Melly’s Twitter News #4

lots to talk about. possibly the longest update yet.


TOP-HYUNGGGG is turning 22 soon! (it would be tomorrow in KST).
we’re in need of awesome graphics personnel to create a nice banner for TOP’s bday. so check out this page for the logistics & give a gift to TOP, in a sense :]

since i’m photoshop-deprived, i’m going to have to depend on you guys!! the one that catches my eye will have their banner up by sometime tomorrow!!


it seems the korean version of the FCC found GD’s album to be inappropriate for the youngins b/c of suggestive lyrics found in “She’s Gone” & “Korean Dream” (funny, they missed the very suggestive “Breathe.” you & me hardcore~~)  it’s now to be labeled w/ a “19+” sticker, where only those 19 & older (korean age) can purchase the album. i am semi-sad that i don’t have that sticker. it’s a gem xD
w/ 200,000+ albums sold, i don’t see this lil sticker causing a dent in sales since he has a bunch of noona fans anyway…


the awards will be held on Dec. 10th & GD is nominated for the “disk” category, while SEUNGRI will be nominated for the “digital song” category. i hope ppl haven’t forgot STRONG BABY seungri.
both GD & SR are also nominated for the Samsung Yepp Popularity Award.

fellow label mates 2NE1 are nominated for the digital single category, as well as the Samsung Yepp Popularity Award & Newcomer Award.


well according to their schedule, they have a lot stuff planned for their japan activities, so i’m positive they’re all in JAPAN right this moment! we’re missing you already.
plus, more tracks from their 3rd Japanese Single have been leaked…

the clips will be under the cut since the site already takes a while load as it is T_T

so check it out!


source: BBcamly93@youtube

errr… “let me hear your voice” > “ora yeah” any day.
the acoustic version sounds really nice. & i don’t particularly like how whiny GD & TOP sound in ora yeah >_<


i figured YG wanted to keep it traditional… YB doesn’t seem to be the one that’s getting married (sigh of RELIEF?!) & seeing the lead girl put her hand on the other girl… that’s scary tall & i feel bad for YB xD
either he’s the BFF, or he’s third-wheeling. it’ll be a bittersweet day when he has a girl to call his own =x

source: DCYB


you know that was hot, wasn’t it? (apparently not hot enough to melt that ice though….)
one of my silly friends (kimmy) scared herself into thinking poor jiyong was really trapped in a block of ice LOL! i’m too convincing…

she continues on by spazzing about how sexy jiyong’s legs are (>_<)
THEN MY OTHER FRIEND (kim) points out JIYONG has EDWARD CULLEN HAIR. why do we have twilight comparisons?!! it’s bad enough i’m (repeats bella’s speech about being in love, which i can’t seem to remember atm) for jiyong xD
(& what is up w/ me befriending girls named “kim” or forms of “kim”)

i’m in love<3 i have this irky feeling (more like i dreamed it) he’d wear this for one of his outfits at his wedding :]

thanks to 권지D@bbvipz


credit: damjes06@youtube

bb’s contribution to TOP’s drama, IRIS, can be seen in this clip from episode 6, which shows TOP KICKING ASS in a bar fight xD way to save the lady w/ your hair in a bun & disappear off into the night hyungie<3 ㅋㅋ

the track sounds hot, it’s a TEDDY product, w/ lryics by G-DRAGON i suppose. thank goodness we’re going back to the hip-hop roots.

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~ by gdluvzmc on November 2, 2009.

35 Responses to “Melly’s Twitter News #4”

  1. Haha at YB’s expression in that pic with the four of them!!!

  2. hahahaha the bun is pretty hot. top i can be your damsel in distress anytime

    jiyong’s hair!!! i love it. although i miss the blonde curls. it made me want to plunge my face into it because it looked so soft (x

    dae looks kinda tired): if you are, get some rest smiley face. you w/o it is no good!!

    poor seungri, probably watching from the sidelines.

