GD & SeungRi at the opening of 3.1 Phillip Lim’s flagship store

As much as I would love to say no, yes, the furry dude Baby is shaking hand with is indeed Mr.Bong. Haven’t seen him for a week and he went and got a perm???? I don’t think it’s really a perm, probably just a wig.. (hopefully) since it doesn’t look as shiny as his normal hair, Bong got some shinnnny hair man haha….. or… did he dyed it back to brown and put the fake blonde locks there to fool us??? we never know. Baby looked buffed and grown up….. what is going on??? what is happening to my husband? aigoo..

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GD & SeungRi at the opening of 3.1 Phillip Lim’s flagship store

~ by Vicky on October 16, 2009.

39 Responses to “GD & SeungRi at the opening of 3.1 Phillip Lim’s flagship store”

  1. 1st to comment!..Dey riLy Luks awesome!..haha..Hot

  2. hahahaha
    they looook crazy gooood

  3. 2nd comment! omo seungri is really growing up!!!! I not really a fan of GD’s perm! I LOVE YOU JI YONG!!!!

  4. JiYong still looks cute tho.<3

  5. oh bongie. I wanna see the whole look. Why did you cover it with a hat?!?!!? I do love the blond on him though. Ever since he did it ive been very happily in love (as if i didnt love him enough before) But his eyes drew me in with these pics. I love his eyes.

    And Ri. He seems really awkward in these pics unlike the self confident ones i always see with him. Maybe Bongie was making him nervous *wink wink snicker snicker*

  6. man i’m trippin’ over bongs’ shoes.HOT.

  7. this site has been nominated.. does the adminstrator know? check your mail please!

  8. AHAHHAHAA seungli needs to shaveeeee

  9. well… the more I look at it the more the perm looks fake to me..
    I don’t think his hair is that long.. especially the front one..
    I mean, when you perm you hair will look shorter than it actually is..

    well.. we’ll see.. GD never fails to surprise me… =)

  10. GD’s shoes. I WANT.

  11. I think it’s a wig also.

  12. @MeMemeMe
    LOL i totally didn’t think of that….
    idk, why the HELL would jiyong put on a wig like that.
    stupid dork lol.
    probably to match the furry hat.
    MAYBE he’s hiding another hairdo for his upcoming special stage.

  13. the more I look at him the more I think he looks like a diva lol
    it’s like a Madonna hairdo
    at least from the fist pic…right after you see his clothes not it looks pretty okay ;P

    Baby looks so cute
    he shouldn’t shave it looks hot like that
    it’s mike matured Baby lol

    if only my man would have attended… where are u at???

  14. the more I look at him the more I think he looks like a diva lol
    it’s like a Madonna hairdo
    at least from the fist pic…right after you see his clothes not it looks pretty okay ;P

    Baby looks so cute
    he shouldn’t shave it looks hot like that
    it’s mike matured Baby lol

    if only my man would have attended…TOP where are u at???

  15. omg *dies* at baby’s pictures
    he looks so grown up!
    and bong..the hair
    but the hat is not that bad though!

  16. seungri! you look so much like a man! it is so sexy! you and jiyoung oppa look so fine! i wish daesung could have attended! where are you baby! i want your shoes jiyoung oppa! and i want that jacket seungri! i want you both!

  17. lovee them!!!!!!!

  18. hahah.. ohs yongie never fail to amaze me with his crazy hair && fashion..
    only he would/could do something like this XD
    baby was totally: “what the heck is that hyung??”
    && dang baby looks hella older.. does not look 18!! smexy!!
    *bad thoughts* *shacks head* no no no!!

  19. wooo bong♥
    he looks so sexyyy
    & yes his hair♥

  20. haha i wuldnt b suprised if GD had curled his hair. by this time his hair wuld hav grown out long enough to look like dat if curled.
    <3in their jackets [nd wat i can c of Seungri's shirt xD]
    im not a big fan of seungris [start of a] moustache. nonono

  21. Oh My god, Seung Ri looks sooo grown up!!!! GDDD!!!!!!! Why? WHY? Pleassseee dye ur hair back to brown!!!!!!! TT___TT

  22. hehehehe it’s the ahjumma hair in blonde version :O do you remember? maybe that’s another surprise …

  23. seung ri bay looks somehow tired… and i still think GD looks lk a J-rocer U_U

  24. mymanmymaaaaaaan. leader i love you. like … wuah damn. his sense of fashion. his cute face.. gosh he can do whatever he wants he looks soo damn good. i dont want him to dye his hair back to brown (not yet) coz i love the blond hair on him. and baby sure looks hella good. he has grown up so much 😀

  25. what is GD’s shoes brand?at this pic?

  26. what is GD’s shoes brand?at this pic?

  27. (sigh) I’m sure I’ll get used to his new, new hair…sometime.

  28. Ji-yong looks oki (that hair that hair, ahhhh)
    SeungRi looks cool! ❤
    Lol! I ❤ Baby and Bong!

  29. WOW Seungri has really grown 😉
    Ummm Gd’s hair is umm DIFFERENT i guess.BUt he still looks ok.

  30. Seungri needs to sleep. hehe. His eyebags are so defined here.
    But LOL at his expression when he shakes his hand with Bong. Why is he shaking his hand though? They are both in Big Bang right? hahaha.
    Again, bring that soft hair back Bong!

  31. why do you like seungri so much? he’s like the most unlikeable person in bb…..he tries too hard..

  32. omg, Seungri expression on his face when he look at GD is total mastercard priceless!

  33. wow G-RI! haha..

    When i saw Ri shaking hands with Ji yong i think “What the hell these dork and cuties are doing?” but when i saw Ji’s expression, I think he is teasing Ri again! haha They so cute!

  34. whoa we got some hater up there
    what are you tryin to say? so becasue hes the “most unlikeable person in bb: we shouldn’t like him?lmfao
    and if he is the “most unlikeable person in bb” why do people still like him?
    your so immature.

  35. My My has Seung Ri grown.
    He’s all grown up now. 🙂
    Boy do they grow up fast 😦
    GD’s curls are umm i have no comment.
    It’s not THAT bad.
    It’s ok.

  36. I so FCKN fell in Love with the
    clothes theyre wearing ;]
    sooooo FCKN Stunning (:
    & the shoes ! is too damn hot.
    whats the name brand of it ?
    isnt it Nikes ? hehe, cause baby
    & bong looks SUPERR BETTER than Before.
    LMBO;] bam ! New Runway Models or No ?
    ROFL, reply back asap? Thanks !

  37. o: Seungri looks older. The maknaee is finally growing ! o_o & that’s a good thingg (:
    :l GD’s haiir : </3 I don't rly like ittt x-x

    anywayyss love the fansite looks kkool
    BIG BANG ROCKS TO NIGHT OH EH OHH!! ❤ Strong baby-Seung Ri
    #! fan here!! xD Im there number 1.(8)

  39. AHHH! MY EYES!!! Honestly… I love my precious Kwon Ji Yong… but the hair… for all that is good, WHY? It’s worse than TOP’s hair in the With U music video, and I thought things couldn’t get worse!!! The blond I was actually starting to get used to, but then I was hit with this bomb… I hope GD doesn’t stick with this for too long. I love the guy to death, by I think this hair style is closer to actually killing me.

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