Taeyang, “I Want To Love Someone Now” (Interview)


Source: Star News
Translated by: jeska @VIP Translators
Edited by: gdluvzmc @VIP Translators
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In ‘Look at Only Me,’ he was a man who you couldn’t stop loving even though he’s self-centered. Taeyang (21) is now in unrequited love. He came back as ‘Taeyang,’ not as ‘Big Bang’ with a song, ‘Wedding Dress’ that talks about a man who experiences unrequited love and how he feels miserable. It has been a year and a 1/2 since his first solo mini album release.

How much he has been changed? Taeyang, off stage, is 21 years old and still shy. He, who isn’t good with strangers said, “There a reason why I can’t appear in variety shows like Seungri,” and smiled awkwardly.

Like what one fellow singer quoted, “Taeyang’s performance on stage was the best in Korea,” Taeyang is a person who has strong charisma that no one can approach on a stage. But, you will be surprised once again for his sweet charm if you meet him in comfortable environment.

But this man, hopelessly smiled as he said, “I’ve never dated before.”

“Maybe because I have a strong confidence that music is my only outlet; I never got a chance to date because I was focusing on music and performing. But I think my image is leaning on ‘a guy who never dated before’ too much (laughs). I never had time to date; I didn’t mean this to happen intentionally.”

more under the cut ————————>

Taeyang said he wrote about how he felt when he used to like someone for ‘Wedding Dress.’ He does know how to love, not just work.

Music, of course, is Taeyang’s life. Taeyang is here because of music and it gives him energy to live.

“(For me) Music is… it’s hard to explain with a word, but it’s becoming an important and necessary existence as time passes by. I was always happy whenever I received a good song or when I am on a stage with that song. Honestly, I think I will have a hard time if I think about music not existing in this world. (Meaning,) music brings very important meaning to not only me, but to everyone.”

Conversations always went back to music from any topic. Music is the driving force that helps him stay alive. He willingly gave up the happiness that he could’ve had during his childhood, and he’s ready to endure all the hardships that he has to go through for his future.

“I started this because I love it. I want to focus on music now.”

But he’s recently developed a small desire to get rid of the “guy who’s never dated” tag that’s been attached to him since he turned 20.

“I really want to break out of that ‘guy who’s never dated’ status. Hahaha.”

Reporter gave him an advice that “you should date secretly since it would be difficult if there’s a scandal,” but Taeyang said, “I will give you a call later when I get a girlfriend. I want to tell people fast,” he bragged. He can’t have a girlfriend because he doesn’t think he has the confidence to be nice to her.

“Singers may look flamboyant, but patience and pain follows it. So I thought many singers would feel lonely like me. I don’t think you can do anything about that feeling of loneliness even if you have someone you love. I still have a lot of things to do since I just released my second single. I was lucky until now, but it’s going to be hard from now on. I need to work fiercely. I feel more responsible for my words, actions, and music, especially when I am getting a lot of attention.”

21 years old, and he’s already thinking too maturely, but he thinks it’s just a start.

“I still have a long way to go. There are only 2 albums under my name. I actually didn’t take a first step since I didn’t release an actual album. I received a lot of love and support compared to what I brought out. But I like to take each step correctly even if it would take a long time. I think I will be able to make music that people will like for a long time (laughs).”

Everyone has a time when they dream about their future. But once you turn 20, your dream disappears and life gets busy to live everyday. But Taeyang is different – he is living with strong and hot passion just like his name.

calm down, girls. it’s one of those “i’m joking, but i’m serious” tones. he’s still teetering lol.


~ by gdluvzmc on November 22, 2009.

102 Responses to “Taeyang, “I Want To Love Someone Now” (Interview)”

  1. he’s gonna date/marry a foreign chick…im calling dibs *pick me, dammit!!!* but seriously, dude is [at a loss for words]…is…PICK ME DAMMIT!!!

