Melly’s Twitter News # 3

hello friends~ it’s another edition of my twitter news.

sometimes i unleash the fangirl in me on my twitter that i do not post here cuz i don’t think it’s appropriate nor professional rofl.

but i think you guys deserve to see some of these (insert adjective here) pictures cuz it shows our one & only GD.

1) 091007 GD performs for 조성아 Luna Party @ 역삼동 CLUB EDEN

AWESOME, right? great view, so close to the man…. oh you haven’t seen the rest of it.
i’ll show you under the cut. :]


on the contrary. he seems to be maintaining his blonde-do, trimming his hair & redying his roots. well now you know 😀
– how do i know? well, my observant eyes don’t lie.


yes, that’s right, today is the actual Dream Concert, & Daesung’s set to go on stage to perform with BIG BANG again. this is sweet news, considering 2 months ago he got into a crazy traffic accident.

i think the line up is 4 songs… Fool’s Only Tears, Lie, Heartbreaker, & Last Farewell.

can’t wait to see this!

LASTLY, before i show you the pix that got me amp’d, here is an issue that is bugging the crap out of me. so i’m doing a favor to my boys & posting up an announcement so we can end this heated discussion.

more under the cut ———————–>


i know many of you are new fans of BIGBANG (also noting the fact that many of you are fairly young) & will find pictures of GD or TOP with a cig in their mouths to be “shocking” or even to the extreme: “gross!” but take it from “veterans” i guess, who’ve followed them from the beginning, or even way back to trainee days… you should know better than to judge a person only by their actions.

let’s have a sit down & chat about this. a lil FAQ/Q&A on how to refute all this negativity.


i think it’s safe to say that i’m old enough to know what is right & what is wrong; that i’m old enough to know what’s good for me & what’s bad for me.

the same would go for G-DRAGON & T.O.P. as they are older than me.
i know vegetables are good for me, but that doesn’t make me like them any more than i do (which i don’t. veggies aren’t my thing).
i don’t deny that smoking is bad for me. i’m not the healthiest of people, but i know when enough is enough. yes, smoking is bad for you! it says so on the package before you open it up! there’s warning labels everywhere! but are you gonna tell your dad or mom or anyone else to stop? good luck, it’s gonna be hard to make a chain smoker quit.
i’m not a chain smoker. & i sincerely believe that GD or TOP aren’t either. they are the occasional smokers. we smoke when we’re stressed out or chilling with friends. it’s not a big deal.

no excuses: people who smoke know the consequences of smoking. everyone’s had some form of lecture about smoking, so this retort cannot be used anymore.


well if you haven’t figured that out already, then you are the exact fans i’m talking about. i only bring this up b/c i come across people who are utterly shocked & disgusted by this fact.

– i’m betting 90% of you have never been to Korea. count me in as one of them! but i can tell you that at least 2/3 of Korea smoke. you walk around & you’ll be able to find people taking “breaks.” (oh this is what the quotes mean…). it’s very commonplace.
– it’s culturally tied to them… sadly. i’m from LA. & K-TOWN is right next door. there’s cigarette buds everywhere. my former roommate (who is korean) smokes… a lot. a bunch of korean guys that go to UCLA smoke. etc., etc. no, this isn’t racist or prejudicial. just simply observable truths. i hope i don’t get heat from saying all this, but in no way am i putting down anyone. i got love for everyone.
don’t forget the “crew” GTOP’s part of (NUTHANG?). what do you think they do on their spare time when they’re chilling?

yes, they smoke. don’t find it ironic that they do “no smoking” chimes for SBS b/c that doesn’t reflect them. they’re upholding their duties as a public role model to tell the rest of the world they shouldn’t smoke.

you only figured out that they smoke b/c obnoxious fans went searching for pictures of them w/ cigs in their hands. there’s also pictures of them chewing on rolled-up paper or lollipop sticks that make you believe what you want to believe. that just blows everything to unnecessary proportions.

it’s not like they openly pull out a pack & lit one right in front of the camera for the world to see. who is stupid enough to do that? not me, nor them.


there’s an old post we have that addresses this issue & is also the reason why i had to write this. i’m not going to link it b/c it doesn’t need to be. i’m telling you now. you don’t have to read the comments (some of them rude, some of them ignorant, yadayada. or the worst: “i lost respect for them”).

these kinda statements make me mad. you’re entitled to your opinion, but i need to point out the obvious.

your opinion of G-DRAGON or TOP is/has changed because of the simple fact that they touched a cigarette or have “smoker’s breath.”
– one thing’s for sure, no one notices the smell more than the person smoking. we make sure to rid of the smell as much as possible before interacting with people who don’t like the smell.

