GDragon ‘Butterfly’ MV Released!!!!

[DOWNLOAD] GDragoN ‘Butterfly’ MV

Thanks to S님

Bong Updated his me2DAY shortly after the release with this:

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Bong’s favorite song on his solo album finally got its own MV, I bet Bong is excited x 10000. The girl in the opening reminds of one of Loveholic’s album cover girl, I thought it was gonna be one of those lame dubbed music video with the whole cartoon thing like most of viet MV has, i’ve seen too much of that so no thankyou. [and no the A/S isn’t suppose to be on the MV, just a glitch]

But instead of the whole using lame cartoon that already exists, they actually animates Bong into a cartoon…. like he probably wish he is so he could do some pretty amazing things that human can’t. So …… huh….. the girl in his dream doesn’t have long hair or amazing gorgeous, she’s just that girl next door with the humble haircut sitting in her room with her long gown. Bong is more simple than you think….. or it can be that in this world there’s no girl perfect enough for him he have to draw one up hahaha take it any way you want.

Then he go and transform into freaking Willy Wonka… SA-WEET!!

A nice, sweet, slow MV to go with the song, reminds me of the whole fifteen thing from Taylor Swift with the effect.


~ by Vicky on October 22, 2009.

35 Responses to “GDragon ‘Butterfly’ MV Released!!!!”

  1. Omg I love this MV! It’s too cute! I wish I was that girl!! hahaha

  2. AWWWWWW it’s so beautiful and alice in wonderland like! I love it and want it!!!!! GD hwaiting!!!!!

  3. omg this has to be one of the sweetest mvs that i have ever seen. There is totally an alice in wonderland/peterpan/willy wonka feel to this which i think is completely amazing. This vid is definately something different from most of the vids that I have seen for alot of artists and I am truly impressed with it.

    Now as for Bongie. His cartoon self made me smile. BUT WHEN HE TURNED BACK INTO HUMAN AND WAS ALL SMILEY I COULDNT HELP BUT SQUEAL IN JUST ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS!!!! His smile throughout this is just so freaking cute and hot that I just wanna watch this all night and not go to sleep.

    If his dream girl has short hair and is simple then BONGIE IM YOUR GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Could he get anymore adorable? SO CUTE!!

  5. ok wow that pic is awesome. That paper doll….I WANT IT! I never assembled the big bang ones cause i fail at life like that. But wow even the eyes on that are freaking gorgeous. The hair looks awesome and its even holding an APPLE!!!! ….Bongie seriously..can i just marry you? XD ….I cannot stop spazzing over this mv >.< its so cute

  6. aww man…….kyaaaaa & squeals & all & all…
    dang he’s just like an angel! *heart flutters*

    Oh & one thing! Im betting that A Boy MV will still be coming out soon!!

  7. this mv makes me high. YES. this mv is just THAT good. lmao. heck! even if i was smoking crack right now, i’d never feel as damn high as i’m feeling right now. like i’m so high and gd bongie is the bong to my crack. lmao. that sounded nasty. anyway, I LOVE THIS MV!!!!<3 it's my fave song too! i love butterfly so much. can't wait for the day when he performs this song. it's beautiful!!!! anyway, i'm not in my right mind. hah! sorry. bongie i love youuuuuu!! PEACE OUT.

  8. definitely loving every moment of this…
    the vid is just too beautiful to describe!!!
    and he look great as usual…
    wearing RED!!! and smiling..
    i melted… hehehe…

  9. I really love the mv. Lol its so cute how he has the 3D of himself. Hahahaha. Dorky jiyong<3 I want to buy it but I think I'd have a hard time putting it together.

  10. OHMIAHGOSH. This is something new, yet it’s so awshum :/
    I’m hoping that they’re still filming th video for A Boy.

  11. Did you notice the animated girl in his MV? She looks like Dara of 2NE1

  12. This MV is from a different source. But no advertisments blocking the great animation! G-Dragon has done it again. 🙂


  13. love the video wow~~ i wish i could animate a video like that T.T

  14. LOL! Was completely shocked by the girl by the window which was animated XD
    Loved the MV and the story of it^^
    AH~ But to me Heartbreaker is still the best out of all 😀
    Haha~ TRUE!
    Maybe he animated the girl cause there was no girl out there perfect for him XP
    I would of loved to see Min Young in all the 3 MVs ><
    It would look more..exciting 😀
    *my opinion :)*

  15. love the video so much! that lil 3d paper doll is so cute

  16. This is spectacular amazing G-D again… I love this song especially A boy and this

  17. People!when come back Taeyang?

  18. ahh butterfly is the perfect song to listen to at a small cafe when it rains ❤
    and the MV is totally cute! it's so sweet that i wanna have one in my dream lol

  19. BTW, I have updated my channel and uploaded
    HD 1080i Version of the MV.

    Check it out if you like. ^^

  20. viiiii, its ashleyyyy!!!
    bro, i loved it so much. and i took the whole animated thing as he thinks that there is really no perfect girl for him right now. i really appreciate the upload on HQQBB gurl~

  21. Aww I Love this song!And I was hoping it would come out today.SOOO perfect becuase today is my anniversary wif my boyfriend.He’s a sweetie and he LOVES this song like me:)
    GD Keep it up 🙂

  22. this MV made the song 1000 times better, this is so sweet, i bet all fan girls day dream about GD coming to their home and taking them away, this mv is like for all girls out there and i’m actually happy that he didn’t use a real girl for this mv, cause now every one can think they are the animated girl, all his mv’s have been so different and diverse, this one is absolutely my fav mv so far. I was waiting for a boy mv, but this one just made my day

  23. I love this MV! It’s just the cutest! I wish i were that girl ❤
    Awww~~ ❤ he's just so amazing :'D

  24. Thank you Vicky for already being on top of things win the mv came out! I always trust you to be the first one to know!

  25. The mv reminds me of the story Snow White, except this is part 2 and GD is the charming prince : )

  26. i love it :]

  27. i love it!!!
    so magicalll


  29. Ahh it’s just SO beautiful… T___T I can’t even express it! One of the nicest MV I’ve seen in a while. Like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland and whole other fantasy movies come together into one beautiful MV… love love LOVE IT!

  30. One of the beautiful MV i have seeen in a LOOOOONG time.. i love Bong when he turns from animation to human…. ‘

    and when he did the kiss scene….. OMG!! i fainted! that was too romantic for me!!

    but the best scene in the whole MV was the ending when he was sitting on the roof smiling soo beautifully!!!! i LOOOOOOVE him so much now!

  31. AH! i want this, they have it on the YGfamily site
    if i had US money on like a debit visa or something
    and i wanted to buy that on yg site
    is it possible?
    or do i have to like change the money into won?

    It’s different from any other animated videos.
    It’s just so freaking YG! Hahaha ;DD
    YG artists never fail to amaze me, the albums, the videos
    and everything. YG PWNS XD


  33. I really love the song. With the mv I love it even more. Im learning the song now. He’s got such a sexy yet soothing voice! >.< His voice is melting, together with that smile. I feel like Im already in heaven when I watch him NYAAAHH! "Trust me, I'll make love.. with u"

  34. This is like my favorite song of the album besides the whole Korean Dream thing because of course it had that whole GDYB thing going on totally love the video cute innocent Ji Yong loven it!!!!!

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