GD in VOGUE December Issue

R.I.P. Kim Daul. she was good friends w/ GD & he even stayed at her place during his trip to Europe.
check out this collection of vids she left behind.

it’s his stylish interpretation of a GENIE.
that pic is my favorite of the bunch. because there’s too much going on in everything else. & i have a headache as it is….

but my headache was relieved when i saw GDYB holding babies….

the best & largest size i can find of the scans under the cut —–>

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

  • heels should only be worn during photoshoots for artistic purposes only. & only if necessary.
  • this is probably the only outfit out of the bunch that a sane man could wear out in public. sure, why not a cape?
    does it seriously look like he shaved the sides of his head? o.o
    i would like to direct your attention to the thighs. i always have my eye out for his thighs, but i don’t want to get you into it too, so don’t look! —————– stop it! xD
  • it’s that grit face that i don’t particularly like =[

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

  • i didn’t notice she was sitting on his shoulders til someone pointed it out to me. i was busy paying attention to their hands… -__-
  • jiyong is getting clever with the make up designs over his eye
  • to him, genie = feathers. lots of feathers.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

  • the print on the pants make it look like he’s floating, or that his legs aren’t even in there lol
  • his eyebrows throughout this shoot is like a lion’s mane. ROFL
  • my 2nd favorite pic. b/c you don’t see the mane that much. i wouldn’t be surprised if he shaved his head during this shoot. either that, or the sides were ps’d really well, or his hair is gelled back super good.
  • he’s like that queen from narnia, when she dawns aslan’s fur >_<


you’re probably dying as you stare & oogle at this cute picture. the baby is cute & smiling, & looking like the dude holding him (i think). don’t forget the gorgeous smile & crescent moon-shaped eyes of YB! x]

this baby is getting careful loving from jiyong oppa. look at his arms — oh geez…. i mean, OMGD.

GDYB: favorite pic of the month<3  great daddies-to-be, fosho! gaho, don’t be jealous your dad is holding babygirl with extra care, like he would you (before, when you weren’t so big, you piggy!)
plz no blogs or fan fic’s written about these pix. that would be so typical….

credit: bb-flow, 모네모네@bbvipz, gdluvzmc for reupload


~ by gdluvzmc on November 19, 2009.

34 Responses to “GD in VOGUE December Issue”

  1. hhaha i’m not gonna repeat the things we already discussed earlier hahah. you already know i love baee<3 and you already marked my words LOL

  2. ohmyg.. YB you took our baby for
    a photoshoot without telling me?!;.. 😛

  3. Awww ❤ 😀

  4. omg, taeyang with the baby = the cutest thing ever ❤ !
    I sooo truly loveeeeeee him omgg im going insane. 🙂

  5. who’s the baby?


  7. Young Bae OMG you should have put clothes on our son!!! lol jk jk but oppa looks mad sexiiii with that baby!!!!

  8. Young Bae OMG you should have put clothes on our son!!! lol jk jk but oppa looks mad sexiiii with that baby!!!! GDYB!!!!

  9. Love the babies pictures, babies tend to bring out the softer side of people esp after seeing all of Jiyong genie pictures!

  10. aww thtz cute i wonder if its any of themz baby????

  11. HAWT AS HELL *-*
    taeyang SO looks like the fathering type and so does GD
    oh god they are the hawtest ‘daddies’ i’ve ever seen!

    (i wanna see TOP hold a baby too >-<)

  12. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh x@
    that is sooo cool kekeke
    i love them holding the babies!!!
    its just too cuuuuute~

  13. waaa…luv all the pics of creative..hes so photogenic..i thnink he did shave the side of his head…
    Taeyang holding the baby ..and smiling like dat….waaaaaa…so its GD…hahhhhh

  14. Haha, I love YB with the baby!~
    GD looks adorkable with the baby!~

    BigBang Fighting!

  15. i was thinking the same thing bout gd’s arm in the picture of him holding the baby. someone’s been working out. when’re finding time to fit that into your schedule, gd? goodness, you’re one busy man.

  16. That photoshoot was creative indeed.
    I didn’t like it though….so feminine and weird.

  17. GD fashion has always been out there. LOl or at least in his photoshoots.

    Honestly i think taeyang’s picture with the baby is the best. HAHA

  18. lol @ Rachel Ho – i wanna have HIS baby hhahaha just sayyinn

  19. The GD pics are really intense.But the pics with the baby are tooo cute!

  20. CUTE photos!

  21. I had no idea she was good friends with G-Dragon! ;[ ripdaulkim

  22. It saddends me to think Jiyong lost a good freind… I lost a good freind a year ago, and it the WORST pain, like worse than loosing a relative(b/c it puts your own life in a scary-real perspective) I hope he is okay…
    … I want to have his babies…
    He looks like he’d make an amazing Oppa!<3

  23. omg! the last picture T.T
    so cute ^^ aigoo~~

  24. GYAH they look adorable with the babies. lol. GD’s growin some guns too. woo. nicework. wonder if he’ll be the next member to flash his [to be] abs. xD GD nd Tae wuld be such good dads
    i like da big pics that you posted of GD’s photoshoot. prob my two favs. Id dare say GD shaved the sides of his head too. it reminds me of Suju’s Sungmin’s hair during Don’t Don promos. very very very hot. GD’s makeup = awesome!

  25. Let me say, JiYong Looks EXTRAAA good In the clothes,
    the hair, the Make-Up, the whole throughtout Photoshoot.
    & He can surely pass for a Drag Queen ;] SEXXXY.
    & He sure does look Hot as a Vampire 🙂 ayee,I’m drooling
    for Ji Yong oppa ❤ He just made my day !

    i can see Tae Yang as a Father already 🙂
    & JiYong as an Uncle <33 The babies are Super Cute.
    Tae & Ji looks amazing holding the Babies <333
    I think I might just die each time with Love when looking
    at it (; Hehehe.

    JiYong's too Damn Amazing ❤
    Tae Yang stills my heart everytime he smiles & I fckn Love
    his Eyes 😉 SEXXXXY.

    Big Bang FOREVER <333
    Love, Chie BM Xiong

  26. 😦 😦

  27. I am literally MELTING seeing the duo holding the babies… aahhh..sigh…!!!

  28. ahm…. truly, the photoshoot is something men!!.. however,… i felt GD .. errr… is a gay.. mian for being to blunt.. that’s my opinion though…. and another thing.. GD’s eyes… in my POV, it didn’t show the emotion i wanted to see… there’s no spark in it dude… sayang…

  29. lol yb and that baby kinda look the same, thats so kawaiiiii

  30. […] credits […]

  31. FML.

  32. Wow…….!!!
    GD fighting ^0^

  33. I LOVE THESE PICS,JI YONG AH!!!YOU…YOUR arms are purely piece of art…His just amazing person,wish you all the BEST!!!

  34. any can answer me??
    who is that baby is that the baby of GD???if its true i can belive it…

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