Calling all Singapore VIPs

another meet is in the works for the winter! hopefully you can join this time.
click here & search for the singapore details & contact info
click here to check out singapore’s previous meet set up by our vips

from adrienne:

Hello melly,
the singapore’s project meet and greet team have another meet coming up. 😀
I really hope it would go as well as the previous one.
Please update, and give suggestions for activities, as we plan to go to the beach this time, so to ensure that we have ample space and guards won’t chase us for being too noisy (like the first meet, we were shush-ed by the guards cause we were making too much noise. >< ) Here it is.

Hi there again. (: The team and i are now in the midst of planning for the second meet! 😀 A few other VIPs have joined our team so as to be able to organize and plan more and better activities for this following meet. Because the previous meet was a success and some other missed it, which was a pity. We decided to plan the second meet. Details aren’t finalized yet but it would be around the 2nd or 3rd week of December. There would be more games this time, and with prizes of course! (straight from Korea) Just be prepared to lose loads of energy! (: I advice ya’ll to somehow learn the Heartbreaker dance, well, some parts. ><
And some other popular songs in Korea that the cheography is popular, like “Tell Me” or “Gee”.
I’m not gonna reveal what we’re having in store for you all, prepared to be surprized and have loads of fun!
Till then, we’ll see ya soon.

Contact me if you wish to be included, and if you previously attended the first meet, don’t worry, we will contact you.
We just need a rough estimation of “new”(by saying new, i means those who missed the first one) VIPs that are gonna join us.
I’d love to meet and see ya all there! 😀

– Adrienne


~ by gdluvzmc on October 24, 2009.

19 Responses to “Calling all Singapore VIPs”

  1. wow bigbang meet

  2. WOW! I really want to be involve in this next Singapore Meet! Bummed couldn’t join in the last one 😦

  3. woah ididnt knew tat they have this meet in singapore
    just found this website
    i wanna be involved in it!!
    but i dont noe whether my parents aloow me to do so

  4. LOL. Contact me ~ (:
    Uh, i think melly already put my contact somewhereeeeee.
    So yeah. Hope to see you there ~

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  6. where is a meet and great in san francisco!?

  7. Um,may i please join even though i’m just going there vacation? Cuz i’m not from Singapore

  8. yeah, you can. if you’re there when the thing is going on. 😀

  9. oh i wan to go but dunno if iam free or not :O

  10. Woot Adrienne! Tell me the details. Hope it’ll be a blast like the last one. Is Ain unnie coming along?

  11. I will tell you soon Jeni ~ 😀
    Uh, yeah, of course. What will happen w/o the two As? O:

  12. Vip in singapore here !~
    can u tell me about the details of this event?

    thankyou !!~

  13. It would be posted soon ❤

  14. Omg! i wsant to go!

  15. if ya wanna be included in this meet, please contact me soon ~

  16. omg omg i just found out abt this website… i l be here for the first wk of december.. can u update me when the details are finalised? yeah~

  17. Omg I would really love to go! I saw the previous Singapore fan meet and it looked really fun! You guys made reallly pretty scrapbooks and even watched BB DVD! Omg envy~ I would love to go to this one!!!^^

  18. hi, i wanted to go for these meets for awhile now but i am new from this kind of things and my parents might not let me go.Do I need to do anything before I can go to these meets??

  19. Please Help us with this contest! we are true VIPsThere are the instructions below
    Chat conversation end

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