you’re willing to make negative comments about a person just because of one aspect of their life?
– they’re people too. it doesn’t automatically make me a bad person because i smoke. it doesn’t make me a changed person because i have a tattoo. let’s imagine you never knew your friend had a tatt. your perspective of them doesn’t change b/c you never knew! the tatt’s already on his/her body but you don’t see it. so how is your sudden change of character judgment justifiable?

same for smoking.


ok. they smoke/have smoked. has the world ended? no.
you just make it so.

if you still think that G-DRAGON & TOP are “bad people” now b/c you learned something new today, then that’s fine. find another guy to like. more room for the people who still got love for them (like me! :P)

they are who they are. if they smoke, then let it be. they’re still awesome people even if you knew it beforehand or not.
i mean, think about it: before you learned this, weren’t you going crazy every time you saw pictures of them?

exactly my point. (they still be sexy no matter what… maybe even sexier? =x)

smoking doesn’t change one’s character. it’s how you go about life that determines your character.

it’s what you make of your life. surely, GD & TOP have a lot going for them, & they put in the greatest effort not to show that they smoke/used to smoke. i don’t love them any less b/c of this fact (just only when they get close to other girls -_-). & we shouldn’t! it shouldn’t matter. we loved them before we knew, we’ll love em now that we do know.

the best (& nicest, respectful, supportive, etc.) thing you could do/say is to hope & ask that they stop or try to find other outlets to boredom/stress besides smoking (yes, please tell me the same lol)

so the cards are all out; how are you gonna react now?

you can follow me on twitter here to read all my angst over the pictures you’re about to see, or to try & give me crap about writing what i just did b/c i “offended” you in some way. emphasis on “try.” or just to say hi & tell me “i gotcho back” ^^ (but i don’t mean it to be offensive, honest!)

but i do apologize right now if you got lost somewhere in between cuz i wrote this straight out w/o looking back.
ok, that’s enough of the serious talk. now onto pictures! :]

– no, daesung/youngbae/seungri do not smoke. that’s just a lil hard to imagine, don’t you think? please, no “what if’s.” thanks.

don’t get mad like i did

^ unbelievably close. touchable.

^ okay baby, too close. 1 step back. (note the auntie up front w/ the bag)

^ the auntie just got happy/excited. who wouldn’t? it’s freakin g-dragon.

^ i really like this picture for some reason :]

^ plain white tee & a jeans. freakin HOT! (nothing but a lil bump =[) <— lol insider.

^ quote my twitter: “OH HELLLZZZZ NOOOOOOO. that girl did not just put her hands on my man.”

^ someone up front better have caught this minute pose on camera. perfect.

^ he’s dancing to “breathe.” -____-  you punk. hate you.

SOURCES: 지디갤, Daum 텔레비전


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78 Responses to “Melly’s Twitter News # 3”

  1. wow. so close.
    yeah my friend also kinda did that whole “omg GD smokes. i lost respect for him”
    i felt kinda disappointed too myself because he did announce that he quit smoking.
    but i understand that when ppl are stressed and whatnot, theyll smoke. my perspective of GD hasnt changed but i hope he finds something better to relieve the stress than smoking.
    not a big deal. i know underage ppl who smoke -__-x

  2. wow that was amazing and yeah peeps calm down, its their life and its stressful lol i still love my big bang no matter what no more drama

  3. Well said!

  4. …………what i wouldnt give to be that close and be able to touch him…I would totally sell my brother and my soul XD Gyahhhh he is just so freaking hot its not even worthy to put it into words. and just in plain clothes like that. *flails violently* Sooooo hot. I just love watching him dance and sing.

  5. oh yeas, I sees with my own two eyes, that there are hands on YOUR
    (*cough Cough* okay we’ll go with that)man. People that ‘lose respect’ on silly little things suck.

  6. ^ rofl! don’t hate. appreciate 😀

  7. very very well said Melly!
    I have been roaming around sites and I noticed that there was a post with one of the latest pics of GD smoking and I was sooo pissed off at people’s ignorant commentary.
    So you’re saying that smoking makes him less of an artist?????
    eehhhh…I think not
    and if you were to talk about people doing bad things why don’t you talk about people who drink out of their problems or eat their feelings???
    it’s just as bad.

    those fans sure are too lucky!
    I saw the pic of that one girl touching him…
    hopefully one day I get to do the same with my man…

  8. agree with everything you said about the smoking “issues.” i wish GD and TOP wouldn’t smoke as it’s bad for them and can damage their vocal cords, but it’s their choice and it doesn’t change my feelings for them. still love and support them~!