  2. he’s so lovable. <3, just come to north america already and find me, your wifey!!<333333333

  3. yes! number 3 on the list!
    ok, i know you live in korea, and i’m in america, but you need to fly out here and come get your one true love! i need you more then ever baby! ‘look only at me!’ i’ll say a ‘prayer’ for you! if not, i might become a ‘sinner’! and when you come and get me, i’ll wear a ‘wedding dress’ for you! i’m your ‘number 1’ baby! XD

  4. OH MY GAWD! i love tae yang. hes so humble 🙂

  5. @brandy-bigbangninja!

    LmAo! nice… =]

    and to bae baby.. no worries. you don’t even have to look for me anymore. i’ll come and get you coz i know you’ll be busy and all so why not bring the GF to you? ehehe…

  6. can’t… love.. him.. more.

  7. to tae yang!! i salute you.. love will always be there men.. as elvis said, only fools rush in.. so take it slowly yet.. in correct manner… don;t let ur pride meddle with ur love… for me, the number of relationships does not matter the most, it’s the experience that conts and for sure, ur commitment…


  8. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ <3. I love Youngbae opppa. But that's so true .EVERY single topic always bounce back to music 🙂

  9. I love him to death. Although like other fangirls I want him, but, in reality, we all know there’s a great possibility that girl would be someone’s acquiantance, or maybe another dancer? Anyway, most likely that girl is in SKorea.

    You just do your thing for now Baebae. Love will come to you at the right time. =) For now I hope your satisfied with all the love you get from us fans. ^^

  10. I want him to date and be happy. Darn YG and his “no dating 6 years after the debut” rule~!

    Taeyang, Hwaiting! ❤

  11. serious?? they ain’t supposed to date till 6 years later? geez..
    well i can understand from YG’s POV..if i’m YG i want my artistes to concentrate on their careers since they r at the peak of popularity now…
    Taeyangie~ don’t worry, u will hv a gd love! it doesn’t really matter what age u start dating…i’m sure your destiny is already there waiting as well for the right time when u both come together…
    Aja aja hwaiting!!!!


  13. ugh. Can he be any more perfect? like seriously….. Hes not only cute and sexy, but he is so respectful and truthful. Aish… makes me want to snuggle him and never let go lol

  14. i wonder how many people comin up to him now saying they wanna be his gf. xD how can he not be nice to his [to be] gf anyway? thats like impossible for me to believe. he’s so modest and shy =]
    the day he gets a gf the day millions of fangirls have their hearts broken xD

  15. Too sweet for words. Ah~ Taeyang, to me you are perfect. ❤

  16. I believe Tae Yang will be the Best 21 of age Single Man ❤
    He’s strong, shy, and outrageously Amazing. He’ll find the one
    Lady that’ll make his day better than ever!

    Music makes us feel better; listening to Tae’s music blasts my Heart higher ;]

    Ayyyee, I WISH Tae the Fckn Bessst in whichever Path he takes.
    Us Fans know He’s a Success already <33

    * I believe if I met Him, we'll get along fine =) Hehe,
    I believe so. Until then, let's wait, I suppose =)

  17. Omo, Taeyang that was so sweet, don’t worry im sure theres that one girl out there for you! Plus you have like millions of love from fangirls, so for now just recieve our love;). Because one day your’ll find love too! SARANGHAEEE OPPAA (L)

  18. awwww
    who wouldn’t wanna date taeyang??
    but if he does get a gf all the fangirls will probably hunt her down =P lol

  19. oh you can love me ANYDAY taeyang(:
    my youngbae is just SO ADORABLE.
    of COURSE he would be an amazing boyfriend!

  20. Ah, so sweet!~
    YoungBae oppa is adorable in so many ways!
    It’s sad that he doesn’t have a gf yet.
    But I bet alot of fans would want him either way:)

    YB Fighting!

  21. Youngbae……
    I’m here….I’m here………

    Look At Me……..!!!!!!

    kekekekekkek…. (^_^)

  22. gahh YB im right here!^__^ kekeke <33

    YB u'll find her one day 🙂 and she'll be the luckiest girl alive ;P

  23. I admired tae yang for reaching his dream and wanted to find love.

  24. i love how all the girls say pick me and marry me ! HAHA but i’ll join in too. PICK ME 🙂

  25. hi !! i just want to ask if is possible join in to VIP´s if im not from Korea ? and if there is how can i do this?

