you gave me. thanks girl. ^^

  39. aw man tvant is a bit late than that link, but the link is kinda laggy and stopping so i think ill just watch from tvant

  40. aah i think it works.. if its the right show they showing right now πŸ˜€ even though the quality is not the best and i dont understand anything i am happy :D:D

  41. love his top

  42. heyy vicky , are u in SBS channel? :O

  43. i only see movie stuff:O is it supposed to be that?
    is it coming later or what?
    maybee im on to late…hmm im a bit confused D:

  44. hmmi think i am connected with SBS… but there are 3 men speaking… am i right? pls answeer :S

  45. 4 min dancing barefooted.whoa

  46. and it just started guys. get ready. ^^

  47. how come i still have news on my knn sbs livestation? i don’t get it all i wanted to do is watch big bang! i think i’m sad again.. everybody gets to watch it except me 😦

  48. @helen the same here… i dont understand… i am connected but cant see them…

  49. yay!!! i finally get to watch!!! woohoO!!!
    wait.. am i in the right channel??
    SBS right?

  50. wow after school is performing a PCD song
    how matching lol

  51. [Helen] and [feggy]

    for some reason, KNN is showing a tradition chuseok show, not like other SBS
    so pick other SBS channel, like CJB

  52. ok,4 min got pawned by afterschool.
    and i’m not a fan of both group so i’m not bias

  53. After school doing Buttons, how appropriate. ^^ I like Hyunah and all but I want someone else from 4 minute to open their stage, like Jiyoon or their leader. =)

  54. With Livestation, it’s still showing something called Cineport on SBS. Is this the right channel??

  55. @vicky… aah i am so sad now.. all SBS works.. just not CJB.. i think i cant watch it 😦 how sad..thanks for the info

  56. aw man its already 12:38 here im so sleepy…when does this end?

  57. gd did the running man. lol.

  58. has it started already? i’m watching knn sbs right now and it’s showing some sort of cinema review thing?

  59. [medirin]

    no,, for some reason, that SBS channel branch is doing a traditional talk show for chuseok instead, try CJB

  60. [meg]

    that’s not the right channel meg

  61. [NYA]

    gurl, the boys wont’ be on until the VERY END
    because they’re special hahahha
    so don’t worry

  62. ahhhhhhhhh dara and bong!!!!

  63. i tried sbs and cjb and it died on me..
    TT.TT its still connecting..
    cause i kept switching ard.. aish..

  64. vicky, will you be uploading the whole idol bigshow? or just the bigbang cut?

  65. vi
    aw~~~~ thanks God it’s working quite good for now,

    aw gurl, i saw that too!!!
    Dara’s big ribbon is very cute & suit her so much

  66. [brokenfruit]

    just Big Bang on here and 2NE1 on my 2ne1 channel/HQ21
    can’t do the whole show, too much.

  67. @Vicky, Thank you sooooo much but it’s still not working. you’re the best!

    @feggy, i’m using livestation and i can’t watch it, so i am currently downloading tvants. hopefully this works. big bang hwaiting!

  68. How long has the show been on? I finally got CBJ SBS to work on TvAnts.

  69. vi, btw, for how long is this idol big show going on?
    hahaha… i’m going to continue reading my online manga for now & leave it be hahaha, only going to watch the boy perf ^^

  70. now cjb sbs says its unavailable…
    i guess ill just wait for it to be uploaded… 😦

  71. [nya]

    it should on at least an hour or so
    the boys will be at the very end i’m sure
    since they showed up as a surprise

  72. tvant download complete. currently watching cjb sbs.

    @jaehominjukey use tvants cjb sbs.

    i am thoroughly happy now! πŸ˜€ but wait.. where is big bang??

  73. just kidding, i’m satisfied. πŸ˜›

  74. [Helen]

    it’s a live show
    Big Bang won’t be on until the very end

  75. Can anyone tell me what I missed so far? When I started watching, they were showing Kara’s dorm.

  76. vi
    can’t wait till the boy’s perf >.<
    btw, it's been a very long time since i had talked to u. how everything? hehehe… is my English becoming worse? wakakaka…

  77. [medirin]

    nothing much
    Bong talked a bit in the intro [he was introduced FIRST btw haha]
    and it has been girl groups on so far, nothing much
    GD and Big Bang won’t be on until later on

  78. i think gdragon and 2ne1 is coming soon…

  79. [nya]

    yea i know!!!
    i’ve been really busy with life, y’know haha
    i barely stay home and I whenever I do, I try to update on stuff but just never have enough time anymore
    life is crazy, i’m a junior now so I actually have to start paying attention in school and ACTUALLY… do my homework haha
    college is near, gotta work my butt off.

