GD perform ‘A Boy’ & ‘Billie Jean’ on Inkigayo

SBS Inkigayo is about to be on and on today’s show, Bong will return with ‘A Boy’ performance for the first time, and he also will be doing a tribute to the late and amazing Michael Jackson, performing ‘Billie Jean’, and seriously, ‘Billie Jean’ is my fave MJ song, so I was so stoked when I heard that he will be performing it. Can’t wait.

[DOWNLOAD] 10.18.09 SBS Inkigayo: A Boy Performance

The permed hair… it’s real, I was hoping it was a wig 2 days ago, well that hope is shattered. idk man. I’m not even gonna try to question it. He performed ‘A Boy’ for the first time, and this is the song that tell the story about his life, how he was out trying to persue his dream as a rapper since he was 13, and in the back they showed all the clips of his performances with YG Family back in 2002, so freaking adorable.

Awesome stage set and just the right mood for this song, the choreo is sickkk! and then he break it down and did a litlle Billie Jean by MJ, then he showed us the note pads at the end, supporting his best friend’s comeback soon AHHHHH! BONG AH! YOU ARE TOO SWEET!


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~ by Vicky on October 17, 2009.

40 Responses to “GD perform ‘A Boy’ & ‘Billie Jean’ on Inkigayo”

  1. o0o I can’t hardly wait to hear the song!! Nice hair btw! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. why is g dragon called bong?

  3. LOL Jennifer, if only I get a dime for everytime ppl ask me haha

    here you go ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. sooo excited!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ even though i hope he doesn’t stick with that hairstyle lol

  5. aww i can’t seem to get on any of the tv programs to see the performance.

  6. Hi everyone. I thought I couldn’t stay at home today but so lucky that I came home early. I’m waiting for TVAntz to load. GD hasn’t performed yet right?

  7. oh, i got this news late, when i turn it on, i can only watch FAMILY OUTING!!

  8. it’s already over, the performance was amazing

  9. btw, i m very glad to see that daesung is back

  10. omg yay! im luvin da outfit nd choreo too. friggin hot. just the hair is a lil… xD leave da perm to Daesung only.
    “A Boy” is one of my favs [not that i dnt luv them all]
    cute notepad. if it werent for ur trans i wuldnt hav gotten dat last page though lol. like da lil clock for time. cute
    i spied TAEYANG in the mini screen! omg =] cant wait

    @carmen aww lucky u gotta c dae’s return on FO i hav to wait till its subbed on utube. but its kay im watching funny ep.

  11. i really love the choreo ๐Ÿ˜€ niceee! and the end aww so sweet VIP โ™ฅ and GDYB โ™ฅ

  12. i like it!!!

  13. how sweet of GDragon to do that!!!! his curly blond hair is kinda, I really dont dig it that much, I like the straight blond hair more.

  14. i saw it on tv.
    i was in my room, and then my dad was watching some random show on tv.
    suddenly i heard a boy on tv. I Ran as fast i could ๐Ÿ˜€
    i made it x)

  15. oh and the picture with him and his beanie and sunglasses, he looks like TOP gone blonde X) ahaha

  16. hey guys i was just wondering where can i watch family outing with DARA and newly recovered daesung on youtube with english subtitle? is it already out or not yet? koz i really wanna watch it specially that daesung is back ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. nono… it’s a wig..

    someone in kbites posted this link…
    credit to him/her..

  18. OMFG!That pic looks NOTHING like GD wow.

  19. awesome!!!
    I thought the notes at the end were pretty sweet
    the MJ steps were pretty hot but why didn’t he do just a little bit more…. ;P
    so it was a wig….

  20. aaahh!!!
    he is sooo cutee
    lovee him
    and BB!!!

  21. so sweet of him, the performance was awesome, i love the clips they show from when he was young, maybe he’s going back to those days and under that wig (cause i absolutely believe that’s a wig, his hair is not that long to have curls like that)is his normal dark hair from before. Does that mean that GD will abruptly stop promoting and TY will abruptly start promotions??? this will be the first time something like this happens right?? Gosh they are so creative at promoting and teasing

  22. watched this live and it was awesome
    awesome and creative stage
    and with all the pre-debut videos shown on the monitor
    just makes me love this song more
    he’s been through so much
    and OH THAT HAIR. *faints*
    i literally hit the table real hard when i saw that hair hahaa
    it’s….cute..bong. LOL
    despite the ridiculous hair,
    his stage presence is so awesome that even haters can’t deny it
    love u bong, always and forever
    and GDYB โค
    now..i'm so pumped for Bae's comeback next week!