  26. He’s so sweet 🙂 his dedication is such an attractive trait. I want his album to come out now!!

  27. awww, youngbae is so cute and adorable<3333
    I don't care who it is, I just hope he finds a girl that will make him happy.
    because as long as he's happy, then I can be happy.

  28. cute *-*
    afraid he won’t be good for his ‘future’ girlfriend
    oh i know the one you’ll find you’ll treat her right
    it’s one of your charms ^^

  29. I love YB, & this is off topic, but I just hadda say I LOVE YOUR BANNER. Hahahah got me laughing!

  30. aw, man, makes you wonder what they’re really going through on the inside. cheering him on all the way! hopefully one day he’ll find the girl thats right for him, and she’ll make him happy, and honestly so. ~ go taeyang!

  31. gahhh!! now i wanna go to korea more than ever!!! lolz!! yup focus on one thing at a time tae!!

  32. if he gets a gf my heart will break
    butt i want him to be happy :] soo whoever your girl iss she’s one HELLLER LUCKY ASS GIRL.
    love you youngbaee.

  33. How could anyone NOT love him anymore than now?!?! He just took my breathe away. I wish him the best in life and his professional life.

  34. I love this guy. He’s pretty epic. He’ll totally make some girl absolutely happy.

  35. OH NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. LOL I can help him get out of his shell~
    I am very good with talking to people
    I have had kids in my classes who were just the quietest little people who never talked at all! But then as soon as they got to know me I made them talk more and half of the people who I met that have been quiet, like sooper quiet are now the cool kids in school LOL I am happy to help Taeyang with this also lol! I’m auditioning for YG ENTERTAINMENT, and if I make it, I will plan on helping out TaeYang with his social life :DDD

  37. @2pm2ne1BB
    amen to that…

  38. haha. i’m sure he is a nice guy. LOL
    he does have that strong charisma when he performs even if its not like a perfect performance. it makes you watch till the end. 😀

  39. I find it so funny how many girls want to be his “wifey”.
    He must realize it to don’t you think?

  40. ahhh hes so cute 🙂 CALL MEE 😉 TEEHEEE MEEEE

  41. Marry my sister! lol so i can qet closer to GD; i still love yu tho brah!!! brah in law!!! lol

  42. Lol…BAE just take your time to look for it!!! it do take a lot of time to find the right one! if you like them you should have courage in yourself about it!!! dang it im saying this when it hurts me too… but as long as my BAE is happy right? Lol… tae yang love takes time… it just dont come right away! GOOD LUCK!!!I LOVE YOU!!! you ALWAYS make me FALL for you ALL over AGAIN!!! Lol… but aja TAE YANG!!! hopefully you find your miss perfect!!! Lol…

  43. you’re not alone in that department, even Rain now is advertizing that he needs a girlfriend right now.
    you dont need to rush things over, you will meet her when you least expecting. (your female fans will be jealous!!!)

  44. lol~~~take it easy TY xD

  45. I’m sorry babe but i don’t agree much wit that theory about being 100% able to decide when to fall or not 4 someone…
    Just cuz we love u and admire u doesn’t mean u are not human…
    The “!” will show up eventually…have some faith ans patience…
    Plis just come down to earth before is 2 late…..

  46. P.S. So whenever u get 1 don’t forget to tell us so we can make her life a livin’ hell 😛

  47. oioi..ehm,io al momento sono single ^.^
    ma che carinooooo *.* :P:P <3<3

  48. omg~, tae yang~, perfect answers :X. T^T it may bother urself if u just too focusing on music, sometimes~ have to take a rest and taste wat love is =). anw, ==” this will hurt us, our fans 😦 !__! but guess wat? no one won’t be happy when seein’ you are in love :X

    p/s i love yoo 😦 tae yang, love you guys~ big bang :X

  49. LOL@ tylookatme only

  50. omg….i love his sweetness…i’d never think low of him if he’d never had a girlfriend…instaed i’d think of him higher because he’s waiting for the right one…the one that’ll love him for him, not his fame or looks. So in the end i’d pretty much say…MARRY ME DAMMIT! i’d gladdly be your wife, and plus i cook, clean, and i’m indian….=) indian ppl are good ppl!