  80. @ helen.. thanks! trying tvants now but its buffering..
    and its only less than 10%.. =.=’

  81. I hope BB comes out TT_TT Don’t wanna wait till the end. I think 2ne1 and GD’s coming up soon.

  82. yay!!! im in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    aish.. that took awhile…

  83. vi
    wkwkwkwk…. so do i!!!! i’m a senior now in the college & i don’t think anything change ~.~a
    it’s just that the assignment is building like a hell sob..sob..

    but with the boy’s comeback, i can’t think that u could work ur butt off. hahahaha… fighting!

  84. I have no idea what the time is in Korea right now xD
    So i tries LiveStation and it only came up
    “Stream Unavailable” -.-

    Can someone please help me to find out what i’m doing wrong or what the time is in Korea right now?


  86. OMG!!!!!!!!!

  87. DIRTY EYED GIRLS!!! I LOVE YOU XD kkkkkkkkkkk

  88. http://tv.zeroboy.net/solinren works really great. i just found it a few minutes ago so i dont know how well it’ll work in the long run but its better than nothing. from the side comments there were a few laggy spikes but nothing major

  89. yeay 2ne1 is on.

  90. 2NE1~~~~~~~~~

  91. @jaehominjukey give it time… it will work. i was reluctant too at first.

    @Toffioa don’t use livestation! use tvants all the way! load it now, you’ll be just in time for big bang! cause that’s all that matters. connect to cjb sbs. it’ll be fine, don’t worry, you’re not missing much, only 2am is on now.

  92. [nya]

    yea, more work for me, not sure how long I can do this, I’m thinking about letting someone taking over both this and HQBB/HQ21
    but then, i can’t trust anyone enough, idk man.

  93. OMG!!! My Bongie and 2NE1!!! KYAAA~~~

  94. Oppa singing!! Kya!! I’m gonna die =3

  95. whoot! 2ne1 and GD xD

  96. where can i download tvants?


  98. GD is so talented! writing lyrics last minute like that xD

  99. vi
    i think it’s better if u handle it urself too.
    but be careful not to overworked urself gurl.
    since i’m not the type to put all the trust on others. hahaha…

  100. brokenfruit, so agree with u


  102. OMG!! New version of I Don’t Care!! XD Oppa and 2NE1 are AWESOME!!!

  103. @ helen
    thanks you thank you thank you thank you!!!
    im watching it now! πŸ™‚
    the unplugged sounds gd as usual.. yay..
    with GD woohoo!! COOL!

  104. [nya]

    me neither, I can never fully trust anyone
    call me narrow minded but whatever πŸ™‚

    2NE1 IS ON!!

  105. Its only comming up “File not found” when i’m clicking on the TVAnts-link longer up. help me please!

  106. YAY 2ne1
    they are so different from the other stages lol
    even the starting

  107. CL wore the tail again xD

  108. 2NE1’s Fire is still hot XD Can’t wait for BB

  109. OMG! Let’s go party! XD Finally! I’ve been waiting for this perf

  110. love that elmo hat lol

  111. ooo oooo kara on this with GD right???
    ahhh!!! *screams*

  112. love his shirt!

  113. he looks so cute when shy

  114. aww Gd and his aniyo.

  115. he and his butt dance moves lol.

  116. vi
    wow~ let’s go party!
    i can’t wait to grab some HQ on ur journal! hahaha… love this song! & GD screen time is so much! he looks so cute with catching-eyes-yellow shirt ^^

    spot Dara wears Minzy legging on their debut day & Boom with Cl’s lips belt in In The Club perf!!
    love Cl’s duck/penguin looking cap!

  117. WHOOT gd gonna dance with his butt~

  118. The utt dance = epic cuteness XD

  119. The butt dance = epic cuteness XD


  121. gee

  122. @Toffioa

  123. is BB on? I just arrived in my uncle’s office. And my laptop is failing me….waaaaaaaa

  124. @ Toffioa
    did eu try this?
    im watchin both at tvants and that.. cause tvants was lagging..

  125. gd finally on

  126. omg! breathe!

  127. You & Me Hardcore πŸ˜€

  128. omg, did i miss it. AHhh, i guess i did!!! =[

  129. is it ending soon? cuz gd is coming on and all that?

  130. how i wish to dive to his bed.

  131. Omg!! G-dragon’s performing Breathe XD He is too cute!!

  132. WHOOT gd is wearing his flower jacket lol

  133. Omo! Omo! Omo! Omo! Omo!!!! Bed scene!!! I want to be there!!!!!

  134. ready to get heartbreak.

