GDragon at Birth Night Party

Oh it’s real….. i dont know how often this happens, but.. I have nothing to say.

GDragon at Birth Night Party with Dara


~ by Vicky on October 16, 2009.

45 Responses to “GDragon at Birth Night Party”

  1. first? man, gd really does surprise us with his hair everytime

  2. omo what up with the hair lol he always changes lol

  3. not a fan of his hair! but still LOVE JI YONG

  4. that hair, DO NOT WANT.
    those shoes, DO WANT.

  5. i agree with Rachel Luv JIyong

  6. Hahaha. I have nothing to say, really. It’s GD we’re talking about here. He never failed to suprise me. LOL. I still love him no matter what he do with his hair! LMAO.

  7. woo luv the pics
    he changed his hair again!~ woo GD oppa so quick!
    cant wait to see those performances!~

  8. i think those curls are fake, his hair is not that long and the curls are like really long, well that’s what i think, i wonder if he changed his color again, back to dark brown would be nice, just in time for japanese promotions and getting ready for big bang’s comeback. No matter what he does to his hair, he always makes it work, i was getting so used to his blond hair, but if he keeps it for BB’s comeback, i think he will stand out too much and that won’t be too good for the group i think, anyways, he already stands out with his outfits. I mean, all members have their uniqueness and that’s what i love about BB, but imagine if you see 4 dark haired men and then 1 blonde, i think it’s natural that the 1 will stand out, unless they all get different colors…man that would be crazy and funny at the same time.

  9. the reason I LOVE JI YONG is tht I LOVE HIM, ALL OF HIM^^!!!!!!
    doesn’t matter what kind o hair or a shirts he has on in any occasion^^.
    he is a PERFECT GUY in MY HEART<33

  10. i love him lol hes just so damn eccentric that it leaves people speechless. And in my humble opinion, he looks hotter/cuter/sexier than Dara XD even though i like Dara too.

  11. I remember he wore that jacket (or one like it) in that magazine interview where you see all his shoes and clothes and stuff (with his mohican hair).

  12. g dragon looks awesome all da time no matter wat he does

  13. Not his hair definitely! He must have dyed it already since everyone else out there is sporting the blonde look. He wants to be different remmber????

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  15. Hmm…. Im kinda upset….. I really miss GD’s old dark hair… 😦 It suited him soo much….. *sob sob* But later I did get used to his blond hair… (but still dark hair is better for him) but now… ahh… I wish he will change his hair back to dark…. But his face, as usual and ALWAYS cute!!!! Love you GD *^^*

  16. oh wow~~just when i thought it was fake…it’s real O.O
    oh Jiyong~~ that was a surprise ^^

  17. i miss GD’s old hair… well… i’m starting to be afraid… he’s always different, definetely i think this blond hair weirdo o.o *he was so cute in beethoven virus’ parody* /runs

  18. hmm im curious again. GD’s head im pretty sure aint quite THAT big nd im pretty sure he doesnt hav THAT much hair. id hav to say its either a wig which equals a new do or he has more hair then i realised xD.
    @singhi26 i cant see any of BigBang with coloured hair except Daesung nd thats only within Brown tones and G-Dragon. i dnt think id like any of the others with different haircolours ><" just pictures weirdly in my head…
    i can see G-Dara supporters goin crazy ovr dose pics.

  19. wow. maggi hair. fashion statement.

  20. his hair is ummm. . .ummm
    drop the curls, the blonde is good but the curls must go.
    keep it as it was in Heartbreaker! XD
    These are some funny pics though, lol ❤

  21. Wow.His curls are umm what I weren’t expecting.But still looks ok.Yea I prefer him without the curls really.LOL. Sorry GD 😦

  22. *COUGHbulgeCOUGH*


  23. oh dear there is a bulge isnt there. oh dear bongie you are just one hot man arent you. you and me hardcore indeed XD

  24. Oh… Yeah……his curls
    Aww him & sandara.
    Gosh, him and his ripped up shirts.

  25. Bring the soft hair back Bong!
    I hope it’s just for his performance.

  26. no…..just no

  27. I wonder if that is his real hair?
    Because it seems longer when it’s curly,
    and I have the curliest hair ever,
    ad it doesn’t get longer until I straighten it.
    So if anything it should be shorter.. right?
    Oh well, it’s Jiyong, you cant help but love him no matter what he does ^^

  28. i think i really love GD’s blonde hair. though this curly locks look kinda fake cause it seems longer xD but GD looks good in any styles ^^ and i love seeing GD and dara in those pics, they look cute. yay go GD!

    ps. i really really love his blonde hair, he looks fabulous! 😀

  29. Has anyone notice that G- dragon’s eyebrows are darker? Cause i notice it was lighter during heartbreaker MV and like a couple of weeks ago.

  30. I find it really weird that all of a sudden he is sporting curly hair again? Still has anyone notice his eyebrows. It seems darker, I know he died his eyebrows to a lighter shade for his blonde hair, but now it seems draker?

  31. GD needs some sleep.
    he looks very tired…

  32. Not a really big fan of his hair. I really do love his blond hair and I love his brown hair. But I’m not liking his curly hair.
    But, hey, it is our Jiyong. He’s our crazy babee!
    I love how well Jiyong oppa and Dara unnie look together.
    Saranghae ❤

    G-Dragon Fighting! Dara Fighting!

  33. OH MY GOD CHECK OUT HIS ME2DAY!!!! new pic of Gaho is just freaking adorable

  34. @ emmamarie2 : HAHAHAHAHAHA. I seee it too 😛

  35. Lmao, you guys had me scroll up to go look at his crotch xD.

    But um, I sorta dont mind the curls :\. Although I do love him with dark brown hair.. I dont mind his blonde curls ^^.

    And LOVE the sneakers woot woot ;D.

  36. oohhh
    jiyoung he is sooo hot
    i lovee BB!!!!

  37. Pfft, I love his hair.
    It’s cute. :3

  38. are they 2gether??

  39. his hair. NO! *cries*

    but i’ll still luvs him

  40. she’s gone – g dragon ft kush. drum cover:

  41. he looks older everytime I see him…not that it’s a bad thing.

  42. ;__;
    His hair…i love the blond but not the curly thing
    oh well he’s still cute as eva! :3

  43. miss gd with the black hair… miss BIGBANG with all the brunettes… now he’s gone blonde, srsly what the ^&*( happened to him he just changed his hair every second. it freaks me out i mean i don’t care if he changed it in lollipop but this BLONDE thing is just too freaky im not saying he’s a lady g wannabe im saying does he wanna follow some american? it’s the same as mj bleaching his skin cuz of a woman, i don’t care if he wants to do it for dara, I JUST WANT MY BOY BACK!
    ps im asian so my hair’s black and im proud of it 🙂

  44. I love his hair like that!
    I love his hair everyway he has it!
    He damn cute no matter what his hair or outfit is!
    And I find it awesome of him to have the confidence to have his hair like that when it seems like alot of people don’t like it!
    I love it tho!

  45. Why does everyone keep saying he changed his hair? As if it’s something major, like he’s a red head or something. He’s been blonde for a while now, it’s just curly and not straight.

    Also, this was a party that G Dragon AND 2NE1 BOTH attended. Not just GD and Dara! He performed multiple songs and “Hello” was one of them.


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