091118 Taeyang on Hong JinKyung’s Radio Show

taeyang performs WHERE U AT & WEDDING DRESS.
may i say, whybeezy looks good in pink 😀
oh my, did i give away his secret nickname? (insider) =]

credit: taijizero1@youtube

the dancing took a lot out of him, but this sounds so much better, & it’s HOT HOT HOT.


~ by gdluvzmc on November 17, 2009.

25 Responses to “091118 Taeyang on Hong JinKyung’s Radio Show”


  2. so so fly in pink. love his jacket!
    i’m in love with youngbeezy ❤
    so sorry jiyong.
    and sounds so good! good job YB!

  3. OMG YoungBizzle is fly to death and I don’t think anyone looks better in pink!!! Love this man gosh!!!!!!

  4. Awe.. My poor husband he looks so tiringgg …

  5. besides be he is my favorite

  6. I meant GD not be stupid spell check

  7. wow…Tae

    and he reminds me old BB times with that jacket 😀

  8. boy sounds sick… ^~^

    hope he’s ok.

  9. i love how he so NEEDS to dance during where u at ❤

  10. Hella awswome.Haha that tae yang brings me back 🙂

  11. Real men wears pink!!!

  12. aww man YB go get a good rest okay?

  13. […] a rest here: 091118 Taeyang upon Hong JinKyung’s Radio Show Share and […]

  14. this foolish man! i can’t listened it!
    please one more radio!


  15. hahahah:))
    i think he wanted to dance on air.

  16. i want that hacket. that poster. slash dat i want taeyang. lol id want any of the BigBang boys. i just noticed its still got the tag attached to his armpit. i find that actually pretty cool.
    luv how he culdnt resist NOT dancing towards the end.
    taeyang hwaiting!

  17. OMGOSH i love tae tangs new song wedding dress its so sad

  18. XD leave it to Bae to dance to everything no matter where he is. But the man is hellah sexy so who am i to complain. lol He does sound really tired in this though. Not to say his vocals suck because they are amazing like always. I wanna see someone try to say that Bae cant sing live. I’d smack them myself. Amazing Bae but go get some sleep and rest boo.

  19. SOo cute 😉

  20. Taeyang is so cute in his pink jacket~ I just wanna hug him, keke.

    I love how he grooves to his song, doing a few of his moves. ^^

  21. I LOVE HIS VOICE! he looks good in anything! i love his style in clothes! just so smexyyyyyy! so hot!!! i love u!! his voice is so addicting i hav to hear it every minute of every day! i always listen to his songs! SARANGHE ♥♥♥♥♥

  22. i love my yb so much

  23. Oppa’s tired but still killed the mic!!!! All I have to say is when does Bae’s CD RELEASE!!! Like make my lifetime oppa when can I buy your cd its killing me for goodness sake I already pre order the Big Bang 2010 calendar wish Boss would appear in it like last year!!! lol Gaho and Charlie too it be like the Lee Junki calendar with all the dogs!!! LOL I gonna stop while I’m not too far behind!!!!!

  24. His voice is soo beautiful♥ i love him *___*

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