  135. ahhh.. hello!!!
    dara looks cute.. hehe..

  136. hahaha temp the camera xDD

  137. Oh god TT_TT I’m not ready to get my heart broken seeing GD performing Hello with Dara TT_TT I love this song and Dara but I’m afraid I’d get a heart attack when I see GD with another girl TT_TT

  138. Hello!!!

    guys my tv ants is a bit delayed
    It’s good for me because it doesn’t lag

  139. dara and Bong look so good together =)

  140. Nooooooo!!! I saw the (fake) kiss :(( My heart’s in pain. Anyways, GD’s performing One Year Station XD He looks good in red lol Luv this song

  141. how can i watch it here in the philippines?

  142. free26

    use tv ants or click the link


  143. Omo! I think BB is gonna come out soon cuz 2NE1’s singing Last Farewell XD Can’t wait!!

  144. biig bang!!!!

  145. Last farewell!!! love 2NE1′ version ^^

  146. this is our time vip πŸ˜€

  147. haha the fake kiss looked really fake lol
    their lips couldnt have met…..T-T
    whoot bigbang coming xDD

    gd looks so tired though….when he was performing 1 year station

  148. thank you..how can i watch it from the start?

  149. Omo!!! BB is finally here!!! KYA!!!!

  150. *free26
    to watch from the beginning, you would have to wait for it to be uploaded somewhere or something
    this is watching live.


    HOW GEE?!

  152. aw~~~~~ my Tabi oppa~~~
    looking good as usual, love him with his long hair!

  153. woohoo!! BIG BANG is back!!!
    TOP is back with that hairstyle!!!
    omg!! they all look HOT!!!

  154. I’ve been waiting forever for BB to perform all together!! No DaeSung here tho 😦 Noo!! It’s a short version!! 😦 But glad to see them performing πŸ™‚

  155. thank you for helping…

  156. ahaha tops bangs are getting too long
    it keeps getting the way of his beautiful charisma eyes

  157. no Dae Dae >..<

  158. big bang and 2ne1’s dance showdown is epic! Love them!

  159. haha this is totally a yg concert lol

  160. GD looked so good in Big Bang’s performance, I miss them so much as a group!

  161. haha i soo wanna watch strong heart xDD

  162. is it done?

  163. I can’t believe it.
    when BB came, tvants just LAGGED!!!!


    I only got to see a bit of their perf T_T

    I’ll wait for the upload of their perf….

  164. ooo.. love the last performance!!
    though i wish it was longer.. >.<
    thanks to helen for the help..
    thanks to vicky too cause i almost forgotten..
    nights! ill have a great slp tonight.. πŸ™‚
    seeing big bang and 2ne1 on one stage is a dream come true..
    hope to see the next one with daesung.. πŸ™‚

  165. amazing performance!
    i started watching at like 8–thank goodness bigbang & gd saved most of their performances for last. i dont think i missed much πŸ˜€

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH station one year. ive ALWAYS wanted him to sing that song. it’s one of my favorites–besides breathe & heartbreaker.

  166. i feel so effin’ depressed….damn it….

    if the youtube vids are up please put up a link here. thanks guys.

    station 1year was like HAPPINESS!

  168. is the show done?

  169. yes the show is done

  170. @ kenley
    YGladies are loading it.. check it.. πŸ™‚
    @ free26
    it is done..

  171. salamat:)

  172. @ free26
    here is another one..
    i guess it will be clearer since it was uploaded slightly earlier.. πŸ™‚

  173. I want to see it again! : D

  174. I LOVE YOU VICKY!!!
    if you didn’t post this up, i would have missed it.

    it’s like a triple awesomeness
    GD, 2NE1 and BigBang!!!

    @brokenfruit: yeah totally agree. it’s like another yg concert lol

  175. salamat again for sharing and helping
    it’s my first time joining here
    and it was fun….

  176. @ free26
    no prob.. πŸ™‚
    take care! and enjoy the show..
    im sure eu wont miss any of 2ne1 and big bang..
    nights! πŸ™‚

  177. thanks lil sis in law for the yt links
    so fast. love it. =)

  178. @jaehominjukey
    you’re right…
    thank you again…
    by the way where you from?