  9. Kudos on this one! 🙂 ❤

  10. people smoke everywhere . you can’t say you’ve never seen one person smoke. it’s not a big deal. pfft, they’re still the sickest amazing people you see on stage! and LOL totally agree . so close. why. so. close. ?!? XD

  11. Snaps to you melly! =)

    Some people tend to get close-minded on such things, like smoking. Their culture and belief and how they are brought up are related too.

    But I hope the people who judge GD and TOP and all the people smoking will get more understanding in this article.

    And I dunno, but also people here in our country smoke a lot too. So personally it was not a big deal for me if GD or TOP smoke. Hell I care if they do. I know they are big now and would know the consequences of it.

    And seriously, people would have tried smoking. Especially high school boys. believe me. It’s only out of curiosity rather than being “mean”.

  12. According to this: SO WHAT IF THEY SMOKE!?

    Me: So what if people got irritated in them because they smoke? Does saying “So what if they smoke?” will change others’ minds?

    I personally don’t hate them for smoking. I’m neutral towards TOP and GD.

    No offense to Big Bang fans.

  13. when i found out they smoke, of course i was a little upset.
    we all know how harmful smoking is, and because i care about them, its kinda like watching them harm themselves, you know?

    but do i think of them as bad people? no, i just think they have a bad habit. and we all have bad habits.

    of course if i could wave a magic wand to make them stop smoking, i would because it is really bad for you and i dont want them to have health problems from it, but i cant, so ill just continue loving them from afar :]

  14. I will LOVE gdragon forever,
    no matter what!

  15. i hate how some fans feel that they have the right to decide wat their celebs should or shouldnt do……to all those narrow minded people….ITS THEIR LIVES…NOT YOURS..SO BACK OFF!!!!

    but to be honest now, i have to admit….i dunt care about the concept of them smoking, i care about their health instead….but i dunt LOSE respect for them… -__-“

  16. At first, my reaction was “eewww, top too?”
    but after reading the writer’s article, it made me realize that they’re humans just like us who commit mistakes. They’re not PERFECT like what we want them to be. They know what is WRONG and what is RIGHT, they’re still the one who’s gonna decide for themselves.

    I’m an avid fan of top. Of course, if you’re a fan, you would only love their LOOKS AND TALENTS. You wouldnt care if they smoke because that’s not part of their looks and talents.
    But, being a popular boy group means being a role model not just in their country but to the whole world too. What they do affects and influences people especially the fans. It doesn’t mean that if we’re fans, we would smoke too. What I mean is that WE DECIDE FOR OURSELF AND OUR “HAPPINESS.”

    WOULD YOU SMOKE IF ALL YOUR FRIENDS SMOKE?? it really depends on the person if they what to be “influenced” or not. Even if the writer said 2/3 OF KOREANS SMOKE. who cares?? it’s their bodies not ours, so WHY BOTHER?

    because of the writer’s artilce he/she made me CONVICE BY 30%.
    let’s remember that we have different points of view and other people’s comments dont matter because they DONT MATTER:D

  17. @Kaori
    you: So what if people got irritated in them because they smoke? Does saying “So what if they smoke?” will change others’ minds?

    you’re wrong.
    people are not “irritated” b/c they smoke.
    they change their minds about the person b/c they smoke.

    & nowhere did i state that i wanted people to change their minds.
    i’m stating the facts & how irritated i am by people who make stupid comments about this matter.

    your neutrality doesn’t justify your offense to the post at hand.

  18. I did not mean to offend fans, but you’re offended so I’m sorry. But does it mean that people that opposes yourt thoughts are not allowed to comment here?

    I want to know about your point in criticizing others’ opinions the smoking.

    Let’s say people change their minds because they smoke, can you do anything about it?

  19. very well said melly
    i have so many friends who discriminate smokers
    which i think we’re not supposed too
    they’re old enough to know what they’re doing
    and we have no rights to stop them
    so i’m completely fine with keon jiyong and tabi smoking
    not to say completely, i just hope they don’t smoke that much
    coz everyone knows it’s bad for health
    and for those who chose to “lose respect” for them
    there’s nothing we can do
    i just feel that even if he smokes,
    he’s still the same talented G-dragon afterall
    it doesn’t make him any different
    smoking doesn’t mean that they’re bad guys
    but still, smoking is never good
    for health, and also their voice!
    so i’d be happy to see them quit one day
    i’m still supporting as always
    no big deal, seriously

  20. lol you’re right jess. she is trying to challenge me.

    i don’t mind that people disagree with my thoughts. i only comment back when they continually attempt to challenge me with nonsensical bs.

    you should consider typing in correct grammar if you want to make a serious point.

    you want to know my point in criticizing others’ opinion.
    – why & how do people derive such opinions?

    try to answer that question.

    i don’t think there is a set answer that will satisfy anyone.
    so therefore, i don’t really care about changing people’s minds, as you keep voicing in your comments.

    i only put my point out there for others to read. it’s just to complete their understanding. i could care less if they don’t want to change their minds.

