“Let Me Hear Your Voice” MV

CLICK IF YOU LOVE GAHO (almost as much as i do)

**EDIT: GD’s 1st solo concert, [SHINE A LIGHT] on Dec. 5th is SOLD OUT.

the latest MV from BB, the opening song for a Japanese drama “Ohitorisama.”
what do you think?

credit: ohdaiba@youtube


~ by gdluvzmc on October 27, 2009.

104 Responses to ““Let Me Hear Your Voice” MV”

  1. 1st kkkk nice song

  2. This MV ROX!!!!! I ❀ it so much!!!

  3. really nice song
    MAJIYONG is so hansem~~<3

  4. It’s so sexy~

    I was wondering how they were going to add rap, which is usually rough-sounding, into a soft song like that. It worked out nicely. ^^

    it’s a wonderful song for an opening song for a drama. And there isn’t any auto tune this time! πŸ™‚

  6. HOTNESS OVERLOAD! The boys look sexayyy ^^ Lovin’ the black/white concept – oh and TOP’s part was to DIE for. It was sort of… more softer (?) this time, rather than the hard-ass rapping he usually does… Not that I don’t mind his rapping, but this is a really nice change, it suits the JPop market/song well.

    Lol… did anyone find it hilarious in the parts where GD/TOP don’t sing anything? I love them, but they had me cracking up! They were just standing there and moving their heads like they were killing time lol. OH, and Bae’s random running part?! Hhaahaha that had me laughing at the computer screen. It was so… unexpected. And hilarious. ^^

    Dae’s looking really good πŸ™‚ I’m glad to see he’s doing better in other things like FO as well. I miss the boys together! Next year is TOO long to wait! Now that YG Family is doing a solo thing (i.e. GD, Bommie & TY), I miss the groups! I miss the good ol’ sunset glow days lol.

  7. it’s awesome! other videos have been claimed due to copyright material, almost ALL of the videos~ i hope this one stays! πŸ™‚

  8. I love it:) it made me cry…


  10. i love this song!!
    TOP freakin sexxy!!

  11. i love this song!!
    TOP freakin sexxy!! TEAYANG with his lovely voice πŸ™‚

  12. where can i download?

  13. GD’s english rap was priceless!

  14. oh. my. god.
    I’m. In. Love.

  15. it was amazing.. the song’s awesome!!

  16. my thoughts as i watched this
    – awesome beat. totally catchy
    – they sound amazing! ❀ it
    – they look friggin hot/slick/stylish [haha u get da point]
    – they wore the silver shoes again! yay
    – hot rapping. its in eng too. bonus points =D
    – what's with the dice i wonder…?
    – screaming and running? i find it oddly… cool. xD
    – must look this drama up
    – must download ASAP
    – YG really didnt disappoint. This MV as well as Bom's MV = both perfect. different feels but friggin awesome
    btw scuse me for my mini rant. i ❀ hearing BigBang news.

  17. i am soo speechless….it was awesome! They always deliver!

  18. This MV is awesome amazing as amazing! lmao

  19. AWESOME!!! they all looked great in the MV

  20. this is just an amazing song! πŸ™‚
    i loved it the first time i heard it; ILY BIG BANG ❀

  21. love it..it’s different..this guys don’t look like boys any more but more of like hot young men! i just love daesung’s voice.. and tabi looked sooo sexy when he turn around w/ a lighting effect on the side..woooohooo!

  22. tabi’s stare made me cried gosh
    this song is a beauty!! beautiful song, 5 beautiful voices
    i really love the MV
    showing off the seven letters at the beginning
    and the part where bae is running is just cute ^^

    two love songs in a day! ❀

  23. loving the song and mv is pretty cool !
    yes, not so much autotune xD

  24. can finally see them getting together now πŸ˜‰
    heehee. love this song alot ^^
    though i would much prefer it if GD and TOP can get to
    sing too. (instead of just rapping) =)

  25. omo.Bong sounded so hawt

  26. daesung really has a nice voice!! LOVE HIM!!

  27. HOTTNESS!!! where can we download this?

  28. great song, great MV, and they looks good on white…
    LOVE THEM!!!!!!!

  29. oh Yongie! love Mv >.<


  31. I LOVE THIS <333

  32. I love you,T.O.P

  33. song of the year for me ^___^

  34. do you know where can i download this song? im dying to save it in my phone =X

  35. love big bang too much :X oh my love g dragon

  36. I already watched this video.
    Really cool!
    Their voices are so good to sing ballad *u*
    I missed Daesung too much ;-; It’s so good to see him again with the other boys o/
    Amazing blog *u*/
    KPop Stalker.

