GDragon & TaeYang Special & the Chrome Hearts Private Party Pictures

Bong has been flaunting his new ‘do around town, looking sexxay the Chrome Hearts Private Party with Bae

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oooh!!! YG went all out just for Bae’s once time performance, brought the whole damn set of his MV onstage, well of course, Bae is his golden child. AHHH! Shaun and Lyle onstage!!! These three are like freaking triplets, the swag while they dance…. oooooh child, me likey! I have such a huge fetish for male dancers you have no idea…… haha explains Baby πŸ™‚

Do you know what the most freaking amazing thing with Bae is? All this time, while watching him dance, I forgot, even though the other may be more awesome at dancing than him, he’s the only one singing, pulling all those high notes and make me forgot the fact that HE WAS SINGING LIVE! Sound like the freaking damn record.

Amazing Bae, AH!

OH YES BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PERM IS NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS GONE!!!! YES…… OH YES…. YOU SEXY LIL THING!!!! HAHAHA BACK WITH A MOHWAK. But Bong, please be kind to your hair, switching drastic style like this within a week… nuh-uh. The hair is saying ‘no me gusta’ u just can’t understand it. hahaha

Last time it was a desk, now it’s a ‘recording studio’ hahah I freaking love it when Bong perform this song, pulled down the hood and it’s OLD SCHOOL DANCE TIME!!!!!!!!!! hahaha I love the ’90s music man, hahaha whenever they say ‘GDRAGON SPECIAL STAGE’ i thought it’ll be at least like a song…. but it’s just a dance break…. LAWDD….. freaking SBS and their marketing strategy.

OH GOD………………… He went into the man-skirt….. but he still look fine as hell.

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GDragon & TaeYang the Chrome Hearts Private Party

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~ by Vicky on October 25, 2009.

46 Responses to “GDragon & TaeYang Special & the Chrome Hearts Private Party Pictures”

  1. I LOVED their perfs ! ^.^

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  4. omg~look at 3:07
    He looked tired but he’s still try hard and able to sing so well
    I’m really proud of it

  5. omg that hair style on GDragon is amazing XD it shows his perfect angular pretty face omg lol i was like screaming……and yay Taeyang πŸ˜€

  6. You mean watching him dance? You said “listening to him dance” haha.

    Man, those are killer moves Taeyang got there. Gotta respect the bro. He’s definitely the best dancer in BB.

    Love gdyb too.

  7. fucken hotness

  8. taeyang is beast

  9. GD!!!! <33 I LOVE HIS HAIR! ^^ though i kind of miss his permed hair. but this is totally COOL~!

  10. OOOOMMMMMGGGG!!!!!!!!!
    GdRAGON IS LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE! his hair is freaking awesommee!!
    I’m fallilg deeper and deeper in love looking at his pictures ❀
    Teayang looks awsoommee on stage it is perfect ^^

  11. [Gem]

    LOL wat a weird mistake
    im weird at 6AM. :p
    thanks for pointing it out hahah

  12. ok BAE BAE I SAW THAT FLASH OF ABS YOUR FREAKING TEASE!!!! but holy shit. Your not gonna perform that anymore?!?!? YG you are out of your freaking mind. That song is just freaking amazing. Your stupid not to. Bae, that had to be one of the best performances I have ever seen. The voice was freaking amazing. The dancing I cant even comment on because there arent enough words in the english language to tell you how amazing it was. But it was just awesome. Although for Bae, I’m not suprised. His solo stuff last time was freaking amazing too. He’s just a gem.

    BONGIE YOUR HAIR IS AWESOME!!!!! YOU SEXY LITTLE DEVIL YOU!!!I totally loved this performance of A Boy. I totally wanna know where he got those pants cause I love them. But he was just so energetic running all over the stage and everything. The man skirt…ok At least it looks good on him. He has the legs to pull it off XD Sadly to say better than me and I’m a girl. Damn you Bongie lol. KYAH!! I STILL LOVE THE HAIR!!!

  13. GDYB were total HOTNESS up there!!
    taeyang was rocking it and GDragon looked so sexy when he stopped for that dance break! lol ^_^
    I wonder if for these “a boy” promotions, he’s like doing a timeline thing. since 1st it was the desk stage then recording studio stage..

  14. Taeyang’s performance could not be any more AWESOME! πŸ˜€ THUMBS UP! You rule the WORLD MAN! Sad that he was down with a cold, which explains why he was exhausted after a while during his great performance… Take care YOUNG BAE! WE LOVE YOU!!! YOU’RE THE BEST!

  15. okay…to all the new idols and some making a comeback *shinee, ss501*, let me give you a piece of advise from 2003 made my “Ludacris” Bridges: MOVE BITCH, GET OUT THE WAY! GET OUT THE WAY BITCH, GET OUT THE WAY! YB is back, full force and ready to take the party down til Christmas. Him and 2PM. JYG representing baby!!! Then 2NE1 taking it over for the ladies?! Pack it up bitches, fall back! Woot! *sorry, got too excited :)*

  16. che cariniii!(:*_* BRAVI!BRAVI!
    Just Love Them!!