  21. Hmm..I think I can imagine how stress they are.
    well, I dont mind they smoke or what.
    who cares??LOL
    A fan should be support them always and not to justify them by these.
    well said=)

  22. top’s pants at hite concert is ridiculous. i love them ❤

  23. oops, wrong thread xD
    GD.. i wish i could watch a show that close to him. musta been an awesome show

  24. Haha~ Well ya I was kinda disapointed when I saw some pics of GD and TOP smoking..
    I was wondering the same things about the no smoking cf song xD
    My parents told me that nearly everyone in Korea smokes cause its cold thr O.O
    Or maybe thats just my parents xD
    Anyways smoking is bad but TRUE IT DOESN’T CHANGE PEOPLE!
    These 5 boys is the same as they are 3-4 years ago~
    And no matter what they do!
    Big Bang HWAITING!!!^^

  25. wow, well said. couldnt agree less on this.
    In my opinion, even when I was younger, I changed my minds whenever I saw somebodys smoke.

    But now, I totally changed my mind-setting, cos why, Im one of them. But Im not a heavy smokers, I smoke occassionally with friends or at parties. & I know hw stressful the life is and Im just saying that every1 has its own ways to relieve the stress/just the lifestyle. Even so, my friends still loves for who I am cos they know the real me. But those who doesnt, I dont even care..

    My point is, GDTOP’s has their own life & as a true fan, I totally respect what they want to do w their life & still supporting them.Just my opinions. no hard feelings ^^

  26. Actually smoking in Korea is indeed common,
    normally people smokes to lose stress & all.
    Since smoking can also help keep you body warm too.
    Not only that, Korea is really cold and in Korea only 3 months in a year would be slightly hotter.
    So it’s kinda reasonable that Koreans smokes.

    Ji Yong & TOP also does lots of work outs to keep up with their health.

  27. Thanks for the post 🙂 Not to condone smoking, but it is a choice whether you do it or not. We all know its bad for the health. But as your post states, it doesn’t change anyone’s character. It’s a bad habit. As a smoker, it is safe to say that quitting is difficult, especially when you are stressed out (which the boys usually are). Great pics by the way!!

  28. wow. you just spoke what was on my mind. it took me forever to persuade my friend about that smoking issue. -__- as much as i hate smoking, you just have to live with the fact that they did/still smoke. c’mon it’s life. i mean- i hate it too, but i accepted it. it’s something you can’t change. and because of that, it changes your view of them, then that’s just plain stupid. i can’t agree with you more. that passage is definitly is a good explanation. *high fives* thank you for addressing this issue too.

    cute bong pictures~ smexyyy.

  29. I’ve known for a while…
    I’ve always hated smoking. Hate isn’t something I do, but smoking is the exception. In normal people.

    But these guys are super-famous music stars, playing sold out concerts to thousands of people and doing TV shows in front of entire nations. Not what I’d include in a normal lifestyle 😛

    SO, I let them off, sort of, partly knowing that I would NEVER get the chance to be so close to them that it would really upset me, and partly because I’ve heard its “relaxing”, which although its one of the most unhealthy and disgusting way to relax, its probably much more convenient for them and their busy lifestyle than spending hours in a spa when they could be working.

    This doesn’t make sense. I think I just ignore their smoking. 😛 it’s like a rumor that you don’t want to believe until you’ve asked them about it.

    Thanks for the pics though! I WANT TO GO!! Anyone know when they’re coming up to Glasgow for an intimate fan concert? XD

  30. not a big fan of smoking at ALL but i get why these guys smoke. its [like melly sid] part of the culture i guess and they are stressed out from being one of the biggest celebrities in Korea. i can deal with it. i appreciate them for their music and talent. their choice of lifestyle although id rather they did something else is up to them and as a VIP i hav nothing against it.
    haha yea i cant see any of the other 3 smoking. its just too weird trying to imagine ANY of them smoking. haha its just too weird.
    those pics are definitely GD-ful lol. he does look nice in that pic that said he looked nice in. xD. how i would luv to b in a club like that. with GD singing on stage. woo

  31. I’m such a DRAMA QUEEN i tried to cry – but I can’t (sorry 😛 ) Just can’t talk. Hey where are those pics cuz I can’t find any (I want proof) Aww so cute on the stage (nothing’s changed – They’r steel CUTE) LOVE YA

    I JUST HATE IT WHEN FANS ARE LIKE ” EW THEY SMOKE?” LIKE, STFU! TONS OF PEOPLE SMOKE. WHAT ARE THEY TO YOU, PERFECT PEOPLE? (well, in my opinion, yes 🙂 ) Like, chill… They’re men too. Im from Korea, and i admit smoking is common like any other country.