  37. I love it! They are looking and singing great as always…My faves (Seung Ri and TOP) are just amazing…glad to see DaeSung again! πŸ™‚
    Love them all! πŸ˜€

  38. This vid is really intense just like the song. Its just really moving. I think part of that is just seeing them all together which is a rare occurrence these days. And whoever said it above, I agree. They really do look like hot young men. Tabi’s eyes in the one part were really intense. Just seeing Daesung healthy and in videos now is enough for me. Seungri, oooh you hot maknae you. Looking damn good in this MV. Youngbae, you voice once again is just amazing and cannot be beat. And I love when you dont wear a hat cause then I can freely oogle that jawline and that extremely handsome face of yours. GD…do I even need to say anything? That rap was awesome and very well executed. And when he screamed *shivers* You hot man you. lol

  39. i like the song soo much!

    GD’s rap was epic!! and he looked SOOOO hot in that room on the chair.. soo melencholy!! soo cute!! i love it!!!

    but it’s different from what BB have produced from the past!! i hope this is only temporary and we get to some “hardcore” BB style Hip Hop again!!

    still love the boys! LOVE GD!! will support him forever and ever and ever!!!

  40. God sometimes their Japanese videos are so awkward!
    They were pretty cute though…………….

  41. when is the iviptown completed project will be up?

  42. [pearllovestop] i am with u girl. i too couldnt help but to be tickled by how gtop was brooding away coz their parts havent come. e wait (for their parts) was anguish but worth it ;]

    btw, anyone can give me any heads up bt Bommie’s promo? i have like no idea!

  43. I love the vid. So much Baebae time. hehehe. thought Tabi’s few seconds really was hot and sexy too.
    And Baebae was running this time! so cool! =)
    At first I really don’t like them doing this kind of MV, you know, just standing and brooding around. But hey, it’s BB, and I love it.
    I love it also how Baebae can’t seem to stand still and has to break out and dance even in a ballad. hehehe. =) you go Baebae ^^

  44. beautiful… love it.. hope d jap loves it also.. =)

  45. OMG…the song is awesome and their voices are just pure love, my fav part of course GD/TOP rap parts, they sound so cool in english, BB is really growing as really fine and hot men, they look so mature in this vid. GD’s hair is just plain awesome, i love how he changes his hair styles, the outfits are also so cool. BB Fighting

  46. i’d like to see more of this kind of music from big bang. it’s so much better than the over-autotuning. I was wondering how they were gonna put in the rap too–but it definitely worked out πŸ™‚

    i was in awe until i saw tae yang running and screaming. that’s when i fell off my chair laughing πŸ˜€

  47. […] strange here: β€œLet Me Hear Your Voice” MV Share and […]

  48. omg….this so song is so cute i love it…..love thier voice is so sexy…its so touching how they sing that song….thx for the uploads……

  49. sold out ?!amazing !huwa !i hope i could be there !hahaha .
    bout the mv .i haven’t seen .can’t wait !i’ll see it asap !
    btw ,i want to ask smfthng .i’m waiting for fanfic update .when will u guys update the list ?thank you .hahaha .

  50. This is the Big Bang that I like. Love this song. Makes my heart melt!!

  51. So very NICE!! Great job I think!! ❀ They look awesome as ever!!

  52. …Who didnt see G-Dragons concert selling out? Everyone loves my bongie ^^ I would be there in a heartbeat if I could afford it. I wanna go to his concery sooooo badly.

  53. Woah, they when taeyang,daesung and seungri sing they sound so beautiful!. Another awesome tune from Big Bang!.. SARANGHAI!

  54. i love yg family soo damn muchh!

  55. This mv made me cry~ I couldn’t help it.
    Is it me or does our boys get finer in every damn video?
    I love it!

    BigBang Fighting!

  56. my first thoughts- totally sounds like a drama song lol! so good though. i dunno about you guys but the boys are TOTALLY doing it for me!! dae-dae is looking actually really good, im still so happy he was okay after his crash. TOP-oppa (eeeee) is looking so sultry and hot as usual lol. tae’s hair? well man i just LOVE it like that ^__^ and seungri is growing up methinks!! I left jiyongie till last πŸ˜‰ ba ha because omg, hes so gorgeous and i LOVE his hair in this… -dies-…. mmm

  57. aaaaaahhhh!! Wow, they’re soooo good!!!

