OH MY GANDHI I’M NOT DEAD YET!! haha i know I’ve been gone for like….so long, there’s just so much going on with my personal life so I just have to take a break from the boys, I update as much as I could on HQBB but with other things I’m just too darn tire to haha sleep is like my first priority right now, I sleep as much as I could. Thank God for Thanksgiving break, I get some time to breathe, but not for long, I have art jury coming up and gotta work my butt off, but first I have to go see NINJA ASSASSIN tonight hahaha gotta support the Korean pride.

The boys shot a new CF for the new CYON LG GD900 (I LOL’D at how the name fit Bong so well :P) Bong dyed his hair back to black (just like how I like them) just in time for this CF… rooster hairstyle much but it’s still sexy. OH YEA and just so you know, I am now onboard with the BAE TEAM.. don’t blame me, blame the man for being so amazing. 3 of my favorite boys in one room… SEXXY… but of course, my husband will always be #1, his sexy self made me scream and post this right away :PPPPP yessssss.

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Thanks to 텔존, Oz and bigbangpop

~ by Vicky on November 25, 2009.

57 Responses to “Shooting NEW LG CYON CF”

  1. lol@illegal
    so dang perfect…ugh..

  2. wow did GD change his hair? or is it different?
    well any way thee picters are nice.

  3. oh my gosh, they all look hott(:

  4. where are TOP and daesung?! 😦

  5. lol seungri looks cool here.

  6. o wao, does seungri actually have beard? Well, not technically, but is that a hint of hair growth on his chin? XDXDXD

  7. Wow, I would have fallen out of my seat looking at the last picture if I wasn’t sitting on the floor already.
    Excited for the CF!!

  8. you know what woulda been better? if it was called GD9000!!!

  9. awhh i miss you vickkyy!
    but omg our bigbang boys are soo damn sexyy . i miss them soo much!

  10. ooh boys oooh booys
    what can i say more than HOOOOT!!! ❤

  11. wow!
    I know it’s gonna seem like a predictable comment but seriously I was starting to wonder what had happened to you lol
    I seriously missed reading one of your crazy essays lol though gotta say Melly is been surprisingly good at keeping up with all the bb news and her college stuff hehehe
    loving Bong’s hair at the moment
    really black is his color
    Bae and Baby have been getting sexier and sexier I just can ‘t keep my eyes away from them ;P
    but I really want to see my man >.<
    where are you Tabi???!!!!

  12. They look so relaxed

  13. TEAM YB, FTW.

  14. Young Bae is sooooooooooo fineeeee love that sexiii boy gosh1!!!!

  15. Taeyang looks so good in that outfit and boots!
    They all look awsome..^_^
    and damn it, BIGBANG wasn’t nominated for the Melon Music Awards..stupid voters (who didn’t nominate for BB) >o<
    BB deserves some really good awards!
    Hopefully they get a lot in 2010 =D

  16. Whoa! SeungRi looks gooooood here o.o

  17. OMG, they look really sexy ^^
    YB is daaaaaaaaaaamn hot ❤

  18. Sexi SeungRi! Strong Baby is back! ❤
    I Love them all! Bae And Bong look great!
    Epik Hawttness all around.

  19. oh so hot…love gd’s hair…i saw his mew hairdo first on the MNET Asian Music Awards! Congrats to GD and 2ne1 for winning big on MAMA 2009!

    mie-chan ^_^

  20. AWESOME! These dudes are awesome! >.<

  21. but where’s TOP and Daeseung?
    mannnnnnnn! seungri is soooooooooo HOT! GAHH! Yes, GD’s hair is black, yay! YoungBae is sexy , as always. But, Seungri! GAAAAAHHHHHH. *faints

    WHEE~~ ^^

  23. yeahuh bae is darn sexy ahahaaha. gragon’s hair looks like rihanna’s hair just a bit shorter and black kehehehee but its not bad

  24. these boys are so damn hot!!!! love GD’s hair. Seungri maybe the youngest but he is now a full grown man. love his youthful manliness. love Taeyang’s eyes specially when he smiles.

  25. i’m LOVIN gd’s new hair. it looks so good on him.