  33. I wont lie my first thought was, “Ohhh Jiyong you SMOKE TOO? *sighs*” because everyone I know smokes and I just really hate it. But it doesn’t make me think any different about him. He’s still our sexy leader. It’s just a.. general reaction when I find out someone smokes lol. He’s not smoking around me, so I don’t mind :). Yeah it will kill his throat, but I doubt he smokes on a regular basis. Probably like what you said, just every now and then.

  34. Ohh PS. I don’t think I could go to a performance of any of Big Bang’s if they were in a room so small. Oh. My. God. I’d faint. Then regret it later haha. I couldn’t be that close I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I’d probably shout things like “SARAHANGAE” and other bits of broken Korean I’ve picked up hahaha 😀

  35. all that talking about smoking makes me (not addicted to smoking) want to light one xD
    lol but i have a weakness for hot boys who smoke so i dont mind…xP

  36. so first and foremost i want to thank you.
    you brought up a topic that needed to be brought up long ago.
    and what you say is true.
    they are only human.
    and we should still love them no matter what.

    but thanks for the pictures as well.
    jiyong looks cute as always.
    and im happy he redyed his hair.

  37. I am slightly disapointed because a singer should NOT smoke. No one really knows what it can do to your lungs and voices. I don’t care that they smoke, I care that they might have issues with singing later.

    The pictures are cute though. I wish i could’ve grabbed him like all those other people did.

  38. Wow Melly you seem to be annoyed by whoeever that girl is.well I would to.TOP baby im not the one to judge you if you wanna smoke.I can accpet that. 😀

  39. Hey Melly I like what you’ve written but this is just a word of advice/warning to you if you do continue to smoke it could cause things like cancer and stroke. trust me what sucks the most is losing someone due to lung cancer or having your life change in a matter of seconds once one of your family members has had a stroke. Because of this, my mother and I have to support my aunt and her 2 children since her husband has passed away and on top of that my father has had a severe stroke so we are both left to divide our time to where one of us is at home with him while the other one goes to work and goes to school.

    ah i complain too much but yes it’s true smoking does not alter your personality but in the end it could cause a huge toll on the ones that you love most and yourself too. someone who was once so independent can grow to be helpless and dependent or nonexistent on this earth due to the impact of smoking. Please i love your posts and i do have respect for you but save yourself before it’s too late. Melly fighting! ^_^

  40. Kudos to Kaori~
    I agree with you~

  41. i ain’t writing for that, my response is too long for my lazy fingers to write, and those who “lost respect” are far away in their world to hear or understand what we would say.

  42. i get why people smoke
    but doesnt mean i approve
    i honestly dont want anyone to smoke dont care if you are just an average person or a celebrity
    this rule applies to everyone smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your body besides drugs
    i dont expect gd or top to be perfect though sometimes i do disillusion myself with these fantasies
    i mean i dont mind that they drink since they are of age and i wouldnt mind if they even had sex before marriage its just smoking is known for all these horrible side effects not to mention its known to lead to addiction
    i dont want top and gd to put themselves in a position in which they are at risk
    smoking has nothing to do with being a bad person well unless you are inconsiderate to others who do not smoke(as insecond hand smoking)
    i havent loss respect for them and they arent anyless of an arist
    their personal lives and their lives as artist are different and shouldnt be confused
    but i cant help but feel disappointed finding out that someone i thought that didnt smoke smoked you know??

