TaeYang: Comeback Stage: Wedding Dress Performance!!

[DOWNLOAD] (HD) TaeYang Comeback Stage

Thanks to S님

OOOH!! OH MAI SEXXAY BOI!!! In that MJ jacket looking all freaking sexyyy!! AHH! I LOVE IT! Someone please stop me from falling in love with this boy, Baby is already too much for me XPPP then he started singing with that seductive voice of his…. oh god…

The dancers… all in sync… with the choreo… to die for~ i love the symetrical-ness of this dance haha look at them steps… XD… i’m in love.

Oh! and there’s the couple dance that a certain superman love so much hahaha sexxxayyy….

I freaking love everything man…. the only way this could be more awesome is he ripped off all his clothes and bring out some water and a bed….. HAHAHA he makes me say stuff like this… oh god!

Bae even performed Where U At!!! whooo~~ all in white, looking freaking sexxxayy.. nosebleed….. gah~


~ by Vicky on November 15, 2009.

37 Responses to “TaeYang: Comeback Stage: Wedding Dress Performance!!”

    SO HOT -fans self-

  2. watched it live already but i just had to watch it again 🙂 i LOVED It.well, i love everything he does so yeah. lol.

  3. YB’s mYBaebae forever, but somebody in the training department really needs to make him start singing during his runs to build a better endurance for singing and dancing full-out simultaneously. cuz otherwise, all im gonna hear and notice is him catching his breath every other word… other than that. he can do better. and i wanna see him on a piano, dammit!!!

  4. *dies* I almost choked seeing the abs *__*

  5. sexyyy ❤

  6. the performance was great.. even if you see many of the crowns there, i noticed not many K-VIPs were cheering.. unlike when GD performs, they go all mad.. they don’t give bae enough credit.. i think he felt so too when he was singing.. course his voice seemed shaky and it was like he was very sad.. i’m not sure if it’s because the song is sad.. but it really seems as if he was aware that the VIPs weren’t really “in” to his performance..

  7. Oh gosh thee absssss ❤
    Bae hwaiting^^!

    ^ more fangirling is needed by the kvips!

  8. OMG!!! TaeYang is super sexy!! ❤ ❤

  9. *faint* so perfect. of course the dancing is perfect.
    @sweetiex3 you have a point. i dnt mind TOO much casue i got to concentrate on Bae’s awesome vocals and dancing but hey maybe the crowd were concentrating hard for once. *shrug*
    cant wait for his full album =]

  10. love love love! I agree with the earlier comments about people not giving him enough credit and being into his performance. I mean I won’t lie I like it when it’s quieter and the main focus is the singing / dancing but the artist and especially taeyang deserves some loud ass love to be shown!

  11. the where u at part was awesone though the wedding dress is like amazing

  12. @sweetiex3
    it was Taeyang who asked for VIPs not to cheer too much so he could concentrate on the performance…

  13. WHEE!!! SO HOT!! ^^

  14. I really also think the Vips were ordered to quiet down, since this is not done live?? Theres no way in hell, they would be that quiet unless being told to. As for the performance, his dance cheo is awesome, along with the other dancers. The song is catchy, but I would also like to hear him sing more instead of all the voice overs..I mean give this song to anyone else.. ie Rain , Aj etc and they wont be able to do half as good as Taeyang..but since we all know taeyang can achieve great status..we jus want him to keep perfecting his perfomances..From the first 2 songs ( where u at and wedding dress), its enough for me to already decide my fate for his cd coming out… I AM GOING TO PREORDER HIS CD INSTANTLY WHEN AVAILABLE!

  15. HOW CAN ONE HUMAN BEING HOLD SO MUCH SEXINESS?!?!?!? He is just really a freaking amazing performer. Like really. His moves are so clean and his vocals are just amazing. Wedding dress is just out to kill me with how sad that song is. And where u at? BAE I SAW THOSE ABS!!!!! STOP TEASING US!!!! I dont know how much more i can take from him lol. Im gonna like spontaneously com-bust if he keeps this up XD

    taeyang i luv it u were super good
    and ur wedding dress dance is so-so mmm~
    SEXY *-*


  18. ohmyg.. it was sexy..
    i’m obsessed.. with youngbae..
    like usual. ❤

  19. Omgosh.SOo sexay.WHERE’S MY T.O.P<3????

  20. I love this performance. Hey anyone know when his album comes out officially? The anticipation is killing me! XD YB ❤

  21. lol Taeyang himself didnt like the performance…ah well…………its gud enuf…he needs to stop stressing himself

  22. Wow, I love the performance.
    I really want his album, but I’ve never heard anything about it so far.
    Great performance!~

    YB Fighting!

  23. Uhh…. OMG! I luv this performance!!! NICE DANCING!!!!

  24. Full album’s out in 2010 I believe. Can’t wait!! good job taeyang! I also wish he sang the chorus more instead of mostly adlibs, but I know it’s hard to sing with all that dancing 🙂 yeah VIPs were quiet. Where’s the fanchants?! I’m pretty sure they were asked to be quiet, cuz they’re always awesome about fanchants and screaming :]

  25. apparently, the new album will be called WET lmfaoooooooooo

    but its from wikipedia…so its not accurate……might be some jerk who put crap in the page

  26. i didn’t expect Where U At 😀 awesome performance! Tae Yang is the best!!! YG Family ♥ love

  27. Wow….

  28. Young Bae [yang – beh)
    also: Tae Yang, SOL
    1. sexiness overload.
    2. total orgasm.
    3. delicious.
    4. addictive.
    5. AMAZING.

    MY definition of BAE. the dictionary should add this (period).

  29. Young Bae [yang – beh]
    also: Tae Yang, SOL
    1. sexiness overload.
    2. total orgasm.
    3. delicious.
    4. addictive.
    5. AMAZING.

    MY definition of BAE. the dictionary should add this (period).

  30. LOL at trixie but i like it a lot…couldn’t agree more:)

  31. OMGOSH!SOO SEXAY!-SLAP-MUST STAY LOYAL TO T.O.P ❤ but sooo sexay!Loves the dance moves looks soo pro!


    hihihihi v(=^-^=)v
    don’t you agree?


    wait… you do o.O”
    LmAo.. i didn’t read the last part of your comment.

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  35. @Shaylene

    XD I know right?!?!? I’m like smacking my head on my desk yelling at myself to stay loyal to my Bongie. Its so hard to though when Bae is around. He’s like my close second so its like gyah >.< Do I flail and drool over Bae? and if I do, then that means I'm cheating on my Bongie?!?! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! XD

  36. kyaaaaa!!! *faints* omgeeee! he is so FREAKING SMEXYYYYY! this boy gets hotter n hotter every time i c him! i love his voice, especially that body of his! gosh i wish he would just rip his shirt! kyaaaaa! *melts* i love u TY SARANGHE!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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