‘Wedding Dress’ Promo Stills + Info

**EDIT: TOP HAS A DOG! come check him out @ YGBABIES :]

this weekend will be a TAEYANG-filled one!

Taeyang will start promoting next single,”WEDDING DRESS” this weekend.

MV will be out November 13th.
“Wedding Dress” to be performed on Inkigayo this weekend.

excited, TEAM YB? 😀 cuz i’m getting butterflies just from staring at these stills…. mmmmm =d

more pix under the cut ——————–>

i like your FIERCENESS, bae >=] (i’m blushing cuz i see a lil shadow on his upper lip xD)


~ by gdluvzmc on November 9, 2009.

53 Responses to “‘Wedding Dress’ Promo Stills + Info”

    YB AND 2PM ! gah<3

  2. ahhh, im so excited.
    he looks good!
    totally neyo-ing it up!

  3. wooow!
    can’t wait to hear it now!!!
    looks like it will be a hot one
    the pics are just too hot for words!!!

  4. Omg.YB is so hott on tht
    first picture.I friggin’ luv him.

  5. The second picture! (dead.)
    Can’t wait!!!

  6. i’m screaming on the inside.. and giddy on the outside. i havent been this excited about kpop in a while xD

  7. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! =D oppa is looking smexy!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dear sweet lord, I’m loving YB more than ever!~ ❤
    I love close-up picture on YB. Makes my heart melt.
    Now I can't wait to hear the song and the MV. It's just too hot to bear.
    My heart still belongs to YB!

    YB Fighting!

  9. ahh.
    im so excited.
    ever since where u at came out ive anticipating his come back so much.
    i know its going to be great.
    youngbae hwaiting!

  10. i just showed my sister these pics and she said “Seungri needs to take sexy lessons from Tae cause he’s got it down.” haha she loves to put Seungri down infront of me cause she knows it drives me crazy…but i have to admit he’s looking smexyyyy 😀

  11. Very Ne-Yo like. 😀

  12. Dear Lord Almighty,
    Thank you so very much for the present that is Dong Youngbae.
    You have no idea how much I appreciate it (actually, I’m sure you do you know, LOL).
    I am forever in your debt because of the sexyness that you have bestowed us with.

    i would spazz.. but then my post
    would be bigger than the pictures
    put together.. so um.. i’ll
    just keep my dirty and clean thoughts
    to myself.. for now at least.. 😛

  14. Cant wait for wedding dress to come out!! ❤ All i can think f about YB right now is HOT HOT HOT HOT!! YB oppa HWAITING!!

  15. OMFG!SOo cute ;D But I wanna see T.O.P<3 dog i cannot wait to see it!

  16. OMG! What a HOTTIE! Can’t WAIT! hehe

  17. I love that hot cross eyed boy!

  18. omfg! i can’t wait! i want to see the music video so badly! i love you bae and sungiee! fighting!

  19. freaking FINALLY
    he is looking sooooo damn fine. mmmm mmm mmm

  20. Really love the design! 😀

  21. ohhhhh, i can’t wait anymore
    i am waiting ur new mv during my exam

  22. umm,,i love this one. i am their fan VIP! usually, i waited for they! this is so nice, but i love all of bigbang! hey! come to me please!

  23. YB is super hot I love him so much! I love CHarlie! so cute!

  24. cant wait for it. its bound to be HAWT! of course. its gonna be Taeyang singing something composed by Teddy so im sure im gonna love it already. lol
    Charlie is also so cute. i cant wait for the maknaes to get pets. itll be so cute to see them all together =]

  25. O-M-G! firs thing on my mind : he’s ready to say ‘i do’ lol or something like that omg!!!! can’t wait the MV and live stage 😀

  26. omg *_* He’s so hott wuahh >._<

    But this pics made ma day muahaha <3<3<3<3

  27. that second picture…DAYUM. He ever looked at me like that I would either die on the spot or just jump him. Cause seriously. Innocent my ass. XD but god damn. Why is he so freaking hot?!?!?! and those clothes arent helping me either. I love when guys are dressed all classy like that. Work it Baebae work it!!! you sexy creature you

  28. what a handsome guy!! waiting for this week’s inkigayo

  29. i thought the song was coming out on the 11th?
    anywhos YB IS SEXXXX. ;]]]

  30. I’ve been waiting for the song to come out, and I’m so happy that its coming out on November 13. cuz thats my birthday ! wow, whatta great present. lol. Friday the 13th ! It’s not bad luck ! haha.