  58. wowwww its so lovley!
    But im dissapointed the fact that because its japanese, top and gd dont get to rap alot, like in emotion and stuff…. 😦
    But overall, its very good! Its great that its being used for a drama πŸ™‚
    I just love the dice because i think it symbolizes the “chance” of listening to her voice πŸ™‚

  59. What an amazing songO.o It feels like they really haven’t been BIG BANG in a long time you know? Seeing all five of them together made me want to cry:] And Daesung’s voice sounds so amazing, and he looks so healthy! Haha just so overjoyed to see all five of them become BIG BANG again^^

  60. This has got to be one of the best songs they’ve released in Japan! But what’s with the dice and the ice cream?

  61. I LOVE the song.

  62. i like the song. dae sooo cute!

  63. I Love this song! I love Dae Sung voice! :3 -dazed-
    Tae Yang and Seungri too! But seriously glad to hear Dae sung voice again! ❀ TOP and GD raps were cool , they matched the flow perfectly! X3 I Love Big Bang, seeing them together is so nice! -dazed- Oh, what's up at 4:00 was Tae Yang running and screaming? LOL, so cute! XD Big Bang Hwaiting!

  64. the song is absolutely amazing!!!
    very fit for a drama
    TY’s voice is killer
    so it DS man woooow!
    HOT HOT HOT!!!
    at the beginning it looked like TOP winked lol
    I died when I heard his part
    GD looked so cute >.<

  65. I loved it!

    T.T’ I kept getting distracted though cause it looked like Bae was hiding something on his cheek (to him, his left cheek but to those watching the mv, it was the right one) with make up.

  66. I love the Mv. Simply the best.

  67. i dun hv to think cuz i know it gonna be damn HOT, BEST, SEXY, etc, etc,… ^___________________^
    big bang JJANG!!!!

  68. i hope they do more of this kind of music and mv πŸ™‚
    suits them, i reckon hehe
    and totally agree, what fine young men they are turning out to be
    missed them oh so much


  70. Wait doesthis reminds anyone of Christams or something??? LOl maybe i’m cold in my dorm…or something??? LOL

  71. I .*β˜…*.
    .*β˜… *.* γ€€γ€€ β˜…
    β˜…γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€ *
    β˜… .’
    β€˜*.γ€€γ€€γ€€ .
    ` . . it

  72. iLOBοΌ₯it <3 ❀
    such a good song

  73. any one note that GD’s hair’s getting long again…and that usually means not only is he cutting it…but may dye it again? i don’t wanna see the blond go.fufufufufufufu. bae, running with eyes closed and bare teeth…run baebae run!!! YG, you are spoiling me…thank you!!! and i wanna eat that ice cream cone in the end. *pocky pocky pocky pocky pocky*

  74. Oh and why is BaeBae oppa n that high uilding I hope that wasn’t real it looks dangerous!!!! LOL I’m going to leave the vidoe now…

    the boys are growing up!!

    love babydae!
    keep smiling baby<3

  76. Tabi…is to die for…Haha I swear, I was immediately entranced by this song. Its like hypnotism! And then Tabi came and did his sexy stare and I started smiling like an idiot πŸ˜€ Lol but overall i LOVE this song!! It’s really sweet and gives me chills when they hit the high notes. And the mv is great, fun to see Bae running ^_^

  77. Yeah well, GD being sold out is a given, right? ^^ Lol. I’m SO devastated though, I’m going to Seoul in December… ON THE 14TH DAMMIT! Sheesh… Life isn’t fair. Hopefully 2NE1/TY will still be promoting round then – maybe I can catch them on Inki!

  78. oh my god!love this song so damn much!~~

  79. love the mv and the song omg β™₯ Tabiiiii <3333
    sweet beat πŸ˜€

    I can’t stop watching this VIDEO!~

    I hope they will be come soon with Korean Album.
    still waiting GD concert…^^

  81. Gyahh Jiyongie! TOP! Hell they all look so cute<3 I like this song, but I have to say it's a bit different from their other songs. But I still love it. BB hwaiting!

  82. SOLD OUT Q_Q I’m from Germany and I wandet to join the concert with a friend… DAMN XD but ok, It’s good for GD that it’s sold out but bad for the fans who can’t join. exspecially for those who doenst live in korea/asian but wanted to join the concert. ..I wish I would live in korea ha ha…

    awwww </3 xD

  83. BIGBANG DAISUKI!!! sugoi!
    mina ga sugoku kakkoii!
    TOP aishiteru!!!!
    watashi to kekkonshite iidesuka?!

  84. This song is so amazing.
    It’s beautiful and so is the video (not to the mention the boys)
    I love Top’s bit, he sounds so sweet in English. ^^
    Just a thumbs up from me!