  179. nya
    how are you doing gurl? I kinda missed BB’s perfs and completely missed 2NE1. damn. thank god lil sis in law posted the vids.
    I kinda wanna see Bong shake it with Kara. =)

  180. this has been an exhausting 2 hours streaming spree haha
    also glad I found the HD links to the Big Bang & 2NE1 performances
    will upload it later on HQBB & HQ21

  181. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yt is down for maintenance. >.<

  182. try to this link

  183. WAH LAIO WEI!
    I missed the whole thing T-T!
    I’ve been sitting at my comp for hours for the AntTV to load..
    Then I went to the other link tat Vicky gave..
    Then it was SUPER SLOW~
    I didn’t even catch a glimps of anything tat happened 😦
    Vicky, if it isn’t too much..
    I hope u post the perfs in the Big Bang fansite^^

  184. …i think breathe killed me. i think it really truly killed me. god damn is he smoking hot. like i seriously wanted to hop through my computer screen and just show him how much he really wouldnt be able to breathe from it being hardcore XD oh dear this performance has corrupted my mind in so many good ways. That bed+him=me being very happy XD ^^

  185. THAT WAS AWESOME~ i like Bong and Dara performance so cute <333 wow the Fire remix was hot the fans were totally going crazyy and Lets go Party was good too i love CL Elmo hat lol and Bomie outfit looks hot on her….2NE1 and Big Bang love <3333

  186. damn! I missed it LIVE!!! my damn alarm clock didn’t ring…oh well..

    thank you Vicky~ <333

    YG family jjang!!! πŸ˜€

  187. what do you mean “part” of the special was on today?
    there’s gonna be more!? Isnt there suppose to be like a dance off or something?

    (Damn I woke up an hour late!)

  188. ROFL!It took me like forever to finsh watching all these.but it was worth it.It’s like a blast to the past for Big Bang but they’ll always be there.And I’ll always be one of their BIGGEST fans<3

  189. awesome performances!!! i’m loving 2NE1 & BB performances <3333

  190. G-dragon and Dara = ❀

  191. Lol.2NE1 and Big Bang has always been a great comobo.It’s just there isn’t enough of 2NE1 to pair off whcih is good for us XD

  192. 21Bang! yeeeeeeah!
    This is an SBS Chuseok YG Siblings Special.

  193. Kenley
    oh gurl, this feels like reunion. wkwkwkwk..
    not doing fine >.< all the assignment & work tiring me off
    but seeing the boys perf makes me all hyped again! ^^
    how bout u gurl?

  194. @ free26
    from singapore…
    sorry for the uber late reply…
    i went to slp.. hehe..

  195. @jaehominjukey
    it’s okay
    just asking..
    ehehe tnx…

  196. nya
    I got so many assignments too these days.
    And I can’t slack off anymore like I used to.
    I just leave a comment sometimes now and then.
    It’s a good thing the boys took a break too, but I miss him terribly.
    Did you see Baebae’s new picture? I’m waiting for his solo album.
    And I hope to hear your hubby’s solo album too someday. ^^

  197. @ free26
    how abt eu?

  198. i’m so glad i saw it :D<3

  199. woww
    i LOVEE

  200. Kenley
    the cruel reality kill us fangurl in an instant >,<
    it's still good for u to have time to come back & check for the boys & leave a comment, sometimes i even don't have time to check & leave comment unless weekend

    yup yup! i saw ur Bae's pic!! look very cool! can't wait for his solo too, hehehe… still remember his pray & look only at me promo days, ah~~~~ bring the abs back Bae, hahaha….

    my hubby? i'm not going to say bout his solo album, i'm dying to watch IRIS for now ^^

  201. Cant wait for youngbae oppa’s album to come out !! =] and 2NE1 is so awesome i admire them so much glad this website put up videos on them too and luv BIG BANG forever especially bongie he is so cute and hot!! 2NE1 and BIG BANG FIGHTING!!

    she’s the one in the orange if you see in 1 year station!!

    the whole school is mad at her cause she didn’t invite anymore except her mom. XDDD im SOOO jealous!! D: D:<

  203. A PERFECT PERF from my GDeeeeeee, of course^^!!
    my heart STOPPED beating when he did ‘BREATHE’ perf in BED!!!!!!!!!
    he’s so g. damn HAWT<33

  204. ahhhh!!!!!!! omg daradragon???? ahh cute but y’all know he’s ours and not DARA’S!!!! no jk, but makes me want to scream into a pillow or punch a wall XDD

  205. Check out this English Cover MV of G-Dragon’s HeartBreaker! πŸ˜€
    What do you guys think?

  206. how come the audio doesnt sync with the lips? me watching it in youtube.

    love the performances.

  207. hello πŸ˜€ is it that only VIPs can be members of this bigbang fansite? or can it be anyone from any country as long as you are a fan of big bang?

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