  43. @itsthenoodle lol thanks for the advice.

    i know i lead an ironic life (i’m a phy sci major @ ucla) but it’s one of those things that’s hard to stop altogether…
    which is why i would understand how hard it is to break a bad habit.

    i think what i wanted to say was that:
    1) don’t be surprised that gd or top smoke; b/c they do.
    2) don’t hate them/change your mind about them simply b/c they smoke/have smoked.
    – you can’t base that as a judgment of character; you’d miss out on so many other aspects of the person.
    we all know they’re great guys. but there’s a BIG difference between saying “ew smoking is gross” & “ew GD/TOP smokes.”
    3) you can be disappointed about the fact, but don’t be disappointed in them.
    – just b/c they’re in the spotlight all the time doesn’t refrain them from the right to do whatever they want to do.
    – they only limit themselves b/c they don’t want to hurt the fans’ feelings, or possibly their ‘public image.’ but don’t be upset when you find out news you don’t want to hear…. we don’t control what they should & shouldn’t do.

    that’s all. :]

  44. It’s all good in the hood, I still lovers my Big Bang♥♥♥

  45. Awwwww, don’t feel bad about smoking Melly, we love you. And anyone who discriminates against smokers (I used to be one of them) is lacking in compassion/perspective. It’s hard because when you’re young you’re always told “smoking is bad! Don’t smoke!” and so when you see someone smoking you associate bad things with that etc. But part of maturing is realizing that smoking DOES NOT make someone bad, really it doesn’t say anything about them except that they choose to light up for whatever reason (stressed/bored/social reasons). Of course I feel sad when I see someone smoke because it’s so unhealthy, especially when it’s someone I really care about. I don’t like the smell of smoke and I don’t like the way it looks but that has nothing to do with the person smoking it, who is a human being and doesn’t deserve to be judged for their smoking habit. Just my two cents. Still love GD and TOP. Does their smoking turn me off? Yes. But I still love them.

  46. I don’t mind the smoking . All my friends smoke and as much as I hate to admit this, I even practice the bad habit myself. Does it make me a bad person ? No. I still love my music, I’m still extremely nice to strangers, I still love going shopping, I still love hanging out with my friends. I’m the exact same person as I was before I smoked and I will be when I quit, except my lungs will be pinker haha. I know how bad it is, and it’s harms, and I know GD/TOP know that too. It’s horrible to think someone is bad just because they smoke. It’s a hard habit to break. Ah anyway, I love them either way, they’re still the same talented boys they were before. Smokers or non smokers.

  47. Im sad that GD/TOP feel they have to smoke. My school lets kids smoke where ever they want outside on campus and I HATE the smell, It’s like I cant breathe (it just looks ‘icky’ too)!

    I still will ALWAYS Love the boys though!! ^_^ ❤

  48. Holy! I think this is one those few occasions that I can read an article that’s really long and not get distracted or bored by it! I wish I could write like that….

    Anyways, personally I really do dislike the smell of cigarettes not necessary the people themselves though. Rather than saying disappointed – cause everyone has their own flaws, I do too, it just makes me sad when I see people smoke. When I see people who I don’t know personally and see them smoking, I think to myself, why’s he/she doing that? When there are so many people in the world who are struggling so hard to live another day – trying to find sip of clean water or a bite of food to keep themselves conscious…

    Whether or not GD & TOP smokes it won’t change my opinion on them, instead I’ll pray and hope that they’ll be able to find a healthier way to relief their stress or occupy themselves when they’re feeling down.

    – big bang forever ♥

  49. Hi melly ^^ omg! GD those are very lucky girls ^^

    and about the smoke thing…i get what you’re saying…i’m 21 and don’t smoke but my friends yes…so i understand TOP & GD…

    anyway thanks for the news i’m following you on twitter =)

  50. o my my….PURE ENVY of those ladies who can SMELL MY GD!!!!!!!!!!
    almost touch GD’S SWEATS, 2…ahhhh!

  51. agreed!! why is all this “smoking” issue coming out? they’ll understand when they’re older…using a cigarette to determine whether a person is good or bad? look around the street, or just don’t go out, there’re a lot of bad people out there…

  52. let me spazzzz lst: OMG~~~~~i wish to touch GD tooooooooooo…*pulling hair* i don’t live in Korea..haiz~
    hmmm..this ‘smoking’ post came as a surprise..i mean why does one need to discuss or debate or comment in such lengths abt wheth who smokes?? (im just thinking tt melly u shouldnt realli bother those ple)
    i have to confess i was surprised when i knew they smoke/used to’s coz they r kids (im much older > <)..
    but aft tt i thought so what? it's their own biz, it's their own lifestyle..i dun like it coz it's detrimental to thier health tt's all..i dun know them personally n all i see is their onscreen there's nothing i can do abt it n i juz chuck this thing aside n contd to love them…
    their well being matters but ain't they r too faraway for us to care? get wad i mean?
    to me i juz wanna concentrate on loving their music, respecting them for their talents & putting such hardwrk n efforts in wad they realli wanna do at such young ages…evn as an adult i feel ashamed compared to them…i dun hv their determination. i truly admire them…
    PS: melly, though i dunno u just like i dunno BB personally, i still hope u wld stay healthy (b able to kick the habit sumday) n contd to do wad u do nw, bringing news abt BB…most imptly let's contd loving our boys ;P

  53. so what if they smoke,knowing that i like them even more because they look like ordinary people with flass like any of us. 🙂

  54. It’s always been pretty obvious that they smoked – although I have wondered about the other three before. This issue has been raised several times before, but like you mentioned : it’s their lives, and they’re people too. GD is still the hardworking guy that he is, proving to fans that he puts everything into his work to entertain us.

