BIG BANG on NII’s Hidden Camera!

(hence, the post is more focused on the pets, etc. rather than bb spazz)

credit: taijizero1@youtube

Big Bang & the little ones scurrying around in the dressing room during NII’s HEART photoshoot.

you get to see the guys mess around:

  • i guess TOP really likes to dance… cuz he has another dance battle with SR. i think TOP wins again (he did the Young Joc dance xD)
  • YB randomly sings some Boyz II Men & you catch a glimpse of him sleeping on the couch w/ his short legs sticking out x] how cute~
  • DAE showing off his sexy body.
  • SR working his magic & making the noonas laugh by singing Taek’s part in “Ear Candy”
  • GD, the last member to leave, checks himself out & says goodbye to the stylists

but onto the better news:

  • GAHO is like a baby; he’s always getting carried around by somebody. there’s this girl who seems like she’s his nanny (i wish i knew who she was cuz he looks so uncomfortable with her 😦 (probably cuz it’s not mommy holding you. i’m sorry baby…)
    – he doesn’t seem to like YB at the time… it means nothing!
  • BOSS doesn’t get that special attention, but gets to roam around & is told off by a noona for eating the snacks on the table. bad boy BOSS!
    – he seems to like GD though… uncle loving?
  • BOSS starts whining & scratching at the door & uncle TOP tells him to stop it x]

** i think this is the first time i’ve heard TAEYANG cough. how epik, right? LOL


~ by gdluvzmc on November 13, 2009.

37 Responses to “BIG BANG on NII’s Hidden Camera!”

  1. omo so cute when boss whines and TOP is like “stop” lol LOVE IT yes, I think it is the first time hearing bae cough >o<

  2. OHO no way! I noticed YB coughing too! I was like “wow…”

    TOP ❤ ❤
    ps: subtitles?

  3. Tae yang has…smokers cough! I kid I kid ^_^
    Dae sung! I love you. High five

  4. LOL~~~Tae Yang cof cof xD!

    Tabi’s dance is ♥

  5. top was smoking lol
    oppa its bad for you
    youngbae was coughing sad
    ear candy~~~ lol
    boss was tryin to get out but TOP said NO lol


  7. Haha, this is the first time I hear YB oppa cough, too. [still cute].
    I’m in love with their dogs! But why didn’t I see Charlie?

    BigBang Fighting!

  8. OMG!! I love the part when taeyang was singing Boyz II Men (it sounded real good) and his little legs hanging off of the couch. TaeYang, that was one sexy cough lol. Top, is such a dork. When was Top smoking? Poor Boss, he was hungry lol.

  9. lol! It’s bingu T.O.P.

  10. i am not being mean when i call him bingu top. it’s a cute name…

  11. bingu top… isn’t the name t.o.p. hates the most?

  12. hahahahaha I love your “I think this is the first time I’ve heard YB cough. How epik, right?” Cuz I thought the exact same thing!! 😀 and Gaho and Boss are SO big now!!

  13. BTW…TOP was smoking at 1:44…

  14. but I still ❤ him 🙂

  15. ^ wow. that’s a pretty nice catch. i hope he was eating some hot soup & that was a puff of steam coming out…

  16. what a sexy cough u have thur YB lol
    and TOP smoking? oh man.. but i still luv u and ur smexy dancing *-*

  17. XD TOP dancing. so random. and TOP talking to Boss XD

    man, TOP smoking.. in an enclosed room too x___x

  18. […] rest is here:  BIG BANG upon NII’s Hidden Camera! Share and […]

  19. AWW!T.O.P’s dancing is soo cute.Just dances out of no where.Haha boss is soo cute!And Gaho aww soo adorable.Haha T.O.P talks to dogs.ME TO!haha yea im a freak lmfao.T.O.P smokes?i didn’t wanan believe that D: wow that was a good catch i didnt realize until the second time i saw it.LMfao.T.O.P<3 sooo sexay 😉

  20. LMAO I saw this yesterday at allkpop and commented at it right away LMAO! I love my YB and TOP lmao for gaho and Boss!

  21. TOP SMOKING AT 1.47…you can see his head from back….. there’s smoke….well….still love them…!!!

  22. I love GD’s tights and backpack

  23. how i wish im that noona taking after GAHO!!!
    it’s so cute!!! ><

  24. it’s really more like spazzing over all the doggies
    BOSS is naughty, i guess he wanna attract attention
    LOL and gaho is treated like a baby
    but he is one fat baby, love u too baby gaho.
    and..did tabi develop interest in dancing?!!
    lmao cos he can’t stop having dance battle with baby
    and the part when uncle tabi asked boss to stop was so cutee
    and i randomly heard tabi’s laughing voice LOL
    damn i love hidden camera!
    i get to see the boys being dorky ❤

  25. Oh my god! Tabi is smoking!!! I just know Yong smokes but Tabi smokes, too is make me surprised. I don’t see Yong smokes anytime in this clip. It’s good!. Maybe, Yong don’t smoke so much. But Tabi…. he smokes so much. It’s bad for him!
    But, I still love they. They’re so cute, so fun.
    Their songs, theirs dances, their performanes made me crazy.
    I love BB now & forever!!!!!

  26. ahaha…GD did WooHyuk oppa’s hammer dance in HaengBok, lol~ that’s cute!

  27. lol.

  28. WOOOOW! lol! i love these guys! theyre so cuute! lol! theyre dogs r so cute! boss eats the food n the girl gets mad! lol! taeyangs dog is rlly cute! lol! TOP n SR with their cute dancing! lol TOP dances the soulja boy hehe! dang they hav to literally change a lot! waaaah! baby boy is so cute w/ his blond hair! i love them!!!

  29. why i can’t see the part that tabi smoke???
    even if i pause it at 1.44!!
    i just don’t see it!!!
    poor me!!


    They’re so cute! TOP and Seung Ri ❤ Love them *u*
    Thanks for sharing this video!
    I almost die seeing it /faints/


  31. omg.. i want those heart hoodies top is wearing..

  32. does anyone know what brand of shoes they were wearing for the let me hear your voice video? is it nike pacmans? and yeah they are all so cute here!

  33. yeah it’s purdy sad that they smoke.. but they are still the dorky boys we love and adore so much. as long as the other three don’t get into it, i’m all good (especially BAE). =]<3

  34. Haha, TOP`shii does love to dance doesn’t he?!! (sing with me now: meet in the trap, it’s goin down, meet in the mall, it’s goin down, meet me in the club, it’s goin down, anywhere you meet me guaranteed to go down) I love hearing his voice when he talks, it’s so deep and rich. But, Omo! Look at Ga-Ho, he is so big now, he was a little puppy last time I watched him with GDragon on BIGBANGTV. Wow! Good luck boys!

  35. @luv_BB, HQ and full-screen. Choi’s head is at the bottom, and you’ll see smoke being exhaled and his hand sort-of move from his face…i had to do it like three times to actually catch it.

  36. FOR YOU GUYS 😉

  37. FOR YOU GUYS 😉

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