  85. Let me hear there VOICE lmao I love them

  86. OMG ~ this is super<3
    damn nice MV <3____<3
    lovee thiss.

  87. I really liked this video. I think it’s my new favorite.
    Besides the fact that I was waiting for GD and TOP’s part throughout the mv. lol.

    Its one of the reasons why Big Bang continues to be a ‘top’ group. They don’t stick to just one style, they are capable of change. It’s so modern! =D I love it!! I really like the feel to the video and the amazing shots in the beginning! It’s like Big Bang upgraded from hip hop to classic and modern. Although their hip hop style is still and will continue to be lovable!!!!

    Not to mention they all look super HOT!!!!!! Haha I’m pretty sure all the Big Bang girl fans had drool on the side of their mouths. haha. =)

    I’ve been waiting for their new song for like FOREVER!
    T.O.P my baby WAS SOOO FINE IN IT!:D
    GD Dragon looked hella hot πŸ˜‰
    Tae Yang had so many lyrics πŸ™‚
    Seung Ri looked soo cute ;D
    Dae Sung harmonized AWSOME! :]
    Imma keep listening to THIS SONG until they make a new one again πŸ˜€
    I loved the music video the most πŸ˜€ <333333

  89. i dunno where i should start with..,ost of the stuff are already said by everybody!
    i like how they sound here..though lst thought i had was it doesn’t sound like BB style..more jpopish…but i didnt know that it’s gg to be for a drama!! really proud of them!
    style of mv was quite apt for the song..n i love emo GD…so the opening already caught me >.< and that set the mood of the song…
    i like this kinda songs too so i'm glad BB shows that they can reali sing any style of songs…like ANY~~
    n did i mention daesung's voice is reali reali damn gooood!!!
    i was waiting for TOP's n GD's raps too..not bad @ all ^^
    i'm hoping they can hv a korean ver of this song..but not just change the chorus to korean like gara gara go…like a FULL korean ver…i think it's gg to sound as good as this one!
    maybe GD alr has the korean lyrics ready.. ;P

  90. omg………… 3:18 is love!

    where do i get screencaps for this in HQ?? lol

  91. all great n like it all..like heartfelt and i thought that running part made it more emotional..

  92. omg. i rarely like songs by them in jap. (im not trying to be mean or anything). BUT I LOVE THISS AHHAHAAHA its amazing. big bang win! : D

  93. OMG!! can they get any hotter than this.
    love bigbang!

    lets vote for them in the Mnet’s Asian Music Award:Overseas Viewers’ Award

  94. YB is so fricken HOT!

  95. T.O.P<33 is sooo smexxiee!

  96. me love so much!!!!
    these guys are so freakin hot it should be illegal! i’ve heard this song a dozen of times without end and still feel like it’s the first time every time. It’s a beautiful song that makes me realizes that life is so beautiful and love’s hardships are all worth it.
    This song highlights all of the guys so well. Each of them sound so amazing that i jusr melt like the sweetest of all chocolates. (i love everything and every BIGBANG member)
    and yes. TOP’s soft rapping is SEXY!!!!
    ay! me gusta vien mucho!!!!

  97. so cool…. i like it…

  98. UHHH JUST SOOOOO SOOO AMAZING! it reminds me of haru haru!

    YB= PERFECTIONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! jeez that guy is just awesome. i lovee him!

  99. i love this song!
    do you think you can get a download for this?!

  100. Koe Wo Kikasete actually sounds REALLY GOOD. I would rate it second to Haru Haru. I’m not usually into videos that showcase scenes of the singer singing (I find that boring compared to videos that show an actual story)…but this one had me staring for the whole 4 minutes! Love the random scenes showing TOP being sultry!

  101. awsome!finally I know big bang still exist!!!!I love big bang.I though big bang has no more activities,now see this MV,see G-dragon in yellow hair,I feel very save.Thanks for posting this

  102. love it just about watched it 300 times and still watching! wow taeyang voice let me hear it again and again! love them i live for bigbang i am waring them on my feet right now lol bangs’s sock g dragon on one foot and taeyang on the other. i didn’t know what one to ware! lol i ❀ bigbang!

  103. I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I HAVE LISTENED TO IT 30 TIMES IN THE PAST 10 MINUTES!!! I AM A TRUE BIG BANG FAN THE BIGGEST EVER!!!! It is sooooo sweet and i love the lyrics to the song it makes sence and it makes such a sweet sound!! i am glad to see that Daesung is ok from the crash!! If u look real close to the pic u can see where it injured his left eye u can see the scar…. i want to cry now!! Taeyang looks particulary sexy in this… what can i say he is my man!!

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