BIGBANG Makes a Cake for TOP

so this is what happened. the boys are in japan right now, & since it was TOP’s birthday, he gets to arrive fashionably late at whatever shoot they had. (his pink checkered pants – how can he walk down the street w/o getting noticed? silly TOP lol)

jiyong, the creative person that he is ❀ decorated his cake & drew a vinyl toy on his cake LOL while the other boys looked on… see the cute decor? lol (he looks mighty fine w/ the glasses & hat >_<)

THEN TOP ARRIVES while they sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him, BIGBANG STYLE (LOL @YB; GD & his horse stance rofl). after TOP tries to hold in his laughter from the silliness, the boys dig in with SR & DAE taking giant chunks of his cake x]

lucky for the jvipz to get the exclusive clip of them presenting the cute cake to TOP =]

credit: MINT119@youtube

happy birthday BIG BOY<3

~ by gdluvzmc on November 4, 2009.

55 Responses to “BIGBANG Makes a Cake for TOP”

  1. awww….
    the cake looked cute!!!
    GD is adorkable
    I liked the way they danced to the hhaoy bday song
    the cutest part of it all is seeing TOP’s expression when eating the cake

  2. Happy Birthday, my favorite Big Bang member! ❀


    I would die if BIG BANG ever made me a cake πŸ˜‰ haha

    I probably wouldnt eat it, and save it foreverr.

    heehee… i love the cake that jiyong made!
    so adorable πŸ˜€

  5. lol that’s so cute, they wrote ‘TO-PU’ with the fruit in japanese. love that boy.

  6. lol aWw that is s0o cute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOP! =]

  7. AW! ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ I would just fill this post with hearts ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

    love yoo….

  8. he looks especially stunning here! and g-d drew a be@rbrick for him! that’s amazing. I want a piece of that cake!

  9. AHHH:)
    i love those checkered pants:)
    ily top:)

  10. NGAW! Such sweethearts, gotta love ’em πŸ˜€ ❀

  11. hepi belated birthday….!!oppa saranghae…!!

  12. Anyone have a diff link to the vid? It’s broken. 😦

  13. theres a clearer vid of that cute as hell vid on allkpop. i saw it before. they are such sweet hearts. making a cake for their hyung.
    luv there birthday dance roflmao. TOP looks stunning as hell here

  14. happy birthday top (: may you have another successful year !!!

  15. AWW! that is so sweet πŸ™‚ happy birthday again T.O.P πŸ™‚

  16. Happy birthday chagiaaaaaaaaa

  17. I adore the sweetness of the GUYS! they are so sweet as hell amazing oppas…

  18. w0w,he have a nice friends ^_^

  19. i love how they put his name in katakana on the cake. thats just adorable. Only bongie would try to create a vinyl toy on a cake. thats so cute to do for Top though. and his face while eating the cake was like he was in heaven lol

  20. I wouldn’t eat the cake if i ever got one from bigbang… might not be safe to eat…

  21. Happy Birthday TOP ~ ❀

  22. The boys are sweet. Happy birthday TOP!

  23. Happy Birthday T.O.P

  24. […] some-more from the strange source:Β  BIGBANG Makes the Cake for TOP Share and […]

  25. Happy Birthday TOP oppa πŸ™‚
    I prayed for you 22 times for your good luck throughout another year to come =) ❀

  26. Aww THE CAKE!It’s soo cute!And I bet it tasted delicious.If only I was there.I WOULDVE CAKED YOU BAD!Ha.He looks soo cute with the peace sign up.I always do that sign to for a picture.Love the party hat πŸ˜‰ His deep voice πŸ˜€ -sigh- I love you T.O.P<3

  27. Happy Birthday Choi!! your the best!!
    he’s very sexy with they pants! *0*

  28. AWWWW thhat is just sooo cute love Top!!!

  29. Aw, I love how they treat each other like they are actually brothers.
    Happy Birthday TOP! Saranghae ❀

    TOP Fighting!
    BigBang Fighting!

  30. My birthday is on the 15th and do you know what Im wishing for?

    πŸ˜€ YOU<3

  31. Top Oppa..
    I LOVe you So Much..!
    Hope you Had A Happy Birthday.!

  32. Awww that was sweet XD

  33. aww, haha funny.
    TOP, you’re so cute. saranghaeyo<3

  34. Awwww that cake looks yummy. I think its cute that they throw BD parties for each other every year. =)
    TOP still put on a good expression even though he knew. haha. =D Maybe it was GD’s bear. =D

  35. Aww that was so nice and sweet! ❀
    That cake looks good! ❀
    Big Bang Hwaiting!

  36. ooh cake yummy yum yummy..n i was late to say happy birthday to him (in message) i shall also eat a cake for punishment n to celebrate his bday keke, happy birthday to him

  37. happy late bday top!!! aw so sweet of the four younger bros πŸ™‚ kk gd is so creative, that cake is so cute. I love big bang style happy bday song!! haha love these dorks ❀

  38. Aww… Big Bang’s big boy is growing up.

  39. TOP = always and forever my favorite rapper.


  40. Happy Birthday…….TOP

  41. HOW SWEET!

    belated happy birthday T.O.P.!

  42. Amazing…!
    happy birthday TOP oppa, wishing you all the best and success for everything you do naaa…^ ^ saranghaeyo……..

  43. awww GD decorate de cake so cute ^3^ awww Tabi β™₯

  44. haha, so nice, Yong-Yong’s so so kind haha
    Happy 23rd BD TOP πŸ™‚ ^O^

  45. so kawaii!!! though i havn’t seen the vid yet ;P

  46. omfg, I love the CAKE ! awwh ;]
    thats cute. hehe; WOW. I like Top ❀
    he's ohsoamaazing ! & what jiyong did,
    I loved it. wished someone did that for Me :]
    LOL ; the cake is Nice :]

    & Top seriously reminds me of My BFF<3
    – I can certainly tell he had a fantastic Day.
    Love Chie.

  47. OPPA!! happy b-day!! saranghe! lov u TOP!! I’m so happy its ur b-day! I wish I was there in person n got to say happy b-day face to face with u! love yaz n hope that u will receive more b-days in the future!!! SARANGHE OPPA!!!!!! <33333

  48. As the years past by and time moves on, ur fans will still adore u no matter what goes wrong

  49. HBD TO YOU.

  50. I think ToP got one early bday gift..hes gonna be a main in a MOVIE “Into The Gunfire” CONGRATS!

  51. lol, just noticed it says TOP on the cake, so cute and creative! Can i eat it now??? lol

  52. hppy birtday topkun…..saranghiyo

  53. happie bdayy t.o.p
    ❀ u

  54. Awwwh, I’m late I know, but I just found this site. Happy very BELATED birthday T.O.P~shii. Wishing you the best of luck in all that you do. I was never a fan of Big Bang but after watching you on a variety show I totally fell in love with you and then gradually the rest of Big Bang. You’re very talented so I know you will fulfill Se7en’s name he gave you and you will definitely go to the TOP in all you do. Continue to take care of your dongsaeng’s and make them laugh and smile like you always do. You’re ability to make people happy is your greatest charisma. Hope you had a very happy bday. Choi Seung Hyun FIGHTING!!!

  55. ill never stop to like u and trusting u, becoz ur the only one TOP in the world.. !!


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