  17. AAH I’m loving his new hair!

  18. OMG!Is the GD doesnt look like him that much.But im loving the hair makes him look daring and kinda a cute bed head look BUT WHERE’S T.O.P πŸ™‚ ❀

  19. WOW!
    the performances were amazing
    I have to say that Bong’s song wasn’t on of my favorites at first but is definitely growing on me
    his hair looks mighty hot
    Bae’s performance was good
    there was other people dancing? lol
    I didn’t look at anybody else but him
    he looked so serious for a moment there I was pretty intimidated
    I don’t know why I expected him to smile at the end but I didn’t see it

  20. guys, i dun geddit…………how do you guys become VIP??? is it some thingy you have to join or do u just call urselves that???? new sooooooooo yea….really confused.


  22. I’m sweating . . .
    Gahh ~
    GD, why must you be so sexy ??

  23. This show was extreme GDYB πŸ™‚ Lol .

  24. Wow! Ji Yong look so awesome, that boy. Now I say boy cuz I’m older a lot older.. Not that old than him. hehe he totally ooze ‘sexy’ with the hair. – don’t mind the skirt, rather skirt then permed hair somewhat.. Cuz I can just look at his cute face and not what he is wearing.

  25. i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GD!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Man both performances were really amazing. It’s great to see bae again after such a long hiatus performing solo. GD looking good with his hair now but vicky is right, gotta give it a break lol Love his hoodie! GD and Bae hwaiting!

  27. I think taeyang or YG or whoever got the dance/singing balance the wrong way round for Taeyang’ perf. Loads od SIK choreo, but not enough vocals! and HE HAS A LOVELY VOICE! *sigh*

    on the other hand, GD was UNBELEIVABLE! his new hair is INSANELY cool! WOW. I an’t really pick out any mistakes! except the rofl costume change at the end. SBS = live? really? you’re sure? πŸ˜› ❀ ❀ ❀ loved all of it!


  28. *apologizes for spelling failures in last post*

  29. @ qwerty:

    VIP is the official Big Bang fanclub taken from the song “Big Bang is VIP.” Yes, you do have to sign up to join. However, you have to be a member of YG Family (their official site) before you can even register at the ANNOUNCEMENT of when VIP is taking new membership, which won’t be til some time next year officially. But if you feel like you a VIP in your heart, then call yourself that.

  30. love both performances πŸ˜€ i was missing Tae Yang on stage ^^
    GD that hairstyle~~ so hot

  31. G-DRAGON SARANGHAEEEE YOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333

  32. hehe, i love the pictures.
    & cant wait to wetch the
    Vids. I’m at school, so I
    cant enjoy it like you guys ;]

  33. looking gdamn SIZZLING GD^^!!!!
    i believe TY is with GD’s big SISTER & she looks fine, 2 :))

  34. I Love these performances!!!! Especailly Tae Yang’s, dude is an epik sexi beast! He did outstanding! ❀
    GD THANK YOU! no more curls!!!!! ❀ also was that a skirt you were wearing in the end? But GD is so kawaii! He did great I love the song I know, so that is a plus! XD
    VIP Hwaiting!
    GDYB is Bangin! XD

  35. YoungBae oppa’s performance is freakin’ tight. When YoungBae lifted up his shirt and showed his abbs. Damn, that made my day. Such a sexii beast!

    Jiyong oppa if looking mighty fine with his new hair. I love it way more than the curls. He still sexii, though.

    GD Fighting!
    TY Fighting!

  36. Luvin the new(again) hairstyle!

  37. keke he looks so happy, n now im so smiley too..keke, i like that perf^^

  38. Hahaha I loved the no me gusta part. HAHAHA. But yes it is def no me gusta, although the perm was growing on me. I just wanted to snuggle my face into that head full of hair!

    The perf were both hot. Hottness runs in the yg fam. Whether is looks and/or perf they’ve got it all.

  39. hi to all… i hope someone can help me out here.. i need to have tikets to gd’s concert but i cant understand the page please please im kath from the philippines

  40. Why is YB sooooooo perfect I totally love him so much!!!!! Wow his move only make you want to look at him sorry but his music is my life song…

  41. my lovely GD is always Amazing ^_^

  42. BIG BANG Mongolian fan site

  43. Oooooo i’m lovin GD’s new hairstyle X) TY looks so delicious singing and dancing at the same time… Dunno why but i feel like running towards the stage and hug him tight.. LOL. He didn’t crack, still got the body, and the dance was so awesome!!He didn’t sing much to my disappointment(a lil bit) but when he did, he sounds so good! But i just hope that in Wedding Dress, he will sing more lines. πŸ™‚

  44. I lke Bong’s style……

  45. wooooooow……….saranheyu big bang…………………I love big bang…………..

  46. GD, still hot, even in a skirt

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