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[DOWNLOAD] TaeYang: Where U At MV


Translated by: jeska + gdluvzmc @VIPTranslators
source: ygfamily.com
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This is YG Entertainment

Big Bang’s Taeyang will be coming out with [Where U At] after 1 year & 5 months since his last solo release.

Taeyang, who left a strong impression on audiences & critics alike with his first solo mini-album [HOT], with hit singles including “Look Only At Me” & “Prayer,” received recognition as the famous idol group, Big Bang’s lead singer, as well as a solo artist through his mini-album.

This Digital Single, “Where U At” was composed & written by Teddy, who brought sensation to the music industry with songs the songs he produced such as “Look Only At Me” & “Prayer” from last year, to this years’ “Lollipop,” 2NE1’s “Fire” & “I Don’t Care.”

The lyrics for “Where U At” were written in consideration of 22-year-old Taeyang, who has never had a girlfriend. The touchy story is reflective of Taeyang’s situation, imagining his future girlfriend who’s out there somewhere.

Much to expect from Taeyang as to what type of style & music he’s going to promote with his activities beginning with “Where U At” to his official album, so please take interest & give support.

Thank you.


check out taeyang’s official site.


~ by gdluvzmc on October 14, 2009.

108 Responses to “TAEYANG DIGITAL SINGLE [WHERE U AT] MV Released!”

  1. first?

  2. yay.. i like cannot wait for this..

  3. im gonna wake up early tomorrow so i can listen.
    *squeal* yay! cant wait *fangirl*

  4. who has never had a girlfriend ? OMG ! > <

    can't wait . !

  5. EEEE i actually get to listen to it before i go to class.

    must gather the troops~ πŸ˜€

  6. He never had a gf? O_O in shock.. he’s beautiful, dunno why girls dont look @ him.. even before his debut..
    well.. thanks for the news (:

  7. Ohhh my gosh. Can’t wait. ^_____^~!!!!

  8. it’s tomorrow!!! looking forward to his album

  9. OMFG ahhhhh! cannot wait.
    That like in 12 more hours for us, or something like that.
    wahhh, i think it’s gonna sound beautiful (:
    Lols oh snapp, i gotta go to school.
    thanks for the update & yes Vicky, post up the video soon
    when it comes out. you’re quick =]

  10. its gonna be a BIG HIT!
    i love u taeyang oppa!=]

  11. will u upload iris??

  12. i’ve been anticipating this forever!
    youngbae will do a great job.
    im so proud of him.

  13. Awwwwww Taeyang you freaking sweetheart you. Wondering where your first girlfriend is out there in the world. Your such a gentleman and sweetheart that youll find her eventually. You have to. Your too much of a good catch to not. I’m in the same boat oppa ^^

    I cant wait for this single. Its going to be awesome just like everything else he’s done. ^^

  14. Totally all the way behind you oppa I’m going to buy your album…come to korea to support especially if I don’t have class college is important but you are more..lol I a bit crazy let me stop now….put Boss in the video like GD that how!!!! ALWAYS AND FOREVER LOOKIN ON AT YOU YOUNG BAE!!!!!!

  15. o0o I can’t hardly wait!!! hehe

  16. seven hrs to go !

  17. 6 Hours and 7 minutes until T-DAY!!! *points finger, muffling “m-f-ers”*

  18. Man releasing a song online is catching on can’t wait to hear it and btw Taeyang your GF is in the U.S.A in upstate NY lol.

  19. 4 1/2 hours to goooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im freakin dying from anticipation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. yeeeeeah !!!

  21. wuhuu i’m waiting >.<

  22. πŸ™‚ hwaiting!

  23. TAE YANG?Nooo way!Waiting to hear me πŸ˜€

  24. awwww, can*t waiiit >.<
    i guess it will be released in 2 hours in my time !! I will stay awake for u, young bae <3<3<3


  25. ok, i c .. maybe not 2 hours hahahha :DDD thought it would be 2 hours!!
    whatever! I will wait hehehhe

    hwaiting ❀

  26. omg omg omg dang i cant wAIt its tomo dang it


  28. Omg so excited!!! 1 hour + 2O mins left~~~~

    Thanks for posting up his official site too. :] -bookmarks-

  29. OMFG FUCK FUCK FUCK…IT’S IN 1 HOUR!!!!!!!!!!


  30. Tae Yang Hwaiting!
    YAY, new single soon!
    Can’t wait time go faster!

  31. OMG! its like a hour away! XDDD YAY! i can’t wait. kekekekek ❀

  32. 34 minutes til “the sun” rises and brings on the heatwave to a very cold fall (in my area)!!! woot!!!

  33. 19 minutes!! ^_^
    ….and I wish I had a cold fall…

  34. >.< 15 minutes!!! im going crazy!!!

  35. the song will be available to listen to on his website, right? cause there’s literally 15 minutes left!!!!

