the general information:



  • Saturday, December 5th, 2009 @ 7:00PM
  • Sunday, December 6th, 2009 @6:00PM


  • Olympic Park Stadium, Seoul, Korea


  • ₩ 77,000 a seat



  • December 5th concert: tickets go on sale: WED, OCT. 28th, 2009 @ 8:00PM
  • December 6th concert: tickets go on sale: FRI, OTC. 30th, 2009 @ 8:00PM
  • (all times in KST)

– be on the lookout for the bulletin notice on 11th Avenue
– any questions regarding ticketing info, contact 11th Avenue


~ by gdluvzmc on October 12, 2009.


  1. OHH YAY! first commenter!I wanna go.And plus the price of the air plane ticket ill be broke YAY 😀

  2. >.< i wanna go soooo badly. I would totally blow off semester finals just to fly to korea to see him. I swear if only i have the money i would do it in a heartbeat.

  3. ^ he would tell you, “school comes first.”

    rofl. that’s what i’m doing. my finals r that time so i don’t need to go.

    besides, he’ll give me a free concert on my & seungri’s birthday.
    & plus a dvd will come out.
    it’s all good^^

  4. Why is exam on the same day as GD’s solo I’m dying!!!!!

  5. I want go there. ^^
    I run to Korea. ;D
    But I did not panic. Ever downloaded this concert. ^^

  6. a dvd better come out. God ill be a wreck waiting for it. Not to mention while watching it i would totally want to be left alone XD to do nothing but watch him for two hours, sing, dance, talk and whatever else he might come up with. *flails wildly*


  8. Son of a b*tch! Why do I have to be unemployed right now?

  9. man.. only if i had a job…

  10. I’m unemployed, under age an I live far away from Korea. So yeeeaah. <.<

  11. ^^ME TOO. huhu
    darn it. if only he’d have a taiwan concert during christmas break :[

  12. gosh too bad i cant go to korea >< I do anything to go to his concert !! and u get a free cd on ur's and seungri's birthday ? =o if u do ur so lucky and lucky u have the same birthday =] i wish they come to chicago,illnios to perfrom i definitely go there ❤ GD forever hope he do overly awesome like the concerts with BIG BANG


    It’s history in the MAKING, and I can’t MAKE IT. </3

    Someone please pack me in your suitcase. xD

  14. Hey, i can make it, since seoul is only 30 minutes away:)
    but Melly, can you help me buy it?


  16. sigh if only i could go to it. its okay ill be a good girl and wait patiently for the dvd to come out. =]

  17. OMG i am so going! thank you SOOOO much for the update!! please keep updating us 😀

  18. wowww so who’s going? omg that’s going to be “the concert” T.T i wish i could go to Korea </3

  19. o my god!iwannagotoo….(T,T)..

  20. FINALLY THE DETAILS R OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh man i need help with the tix!!! Is anybody buying the tix??
    i dun ubderstand the website @ all >x>
    if anyone is coordinating a group buy or sumtin??? i dun wanna miss this like i missed big bang’s… @@~

  21. the process involves having an account w/ “11st”

  22. kerris: i know seriously!
    I mean, I can read korean rather… well; but x) I can’t read like Melly can ;DD

  23. That’s on my birthday dec 6 =)
    Gd fighting !!!!
    I LOVE U ❤

  24. to : kerris
    r u going to korea? me either. maybe i can’t help u buying the ticket.

  25. yay im going ! woohoo too excited ! im going to both concerts i gota reserve my spot 🙂

  26. oh and could someone help me to pre-order tickets please , :)thankyou so muc going to support my gd lol

  27. i want to go also!! but how to buy the ticket? i cant read korean.

  28. Hyunjitop: hi! Now I’m like seriously panicking~where do u live? Y is Korea only 30min away? Hv u thought of any plans yet regarding the tickets?

    Riney: hi! I’m going to Korea only if I can get the concert tickets!! N im planning to go for both days. Do u know of anyone who can hlp? Coz one needs to b a Korean to b able to buy the tix..:X

    Perhaps those ivips who wanna go can buy tickets together or sumtin? But we need someone who can read Korean > <

  29. oh i want to go there also,i want to see G-DRAGON im the big fan of him…i like the way he dance i love it..can anybody ell me how to buy the ticket for the concert..ill do everything ill work hard for the ticket,i hope ji-yong read this…

  30. omg SAME and i can fly there since i will in hong kong at that omg can someone like book several tickets for ivips damn it so sad us foreigners cant go to our beloved GD’s concert sinc ewe do not know korean i wanna cry

  31. anybody knows how to join the VIP?and when i click the official website oF G-DRAGON there,s nothing there…im the big fan of them,and of coures G-DRAGON…

  32. stupid me.

    to : kerris
    r u going to korea? me either. maybe i CAN help u buying the ticket.

  33. riney♪ : OH GREAT! I was actually wondering if u meant that u can help me buy the concert tix..haha..maybe u can email me and we liaise from there? my email: heero_w@hotmail.com..by the way i’m from Singapore 🙂

  34. anyone else can help me with the tix..i can go but i dun understand anything from the website..

  35. i try to help all of u girls VIP!!

  36. Riney: Gosh u will b a HUGE help!!! An Angel!! How many sessions will u be going? i feel like going for both 5&6Dec..hee..