  51. btw, what did Tae Yang say in the Quotable Quotes?

  52. i agree what was taeyang quotable quote?

  53. oh nvm it means— “now , i want to love”
    is that right?

  54. ^ it’s the title of this article.

  55. i love kwon jiyong good luck

  56. Hi
    girl I here the newcomer)and i very like big bang especially Taeyang
    i from Russia

  57. i give u the princess prize… because ur are my fav big bangs blog!!!!!

  58. this prize is for the personal fav blogs!!!!


  60. You SHOULD focus on your Music, Taeyang!!
    It’s the only thing that reaches me here in Germany!!
    And although I didn’t wanna say this, but if you feel that lonely, just meet someone..*heart-ache*
    But it isn’t that bad if you haven’t had a girlfriend till now. I’m 18 and also never had a boyfriend..(guess I didn’t want to =))

  61. I agree, I think you should on your music.
    Its kinda funny how I got the same title.
    I would rather go home and listen to music and sing and dance.
    Its not that i cant get a boyfriend its just as Taeyang said I don’t think I would have the confidence to be nice to him either.
    If some one were to take away my ability to sing or listen to music I don’t know what i would do because it’s such a big part my life that I can’t live without it. I even sing and dance so much that I get told to hush or either every five minutes someone is inviting me to sing somewhere. But the point of this is I completely understand what your saying Taeyang. *Aja-Aja OPPA*

  62. you can love me..just like i love you:)

  63. aww Tae Yang is soo cute *_* i believe it that he find someone for his life but focus in your music. I like it its great<3

  64. lifes hard to find the perfect one… i know how it feels.. but hey
    what he says is right.. but come and find the perfect one–>in AMERICA! ahahahhahah


  66. gawddammit!!! That’s it! To solve this mess I’m just gunna have to marry Taeyang it’s the only option!!!! lol ❤

  67. Off topic but is the “Asia Buzz Award” a special recognition? Because I can’t believe their only in 6th place now. Please log in and vote for them!!!!!

  68. Oops I should also mention voting is through Dec. 4, 2009

  69. awww he’s so mature! I love him! lol TY if u need a gf I’m right here!! u can always call me!! lol I love his personality n I’m so happy that he wants to date someone!!!!! im right here if u need me!!! lol ^^ <33333 saranghae!!!

  70. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    freakin! i am crazy for tae-yang!!!!!!!

    i am mad about him!

  71. taeyang, you’re so cute.
    you have everything a girl wants; talents, looks, smarts, courtesy, respect.
    I don’t believe it’d be that hard to find a girl (:
    cause sheesh, every girl wants you from all over the world right? haha, break outta your shell oppa (:

  72. Taeyang is very talented. He’s one hot singer who never dated but you know what? It doesn’t matter who he choose. He is smart to choose for himself the girl he likes. But he is cool. Taeyang still rocks this world.

  73. awww… thats so sweet. haha you’ll find the one girl youre looking for. dont give upp ❤ …….. alot of ppl replied to this o.O

  74. Whatever you do, just follow your dreams. Don’t let that crack on the road stop you. You’ll make it, even if it takes time. 🙂

  75. TaeYang is a great individual, it’s going to take some time when he actually meets someone. I just hope it is someone that truly cares and understands him. It’s hard for stars to date, especially with the scandals and things in betweeen. Most females out here like males with fame and the extravaganza. There’s someone for him and maybe he’s just a little disturbed about not dating anyone and having a video girl as his first kiss. He’s cute, smart, talented and it’ll be worth the wait… better in time. I adore and admire him as well as his band mates. So hang in there!!! Music heals the soul… take it one step at a time TAE! —Naron from Pennsylvania,US

  76. tae yang! you had planned that someday he will come VIETNAM not?
    I and all fans in here hopes that even a once and only once they can see him!