  36. 1 MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. OMG> what now. LOL

  39. its on youtubee

  40. I know. What now?

  41. OMG. Listen to it here ::: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLAQSAJuNFg

  42. we wait LOL

  43. i think ive died and gone to heaven



    and im all his!


  48. XD Love it! ^_^

    I can SO see TY doing well in the US. lol

  49. omgomg so goooddd
    the preview for the next song is killllllllliiing me already >.<
    and i have to wait till november!!!

  50. AHH the video is out now! aw man too bad he’s not performing/promoting this song, but Im excited for “wedding dress” too!


  52. i think i need to be hospitalized. im shaking.
    it’s soo awesome
    and i miss him soo much

  53. Why the hell is he not promoting this song???? It’s hot!

  54. And where can I get this song?

  55. it sounds absolutely incredible. and the mv ..the dancing…damnn…of the wall…OF THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. WOOOOHA!! chewy beat XD ~~~~
    thou i’m not so addicted to the lyrics….i mean…isn’t a “guys” thing to enjoy all type of girls…that is sounding like a girl obsession….YB u should already know that -good girls always like da bad boys- πŸ˜›
    loosing your cuteness wit that deserving mood honey!!!!
    Just get a close by pretty girl already lol….

  57. omo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))) AMAZING GO TAEYANG GO!!!!!!!!!!!! OPPA!!!!!!!! HWAITING!


  59. hes never had a girlfriend. i doubt that!


  61. wow! he’s getting so much better at English πŸ™‚ so proud of him! he’s doing so well! This vid was awesome so is tha song πŸ™‚ omg why did Teddy appear about 3 seconds!? i need to see more of him haha i miss him so much! but he’s doing a great job helping our BB boys out! but for my opinion he should have longer appearences ^_^

  62. First off…YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<

    Taeyang was awesome as usual! πŸ™‚ I was a little disappointed to see the MV wasn't another "story" kind like "Look Only at Me", and that Taeyang's backup dancer were dressed so similarly to him (it was easy to get them kinda mixed up with all the moving around), but the MV was still awesome. πŸ™‚

    I love the emotion in his voice (and how powerful he sounds), and the dance moves were awesome and matched greatly with the song. And after seeing that sneak peek for "Wedding Dress", I can't wait to hear that! I already like the sound of it! πŸ™‚

  63. sorry to be a doubter but I think that’s Teddy’s voice (speaking in English) in the beginning because it doesn’t sound like YB for example in the chorus and other random parts of the song… just saying aint hating… love the song regardless

  64. I have never had a boyfriend either so I can relate to this song a lot. I need someone good to come along ^^ Taeyang, I’m available πŸ˜‰

  65. mv was awesome, but you know the link that you gave to dl the mv, well it doesnt have the small section at the end of the mv, with this piano section, and taeyang looking back at this girl >__<
    but taeyang's new song is still awesome ^^

  66. Love the choreography and the scene for this video. I’m just REALLY GLAD they didn’t autotune his voice, I’m getting tired of that crap and was hoping they wouldn’t do it cuz his voice is so beautiful without it. LOL but overall, added to my ipod. Good to go. Fcking love it. T4P. Hallelujah. Amen! WOO! lmfao

  67. dong youngbae,taekwon,yb,taeyang,sol or whichever u are,i love u and everything u do!keep on impressing me!=]

  68. awesome work!:)

  69. OMG worth waitting for it. GOD i miss him . wow now that is wat i call singing …. love dis boy heaps .. all i can say its this ablum is gonna be a killer.

  70. how is he eva gonna perform da song live with a crazy dance routine like that?? it’ll be a wonder…. but it’s tae yang so he’ll probably do awesome. xp

  71. WOWWWW!!! Tae Yang :O!!! i love the choreo and the song ~~β™₯ i was missing his voice~~

    Wedding dress sounds cool too :O

    TY hwaiting!

  72. its AMAZING and the dance is AMAZING too ❀ TaeYang's mv has made my day , and week haha , i want to hear wedding dress too!
    Taeyang deserves a nice girlfriend to support him =D !!! HWAIIITING ! ❀

  73. TAEYAAAAAANG! <333333 you leave me so speachless

  74. love it!! love it!!! love it!!

  75. Taeyanggggggggggggggg da BEST j’adoreeeeeeeeeeee

  76. http://ibigbang.wordpress.com/

    taeyang is no 1 bitches

  77. just watched it. friggin ❀ it. wasnt suprise that i luv it dis much but Taeyang and Teddy just keep gettin better nd better.

