TaeYang’s ‘Wedding Dress’ MV Released!!

[DOWNLOAD] TaeYang – Wedding Dress Official MV

A KISS SCENE!!! AHHHH!! Bae is too dang sexy in this.. holy crap.


~ by Vicky on November 12, 2009.

57 Responses to “TaeYang’s ‘Wedding Dress’ MV Released!!”

    haha Bae is sooo hot.

    the MV is so sad but the song is really good ❤

    omgosh the kiss is a killer.

  3. Another Hit song..Yg dont stop! Tae yang will destroy this live performance easily! Can’t wait. Great song and mv!


  5. thankyouvicky:}


    Can’t wait for live performances now!

  6. i was SOOOO NOT ready for that KISS….

    HEART BROKEN!!!!!ARGGGGGGGGGG 🙂 he does kiss some pretty girls thought.

  7. Thanks for uploading!! Oh my gosh that was a good MV for his song

    And he’s secretly a very passionate actor, isn’t he? I didn’t realize that he was able to convey so much with such a few small nuances. It expresses so much of the MV.

    ❤ My heart is near to bursting

  8. aaaaah 1:48 = death of me

  9. God, I cried. not because he kissed someone, but because he lost the girl…It’s so sad and beautiful……

  10. YB!! babe… you don’t need her. i’ll accept that ring without hesitation. ha! i wish!

    but yeah.. all in all. GREAT and LOVELY video. my man still has the flow and the voice! God knows how much i adore this man. and the kiss… ah!!! next time it’ll be me. aha! jk.. c(= YB ftw! =]<3

  11. Epik Sexiness!
    The ending is so sad but I love the song! ❤
    Awwww Tae Yang. . .I love you. . . so I'm crying!
    The kiss didn't bother me it was less than five seconds long.
    I'm more effected by the ring hitting the ground. . . but I'm proud of YoungBae being a man, and doing what would make his love happy! Go Tae Yang! Ur love will come soon! ❤ always there and is waiting only for you! ❤
    Always and Forever VIP! ❤

  12. Bae’s second kiss! LOL~
    This love is sad :/

  13. My BAE is too sexy to handle I love the MV so much FIGHTING!

  14. so sad, he should have told her right there, but maybe he didn’t want to confuse the girl or what, poor TY, good song and love the choreography, i liked the story, but would have like it more if TY gets the girl

  15. AWWW! Sadddd! I was like “NOOOOO!” when he kissed her. lmfaoo awwh. GREAT video. Makes me sad to see HIM sad. 1:48. THAT WAS SO CUTEEE LOL Thank you for posting. So much. Omg I love ittttt. I respect him more for being the one to do the kissing… not to BE kissed. XD

  16. ah,,so sad,,,
    but i really love this song,,,
    great mv…
    can’t wait bae perfomance,,,

  17. the MV is cute!!!
    the song sounds sweet and I like the piano playing part
    I jumped at the kiss scene lol
    but the ending…the ending awww it was just his pants were too tight >.<
    and yet it makes the whole MV more memorable heheh I don't know why I liked seeing him sad ;P
    TY fighting!!!!

  18. I waited all night for Young Bae!! I love this boy class to go to still I wait my love!!!

  19. I think I just fell completely more in love with YB!
    But I was SO NOT ready for that kiss, seriously, that was like the death of me.
    But the MV was so sad, and I love the song!~
    YB is totally tempting all of his fans.
    Complete sexiness overload!

    YB Fighting!

  20. I cried it sooooo beautiful!!!!

  21. AAHHHHHHHH! OMFG!! It was freakin’ worth the wait. I LOVE IT!! It’s sad but I love it. And DAMNNN!! Bae looks sexy as hell!! I sweat just watching that.

  22. My love for him just doesn’t fade away. Broken from the kiss yet also broken from him getting hurt 😥 THIS WAS THE SHIZ, LOVE IT! ❤

  23. Amazing ❤ he's so cute in the mv with the girl, but he's so hot when he's mad/sad!! Yeah he totally did a great job acting. He wanted to be an actor when he was younger, after all. He's got the talent. 🙂 anywaysss, this is an amazing song!! Can't wait for his comeback stage!!!

  24. aaaahhhh


    nae namja is so cool…

    Love him more and more

  25. Btw, anyone know when the full album is released?? I’m excited!!

  26. the moment that i’ve waiting for…
    first, i thought that TAEYANG marry to that girl..
    but the mv was so beautiful
    ❤ his voice!!

