Filipino Inmates Dance to BIGBANG

“if we make life like a living hell for these fallen angels, then we might just be turning out devils once they are released & re-integrated to society.” – byron f. garcia

these are the same inmates that did the “thriller” dance that became a viral hit last year on youtube.
i came across this randomly when they recently put out a new “queen medley.” looking through their yt channel i saw them do a few kpop covers, including Big Bang’s LIES, Wonder Girls’ TELL ME & NOBODY, & Super Junior’s SORRY SORRY. it’s also noted in their info section that they’ll be doing (or did do) a cover of 2NE1’s FIRE as well but it hasn’t been uploaded yet…

credit: byronfgarcia@youtube

it’s great to see something we always look in a negative connotation to be turned into something positive. i believe this rehab center, the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) and byron garcia is going above & beyond their duties & helping these inmates in a positive way, introducing to them a fun & active way to exercise & divert their energy & minds to dance & music.

it’s hard enough to get a small crew to dance in unison, but 1,500 inmates? possibly where none of them have any dancing experience? it is a great feat, & i commend them for creating great dance pieces to rock classics, as well as our fave kpop songs :]

for more videos, check out the youtube channel
for more information on these dancing inmates, check out

P.S. i also invite you all to check out a special site dedicated to the BABIES OF YG:
we love what we do, so come share your love with us =] it’s a happy place, for happy people only.
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~ by gdluvzmc on November 6, 2009.

20 Responses to “Filipino Inmates Dance to BIGBANG”

  1. OMGOSH!First commetner~!:D

  2. ha lol! I saw this! omg I live in Cebu!! haha go Filipinos! I just love the fact that they’re prisoners n they actually know these songs!! haha this is hilarious!!

  3. nice dance moves

  4. Now this is what you do with inmates instead of torturing and punishing them. I think its awesome how in synch they are with each other and the music. I’ve seen alot of their performances and they are all really good. This just makes me happy cause they got to do Big Bang and Wondergirls. This just shows that this music reaches everyone no matter if they are cut off from the world or not lol

  5. thats insane!!

  6. This is great to see there all in synch and no battling or fighting! Go Filipinos! They did great! XD Big Bang Lies and Tell me classic!

  7. These inmates are awesome. How in the world did they get all of them to memorize it all and be so in sync?? It’s pretty cool. :] their lines are really straight too 😀

  8. Ohh I am a FIlipino and I adore how filipino’s love BIG BANG!

  9. wowww that’s awesome 😀

  10. shows you can do anything if you set your mind on it and are bored out of your mind lol. nothing better to do then dance i guess. these guys are friggin awesome though the guys in green sorta scare me. lol

  11. I dont really see this site postin’ a lot of the stuff of bigbang appears on in japan??
    Im not bashing I was just wonderin if there was a reason..

  12. yay I was the first commetner 😀

  13. OMGGGG . That’s just awesome. lols;

  14. Yeah I was in Philippines recently for a holiday and kpop songs HAVE literally taken over. They’re on karaoke machines, birthday parties and even on the TV. It’s so good that the two countries have shared their music.

    Although I didn’t see any Big Bang. 😦 Maybe I wasn’t there long enough. I wish I was back. I miss my fellow Filipinos. <33

  15. That’s insane ! I can’t believe..they are so sync…I can’t understant how united they are….

  16. I’m a filipino and I love how other filipinos love some kpop!
    Nice dancing, guys!

    BigBang Fighting!

  17. that’s awesome

  18. I’ve watched this video quite a few times. I can’t get over it! It’s so cool! I wish other inmates got this chance too. Like, in Singapore perhaps. Hahahha. It’s fun! HAHAHA.

  19. aww i was so amazed when i watched dis video. They’v actually get 2 do this as a big event.. I feel so sorry 4 them but the fact dat they did this makes me happy..
    Every1 did well they made dis really impressing…
    take care every1..

  20. haha this is so cool. never thought they would do one of big bang’s songs (:

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