TOP Shares a Kiss in ‘IRIS’

happy thanksgiving everyone!

i’m thankful to be a part of a group of lovely individuals that idolizes 5 dudes (& the occasional YGBABY) who bring happiness to our lives everyday. =] grub on!

credit: BBcamly93@youtube

are you in love or mad?

doesn’t it always seem that whenever TOP kisses a girl, he aggressively grabs her face & lands her a long, hard one?

haha, that sounds so bad, but i’m sure the ladies would be shocked at first, but would then succomb to this beastly man with a 3-lettered name.

i like how his head is almost perpendicular xD it’s so cute.

i haven’t started watching IRIS yet, but what is this coffee-making scene? it implies something to me… >_<

there’s like 6 more episodes to go? has he mellowed out from being an assassin? idk (like i said, haven’t watched it yet =X)


~ by gdluvzmc on November 26, 2009.

50 Responses to “TOP Shares a Kiss in ‘IRIS’”

  1. OMG

  2. :O I’m just jealous of that girl. xD

  3. I found it HOT!
    it was random yet so beasty!
    the coffee-making seen had me fantasizing sooo much!
    I like how he looks all suspicious and he’s staring at weird waiting for her to drink the coffee ;P

  4. that was hot 8D I love his hands and just how he kisses ^~^

  5. OMG D:

  6. omg :{

  7. OMG
    eating my heart out
    i love you, T.O.P!
    what episode is this?
    what are they saying?!

  8. well damn…

    if he keeps this up it will just automatically be known as his kissing style…the perpendicular manly grab kiss you to submission or something O_O

    not that I’m complaining…it takes a confident guy to kiss a girl like that…..

  9. OMG!
    im so jealous of that girl!! :X

  10. He should never be casted as supporting act, if not for his inexperience in acting. He’s too blinding on screen, my eyes drawn to him and I can’t divert it anywhere else even though i tried. The POWER of Mr. T.O.P!

  11. ^LOL

    my mouth was open the whole time
    during the video!

  12. died* damn i love it…!!!ops..!!! i’m damn jealous…!!! i watched IRIS ep 1-6 already…!!love it..!!! cant wait to see what is going to happen between t.o.p and that nss girl…!!!

  13. in love with the kiss scene? not so much. mad? nah. there’s nothing to be mad about.

    what i’m imagining right now, is waking up to top making me coffee. *sigh* and if i ever got the chance to kiss top, you bet your ass it’d be way more passionate than that.

  14. I just watched episode 13(latest released ep) and the preview of the next ep: TOP’s kiss!! waaa I cant wait for tomorro to come! And now I saw this… gosh TOP is overflowing with hotness!
    But since he’s the coldblooded assasin in IRIS I have a feeling he’s using that girl to get information. If u watch IRIS, u’ll understand why I think so I guess. But I still think he might ended up falling in luv for her.. And of course, I hope so too! Who doesnt wanne see him looking at a girl full of LOVE? Im just imagining.. the girl might die for him, he would feel guilty and finally realize he loves her and then he wants to take revenge and got killed in the end. Wahaaa

  15. wahhh O:!

  16. Ohh my goodness. He looks so hot in the last scene. Lol the first kiss was really sudden. Lucky girl!

  17. Waaaaaa

    1- I was like: Play, Pause, Breath, Play, Pause, Play, AAAAAHHHHH
    Waw… amazing!

    2- If you remark it during all the video, Top’s ears and hands are RED! He seems so unconfortable and suoer shy! ^_^ So cute!

    3-For people, who did’t see IRIS, well the girl is a hacker of a cie and Vick(TOP) is doing is way on her to get something from her. We don’t know exactly what’s happening, but it’s seems like it.

    Does someone know what they are saying in this video?? Thanks X)

  18. ahhhh =O!!!



  20. noooo! I love my TOP to0 grrr though he is oh so hot!

  21. the kissing scene really reminded me of the way TOP kissed Hyori. It was a good kissing scene but as a TOP fan, of course i didnt like it.