  37. Riney:..oh pls pls pls..coz i dun understand on hw to navigate the website..n everyone saying that the tix will be gone in minutes (juz like BBs)..so im freaking out..
    i will try to get translation frm the korean trade in my country..any info i’ll post it to u guys..
    do u guys know how the payment in that website is made?Credit card/paypal..etc?
    Kerris: i so wanna go for both days concert..

  38. I want to go to see the 1st con of him
    but I can’t read Korea I don’t know how to book the ticket
    I want someone to help me!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeee…Help me

    I ready to go!!

  39. to kerris :
    i’ve added your msn. (i’ll go for both.)

    to shazy :
    i don’t think a foreigner can buy the ticket ’cause u need an address in korea. yg shoulda use gmarket like last time.

    to ryuka :
    r u japanese? i don’t live in japan but i’m vip japan ^^

  40. Riney: can we actually buy from g-market?i tot only at 11st.co.kr?
    do we need anything else other than korean add?do we need korean id or sumthg?if yes then no foreigners can actually buy the tickets… then sob sob!
    any of u guys hv facebook do add me shazy132003@yahoo.com..

  41. Riney: thanks for adding me but i don’t see ur name on my msn…
    if u hv facebook u can also add me or feel free to drop me a mail. thanks so much~ 😀

    Shazy: i have added u on FB..btw u need korean id to buy the tickets online..YG used Gmarket for BB’s concert…but dunno why he changed another source this time…

  42. Hey riney i see your helping out us VIPs , i am all the way from Sydney Australia and my mum is letting me go as a christmas present haha ! but i need to preoder tickets first and i dont understand everything . so what u mean is that we have to make a korean id and foriegners can by the tickets and we arrive there we collect the tickets ? or i don’t know the process, please add me on ruff.riiderz@hotmail.com thankyouu ! you will be the biggest help of my life ! i really appreciate ittt ! xoxo

  43. riney:could you pls add me also? i would like to ask something about the concert.my msn:snake_1123@hotmail.com thx!!

  44. riney: can u add me also? 😀 my email is: thedotfairy@yahoo.com
    kerris; oh, I live in Bundang, IN KOREA X) ahahaa yahh… uhh i was just gonna ask riney for more info:D and bundang is like 30 minutes from seoul so im SURE i can get there, as long as i have tickets:)

  45. riney: can you help me get ticket to the concert too? my e-mail is skwm05@gmail.com thanks!

  46. kerris : I’m not japaness but I’m Thai
    I want to go to see this concert very much, I don’t know how to book the ticket , did you have way to help me, I’m going crazy now.

    this is my e-mail : kukudevil69@hotmail.com

    Do mail meeee .
    ty riney (L)(L)

  48. can i also join in on how to get tickets? my email is femmefataleartemis@yahoo.com. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  49. Korea isn’t the same as american concerts.
    the only way to get VIP seats is to have some sort of connection to a big shot company. if u don’t good luck getting tickets and good luck trying to see beautiful jiyong oppa from like 1000000000feet away.
    wahhhh, i was gonna go, but I don’t have any connections. ughhhhhh.

  50. ah, and by the way, I think you need to have a korean social security number, US one won’t work.
    If you want to get it, make an account at 11st.co.kr, then go to this website: http://www.11st.co.kr/html/event/GdragonConcert.html
    On the 28th at 8pm, tickets will be sold! Click quickly or you’ll miss your chance.
    Have your korean phone number and email ready to type!
    The download will be available on the 26th, ITS ALREADY OPEN!! LOGIN AND GET IT!!

  51. help!!!!!! i dunno how to work that 11st.kr webpage~~ been tryin the whole day~ >.< im from malaysia~ i dun udstd korean!!!!!! is there anyone that could help me in registering or teach me to work the page out???? please!!! DESPERATE!!!!! i wanna goto GD's concert!! im all prepared~ jz the ticktes!!!!!! anyone pls help me!!!!!!!! pls~ anyone~~~ pls!! =( [naughty_joanne@hotmail.com]

  52. i’ll order 4 tickets for both days. but only me & friend will go. so there are 2 tickets left. if anyone wants it, please feel free to tell me. r1ney@hotmail.com ^^

  53. rineyyy:) i sent an email with a question:D

  54. riney i’ve email u for the tickets..let me know how..is there any news frm the sales..everything seems quiet once the website open for booking..
    jyen: i wanna go too..me frm malaysia as well..and i’ve added u on fb..

  55. i don’t know if everyone will read this or not.
    i’ve asked all of fans that know about yesterday.
    noone couldn’t buy any ticket.
    the server status always showed error.
    then only first 10 min, standing area was sold.
    although i can help u all buy the ticket from japan,
    the price is quite expensive. about 12000 yen or $135.
    and we won’t know the seat until the ticket comes out.
    if u’re ok with it, please contact me before this friday.
    i’ll buy the ticket right away. (for myself too)
    ’cause i think it’ll be sold out soon.

  56. The tickets for the first concert were sold today starting at 8:00pm and all the seats were gone after a couple of minutes. The site that was selling the tickets, 11st, had their server down for a while because of all the fans trying to get their hands on some tickets.

    from: soompi

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