PROJECT ‘oh mY Body’

here’s some inspiration: they’re bigger.

you’re welcome. xD

this is just for laughs. for fun. but if it gets really good with a lot of participants… we can do something more about it πŸ™‚

so…. i was thinking in honor of YB’s upcoming solo activities, we’d do something fun so that we can channel our energy/excitement to something productive! ^^

lol okay so the goal of this “project” is to show appreciation to YB & the magnificent job he’s done to keep his body in shape πŸ˜€

EDIT: it is not limited to YB’s abs. any part of him works πŸ˜‰

  • you could submit artwork (it doesn’t have to be great; it could be abstract! or impressionistic), any kind of art that you feel follows the objective of this “project.”
  • you could write poems, creative essays, haikus whatever to describe how yb(‘s body) makes you feel (LOL)
  • you can make videos as well
  • whatever other ideas you have; be creative! let’s show everyone what VIPs are made of :]
  • share it here!

oh, if you didn’t get the derivation of the title of this project yet, “oh my body” has YB in the middle.

ok, good luck! & i’m gonna see if i can get some kvipz to participate lol

here’s my drawing:


~ by gdluvzmc on October 11, 2009.

47 Responses to “PROJECT ‘oh mY Body’”

  1. cool πŸ™‚ I may do some poem XD YB has a nice body O.O

  2. your drawing is so PRO.
    or maybe it’s cause you studied Art ? hehe..
    i’ll dare myself to draw .. it’s gonna be hard. XD

  3. chyea homes, your drawing is the shiz

  4. Wow, you draw really well! Good representation of Youngbae’s nice body πŸ˜€

  5. WOW. your such an amazing artist πŸ˜‰
    i’ll probably write a poem or something teehee x]
    his body *drools*

  6. 2 things I love….art and BigBang!
    You know Im in!

  7. ooo i want to draw something, do we just email it or??????

  8. ^ link it here. thru a photo host site.

  9. i`ll do a drawing .. buahahaha

  10. wow!another project..& this time it’s for my hubby.. πŸ˜€ awww~ now ima do more work..LOL! but oh wells, it’s all worth it for my BAE πŸ˜€ ❀

  11. i think i’ma prolly end up passing on this one … it’ll be far tooo dirty to even submit. i can’t keep it on the PG LEVEL, we’re talking about his body here! LOL.

  12. OM-GD-GOSH even pencil sketched of his body makes me wanna repent *splashed with cold water*, ok…um, can’t draw to save life (okay, maybe chibi versions), um…poem, maybe/maybe not…um, Melly, your drawing is full of win and awesome and i love it. HOT HOT HE’S HOT. HOT!!!

  13. kim,

    i drew that

    to spite you haha.

    it came out so good i couldn’t give it to you πŸ˜›

  14. You’re so good at drawing. :O

  15. im so doing this. hahaha

  16. Aaw, I wish I could draw. I’m good at making MV’s though. Is there anyway I can make a MV showing his sexiness and body? If not, that’s fine. Doesn’t hurt to ask! LOL!

  17. ^ of course you can! lol

  18. wow:D you’re great:)
    i wish i have the same talent as yours:D

  19. OMG LOL I have lyrics from a song that me & my friend did for fun XD it goes along to the old song “My Girl” from the Temptations πŸ˜€

    Here it is LOL

    I’ve got Sunshiiiiine
    On a cloudyyy dayyyy
    When it’s colddd outsiiide
    I’ve got the month of Mayy

    I guess youuuu’d sayyy
    what can make me feel this wayyyy

    Young Baeee
    Young Baeee
    Young Baeee

    Talkinn bouttt
    Young Baeeee


    He’s got soooo muchhh muscless
    Schwarzenegger envys himmm
    When he’s not on tourrrr
    He stays in the gymmmm


    I guess youuuu’d sayyy
    what can make me feel this wayyyy

    Young Baeee
    Young Baeee
    Young Baeee

    Talkinn bouttt
    Young Baeeee


    You don’t need no money baby
    Fourtune or faaaame
    You don’t need a shirrrtt
    As long as your abs stayy the sameee


    I guesss you’dd sayyy
    What can make me feel this wayyy

    Young Baeee
    Young Baeee
    Young Baeee

    Talkin bouttt
    Young Baeee


    Talkinn boutttt Young Baeee

  20. oh my god, i like the drawn Picture of
    Tae’s hot body :] Hehe, verry smexxy.

    i like this project !

