BIGBANG’s Lotte Duty Free 09 F/W Shoot

these could make for GREAT christmas cards 🙂

what to look forward to under the cut:


^ TOP w/ the cute lil microphone = ❤
(i’m loving the clothes *thumbs up*)


^ i bet everyone’s gonna photoshop this & write witty sayings on the blank cards like “we love (insert your name here)”

^ suits <333 TOP is the cutest. jiyong? errrr…. lol YB where r u looking at?

^ the cutest (pointing at jiyong) YB – there’s an adult gift in there for whoever the gift’s for lol xD
SR looks like  he’s meeting the in-laws. DAE’s at a family reunion. TOP… well idk lol

^ take 2 :]

^ i wish i knew what they were looking at too lol
i just noticed dae’s clothes came out of his suitcase LOL

^ TOO CUTE! why so serious? haha. jiyong is soooo rocking those boots.
TOP LETTING GO OF THE BALLOON = he’s the funny one deep down

^ i have good vibes when i see this picture

^ seeing this makes me wanna smile too^^

^ the pout & the nose = A KEEPER <333 (& the hair, & the sleek style… XD)

^ WIN!!! – lol this is so funny to look at xD

^ he makes me feel old haha

^ i do recall, SR was the one w/ the antlers a while ago haha. DAE’s still holding the present, YB still holding the flowers, TOP has a pimp cane laughing at SR w/ the reindeer nose caught in an awkward pose.
ahh this is our BIG BANG lol.

^ YB the lone stud.. WHAT’S THIS? TOP-RI? o.O

^ quote my twitter: 1 “let’s-get-it-on” face; 2 “mmm-sex” faces; 1 “i’m-about-to-fall-asleep-on-you” face; & 1 “me-so-happy face.” take your pick LOL

seungri gets to be in the middle this time. he takes it all serious… haha
to jiyong: HELL YES! xD

sources: 롯데면세점; 쏘쏭 @bbvipz


~ by gdluvzmc on October 21, 2009.

82 Responses to “BIGBANG’s Lotte Duty Free 09 F/W Shoot”

  1. they look delicious!!!
    I feel like kidnapping TOP
    that pout is just soooo adorkable >.<
    and what to say about the rest
    it's been a while since we've seen them together smiling like that
    this photoshop is too much for my weak heart ;P

    both black and white pics are delicious
    GD looks soooo hot
    if only…if only

  2. aWw I LOVE THE PICTURES!! Taeyang is HOT!

  3. yummy lol

  4. LOL taeyang looks like he’s smoking in the second last picture

  5. TOP letting go of the balloon! ❤

    He pulls off that nerdy look too well. 🙂

  6. TOOOOP! *faints*

  7. Hahaha “pimp cane”

    Awww the boys look great. I’m missing them more and more. I hope they’re all resting when they can and staying healthy<3

  8. Tae yang look to the front already!!!!!

  9. they all looks cheer and fun..
    TOP totally looks cute with lil microphone 😛

  10. gossh! they’re soo adorable!!

    especially TOP!
    im so lovin them!

  11. i love top letting go of the balloon and daesungs suitcase

  12. whoaaaa uri sarang…………… my GD , TOP are very cool LOVE THEM 4EVA

  13. they don’t really look like a group anymore. i feel like theyre branching off into their own people
    so different

  14. wow is the best picture wow wow wow

  15. omg these pictures are AWEESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TOP is the hottest!!
    and everyone else looks great too!!
    but are there any chance there are bigger files for these??
    i want them as my wallpaper!! hehe thankss 🙂

  16. Owh? GD hair back from perm? @@

  17. HAHAHAHAHAHA!; loving it..
    they look all so good..
    &&i didn’t even notice the clothes
    fell out until i read it..
    LOLS! 😀

  18. OMG!!!! it’s been way too long since this last happened. I MISS THEM A LOT!!!!!

    p/s: i cracked up a few reading your cracktastic quotes. i think i even peed on myself a little. TMI? sorry. hehe^^

  19. Amazing shots they look totally hot bigbang rox the night

  20. mmmmm yummmmmmmmm =D I’m loving this. Totally want a wallpaper of all of them.