    I’m glad you wrote this, because it really makes [common] sense.

    There was also recently a picture or two posted up where it depicted of GD taking a breather before his next performance at the concert. The photographer got huge backlash, saying how he must’ve been an anti-fan and it showed GD in a negative light – rather, I only saw a kid who’s working hard regardless of anything for us, and giving it his all every day, no matter how tired he is, or how stressed or weary.

    It’s rather commendable.

  55. I totally agree with you. Smoking doesn’t make you a bad person. I myself smoke and its really hard to quit the habit specially if you have a very demanding career. Smoking makes me feel relaxed and I think that’s what TOP and ‘My Little Dragon’ feels when they smoke. Its just smoking anyway its not like they killed someone.

  56. Dam it! those people ar eso freaking lucky to be so close to GD and even touching him1! lucky i wish i was there =] i wouldnt have faint …if only that was possible i be glad enough if i had a chance to just go to se ehis concert and dont change ur respect towards GD & top oppa just because they smoke andd plus it was the past so go on with the flow and still love them for who they are, they work so hard to show us their awesome talent and we have to appreciate them in return instead of critizing(dont know how to spell very welll xD ) I still love them and i believe that many other fans do too and they dont judge them if you truly love them you wouldnt be like that so plz give lots of love to them =] SARANGHAEYO GD AND TOP OPPA

  57. mb i meant i would have faint**

  58. haha. i was also a little disappointed because jiyong smokes since i dont really like people who are important to me to be smoking. but it doesnt change the fact that he’s someone who will make me smile. X) he has a lot more good points over this little bad one.

    why are the girls so damn lucky & THEY ARE TOUCHING HIM!!!

  59. i still love them. i just wish they would stop smoking because it’s unhealthy and us VIPs always want our boys to be healthy. but it sure is a fact that people who smoke die sooner than people who don’t. aaaand im pretty sure i want gd and top to stay here for a pretty loooong time. i don’t blame them for smoking since they probably grew up around it and by now are probably addicted (which is still bad). i still love them unconditionally and i just hope that they will do what’s best for them.

  60. after skimming the comments…. i seem to be the only person that isn’t annoyed that it’s “gross” but am annoyed about something else that i thought would be pretty obvious.

    hellooooo….. they are singers! don’t they know that it can damage their voice?

    it screws a LOT with your breath management, which is the core to being a talented singer AND/OR rapper. So with that said, i’m just confused as to why they’d opt for smoking, not really grossed out.

  61. i totally agree with you on the smoking issue. : )

  62. If you want a good grammar, here it is. Sorry for the bad grammar. I don’t double check my comments.

    I did not mean to offend fans, but you’re offended so I’m sorry. But does it mean that people who oppose your thoughts are no allowed to comment here?

    I want to know about your point in criticizing others’ opinions about the “smoking” thinggy.

    Let’s say people change their minds because they smoke, can you do anything about it?

    Yeah, I agree that there’s no “set answer (?)” that will satisfy anyone.

    For your question, “why & how do people derive such opinions?”

    I answer: It’s humans’ nature.

    I’m just saying my thoughts. I didn’t realize that you’d get so serious about it. I don’t also think my thoughts are really offending. My point is, we have different opinions in this, so there’s no use in indirectly picking up a fight. I know that others are wrong for saying that they lose respect for others just because of smoking but I don’t think it’s also not right to criticize them. Those are their opinions. Who cares about them?

    It’s really not my intention to start a fight, but here you are, contradicting each of my words. I’m telling you, I’m sorry if I offended you.