  21. i made a haiku thingy. while sitting right in the middle of the front row of class. my friend saw it while i was writing and had a mini stroke right up there. XD

    sometimes i wonder
    why your faux hawk seems to never
    ever move at all.

    but then you smile
    and then my heart reduces
    to a pile of goo.

    as i gaze at your
    lovely shirtless figure, i
    think i must have died

    and gone to heaven,
    of course. but nothing else can
    ever come close to you…

    can you tell me why
    your smokin’ hot abs defy
    all explanation —

    take your shirt off and
    you could really kill people, man!!
    this is all i have

    to say — any more
    and my brain will turn to mush.
    but i’ll forgive you.

    why, you ask me? well,
    because you’re so HOT, HOT, HOT.
    *sigh* need i say more?

    THE END. >.>

  22. I didn’t want to study for my exam, so…here’s my ode to YB.

    Combing my hands through your jet-black hair.
    Placing a kiss against those perfect lips that produce the melodious tune that makes my heart race against time.
    Tracing my fingers against your amazing physique.
    Every drop of bladd running through my veins screams for your touch.
    Every breath on the tip of my lips calls out your name…
    “Young Bae…”
    What more can someone dream of than being held by those muscular arms…protected from danger…comforted by strength.
    Those deep dark eyes sparkle, so full of mischief and curiosity, holding my gaze.
    LIke a wisp of smoke, you’re so real, but intangible.
    My heart drifts away in the ocean of my thoughts of you.

    see how bored i am? XD.

  23. Here’s my painting:

    (I would of liked it to turn out a bit darker like the pic, I may even touch it up later)
    here’s different lighting if it looks any better (lol). U know artists, all they see is our imperfeections! lol

  24. @PD.
    I felt like a was reading a romance novel! πŸ˜€

  25. haha i may just do this tomorrow. well later today [lol its 3am] now i gotta go through all my pictures to find a nice pic of Taeyang’s perfect abs.
    only problem is i hope it doesnt turn out like yours. me and art tend to be like dat. i tend to copy wat ive seen or at least make it similar to wat ive seen >.<"
    ps. very nice drawing. lol
    @cherrylovesyb lol luv da original culdnt help but sing along while reading it xD

  26. WOW I wanna do this,But I cant draw or paint as good as any of you people.So imma save myself the embrassment.

  27. woaww.. hahaha i love your poems…very erotic. lol. and the drawing is fabulous…i also wanna do something for my youngbae, but I;m artistically challenged…nevertheless, I’ll focus all my creative skills…or lack do something.

  28. I wanna do this for my hubby, but I have no time (already I’m just sneaking around just to look and make a comment or two) because of my effin finals which will start a DAY after his release. huhu.

    But just to let you guys give a go on your “imaginations”, Imagine Baebae singing “Baby, I’m Sorry” to you in bed, while you’re lying together about to sleep (nothing dirty happening here), you both facing each other and each lyric is whispered to you… hehe.
    You can put in any other song of his if you like, but personally whenever I hear that song an MV like that plays into my head. =)

    …yeah that makes up my night great and sometimes full of Baebae dreams. ^^

    Got any Youngbae MV fantasy?

  29. btw in relation to oh mY Body, I think I prefer his whole bod. hehe.

  30. the title of this project is soo clever haha

  31. hahahaha.. how cute.. i’ll promise i’ll
    be back with something soon..
    btw; i like your title.<3

  32. &&picture..

  33. wow your drawing is very nice I like it I will do something soon Tae Yang is <3333

  34. Omg bigger pictures… thank you thank you. LOL

  35. my lame ass attempt at drawing Tae. xD looks so bad. doesnt giv da man any justice.
    full body version [note: i dislike drawing people particularly faces and hands. ><"]

    this one looks a lil better. just the neck down. =]

    btw sorry for the bad quality. used my phone cam. im slowly adding stuff to it each time i c it. mayb ill try another one nxt time.
    ref: Taeyang FIRST CONCERT HOT [hehe memories]

  36. I’m a silent one on the internet, but for YB, I will do anything . Ok, not anything but a drawing, to show my love πŸ™‚

  37. Oh-my-Bae! hahahaha great idea πŸ˜€ and good drawing :O

  38. So when is the due date for this project?

  39. none set yet.
    but maybe before yb stops promoting, which will be a while i suppose.
    but let’s not procrastinate!

  40. Okay I just want to think of what I want to do v(^_^)v

  41. Ugh, I wanna make a video, but I can’t think of a song to use for it…LOL! Any suggestions?

  42. […] i wrote a ______ poem about TaeYang for the dedication. not like i’m gonna post it here. haha. nice single though. the MV is so cool (: counted down […]

  43. here is a little something i made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Forever with u

    BIG BANG Fihting

    VIP fighting

    we are fighting

  45. rofl @babeyelmo

    that is a nice collection of CHINs. πŸ˜€

  46. @gdluvzmc

    haha thank you! YES i love YB’s chin and his JAWLINE! OMO
    HIS JAWLINE! one of my favorite feature of his! LMAO

  47. I hope it looks like him >.>
    I totally ruined him.

    This is original btw >.<

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