BIG BANG NII Winter Making Of




2NE1 WON SONG OF THE YEAR (& some other ones)

there was giant twitter spammage, so if u followed along & watched, sorry & congrats. & good night! 😀

** POST TAKEN FROM YGBABIES. click to check it out
(hence, the post is more focused on the pets, etc. rather than bb spazz)

i love NII for making these cute films. & i love the boys for being such cute & playful dorks. such great daddies & uncles =]

  • Uncle TOP messing w/ GAHO while he’s sleeping. i swear i’d have a tendency to play w/ his wrinkles too! haha, but dang, he does it soo roughly. Uncle… stop! (note the giant hat collection before the GAHO/TOP part)
  • GAHO seems to be getting picked on a lot – daddy jiyong starts pulling at his legs preventing him from leaving. why yes, that is a very smart idea, daddy… (seungri swinging that thing around like a stripper almost xD)
  • then jiyong starts boxing w/ BOSS using the giant teddy bear! who’s winning huh? x]
  • it almost looked like BOSS was gonna kiss his dad again, but then he musta realized he’s older now, & not a little one anymore to get away from it. awww, DENIED lol.
  • lol i love when jiyong makes that pouty face, it almost looks like GAHO & then he smiles instead & GAHO’s face gets all smushed x] so cute <33
  • BOSS gets some loving pets from uncle DAESUNG & then gets fed by TAEYANG haha <33 ooo, close up on the face!
  • that teddy bear is getting extra loving from all the boys & the babies. lookie BOSS running in circles after the bear. stop teasing me, uncle jiyong!!

~ by gdluvzmc on November 20, 2009.

20 Responses to “BIG BANG NII Winter Making Of”

  1. aww. cute! FIRST! :))

  2. OMGOSH!IM SECOND D; haha i love it!

  3. Aww boss looks sooo cute!

  4. they all look so cute, the bear is so huge i want one like that, already got a dog almost that big but i also want a bear, the boys are so cute playing with the Boss and Gaho

  5. Aw, our boys and their dogs are so cute!~
    I freakin’ adore them.

    BigBang Fighting!

  6. yea, that bear is getting lots of action.


  8. They’ve surpassed the words cute and adorable<33 hahahh(:

    I know this has nothing to do with the post but i was wondering if there's a place where i can watch the MAMA awards live besides TVants?? /:

  9. aww.. they are too cute.

    top, why’re you looking so scrumptious these days? i’m loving those side swept bangs as much as he is.

  10. ommmg so freakin adorable, sexy, cute, and just about everything positive<3.

    gahd, lucky pups/dogs. HAHA. This is the ONLY time I wish I was a dog. HAHA


  12. Congrats to G-D and 2NE1 I love the GDYB performance Korean Dream was hot BLACK and WHITE the Heartbreaker performance was memorable and Where u at and Wedding dress was both hot!

  13. Congrats to GD and 2NE1,and to all YG family, mad props to Teddy for all his work this year. Best stages for me as always, were from GD, TY and 2NE1, love them so much, the Korean Dream performance was so full of energy, and how they showed their brotherhood was just the cutest and touching thing ever ever, i would have loved a special appearance by BB but this is enough to keep me happy for a while hahaha, Love them!!!!

  14. Coongratualations to GD and 2NE1!!! ❤ them forever and i totally agree with GDYB. Teddy is talented and YG produce awesome music

  15. aww it almost looked like Jiyong wanted to kiss SR xD
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  16. ahhhh i love this dorks so much ♥♥ heart with u NII! ~~lol YB 😀 awwww i miss BB and congratz to GD and 2NE1 they rock the stage last night ^^ YG 4ever

  17. i lov big bang do u kno where i can buy the nackwarmer or the heart hoddie they r wereing tnxs

  18. O.O theyre so cute!! i love them! lol u noticed how there’s a lot of dogs?? lol theyre so cute! kyaaaaa i love them!! ♥♥♥♥

  19. danngg dae baby looks hot these days

  20. congrats gd! ;]

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