  77. i love you seungri!!!

  78. ooopss..
    wrong person la..
    love u tae yang

  79. aw..sweet:)
    I could be YOUR GIRL:P:))=))
    Love YOU so MUCH! TaeYang:)
    Keep UP the GOOD WORK SIR!;)

  80. its okay if u hav never dated before…i think its better than never ever dated in ur life time, isnt’ it?i really sure 100% that u will found ur true love…dont be 2 rush to hav a lover..take it slowly…we r not going to die because of critism…right?ok then..do make more ‘supernatural’songs!im supporting u whatever happens!!!ashiteru~sarangheo~kamsahamida…yoroushikuonegaishimasu!


  82. date meee! lol just kidding.
    they’re right about his performanc being unparalled.
    he’s amazing.
    it’s crazy how popular he’s gotten.
    i walk down the hallway in school and here people singing wedding dress. lol random americans, you’d never think.
    it makes me all happy inside.
    i’m so proud of him!
    long time fan here. 😀

  83. come london baby…. ill be your first girl.. love ya 4eva..

  84. Tae yang your the best singer I’ve ever seen !!!

  85. name sarah girls yes crush ee 1 big bang boys love taeyang

  86. you can choose me I’m single and no love life coze i don’t what it feels when you love somebody…:(

  87. hehehe i’m just joking i know you will not choose me coze im just an ordinary person and simple…


  89. oh…how i love taeyang and bigbang…i am a die hard fan…

  90. PICK ME TAEYANGGG! ): Sarang hae yo. ❤ jokes, but still i hope he finds a girl that's just right for him ^____________^

  91. Ill DaTe Taeyang

  92. Hi! I’m new in here, but I want you to know that love always bring sadness and hurt in your life. Don’t rush for that love but wait till it comes to you, once you get the true love don’t let it go. At that time you will say that love is happiness but make sure that you trust each other. I said this because I experience myself, and I don’t want anybody to get in that same situation like me, although I never had a boyfriend before but i know that it hurts because I love someone but he love somebody else. Make sure you choose the right one that love you back.

  93. Taeyang is the SHIZNET!!! I get mesmerized when he dances every single time. I can’t take my eyes off of him. Who wouldn’t want to be this guy? He’s living the life everyone would want. He’s talented, humble, good looking, young, healthy, AND ASIAN!!! WOOT! (anime fan here, even if it’s from japan and he’s from korea lol, they’re all asians in the end ^^) hihihi. Taeyang, good luck to you!

  94. hey taeyang,are you cute.and i well merry you.

  95. do you love me teayang

  96. okay everybody even though Taeyang is extreamily gorgeouse and to die for that does not give you all of you to say that he is going to marry you and he’s not an accesory so STOP calling dibs when he is ready he will fall in love but with the RIGHT person not someone who calls dibs or says that he is theirs so give him some space to breath he will fall in love when he is READY!!!!!!!!…………not to be rude but seriously people back OFF!!!!

  97. No to all of yew.lol.We all love taeyang oppa.But is his choice who he wants……~me~.jk.Love yewTaeyang oppa.Yew can break out of shell.Waiting for ur debut in america.yay ❤ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  98. Such a nice guy. How can girls not fall in love with him for his personality??

  99. I love you Taeyang..I wonder who will win your heart??? The girl will be so lucky…Anyway,I LOVE YOU

  100. Since there are so many fans here, I have a question. What does Taeyang say at the end of his music video for Only Look at Me/Look Only at Me? After he wakes up and realizes it was just a dream, he says something to the girl. It sounds like just one word. Can anyone translate for me, please?

  101. […] the evening in a manner that decisions are painless. For example avoid starting your seduction before dinner or while […]

  102. […] https://bigbangkorean.wordpress.com/2009/11/22/taeyang-%E2%80%9Ci-want-to-love-someone-now%E2%80%9D-i… […]

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