  27. TaeYang!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ This MV was totaly amazing!!!!! *faint*
    The endding is kindda sad though…. 😦
    Still its awesome song!!! ^-^

  28. Loveeeeeee it

  29. so sad story T.T i almost cry wow YB acting is really good 😮 love the song and mv

  30. That part at 4:21 always gets me… you should never live life with regrets because then you’ll always wonder “what if” ahhhhh!!!! I feel for taeyang in this MV!!!

  31. SAHDASHIDASHIIASHIHASDASD TAEYANG ;; totally flipped my life T_T

  32. ❤ this. i wont rant here cause i already did on utube but woo go Taeyang! fighting!

  33. anyone know who d girl is??
    neomu yeppo!!!!

  34. OOOH am soooooooooooo proud of our boy sexy lady hot kiss wish it was longer…he is indeed is a great actor all of that emotion man…. just soo happy we all enjoy him again …. love the song …..jst love him yeahh …..come to sydney PLEASE PLEASE why dont WHY come overseas.

  35. Oh beautiful song…..Watching the mv makes me feel sorry for Taeyang. The ending is so sad…..watching the ring hit the groundㅠ.ㅠ But great song and mv.

  36. btw, that dude was getting on my nerves. Effing cockblocker. LOL

  37. the song is really beautiful and touching…
    i was wathing the mv with my mouth open 😉
    and i started crying when ring hit the ground T.T
    so sad story… and that kiss D;
    my heart is aching…

  38. oh my god. I was crying my eyes out through this entire thing. Unrequited love sucks. Bae I share the pain. aish. he does look so handsome dressed up like this and playing the piano? That is win right there. I love watching him play the piano. He just seems so at ease and able to let everything out. God that guy in the vid. Totally wanted to kick him in the nuts. no lie.

  39. Awwww that was sad ;( DANG ITT he’s KISSIN’ the bride in her DAY! 0_O While watching the MV I thought of soo much things, but I forgot most of them 😛

  40. NOOO! he’s surpose to kiss me! The kiss just really throws me off. UGH! AHHH!! 😦
    Anyways, the MV rocks and the song, im really feeling it. LOVE IT! definely going to make it to the top of the chart!

  41. his second kiss (well.. that we know of) and once again.. it’s in one of his mv’s. smart, tae. neway.. this mv and song are both so sad. i love it though!

  42. Aww soo cute!

  43. T.T Awww! I cried!
    I was like “Heeeey, its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!” and then I saw the real groom and got upset. What’s with that?! Bae was sad. 😦
    It was a good MV though. Bae looked amazing. *still crying*

  44. this MV make cry, damn cant stop thinking with my girl…

    but i love it. anyong chingu TAEYANG

    more success to your career. i hope BIGBANG make a concert in the philippines.

  45. The music video and song is so amazingly lovely. ;]

  46. This MV is so sad!!!!!!
    I can feel Taeyang’s pain.

  47. my jaw DROPPED when he kissed her DX

    but AMAZING VIDEO. looking extra mutherfuknsexytoodamndeliciously good

    sad but just ooh soo goodd<33

  48. yahay!!! its finally out! u know how long ive been waiting for this?? im so happy its out! i can finally download the song too! yesterday i was looking everywhere for this song n i can finally download it! the ending is rlly sad! i cant belive he kissed her! love u boo! SARANGHE!!!! HWAITING!!

  49. very good mv, but the part when taeyang kiss the girl makes me scream

  50. taeyang babe is so amazing with his vocals and this mv. i love everything about this mv! i can’t wait for the live peformance ahh!
    i love it when he was by the white piano. he looked like an angel<3

    though i love the mv, the kiss scene still gets to me 😦
    aahh D:

  51. oh Tae Yang!! you kissed the girl an my heart stops beating.. but i like it anyway cuz it was a nice kiss… hahahaha… he looked so handsome in the mv and damn.. i love the dance.. 🙂

  52. i thot he was the one getting married. guess not.___.

  53. i just broke up with my bf and watched this video [4 first time] .. it really made me cry.
    btw. this song is really nice.

  54. i falling love with u Tae Yang….this MV..make me crying…i like this song…like it so much…
    to Tae Yang…always success…i always pray ….hope u always happy…n always make so many music..for we..ur fans…
    love u Tae Yang!!

  55. when bigbang go to taiwan make a super concert?so many bigbang fans….waiting bigbang to come to taiwan…so i hope …bigbang can come to taiwan make a big concert!!
    bigbang!! come to taiwan ..please!!
    i always waiting this time come..!!

  56. i have something special for you guys 😉

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