  26. omg this is my OTP3!!!!! in one commercial!!!! *starts to freako out massively* I dont know why, but i am loving bongies new hairstyle. Yes rooster-ish, but there is just something about it on him that is just….it just looks sexy on him *drools* Of course Bae looking as sexy as ever. and Ri! aish you cute/sexy little thing you. Leaning back trying to look all big and bad with those sunglasses. XD aish im lovin it. These three together just makes me think of so many things that it just shouldnt be mentioned on here XD jk jk

  27. aw.. SR looks good with the shades..! gd is cool.. but i love tae yang’s smile in this… need to see more smiles of you YB!!

  28. sr in those jeans is so sex.

  29. gd still looks skinny but it looks like his put weight on his face.. he looks like his got flesh there now!!! i like it. eat more babyy!!!!!!!!!!!! and YB looks good as per usual! love him!

  30. excuse mah lanquaqe plszz .. buh i had to say this. donthate mhee. buh OMG FUHKING GD MAN! IS SEXIER THEN EVER!!! dhaaa love of mah life. ahhhhhhhhhh thank yu for postinq dhaa picks !!! ahhhhh


    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I’m so glad he went back to his sexy mohawk!! That may be my most fave look on him, even tho he has a lot of great looks. ;D

    Taeyang looking as adorable as ever with his eye smile. ^^ Very nice in green too.

    Hehehe Seungri also looking FIONE. Whoo. =D

    I hope we see pics of TOP and Dae soon. ^^

  32. OMG! FINALLY! awww i love GD’s hair like that 😀 lol CYON GD900 that fits so well awww i wanna se more TOP on the pics ♥

  33. Thats gonna be hot! cant wait for more

  34. omg they look friggin HAWT! i saw GDs hair before and i think its hot. so nice seeing them smile so happily =]. i also love the phones they always promote. this one looks friggin awesome.
    though how come DaeDae and TOP werent in this? im curious.

  35. My brother and I check up on this handphone a while ago..and yeah we both like it but it was no where to be found..and right now I’m desperate for it..look at the series GD900?? wow i love it.. Bong looks awesome as usual..

  36. Gosh, complete sexiiness overload!~
    I just love YB!
    GD lookin’ sexii!
    SR lookin’ like a cutie-pie!

    BigBang Fighting!

  37. Those pictures are just so cute!! i love gd’s pics and seungri is cute like always and taeyang is just… well i am speechless. lol.

  38. Those pictures are just so cute!! i love gd’s pics and seungri is cute like always and taeyang is just… well i am speechless. lol!

  39. srry i commented 2 times didn’t mean to.

  40. SEUNGRI SO HOOOOT !!!!!!!!!

  41. btw,which one is the writer’s husband…?? keke…..hope not baby..!! cuz he’s mine…!!! well…all five is mine….!!!! hehe…!! love the phone…i’ve seen it before…cant wait for the cf to come out….!!!!

  42. Nice Hairstyle G-Dragon ????

  43. wow.. gd oppa in black again.. hahaha like it, but it seems a little bit weird when he sang heartbreaker in black.. but still, love you oppa..

  44. dang aby look so HOT~.. with the shade.. hehehe…

  45. NO TODAE

  46. Whoa!! Did JiYong die his hair black? H O T N E S S!! XD
    Damn!! TaeYang looks soo cutee!! :] and SeungRi cute also.

  47. Wowza!

  48. whaaatt..
    Gd is change his hair..
    OMG.. they’re so cool !!

  49. OMG…thanks for the pics! GD is soo HOT! I almost died seeing them three together…it’s been so long…lol

  50. LOL seungri.

  51. So cute..GD’s ring is so cool..i like all the shots..

  52. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! that is HAWT!!! *melts* hoemgeeeee! its freaking burning!!! they look so seschiii~ *dies* ♥♥ Big Bang Fighting!

  53. babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! seungri is so HOT and CUTE!!! sexxyyyy

  54. wow!!
    seung ri looks meatured

  55. wow!!
    seung ri looks more meatured
    love teayang!!

  56. tat last picture of seungri is TOTALLY illegal. haha
    it just makes ur blood boil LOL

    so pretty. 😀 i like how its not the phones we look at but the boys LOL.

    i love big bang’s shoes. ALL of them. especially the one’s GD and T.O.P pick out they always fit right into the type of shoes i would pick out if i had that kind of money. lol

  57. basihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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