  21. haha basically wat i was thinking is what was written below each picture. i miss these sorta pics. where they’re all just bein themselves and havin some fun.
    da open suitcase pic, GDs blowfish+presents pic and TOPs floating away balloon are prob the funniest/cutest pics

    but is it just me or do some of these pictures just don’t seem…right…? like there are bits of each i love but their is just lil things out of place with some of them. like expressions and stuff…
    i ❤ all of the individual photos though. all so loveable there


  23. those pictures are so adorable and so cute to look at…

    can’t wait for the NEW MV of GDragon
    which is butterfly..i thought it was A boy


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  26. OMG I -literally- laughed out loud for 5 minutes after I read about TOPs “pimp cane”!!!

    lovely pictures! are they available anywhere else in higher quality? or like, bigger? me love H.Q. thank you sooo much :D:D:D:D:D:D

  27. These are awesome! I saw a clip vid of this shoot the other night and quite love the style and light in their eyes. Also, I’m now ready for the holidays! ❤

  28. P.S. – Lovvvvin’ the boot/jean/pant combo. They’re rockin’ it in all the pics though.

    Thank you muchly for sharing these!

  29. top’s gift= gun surprise mwahahahaha

  30. all so cute!^^

    lol the one with Daesung and the open suitcase xD

  31. lmfao at dae dae’s clothes falling out of his suitcase! they are all sooooo adorable and lovely!

  32. YUMMYYYY. Dam I just wanna steal them LOL…

  33. GD looks sooooo D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S ^^!!
    i love them all but GD~~~~~ is my perfect guy<33

  34. i cant breathe!!! I cant stop staring at them! but T.O.P. is still gorgeous! i cant wait for his bday, hope he does something breathtaking so that on Nov 5(my bday), i wont ask for anything else! lol.

  35. gd blond hair is gone??? you will never know what he’s gonna do next lol

  36. owww it is still blond..still what was i thinking…but as i said…you wil never know lolzz

  37. Young Bae perfection with a cute smile lol oppa always sexy. Totally loving Victor he’s grown now I just can’t call him Victory. Is bad that I love Ji Yong’s hair dang!!!! Ummm Seunghyun is fine as always and I always knew he was pimping the Big Bang boys hmmmm maybe the 2NE1 girls too. LOL JKJK. Ummm last my DaeSungie is soooo adorable really being missing him!!!!!

  38. TOP is looking so fiinnee!
    Jiyong is looking like a cutie!
    YoungBae is looking mighty sexii!
    Seungri is all grown up!
    DaeSung is making me smile more than ever!

    BigBang Fighting!

  39. OMG the “Sex face” on mYBaebae with “the cigarette” (aka top’s lapel)…yeah, i do him good. gah!…*melts away into fangasmic pudding*

  40. wow top just makes me so amazed!!!

  41. AWW, dae is so cute :3 haha his suitcase opened XD woah, taeyang has so many serious pics 😮 and TOP is SOOO CUTE in this photoshoot ^^ woww, jiyong hs so many presents (:

  42. its hot!! love it all!

  43. SOOOO CUTE<3 TOP HAHA! His pout<3

  44. TOP oppa and his pimp cane, love it! Damn, that man is sexy. He is tooo fine. ❤
    I'm starting to like GD's blond hair more and more. =)
    Big Bang HWAITING!

  45. ” he makes me feel old haha” lol
    they seem like they’re getting tanner!

  46. whahaha I loving it!!!

  47. awww sooo adorable. i love them all. ;-; come to BOSTON!

  48. I’m still loving jiyongs blond hair. Man is looking sexy as always. And his face with all those presents piled on top of one another. The pout is just….gyah i just wanna kiss that pout right off my bongies face.

    and that second to last picture?! *fangirls wildly* Seungri you better watch yourself. Your oozing sexiness right there. Top I cant help but laugh while looking at you. You just look really playful. Dae, I think you need to rest your head on Top’s shoulder and take a nap. Oh Bae oh Bae oh Bae. You say your innocent but this pic totally shows the sex beast hiding inside you. You just look like you totally want it. And Bongie my baby. Stop exciting Bae. XD The arched eyebrow and that mouth of yours…I’m not going to continue that train of thought lol. I wanna scream HAND CHECK at my laptop cause something tells me Bae and Bongie would fail it XD they look way too guilty.

  49. so was this before gd curled his hair? or did he straighten it back??

  50. LOL, I love it especially the last pic, Ji-yong so provoking! The first present pic is is cute, they all look so funny! To ur qoute on twitter pic TOP = “me-so-happy face Seungri = “let’s-get-it-on” face Dae Sung = “mmm-sex” faces Tae Yang = “i’m-about-to-fall-asleep-on-you” face and Ji-Yong = “wanna what?” face!
    Lol, Big Bang is so cute and funny! And I’m gald to see DaeSung’s smile! -stares at black and white pic for forever- XD Yay , VIP Big Bang, Hwaiting!


  52. @ DaeSungTenshi

    im thinking its “mmm…sex” face=YB and “im about to fall asleep”face=Dae-remon…but who cares really, that pic alone is all-around epic…omg so many PS opportunities

  53. fucken hot.