  78. do y’all still send fanletters to bigbang? will they be able to receive the letters if i sent one? πŸ˜€

  79. OMG~ *faints* I didn’t know Taeyang has diz kind of aura~

  80. Yah! Youngbae-oppa. Your girlfriend is over here in the US. East Coast in NJ!

    XD god i cannot stop listening to this song!! the next song sounds cool but this song is just amazing. I would love to see a performance of this song something aweful. Even if he doesnt sing while doing it. The dancing is just freaking amazing and just flows so well with the beat and mood of the song. I think ive listened to it 50 times on my ipod already. Its just that damn good.

  81. Taeyang is soooo perfect!
    He is so full of talents!
    I just love his voice and the way he dances…
    Thanks for sharing this *u*

    Do you still doing afiliattes?

  82. OMFG hot -sigh- T.O.P but where’s my babby T.O.P?

  83. I love this song!!!! Gosh oppa’s too perfect!!!!!

  84. Man, you gotta love shaun evaristo and lyle benigna for coming up with epic choreo like that.

  85. cool song!
    it’s very sweet that he’ll be waiting for his love..omo!
    i bet the lyrics would be as sweet as taeyang’s voice.
    teddy has done it again!
    awesome YG!

  86. OMG, TY so awesome, love the sun rise sign on the background…and Teddy was hot, even if it was only for a few seconds, nice to see him not under a hoodie…I think i will like wedding dress more…

  87. i saw this last night…but im commenting everywhere this video is lol
    hmm i was kinda hoping for R&B or Hip Hop type music…but pop is ok too haha ANYWAYS!

    SEXY! Tae Yang has the perfect everything! Perfect voice, perfect body, perfect swagga, perfect dance moves…u can go on and on with this list!
    And Teddy! AH! haha and Shaun!
    Tae needs to come to AMERICA! =D

  88. ——OHO——-OHO——-OHO

    Certainly one of the best songs IΒ΄ve heard in a long while. Everything fits perfectly.
    The clip is a bit…..well….not my style, but hell—-who cares with a kick-ass song as this?

    Wish him all the best, he certainly deserves it.

    (Been a long time, no ;T)

  89. O mi god!!
    YoungBae oppa looks really sexii in this mv!
    I can’t wait for the album!
    I’m in the states so I’m gonna have to order it πŸ˜₯
    YoungBae oppa u melt all of our hearts!

    P.s. Teddy looks so fly!
    Love the dance! YB makes it look so easy.
    YB is our babee!

  90. omo
    this album is gonna be off the effin heezy yo
    this feeling is unexplainable
    its like being first in line for a rollercoaster ride and everyone else is waiting
    anyways yea thats the closest i can get
    wedding dress looooooooooks sooooo goooooooooo oooo o oooooood
    cannot wait for it to come out

  91. i see isee,
    so thats whats it about. LOL
    Im right here! *AHa

  92. Love it. Intro was hot,especially the English. DAMN!!!! Looking forward to hearing “wedding dress”.

  93. I am pretty sure i did not see a human in that mv……….TAEYANG IS A GOD!!!!!!! to be accurate,,,,a “SUN” GOD…..LMFAOOO….plz excuse my lame jks that are not good enuf for taeyang hehehe

  94. taeyang is my lover.
    don’t need to find me boo.
    i’m right heree ;]]]

  95. I frikkin’ love you guys. 😐

  96. Wedding dress sounds so awesome.

  97. on first listen i didnt really like it cos i thought it sounded average..but i put it on repeat to check n..yep, now like..
    also the mv i like it better than his first one, showing his skills not needing just looking cos he doesnt need it..but maybe i think he shouldnt use the cross in vain..keke, so long..analyse here instead of for studying..keke

  98. OMGGGG !
    he is sooo hot in this video ! this is a HIT ! lol im soo getting this πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›
    and i have a feeling ‘wedding dress’ will be a hit too πŸ˜€


  100. T.O.P<3 where YOU at?Young Bae Looks Awsome and I love that song πŸ™‚

  101. @snowie

    trust me. Youngbae is the LAST PERSON on this earth that would use the cross in vain. the man is more religious than any other person i can think of XD

  102. i love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!
    it’s young bae in every way!
    the wardrobe the set the vibe is just damn right

    love the teaser at the end too

    it’s great how these mv involves no lanky mv girls xp lol

  103. Taeyang… After I saw your MV, I feel sorry about you coz you don’t have any girlfriend right now..
    ToT I think you are growing up and become adult… But you still don’t have any girlfriend…
    NiCe Album~ KeeP FightinG!!!!

  104. OMG Aimee at the end of the end of the video was like cute i so on pins and needles waiting for wedding dress!!!! Gosh when YB says “Your man is coming” I freak out it gives me chills!! This song is blasting in my dorm!!!!

  105. WHERE YOU AT T.O.P?<33 T.O.P I miss you baby.I love that video its soo full of dance and music! πŸ™‚

  106. when is his new album coming out? i want the song at the end of the video >.<

  107. omfg! tae yang is like thee best! love his musics! πŸ™‚

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