10.09.09 ‘Hite Dynamite Festival’ Performance Pictures

The boys (except Dae) performed at the ‘Hite Dynamite Festival’ on October 9th, Baby is still underage for a beer concert but he gotta replace his hyung. Dae is confirmed to be PERORMING AT THE 2009 DREAM CONCERT!! Big Bang will finally perform as a 5 member group, like I always said, 4 is not an even number, not in my eyes. In the bunch of these press taken pictures, one particular picture of Bong being exhausted stood out, which we have to all admit that we barely see in Bong, we’ve seen him being tire a lot, dark circles and all that but he always has on a smile for us. This picture of him being exhausted, but still energy to continue on for the VIPs, it’s just very touching. I also LOVE what he has on, just so cute and AH! haha

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

‘Hite Dynamite Festival’ Performance Pictures


~ by Vicky on October 9, 2009.

31 Responses to “10.09.09 ‘Hite Dynamite Festival’ Performance Pictures”

  1. awesomr

  2. awesome*

  3. Lots of TOP! Yay!

  4. TOP’s pants are a little weird lol And awww MJ pin on GD’s jacket ^^

  5. awww mj pin you rock gd its nice to see the boys well almost all of them, we miss you oppa!

  6. Poor bongie. My baby is so tired. Go to sleep before you start looking like the maknae!!!!!

    I love seeing pics of him though. But where are any Bae shots?! and theres only one of Ri. slightly depressing for me.

  7. Tabi is looking sexilicious!!!
    seriously either I don’t see him often nowadays or I’m just not used to seeing him in such clothes anymore
    I really like this style more than his suits since he looks younger this way… ;P
    I see Baong retouched on the blond (Melly said it actually)
    looks good though as expected he looks tired
    hopefully his schedule is not too packed.
    I got kinda excited to see Baby’s knee lol
    is kinda sexy

  8. Ah! Poor baby! He’s so tired. It just breaks my heart. I hope they all find time to rest as much as they can.

  9. Top ish looking smexii

  10. gd and top are lookin hella fine! i wish sungiee was old enough to preform with them. and i hope he’s feeling a lot better!

  11. woooh tabi’s pants are sexy
    jiyongie sexy and cute as always~!!
    i luv his outfit!~

  12. awesomeness!XD
    Tadbi’s pants are hawtt!
    I love baby’s pose.
    GD looks tired but man he so cute! Kawaii oppa!
    no pic of Bae alone? awww,h looks good anyways! lol
    But man really miss Dae Sung! ❤ Yay dream concert!
    My Dae returns! X3

  13. top’s pants at hite concert is ridiculous. i love them ❤

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  15. ahaha nice. only TOP could get away with those pants without me laughing out loud. [no bashing plz im sayin i like em].
    aww no daesung. guess seungri got to hav some fun though. =]
    these guys need a break in their schedule. at least for a day every now and then [cause im luvin all this BigBang news lately] cause they look really tired. specially GD. must be all his solo work and watnot

  16. wewww~~~hahahahha

  17. T.O.P looks blase since a while, No ?

  18. aww.. tabi shouldn’t wear his sunglasses.. i wanted to see his charismatic eyes!!

  19. super awesome!!!!

  20. aww.
    jiyong looks so cute.

    even when he is exhausted.

  21. i like gd’s outfit. haha his outfit changes between performances, he had to add a scarf and backpack and glasses ❤
    WOW top's pants!! hahaha
    and seungri's rip in his jeans caught me by surpise lol. just cuz im used to seeing him in dress pants, like strong baby :]

  22. im so worried about TOP feel like crying

  23. Nice pants TOP!

  24. awww Tabi i miss u ❤

    poor GD T.T i wanna give him a hug

  25. JIYONG 😀
    hothothot, HHAHAHA!

  26. T.O.P’s looking so hot on those pics

  27. two words .. jiyong ^___^

  28. Bong luk Fat

  29. aha they look good aha they performed on my birthday hehe wish i could of saw them perform also i wisheds they came to USA to my party too ahah im jux dreamin and still am….AHA BiG BaNg All Dai BBY!!!

  30. im worried about top♥

  31. He (GD) really loves that bag (and MJ too). 🙂 Me likey too. As for TOP! Whaaaa! *faints*

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