  54. omfg! i can’t breathe right now. i’m about to steel them away and hide them for myself! i love daeung and his funny ways! big bang! saranghae and fighting!

  55. lol i laugh whenever i see seungri being serious. haha. i love him though. XD hahaha

  56. I want an adult present from TY….

  57. love the pics. thank you very much for sharing it with everybody.

  58. the sex face one, i thought tae was smoking at first glance. and then i was like wait, thats top’s pocket, lmao! so cute so sexy ❤

  59. Oh wow they look so handsome!! Loving their outfits.

    LOL @ TOP. He does great poses/expressions. So silly. ^^

    Hahaha, Dae’s the only one with his suitcase open.

    LMAO. TOP WITH A PIMP CANE~ XD Seungri looks cute with his reindeer noos and GD with his antlers. ^^

  60. They look soo ADORABLE ❤ !
    i lovee Big Bang (:

  61. Awww i’m lovin everything on the pics >.<

    this make my day happy =)

    ♥ BB ♥

  62. I love dae’s smile. So cute.
    He is so funny in 5th pic.

  63. NICE PICT!!!
    I like the all PICT.

  64. ohmy! bigbang got sexxxier this year :]
    Hehe; I loove their Legs, their Clothes, Shoes,
    their skin, THEM, and everything I have to live
    without ❤

    LOL; jiyong got ’em sexy lips :]
    top sexy asss pouting ;] made me droooooool.
    dae- hahaha. he’s always the laughter that makes me
    feel like i have butterflies & that smile of His !
    TAEYANG<33 he's the best i'll never have ;]
    his signature pose is showing his Left Side of the
    Face & slanting his head a bit ;] I LOOOVE IT;
    because mines is showing my Left Side of my face too.
    Hehehe; seungri baaby. He's changed so much(thats a good
    thing) SOO CUTE (;

    theyre so Flawless, so BIGBANG, so Everything I'll Want of
    A Guy ? HEHE; jokes *
    Big Bang is special <333 I feel like I can take their pictures
    all day.

    Their Hair is THE AMAZINGEST<3 Clothes is HOTT<3
    their face attitude is the Best Ever, hehe. Those
    boys shines my Day brighter & brigher each day,including
    my Love ones ❤

  65. Does anyone know what kind of boots they are wearing?

  66. LOVE THE PICS!I collided them all together and now it’s my screensaver!I LOOVE my new screen saver.T.O.P I missed you soo much 🙂 COme to me baby ❤

  67. woo love the pics!~
    so cute!~~

  68. YBs hair is super pointy in the last pics!!! its getting too long! time for a trim Bae!

  69. missing them like crazy!!!!!

  70. they really know how to pull a good photoshoot..haha..they’re not just good looking people..they make good music..that’s why i love BIG BANG!..hope they can perform here in th Philippines..Filipino VIPs are waiting..fighting!

  71. is it me or are they looking better and better as times goes on?
    eek! and seungri doesn’t look like a baby anymore. hehe he’s a MAN now♥

  72. They look sooooooo freakin HOT
    I feel like kidnapping them so i can keep them all to myself LOL
    jk i know we all have to share them T_T
    TOP my fav

  73. I just took a break from checking on BB updates and whoa! there’s so many!!! and I freakin LOVE this photoshoot!! Baebae’s smile..yeah me wanna smile too.
    They do grow up so fast. And hot as ever!!!

    I think Baebae’s gift is for me…such a small gift, but probably it holds such a great one, like a ring perhaps? hahaha.

    I love love BIG BANG. and I miss their promotions…huhu.

  74. aww , seung-ri ! i misshim , i havent seen him in anypictures lately .[; and TOP ; wooo , words cannot descibe how i feel right now .

  75. i love your captions under the pictures.. whoever’s writing them. you’re hilarious!

  76. to clarify:
    “let’s-get-it-on” face: jiyong DURRR (hot dayumm)
    “mmm-sex” faces: dae & sr (i know right? the maknaes…)
    “i’m-about-to-fall-asleep-on-you” face: yb (i didn’t notice the “cigarette” thing til after someone pointed it out. you guys are bad lol)
    “me-so-happy” face: TOP. who else could it be in this pic? lolll

  77. can sumone PLZ leave a comment on HOW TO PRINT OUT THESE PICS.

  78. Love these pics! I can’t resist so I made a wallpaper~ :3

  79. i loveee these pictures!! : D

  80. gnam! so so so sexy! ^.^

  81. awwww.. soo damn hot!

  82. Love GD

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