  3. oh & yb, your wide eyed expression is hilarious!! hahaha

  4. lol ice thing is wicked.
    tae yang’s wedding dress pics makes me so giddy..
    happy early birthday top oppa!!

  5. @cindy
    i haven’t heard that one. that deserves a tweet fosho XD
    b/c it’s SOFT LOLL!

  6. ooo acoustic. i luv da song even more. they sound so lovely.
    hmmm ora yeah is def gonna get stuck in my head i think…
    cant wait for Taeyang’s MV =]
    ooo Jiyong looks pretty behind da ice =] very cute. but oh dear god wats with the twilight ref?
    on the other hand they all look hot [cat tell wit Dae completly but he always is cute =D]
    it feels so right to have Jiyong nd TOP rappin in a club like that. i just cant help laughing at the acting though and the english ><" [please no bashing im high on panadeine atm xD] but lol man its so weird their acting/fighting and english. on top of the fact TOPs all hot bashin da guys while he's actually rappin ovr the top…

  7. aaaah so much happening. Hopefully BIG BANG<3 is getting lots of rest :(. STAY STRONG oppas<3. Cant wait for TY oppas "Wedding Dress."

  8. gd oppa looks scared on the third pics of hite cf…!! haha…! cute..!!listen to ora yeah…hmm yeah..missed them…!! went back to japan….i hope they are in korea and perform for the MAMA….!!! hope korean v.i.p vote for them..>!!!!

  9. That’s awesome! I am so excited for the new banner I posted mine but I think it doesnt pops LMAO

  10. i agree with you.. it’ll be a bittersweet day once YB gets a girl =[[ but in all fairness i’ll be happy for him and whoever she will be, damn she be lucky! i love YB!

    GD is really sexy in those pics [along with our other BB cuties] i was wondering why Seung Ri wasn’t in the photoshoot then i found out it was for Hife. ehehe explained a lot.

    TOP.. yehey! thank God for giving you another year to live and shine us with your hotness. we all wish we could spend your bday with you, how awesome will that be?!

    anywho, i have a major question:
    where can i watch the rest of the IRIS episodes? the links for viikii won’t work anymore =[[

  11. woooopz! i meant HITE* forgive me..

  12. omg!i am soooo in love with jiyong!!!he looks really hot in that red suit…no need to work on looking sexy there. *squel some more* >_<

  13. I’m guess the plot for Taeyang’s Wedding Dress MV is that:
    Taeyang’s BFF has a boyfriend, and this boyfriend doesn’t mind how close Taeyang is to the girl. That’s why, there are shots of the girl and Taeyang sitting together and the guy at the side, still smiling. But deep inside, the girl is more than a BFF to Taeyang.
    I don’t know, just guess the plot .. Who’s with me ?! LOL

  14. OMG! the ice lol~~

  15. ^^ hApPy 22nd/23rd bIrthdAy cH0i sEung hyUn!!!

  16. can some1 give me link to hite thing happy b-day tabi youre so kawaii

  17. Young Bae oppa’s wedding dress looks awsome even better since he’s not the groom!!! LOL I know I’m crazy you haven’t seen my room it’s a shrine to YB from lil Takwon to Taeyang!!! Anyways back to reality Happy early Birth Choi Seughyun Oppa aka the T.O.P yummy tall fine piece of man. Oh and Ji Yong’s rocking the Edward Cullens hair I told my friend that earlier while we were watching Twilight I’m glad someone thinks like me!!!! LOL

  18. OOOHHH!! top’s B’day!!! i would like to wish him ahead of his birthday! TOP, happy birthday!
    can’t wait for wedding dress!! it’s killing me………
    btw, i like GD’s hair… haha.. they all look good… 🙂
    okay a completely unrelated question: is there any video of YB celebrating his b’day?