  63. wow, Melly :] I love your Confidence. & confidence is SEXXY ;]

    I’ll always Love JiYong and Top, no matter what they do.
    We Fans are always here & supporting them. We’re like their 3rd or Fourth Family :] & if people out there are judging before
    they even know whats up, theyre just following the Crowd.
    Its hard to quit, once youre addicted and I know forsure,
    those smokers will be Fine, sooner or later :] I have Faith
    in You Smokers, that you can QUIT x) who said life was
    Perfect ? People stress and they do things to calm theirselves
    down. I Love You, Melly :] You’re someone I’ll definitely
    stand up for :]
    – & seriously, if people dont know JiYong and Top, stop jumping
    to conclusions. saying this & that; Dont Judge A Book by Its

    Hehe, JiYong’s pictures are Fine. & I agree, its too Close.
    those girls could Bring Him Down the Stage anytime they
    wanted. Grr, she grabbed onto Him. LOL; SEXXY GDRAGON ;]]

  64. After being a (BB) BIGBANG fan for about four years now, i have to say that for the new little fans out there, get over it. They smoke, alot of people smoke. The only thing fans have been sad about is the fact it ruins voices ” TOP OPPA! YOUR VOICE IS TO SEXY TO LOSE!!!!” -ahem- anyway..
    Koreans do smoke alot. Im over here in K-Town (woo woo) and surprised im not dead from second-hand yet.Theres no point in saying your a fan and totally getting all gross and prissy over the fact they do…what they do. Dont follow them in their personal lives then…wow…im really angry about that..hmm..
    But woo for DaeSung on his return..his cute self belongs anywhere BB is..-sigh-

  65. and i wonder…does everyone remember So-1? Even though he’s not in BB anymore..he still left an impression on me.

  66. idc if he really does smoke. i’ll still love jibabe.

  67. LOL
    oh my gosh.

    i’m going to do everyone a favor & just stop you right there.

    i don’t think i’d want people to lose brain cells by trying to follow what you’re saying.

    i’ll stop beating around the bush, assuming you’ll understand what i’m saying, & tell you straight up:
    – your argument goes in circles.
    – your grammar definitely got worse than before when you didn’t try.
    – this is me officially “picking a fight.” before i was trying to be nice & “indirectly” suggest that you should stop commenting on the issue.

    but now you’re forcing my hand, so i’d say if you want to keep “apologizing” to me, you can stop commenting here.

    thank you very much.

    P.S. i do not mind if you disagree with me, but if you keep coming back to repeat your same argument, which i obviously thought did not make sense, which was why i commented back to you specifically in the first place, then you need to be told to stop.
    there’s a handful of people who don’t agree with what i say, but have i said anything back? no, b/c they were sincere about it & it made sense.

    so everyone else shouldn’t comment about this particular conversation any further or i’ll just close this post.


  68. heyyy..
    can u tell me what is G-D’s shoes?
    what brand?

  69. omg….gd and top smoke…i dont believe it…if they smoke show me some evidence then ill believe you…but if they do smoke i dont mind cuz i am srounded by smoker and they didnt change…so if GD and TOP smoke its fine with me cuz they are the same person that i have known…

  70. I’m slightly shocked that they smoke, but they’re people to, I just kinda hope they quit, because I only wanted the best for them before i found out they smoked, and I STILL only want the best for them, I just hope they dont do it very often. BB hwaiting! and if u lose respect for them now then you arent really a true fan to begin with.

  71. haha
    ill support GD no matter what !
    just because he smokes , doesn’t mean he’s any diff
    he’s still our GD 😉
    and Top too !
    but im kinda worried tht it will effect thier health
    i dont want anything to happen to my oppa 😦

  72. oh my god i think i lost my mind when i see her smile its so HOT im the big fan of him,i like the way he dance thr hesrtbreaker and the breath..y i think my oppa dont smoke anymore its not to good to her health,i co wanna have her sick,ya i agree with you ereene T.O.P also i like him…

  73. oh my god i think i lost my mind when i see her smile its so HOT im the big fan of him,i like the way he dance thr heartbreaker and the breath..y i think my oppa dont smoke anymore its not to good to her health,i co wanna have her sick,ya i agree with you ereene T.O.P also i like him…

  74. I so agree with you 🙂 That’s exactly my point whenever someone says, “That’s gross.” when they find photos of GD and TOP smoking. I always tell them “So what? I knew that even before and that didn’t make me lose my love and respect for them. If you don’t like him now because of that, then don’t, you’re not worthy to be called a VIP.” LOL. I did say that to one XDD

  75. empee u r vip also??i dont knoe how to join the vip here in this website,i want to join i want vip also…

  76. it should matter if the smoke once in a while it doesn’t affect how amazing they are any way i love g-d and top any ways (;

  77. what the hell.. we all have our vices. we’re allowed at least one. i’d love to sit back and have a smoke with the boys. i’m not promoting or condoning smoking. to each his own, right?

  78. I still love them even though they smoke.

    It doesn’t make them a lesser person because of it. They are already adults. They can decide for themselves. GD and TOP shouldn’t be judged because of it. It’s not like they’re taking drugs anyway. So just let them be! LOL.

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