BIGBANG in CDTV & SpaceShowerTV

**EDIT: GD’s 소년이여 MV will be out today… in a few hours… stay tuned!

the boys perform “Let Me Hear Your Voice” live. it’s been a while since we’ve seen new moves from the boys… i’ve gotten so used to seeing Shaun-choreographed stuff, seeing all 5 synchronized… it’s hard not to laugh xD

it’s so cute how they’re dancing to a slow ballad, but they make it work. i was paying particular attention to GD b/c he doesn’t sing as much til his rap at the end, he has to make up for it by performing extra hard when he’s not in the spotlight, so you definitely see him throwing cute faces & smiles at the camera whenever he’s in frame, & i couldn’t stop giggling (i esp like the waves he makes w/ his body =x)

gotta give it up to DAE, TAE & SR for the awesome vocals. they sharpened up their japanese SO MUCH (i hope GTOP would do the same…)! overall, a nice feel & the song is growing on me =]

credit: j0012sec@youtube

so this talk show has them doing silly things, no joke. it’s too hilarious to watch! & once again, pointing out the awesome japanese from DAE & SR. i’m proud of my lil dongsaengs^^

you’ll get to see the boys play w/ this toy where the objective is to get the ball on top of the wooden stick, & you’ll see how hard it really is lol (although one member seemed to almost get it, only to… well you’ll just have to watch it xD). failing to get the ball on top – well they have to make a fool of themselves. >_< it’s hard to watch. don’t drink anything while watching this!

it’s full of laughs, & part 2 & 3 are under the cut ———————>

SR looks so weird at the end, like he’s cross-eyed. just shocked at daesung! dae’s excited for everything & just had to ruin the epik moment xD all he could say was “i’m sorry! so sorry!” lol

jiyong…. sigh haha.
credit: kimkookai@youtube


~ by gdluvzmc on November 7, 2009.

36 Responses to “BIGBANG in CDTV & SpaceShowerTV”

  1. <33

  2. OMFG Jiyongie!!!! *flails* Why was he so freaking adorable doing his little act? Like seriously I flailed horribly because he was just so cute. Dae’s thing made me laugh something awful. I love how Bae failed but he picked up the toy and kept trying till he got it. Bless him for being so cute. Poor Ri. XD he got it but Dae knocked into it so it didnt count. OMG imagine if it had counted? I bet all the others were thanking Dae for doing that. All they would need is Ri running around saying he was better than them at something lol

  3. Young bae stole the toy from TOP. heheh

    how i wish jiyong would get to speak more in that variety show. shall wait till his japanese improve! heehee ^^

  5. can i download their performance, but how?
    GD is so cute….

  6. they seem awkward when they don’t speak their own language..
    GD & TOP seem lost in the whole thing..
    while the other three were chatting away.. so cute^^

  7. of course they seem awkward. they don’t know what they’re rly saying so it’s natural to be uncomfortable.

  8. hahahahah ToP is soo jokes hahahah

  9. TOP ganbatte!
    i hope that he’ll be able to speak japanese soon…whatever language he uses he’s still super HOT(>__<)v

  10. TOP’s dancing improved a lot!!! ah~ <:
    and hehe. he looked so out of it during the interview.

  11. The performance is amazing!

  12. Jiyong! Kyaaa!

  13. TOP’s pants seems a little fit:P

  14. So awesome n cute luv it!!!! ❤

  15. I agree TOP’s dancing has improved so much! I’m glad for him ^_^

  16. I really loved the performance!
    They looked so cute dancing all together!
    It was so cute when they were playing with the toy.
    When it was Jiyong oppa had to do the little act, he had such a cute voice!~
    I was smiling through the whole video.
    But my heart belongs to YoungBae oppa when he smiles I smile:)

    BigBang Fighting!

  17. my eyes were all on TOP their whole performance lol *-*
    and the show omg DAE UR SO CUUUUTTE (or rather) KAWAII!

  18. Poor Seungri, Daesung knocked it off….TT

    Ji-Yong, it’s okay if don’t speak Japanese good, you’re still adorable!

  19. hahahaha
    i wud definitely watch it!!seungri japanese r ‘cute’ though!!
    yb n daeseong looks comfortable talkin in japanese!!
    looks really funny!!

  20. LMAO! that’s so funny Tabi <333

  21. i love the performance!
    i cracked up so badly after i saw them dancing
    it’s hard to not crack up
    and i noticed that jiyong was throwing smiles all the time
    freaking made me die, it was so cute
    hahahaa and i especially love it when he did body waves hahaa
    freaking sexy
    the spaceshow tv..gotta say i’m impressed at Daeri
    especially baby, he never fails to impress me
    proud of him 🙂
    and dae was being excited throughout the show
    hahaha i love it when he cracked up, it was so cute
    and YB has the cutest smile ever after he lost the game LOL
    kwon jiyong……sigh..
    hahahahaaaaa XD

  22. aish >.< when is the mv coming out?!?! I have class in less than 8 hours lol. I'm not going to sleep until i see it!

  23. ahh. jiyong was doing Sailor Mpoon

    two of my favorite things in the world together!! it’s made my day!

  24. seungri doing hokuto no ken… i never thought i’d see the day


  26. love the “let me hear your voice” performance it was hot and awesome big bang is ❤

  27. GD’s mv is out!! =D
    and omg <3333ed the let me hear your voice perf.
    amazing vocals and choreo! =D

  28. yeah, gd’s mv is out…

  29. omg lol Dae knocked seungri. got to see them ALL do a gag. totally worth watching without any subs.
    did anyone else notice how they were sitting in order of how well they seemed to be able to speak jap? lol dae nd seungri spoke da most.
    Jiyongie sounded…feminine…xD cute

  30. forgot to say. saw GD’s mv before. its good. totally GD style

  31. really like this song since the first time I heard it. i immediately downloaded seeing them perform it live, i’m loving it even more! don’t you guys notice how sexy they are in those skinny pants..T.O.P is so hot! Jiyong’s so cute doing sailor moon and daesungie..mwah! really like him alot! 🙂

  32. hey! my boys! back to me, understand?
    back to korea!

  33. hahaha top was sooooooo funny LOL. he didn’t understand what the guy said, so he just screamed gibberish LOL
    dae is so cute! haha he keeps saying “that’s too bad” so sarcastically but is soo excited to get revenge on his hungs+seungri LOLL

  34. It’s my birthday today 😀 And you know what I want?I WANT and NEED you T.O.P<33 😉

  35. AHAHAHAHAH!!!! <3333 OMH I LAUGHED SO HARD BECAUSE GD WAS SO CUTE WHILE SAYING THE SAILORMOON QUOTE! I imagined him in a sailormoon cosplay.. aawh.. so cute<3
    And T.O.P is adorable as always ❤

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