  19. Melly is SUPER AWESOME :]
    hehe, woooow ! cant wait for top’s
    bdaaay :] sadly i;m not able to get
    on the computer for the Time-Being T__T
    19+ ? NOOOO ! heartbreaker is not that rated.
    I Liked it :]

    Aye, Too Hotttt ❤
    * i'll comment later :]

  20. Wait that girl’s not Aimee who is she I think Aimee is better choice she fits with Bae best…

  21. hallelujah – actually GD & Teddy collaborated in terms of lyrics AND composition. Teddy was also the producer

  22. happy happy birthday to tabi
    love u and stay hot!
    hallelujah is the shitt!

  23. omg that was hot! i obsolutely love TOP! the strong expression he had on! that was so cool! lucky girl! if that was me, i wouldve kissed him! lol the bun was so cute! love u TOP!!! i cant w8 4 the mv of wedding dress to come out! im so anxious >.<!!!

  24. Um… about GD’s album… I am not 19+ and I bought it right when it came out. Haha, that’s funny. It’s 19+ because it had the f-bomb twice? I’d think 16+? IDK… but I’m not surprised.

    Anyways, GD’s hair looks beautiful and cute!!! (way better than the perm)

  25. …mentioning twilight and my Bongie in the same sentence or even in the same paragraph…no same country makes me sad.-.- Plus GD is totally not grubby looking and his hair isnt nasty looking lol. I’m not a fan if you can tell. XD

    But hot dayum the man does have nice legs XD And I love that suit jacket on him. Hella hot and really freaking flattering on him. Bae’s eyes in that group picture are just priceless. They are open so wide that it looks like they are going to pop out. And Bongie in the ice….can i lick it XD it can be like a giant Bongie icicle pop.

  26. luv u hope get cake in japanshow

  27. Wow, I can’t wait for the Wedding Dress MV!~
    And that Hite CF! Jiyong looks really hot! Can’t believe he didn’t melt the ice!

    BigBang Fighting!

  28. just stupid…

  29. @chrissy

    LMAO! as long as they dont freaking sparkle. >.< But bongie can bite me anytime XD pickles lol oh daedae

  30. -Lmao mannn; i wonder what the 19+ sounds like & what’s
    on thee inside (: Ahaha.
    -Ahhh how could anyone forget about Strong Baby, I mean it’s
    cutie Seungri being/lookin like a man.
    -I thought they were suppse to make their Korean comeback
    pretty soon. I sure miss them. ‘Let Me Hear You Voice’ is
    flippin amazing! it’s beautiful!
    & they’re Japanese Singles just keep on gettting better =]
    Wahhh acoustic version is pretty too. “Since you went away,
    hasn’t been the same” (: They’re raps are getting better too.
    ‘Ora yeah’…..uhhhhh sounds alright. What’s up with G-Dragon’s
    rap in there. Hahahaha.
    -omfg, TaeYang. Looks so pretty (: i love the set. Can’t wait
    till if FULLY releases & the MV too of course.
    -Hahahaha it kind of does look like G-Dragon is stuck in ice.
    OMFG YESSSS he looks hot! Vampire-ish! Pshhhh bettter looking
    then Edward Cullen (:
    -Wow, i love G-Dragon’s rap. I miss their Hip Hop-ness.
    Can’t wait to hear a better quality of ‘Hallelujah’.
    Whooo go top! damn he’s hot. & the disappearing act too.

  31. @chrissy ROFL
    omg jiyong in those clothes – he really does give off that vampire vibe, regardless of the hair xD
    FIEND xD

  32. Lmfao I love Gd’s taste in clothes.

  33. Lmfao. Ahahaha. My name is Kimi. 😀
    Twilight is not awesome. :] My opinion. 😛

    JiYong looks sooo.. Fashionable. XD

  34. OMG! I took the the TWILIGHT QUIZ and found out I’m Bella. I’d love to be Edwards girlfriend!

  35. Great site! Keep up the good work!

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