    Idk the way he looked at that video, was totally HOT ! being 1 year older made him look so much more fine [;

  22. NOOOOO! *dies of jealousy*

    TOP is so amazing. Wish I could be in the place of that girl:P

  23. oomgeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! y??? the kiss is rlly looooooooooong!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ANYWAYZ ITS OK! i still love u!!!! ur still my big boy!!!!!!!! SARANGHE♥♥♥♥

  24. ahaa…the whole time i was watching this i went: *squeal* *flailing arms* *squeal* *hands go over face, screaming* its so adorable!!! and he looks so sweet tooo 😀

  25. LOL I don’t why but I couldn’t help from laughing !
    Maybe because of the way he grabs her head… haha
    TOP ❤

  26. Damn!
    I think that it takes a confident guy to just grab and kiss a girl like that. I would kinda hate it though but if it’s TOP then I’ll be fine with it!

    TOP Fighting!

    T.O.P?!?!?! I still love you.One day.ahahhah.You’ll be MINE >:O

  28. Where you can watch IRIS? viikkii doesnt sub anymore. ;; I started watching, but then I stopped because I dont know where to watch.

  29. it’s episode 14, but you should watch 13 one too 😉
    but the cuts of him in iris is really good, like this video
    he always appear in the drama for less than 5 minutes, so don’T need to watch all the episode, except if you really want to watch the drama.
    you can watch the series in or
    it takes time to sub the episodes, so be patient! ^_^

  30. WOAH if it was gd you would want to kill the bitch

    TOP is V.I.P ❤

  31. lol my friend started screaming when she read the title because she didn’t want to have anything spoied and we just escaped one spoiler possiility and twoseconds later we check bbkrn and see this LOL

  32. my life span has been shortened.. LOL!

  33. i hate TOP……………….why u kiss the ugly girl… not fair………….

  34. that girl it not good to u……i thing girl in princess hours it the one good in this charater….

  35. i’ll just pretend that this is a “FAKE” 2 minutes kiss, :[.

    LOL, i love IRIS though. 🙂

  36. T___T cries cries.


    wat d hell????????????
    I’m gonna pretend that didn’t happen

  38. i knew i shouldn’t have watched it…
    i hesitate for two long days…thinking i can’t handle that and i was rite…i got weak thinking its gonna be ok top is in it anyway and i wanted to see him…then i played it….T.T *cries really loud*

  39. LOL, i find the comment more interesting that the scene. IRIS is great! Gives off to me, that there is something underlaying, took TOP a minute to even look at her,lol and he looks so shy.

  40. I should be that girl.UGHH T.O.P <33 ME ME ME Pick me!! 😀
    I love you T.O.P!!!!!!!!
    Don't kiss that girl!!!Ughh!!

  41. T.O.P<33

  42. ouch!!
    my heart was bleeding…
    totally sexxy..
    especially his eyes..

  43. lol. your comment about how T.O.P kissed the girl seems so true. LOL
    for some reason i think the hair hecka messed up T.O.P’s style. tat’s just my opinion.

    no offense. but don’t you think the girls a bit ugly for T.O.P?
    he deserves better.
    cuz T.O.P is so HOT! 😀

  44. I wonder he like kissing?I was knew his last dream is a producer,his main dream is a real rapper and now he acts anytime.
    I don’t care about kiss scene. I care what is his dream and how changed he does.
    Do u know u?T.O.P

  45. Dang it.I still flinch everytime I see this. D:
    T.O.P is mine~<3

  46. Wait I’m confused >< how did they even meet or know each other? It seemed like they knew each other even before they met at that dark bar/club place.

  47. ohohoh still cute!!
    i have to watch iris!!

  48. Ya T.O.P kissing d gal?definitely nt a gud thing 4 all d diehard t.o.p fans but d way u guys r reacting? Well, you would think he loves d gal or something. Even though i do envy d gal beyond infinity, he is jst acting 4 gods’ sake! *secretly thinking-m gonna kill dt bi-ath. I rily am*

  49. ahh i like the way top looks at her right before he grabs her and kisses her ^^; and the coffee scene = the morning after? 😉 haha just a thought. it’d be nice if i understood what they were saying x]

  50. Супер=

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