What I Woke Up To This Morning

ok, it doesn’t sound so cute like previous posts about those bb pix on my door, etc, etc.

but it’s more like: 4 Images That Give You Mixed Emotions.

well first, what vicky posted down there (she beat me to it lol cuz i was busy saying OMG!) & i think it’s real.
on a side note, i find it interesting how top secret jiyong’s hair has to be. he doesn’t come out & show you the whole head, he only leaves you the bangs – like he doesn’t want to give away the secret plan.

there is a secret plan, b/c in the photoshoot for NII (you know, the infamous TOM & JERRY PIC), jiyong had the “fake brown tracts” for bangs… he really had the blonde hair the whole time.
secondly, i noticed during BBTV, when we first see GAHO (sigh, that’s when my life forever changed), jiyong had a hat on & you couldn’t see what kinda hair he had. PLUS, the show actually blurred out some blonde hair that was coming out in the back on his neck.

so i guess what i’m trying to say is, maybe these curly locks are fake, maybe they’re real. but you never know what to expect from kwon jiyong. b/c he surprises you EVERY TIME (just like i was this morning… -_-)

ANYWAY. this is my new bg on my phone. STEP ASIDE GAHO & BOSS LOL.

isn’t it just amazing? *pinches hard & smothers him in kisses*

i practically gave away the BEST pic of the set. but there’s more cute ones underneath the cut ————–>

these were from last night’s MUSIC BANK.

being cute w/ one of the dancers

that’s… almost scary. heck, if that’s the look he gives me when he’s mad at me, i’d cower in fear almost (not really). or if that’s his creeper look, i’d pounce him (yes really).

WAHH this brings back memories of back when he was a kid. geez his brown eyes are so bright. that’s hot. at least he’s been getting enough sleep now that his promos have died down.

credit: as tagged, 그놈 @bbvipz

~ by gdluvzmc on October 16, 2009.

35 Responses to “What I Woke Up To This Morning”

  1. i just died…total cuteness overload here…



  4. I said it once. Ill say it again. I LOVE HIS EYES!!!!

    He is just so adorable and cute that i just wanna squeeze him to my hearts content. The first is the cutest but i love the last pic the most. I can just drown in his eyes.

  5. OMG i didnt comment on the serious pic. The one where hes all *glare* sorry bongie that glare excites me more than it scares me XD

  6. awww… gosh i love gd. ❤

  7. I am freakin’ loving the photos!
    I really love Jiyong oppa’s eyes ❤
    Saranghae <33

    G-Dragon Fighting!

  8. melting^^~~~~~.
    love his face….the shape of it & his beautiful eyes, strong nose, a perfectly kissable lips <333
    i want to TOUCH his baby skin^^!!!!!

  9. omg, dat third pic scares me, but at the same time, i find it seducing, rolf, it’s saying “dont ever cheat on me babe”
    i wanna give him a big hug
    love his eyes!!

  10. haha changed it to my wallpaper too
    the annoying pouty face

  11. Now i can have a good sleep 🙂

  12. i can’t breathe right now! i love his pic with the serious face! i could drown in his intense eyes right now! i could kiss his lips in the first pic, and i would love to feel his baby skin in his serious pic! i love you and songie jiyoung oppa!!! XD

  13. heyyy he has the same color eyes as mee ❤

  14. Wow!Nice hair XD GD’s eyes look hecka red.He needs more sleep!

  15. Kawaiiiii!!!!!!!!!! omg love the eyes, i just wanna look into them forever and ever and ever. . . . .

  16. i still kant get over it, so cute, kawaii!!!!!

  17. Ahaha, love him! ❤

    Proof that we won't work out though. He's photogenic and I'm… not. x]

  18. Remember what GD said he likes to experiment new styles that people have yet to try out and when everyone else out there start doing it too, he will have to go different again.

    SO i say, HE MUST HAVE DYED His hair to something else or do something to it and he’s not giving it out till he wants to!

    Can’t wait to find out!

  19. omg. that 1st picture. lol. so cute its crazy.

  20. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his beautiful face<333

  21. aww Jiyong~~ahhh he’s so cute ^^

    lol~~the scary face O.O upset?

  22. Awwww, Kawaii! ^^
    GD is so cute! ❤
    The scary/upset face: He would so be pounced it just to cute! X3

    omgah must be tired. :[ his eyes are red.
    THE LAST PICTURE IS SO CUTE. & yes, its a total reminder of his kid days. ahhh !

  24. But he looks like he didn’t get enough sleep. You can see the redness of his eyes in the glare shot.

    I love his puffed cheeks though. I love the playful bong. =)

  25. is it just me or he really gets skinnier??? D: i wish he’ll have more time to sleep now that his album has been released =\

  26. love him!!! oh my god!!

  27. omg !!! cute!!!i reallt want to touch his face them kiss him..ahahahah

  28. i love him so much i am so in love with him. even living in the u.s. and being 13. i leavened all there song by heart people think i am carzy i am carzy at my school but i don’t care!

  29. OHMYGD<3
    The serious face makes me wanna glomp him so bad D;
    i just wanna attack him and smooch him xD
    Damn and that last picture his eye's i could die.
    Why do we have to be seperated Mr.Kwon ?

  30. Pretty BROWN Eyes :]
    hhehe, shocking, but its
    Our JiYong !

  31. The last pic is so cuteee (:

  32. Nyuhhh~ X3
    I love how close all the photos are!!

  33. ohmagaaaaaaaaw!~ GD looks so adorkable!!! xDDD and his eyes are sooo perty!! ♥♥♥ love those brown eyes!!

  34. omo saranghae $________$

  35. Awww he soo cute and goofy! I notice in his photos and tv shows he alway makes funny faces and I totally love that! Man him seem more human then this hot sexy superstar egomanic (kanya west ) type guy.. know what I mean..

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