PIC OF THE DAY: What is GD doing?

G-드래곤 ‘엄마 나 상먹었어’

“mom, i got my award.” – G-Dragon

congrats again to G-Dragon, 2NE1, & YG FAMILY for taking 2/3 biggest awards of the night.

ALSO CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT YGBABIES for pix of GD & GAHO on the RED CARPET. ya heardd rightttt! a 4-legged YGBABY on the red carpet! x]

a lil clairvoyant there, baby?
he guessed the winner right before they announced it.
that’s kpop love right there.



~ by gdluvzmc on November 21, 2009.

54 Responses to “PIC OF THE DAY: What is GD doing?”

  1. it looks like he’s smashing it to the ground .
    but that’d be stupid . LOL

  2. he’s not trying to break his trophy, is he?o_0

  3. i think the picture caught him coming down when he jumped in the air with it lol.

  4. HAHA YAY GD! ❤

  5. I saw that part too
    and found it very nice that he stood up and all
    I was crying when I heard/read their speech
    congrats to both 2PM and YG Family for winning
    you deserved those awards!

  6. gd is reallly hot….so hot.

  7. LOL love the GIF, haha !
    SMART GD :]

  8. lmaooo. HIS HAIIRRR ❤
    omg but his fur jacket thing really bothered me.. and seemed to bother him too during the perf x__x

  9. WOOOOOHOOOOOO my baby got album of the year!!!! Damn right!!!! That shows all the haters that they need to recognize that the album was awesome and no matter how many hateful things they said, they cant hold my Bongie down.

    Wooooohooo 2NE1 for winning and 2PM. But I love that YG family owned it this year. Everyone always rips on them but they are true artists dammit. I’m glad they are all getting recognized.

  10. yay GD i know that BB couldn’t won anything but i’m glad that a part of them won something…one of the biggest award!! yay.. and 2NE1 that shows everyone they are awesome!! rookie of the year!! and I’m so glad 2PM won..they deserve it so much..

  11. and the fact he and Junsu are friends..that makes it even cooler i mean how he support him..

  12. I like GD’s hair…
    and his expressions are soo funny!

  13. Totally loving Jiyong punk rocker look! So happy he won the album of the year, I was a bit scared and afraid he won’t win anything, don’t think my poor heart can take it if he goes home with nothing.

  14. hahahaha GD 😀 wuhuu congratz to him and YG Ladies ♥

  15. Ahh that gif is so cuteee 🙂 so proud of him! He worked so hard on his very first solo album and to get this award must feel awesome. MAMA perfs were great too! Yg family & 2pm ❤


  17. The GIF is ubber cute he looks amazing as always! LOL woah the pic is awesome ahaha

  18. HE DYED IT BACK BLACK!!! no more G-CLONES!!! congrats again to YG FAM for bringing it home. and tho i don’t really like Korean Dream, I loved the stage…and 21ST STREET! 2PM’s was awesome too, tho no Jay (i cried a little, damn you JYP!)

  19. o.o , please don’t smash that trophy.

  20. love gd. youre so great, always make VIPS suprise. Congrates. really hope to see u once

  21. He has gone back to black hair

  22. sob3…. deep inside me, there is self-centerness which I want BB to win the best male group…
    kinda sad, they didn’t win tho…
    but I’m happy for GD and 2ne1…. fighting….

  23. hope that big bang will visit our country here in Philippines
    haha ang gagwapo nyu dong 🙂

  24. i wish you were here with me tonight hahaha lol>> !!

  25. WOOHOO~! GD deserved it ^^
    i worked really hard on this album.
    congrats to GD and 2NE1! ^^

  26. <33333333333333

  27. hElLo hErEs thE oNlY cUtE giRl in ThE uNiVeRsItY

  28. i like the gif too!haha..congrats to YG Ent!!hwaiting!!

  29. Congratz to YG family. luvin GDs dark hair again too
    thats an awesome friggin gif.
    GD’s physic xD guessin 2PM would win. [gratz to them too btw]
    i saw that he took Gaho onto the carpet. such a loving father.

  30. i hate the allkpop article . bunch of bullshit. pisses me off
    yg and jype deserves what they gott!

  31. YEEESSS!! I’ve misssed his black hair so much! Loved it blonde but love it even more when it’s black! He never diaaspoint that boy. Congrats, well deserved award 😀

  32. He is still hot:))=)):D
    maybe he was jumping:)

  33. gd is no longer blonde?!;..
    i dont’ know how to feel?
    relieved or scared?!;
    but i dont’ care at the moment..
    ;cause he’s HOT!; and my baby
    was supporting my other babys.
    go 2PM&YGfam!; ❤

  34. OMGOSH!i love love love Gd’s new hair he looks soo cool!

  35. can anyone translate what GD said in his thank you speech?

  36. actually what was really funny & coincidental was when actor Kwon Sang Woo announced the Best Artist of the Year, GD was just caught right at the same time saying “2pm.” it’s really something cool cuz this was 100% live & the cameraman just happened to switch the focus to GD & actually guessed right who is the Best Artist of the Year. ;]

  37. ahh, the gif, i saw that in a video, he’s cute 🙂

  38. Lovin the black hair its hot kind of surprised I thought he would rock the blonde longer but Ji just keeps moving!!! LOL Gaho is soooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. I think he’s saying “Ahh… Jaebeom.”
    Am I correct?

  40. Oh ._. I didn’t read what the blue font said, he said 2PM .____. ohf! forget my comment above then lol

  41. The new banner is WIN LMAO

  42. GD <333
    you deserved the award!
    dont let anyone convince you otherwise.

    oh what an incredible evening. MAMAs was really good!

  43. GD!!! congrats!! 😀

  44. Aha, JiYong is Fckn Smart ❤ Haha.
    i like that picture =)

  45. forgot to add in:
    For all the Hard work they done, They
    really FCKN deserved the Award =) & I believe
    Mr. YG is Prouder than ever! YG Ent. kicks major
    Buuuutttttt <333 p.s. – Congrats with 2NE1, the YG
    Ladies. I adore them too much ;]

  46. What is GD mobile phone at “Let Me Hear Your Voice” MV?what is the brand..what is GD shoes brand too..its awesome..please reply

  47. sooooooooo HAPPY for him & PROUD of him for his amazing, hard work tht he’s done for this album!!!!!!!!!
    he should have received the singer of the year award also, if u asked me!!

  48. Congrats to him..i really like his performance especially his performance with tae yang…

  49. GD said “ahhh 2pm …” then pointed to them

  50. HIHI!Great Pic!I love GD:)))

  51. 당신을 사랑합니다,top oppa!

  52. IM loving the black hair 😀
    BUT WHERES MY T.O.P!!!!!

  53. aw, it looks like he’s just so happy that he got an award… you know, when people start dancing and jumping and stuff ^.^ so cute~~ so hot too <33
    haha, clairvoyance is one of his many skills too now? ^.^

  54. i love you boy 🙂

    you so hot:)

    Good luck

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