BIG BANG in a Pet Store

** POST TAKEN FROM YGBABIES. check us out!
(hence, the post is more focused on the pets, etc. rather than bb spazz)

the boys are in japan & for an interview, they visit “Pet City,” a pet store. & naturally, they’re drawn to… puppies.

WHAT?! it’s not their own! BOSS, GAHO, & now CHARLIE have lots to say about that…

was Taeyang trying to be cute when he runs into the store rawring & goes after the cute bulldog?

interestingly enough, the pups they all choose in the store have some resemblance to the YGBABIES they own.

  • Taeyang & the bulldog?
    – its long face & big eyes… he even mentions BOSS in the clip
    GD finds the bulldog cute & holds him… even getting a lil sloppy kiss from it.
  • Seungri goes for the cute white puppy who seems to share a similar love for dancing like Seungri
    – he even sings a bit of “Let Me Hear Your Voice” to it — it’s a keeper
  • TOP picks up a cute daschund mix who vaguely reminds me of CHARLIE
    – the smooth, light hair – do u see it as well?
    must be a TOP thing to pick up sleek, good-looking dogs lol
  • which one did you think GD would go after? he had to find the unique one of the bunch
    – he was drawn to this black pug mixthe wrinkles seem familiar somehow…
    – it was scared though, probably of GD (LOL) or he musta smelled GAHO on him…
  • DAESUNG totally seems like a cat person, so he picked up the kitten!
    – he musta liked the kitten b/c of the face it made while it was sleeping it looks like DAE when he’s smiling LOL

– their interview at the end was cute. i love the GTOP moments. they love to goof around in the back while the other 3 do their jobs & do all the speaking (yes, a jab at GTOP’s lack of–)
GD sent a message to GAHO:

it was more along the lines of a cat trying to imitate a dog (we all remember that clip where G-RI were playing NINJAS but ji was meowing like a cat – soo funny xD)
GD: REWRR. RREWRR. *pats lips* REWR. ok i’m done.
GIRL: ahh dog talk?
GD: yes. we (gaho & i) always talk like this.


~ by gdluvzmc on November 11, 2009.

23 Responses to “BIG BANG in a Pet Store”

  1. GD was not asked to say a few words to the fans.
    GD said he wanted to send a video message to Gaho…
    So the dog-like imitations were his “message” to Gaho at home.
    And after, GD didn’t say anything about “fans will get it.” He said, “we (him and Gaho) always talk like this.”

    ..please translate right!
    Anyway, thanks for the clip.

  2. ^ i wasn’t translating, it was a funny interpretation.
    if it was, i would clearly mark: “TRANSLATIONS”
    but thanks anyway! i’ll change it here.

  3. AH I just watched this on YGBABIES! its AWESOME! ❤ ❤ ❤ HAHA the GD leaving a message to GaHo! rofl. and wth was TOP doing trying to sing or whatever?! that actually made me laugh out loud. XD

  4. AWWWW CUTE!!! Love how GD says bye at the end to GaHo and instead of bowing he is moving in his chair and wailing his arms! XD cute! loved TOP with his interpretation of the song omo oppa so cute!

  5. KAWAII!!!!! ^-^ I love it how GD leaves a message 4 GAHO!! super cute! ❤ And Seungri so funny making th puppy dance!
    Big Bang ROX!!!

  6. OHMYGOSH!!!
    GD was so cute when he “talked” to GAHO <33
    i also loved the part when his chair "sanked"
    and he was trying to get it back up XD

  7. AWWW!Gaho is way cute!
    T.O.P soo sexay ;D
    Aww I’ll be sure to keep an eye on pets stores 😉

  8. GD is soooooo cute during the interveiw and the puppy Seungri is holding is too 

  9. TOP u are so handsome so indeed u need a handsome looking puppy haha~

    they’re all so cute :3

  10. GD so cute, his message to Gaho was adorable, and love love his outfit, all of them look so good and happy, i hope they don’t overwork themselves and get to relax specially with the holidays coming soon, BB fighting, waiting for TY’s performance of wedding dress

  11. ALL OF THEM R SO CUTE! I LOVE JI YONG!!!! RAWR!! back to u look!

  12. Oh wow…
    G Dragon… So cute… So stupid! XD
    Him and TOP messing with their chairs was so funny! And him speaking dog!
    This made my day!

  13. The dogs they picked were completely cute! 🙂
    And the boys are still fine as hell.
    Lmfao at GD with the Rawr! LOL.
    YB oppa makes me smile whenever I see him.

    BigBang Fighting!

  14. kya!!! im spazzing the animals over our dearest big bang.. ^_^’
    hehehe… i like daesung choice.. keke.. MEOW~~~

  15. i just watched it. so friggin cute. i also noticed the [not so] slight resemblence to their own puppies and member.
    seungri’s pup got my attention though. =D
    they were so friggin adorable throughout this. missed them like this. all hyper and active like crazy. all we need is for Dae to get his permanent angel smile back and itll b perfect =]

  16. awwwwww omggg >.< they all choose similar dogs to what they have ^^

  17. aw!!!!!!!!!!!!! how cute!! i wish i was the dog that taeyang was holding!! =] so i can feel his warm body rubbing on me!! lol

  18. amazing guys again PET LOVERS rocks

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  20. Got to love Bae he and I love dogs…and him playing with the kitten on Dae’s shoulder cutest thing everrrrrr. Victor with the puppy dancing the guy needs one those shirtsthat say born to dance!! JiYong at the end with the message to Gaho tooooooo cute!!!!! Oh and Seunghyun loves him and those birthday pants!!!!

  21. waaah! the doggies r so cute! i think SR picked up the cutest dogs out of all of them!! lol i think tht DS ids a cat person cuz out of all of them he picks up a cat! its so cute tho! i love them! GD in the end message to everyone…..kyaaaa so cute!! SARANGHE!!

  22. haha.. That was a cute moment at the pet city 😉

  23. too bad…

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