Taeyang Comeback Photos & Info Revealed

It’s been nearly a year and a half since his first solo debut, but now Big Bang member Taeyang returns with concept photos for his comeback.

He’ll be returning with “Where U At” on the 15th after his hits “Prayer” and “Only Look At Me” from his first solo mini-album titled “HOT”. Since his solo debut he’s been receiving great praise and was even dubbed the “lead singer of all pop idol groups”. Fellow composer and former leader of 1TYM, Teddy, revealed that it will be big as Taeyang’s past solo hits, and also 2NE1’s “Lollipop”, “Fire”, and “I Don’t Care”.

Taeyang who has surprisingly never had a girlfriend before, sings about finding his girlfriend in the future wherever she may be. The story is said to be filled with passion and a lot of his heart.

YG Entertainment revealed that Taeyang will not be making any special stage performances and also will not appear on air to promote the song. The reason behind this is because he will also be releasing a 2nd single titled “Wedding Dress” on the 11th and plans for that will extend towards the end of the year.

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~ by Vicky on October 7, 2009.

22 Responses to “Taeyang Comeback Photos & Info Revealed”

  1. “Wedding Dress” is an odd name for a guy’s song…o_O

  2. 15th!!!!! can’t wait! thanks 4 the info

  3. 15TH.

    and lol, “Wedding Dress”? that’s an interesting name for a song sung by a guy.
    but whatever. it’s YBaby<3

  4. wedding dress on the 11th of WHAT?!

  5. @silent
    the 11th of November i believe.

    & i cannot wait for Where U At!!

  6. Waaaa….why is he not promoting “Where U At?” And I was really excited for it….

    But I’m still excited for the release on the 15th. I’m gonna go online even if I have finals just to hear it. =)

  7. NO PROMOTING????!!
    awww I had just sated in hte other post about how excited I was about his performances and now I see that we’ll have to wait just a little more >.<
    still we get the songs so I'm cool
    gosh if only I could see him:

    lol still dreaming here XP

  8. ouu, taeyang looks Fresh as Ever :]
    hehe, i cant wait for the 15th to come !
    & the girlfriend part:

    woot-woot baby :]

  9. 11th october or 11th what ? xDD
    taaeeyyaaaang ❤ saranghae ^_^

  10. lol! thanx for the scoop! post the song on the website please!!!! i want to hear it so badly! i can’t wait for the 11th and 15th! ahhhhhh! saranghae to you taeyung!

  11. can’t wait for the new single!~tae yang~all the blesses are urs..lol

  12. Homg… I knew about his song ‘Where U At’, but not ‘Wedding Dress’! OOO: The more music from Taeyang, the better!

    But I’m sad to see he won’t be promoting the songs on air, wtf. TT___TT

    I miss him lots. ❤

  13. OMG Wedding dress I was thinking about singing that song at our wedding LOL but I’m so excited!!!!!

  14. AAAHHHHHH youngbae oppa! 6 more days!
    i think im gonna like the wedding dress song
    i can sort of relate

  15. omg thats embarrasing delete that!

  16. I just cant wait for him to sing his heart out for all his fans ….. waited a year for him … that is along waitting he need to get to us already. for all i care the name of the song could be wedding day its still be a killer song. That boy got soul , RNB, pop Rap u name he got. and u dont even need to take about dancing chris brown n omarion love them but over dem. Im black and dont understand korean but his my blackness and i love him music only speak one language.

  17. dang.
    just reading those pretty lines
    are making my heart flutters.
    danggg i love him to death
    and i’m rooting fir whatever he’ll be doing!
    can’t wait to splurge on his album,
    cracking my head memorising his every songs
    ahhh what a wonderful world it is when young bae’s around!
    he is the LEAD SINGER OF ANY POP IDOL GROUP. he is.
    n the story behind where u at is just so effin sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
    young bae you owned me! lol

  18. The answer to TAEYANG HYUNG’S-where u at:

  19. he’ll be releasing on the 15th of October ryt?

  20. november 11 =]


  22. bigbang rocks >3<

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