  23. wooo bongโ™ฅ
    luv him foreverr!
    amazing performance as always~
    excited for tae’s comback!~

  24. AHHH OH MY!!! TAE YANG IS COMING BACK NEXT WEEKKK!!!!! im so stoked! ohhhh goshh wow..but weird promotion idea…did YG do tht to test the water? ITS TAE YANG. jeeez of course people will love it! YB!

  25. He looks hot

  26. [IMG][/IMG]

  27. aww.. jiyongie!! why did you have to perm your perfectly blondish and straight hair??! i was getting used to it!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. OH MY GOD.

    this is why i shouldn’t go home on weekends. XD

    i’m not as big a fan of jiyong as most ppl here are, but i think i’m on my way to being one. ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. Lol, doesnt look like JiYong.
    Looks like a Girl :/ But I was
    looking abck at Ji’s old, very
    late years pictures, & his style
    has changed. I like his Styles.
    EVERY ONE BIT OF IT <3333333
    to the very end of my Life :]

    but the Hair. nice touch to it,
    now..Straighten it back to regular?
    hehe, pretty smexxxxy !

    Fighting YO!

  30. Can somebody please translate that on that pad? Please?

  31. oh that hair……! And TY’s coming back!! wheee!


    DAMN I’M SO FREAKIN EXCITED! and glad that my finals will be over by then. hehe.


  33. everything GD does with his style tells me tht he has GUTS to change and has a tremendous SELF CONFIDENCE in him.
    and if anything, HE IS THE ONLY ONE who can PULL IT OFF^^!!!!!!!!

  34. Bong never fails doesn’t he?=) at first i was like “woah! aigoo.. G.D what did you do again?!” then i got over it and now i find it cute!!!=) lol. makes him look more girly.โ™ฅ LOVE!!! it’s so cute that he kinda looks like he’s auditioning for a production of the BLONDE “Annie”.XXD hahaha. but whatever he does to himself i never seem to NOT LIKE IT!! all the styles he’s done through the years i loved them all and will love whatever he’ll be doing next.=) i wish i cud do that, pull off any style.
    G.D = TIMELESS!!โ™ฅ

  35. i dont know how many times i have watched this. i lost count after 10. But at first i was watching because of his hair. Which i myself think looks wierdly adorable on him. Why is he able to pull off EVERYTHING with his hair. I’m lucky if my hair cooperates for an hour. so yeah I focused on his hair. Then I noticed the smile during another. Then the clothes and really, my Bongie is definately floating with a Taeyang vibe. These clothes just scream Taeyang. And they were so toned down yet it still looked damn sexy on him. Then again I am totally GDBiased and think he looks good in anything….or nothing at all XD
    But these last couple time I have watched, I have been stuck to those hips. Damn he knows how to move it doesnt he? I love when they start the chorus and they lean back…and then the thrusting with the MJ music. Ji…baby your gonna kill us if you do that. Really. I think I’ve paused it and rewinded 80 times just to watch that part XD

  36. am i the only one who likes this perm of his? i think its cute haha >___<

  37. Thank u so much for this! I love u so much for the building up this site and updating every news of Big Bang! I love u I love u I LOVE U! Boy is incredible! I’ve always loved the song. And after reading the lyric translations I love it even more! And now… watching the performance.. love in overflow I guess. The dance was awesome and the BJ part really matched in it perfectly. As expected from GD he never fails to impress his fans! And I love the hair too! His new style is very catchy! Tho I think his hair must be a wig, since its impossible to grow that fast. *wondering what surprise is in that wig* I cant wait for the mv of boy. Seems like he’s releasing one every month. He’s gonna promote Butterfly too right?

  38. Those curls.Ughh.I just cant get over them.WHERES MY BABY TOP?

  39. he reminds me of Einstein…

  40. Hehe. Luv MJ. xD
    Luv Bong too. keke.
    Two in one.

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