  31. i think all 7 deadly sins were committed by TEAM TY and TY himself with taking/witnessing that smexy ass second pic came out. And he took a lesson from TOP with that smoldering eye. Gah, I need a cold shower stat, cuz i wanna rape the boy…no, MAN!!! (ohmYBae, you split Taurus/Gemini bastard…i love you so so much!*cries all the way to shower*)

  32. OMG god team YB is going crazzy well really in my household lol my dorm I am Team YB and we I mean me is spazzing like I just fell out of my chair wow poor mac youll be okay but my butt isn’t gosh this man is killing me!!! I’m crying and its the pain gosh I need him like air!!!!!!

  33. since the very beginning i fell in love with YB’s fierceness and flow.. gah! these pics had 100000x more effect on me.. his sexiness is overwhelming. now i feel like needles are poking my butt coz of excitement! YB FTW! ehehe <3c(=

  34. so, will BigBang back to korea this weekend?

  35. i cant wait to see you guys

  36. Two words: EPIK SEXINESS! ❤
    I can't wait for this MV to come out! :3

  37. well at least i know how my baby is gonna look for our wedding day now XD

  38. soo cant wait for this to be out!!
    best of luck to his comeback!!
    && the second pic had me take a double take..
    i thought it was neyo for a sec XD

  39. loving him… awww… shit its coming… i cant wait to see it…Lol… i been wanting to see ‘WEDDING DRESS’!

  40. Hahaha I get the chills just from looking at it

  41. it will be out tomorrow at 11 pm..thats what ive herd..

  42. hello BIG BANG.. were your number one fan from PHILIPPINES…hope all of you would visit us here…we love you…

    from: donna mae, valery, kim, kristine

  43. wow! i cant wait for the date when his mv will be released!! ^^
    and he looked really hot in those photos… teehee…

  44. God, these pictures are so hot. LOL

  45. omgeeeee!! I can’t w8!!!! I’m so excited!! looking smexyyyy!! TY u r so f-ing hot!!! gaaaahhh!! *faints* lol I can’t w8!!! doesnt he look like neyo kinda!! lol azn neyo but a lot better!!!

  46. i’ve heard the instrumental version of wedding dress and it’s soo beautiful*__* awww and then the mv i can’t wait any more ö___ö

  47. i’m about to pee in my pants, that’s how excited i am for this!!!!

  48. cant describe how i feel when i saw him staring pointedly like that…gosh, he is so good looking..

    BB fighting!!!!

  49. hey VIPz , i need your help , please help me !!!!
    i’m going to go korea for short time , so i wanna buy BIGBANG’s CD, DVD, poster and some souviners . i don’t know where can i get this things, so that please tell me where can i buy these things in Seoul , Korea . [i need address of bigbang’s official shop or something] which district , which street ???? This is very important for me , so i hope you VIPz can help me 😀 send me offline msg or e-mail to this ID(khaliun0902@yahoo.com)

  50. Lmfao, I LIKE the picture :] Hehe, its flawlesssss <33

    Good Lucks, Taki<3
    fighting & always, Dear ♥

  51. GOOOSHHHH oppa only a few hours before the video drop yes!!! Yay I’m gonna cry!!!!!

  52. dang this nigga is hella fine ans sexy!!
    luvin “where you at” and “wedding dress”lolz!
    nigga bitch here is so koote and…..gosh he everything!!
    luvin him very much!

  53. no offense, but i think he really looks like this guy: http://www.wrock.fm/index/kris%20lawrence.jpg Kris Lawrence, a Filipino RnB singer.

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